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Preliminary Examination in
Computer Graphics

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I. MULTIPLE CHOICES: Read and understand each statement carefully. Write your answer on the
space provided before each number. (35 pts)
______1. Referring to image data created by a computer specifically with help from specialized
graphical hardware and software.
a. CorelDraw c. Vector
b. Computer Graphics d. Bitmap
______2. An image generated from mathematical descriptions that determine the position, length,
and direction in which lines are drawn.
a. CorelDraw c. Vector
b. Computer Graphics d. Bitmap
______3. A specific object within a drawing that is created as a collection of lines rather than as
patterns of individual dots or pixels.
a. CorelDraw c. Vector
b. Computer Graphics d. Bitmap
______4. An image composed of grids of pixels or dots.
a. CorelDraw c. Vector
b. Computer Graphics d. Bitmap
______5. Application software that is built to create accurate and creative vector illustrations and
professional-looking page layouts.
a. CorelDraw c. Vector
b. Computer Graphics d. Bitmap
______6. CorelDraw is a ______________ based drawing Application Package.
a. Photo paint c. Vector
b. Bitmap d. Scalar
______7. Refers to an element in a drawing such as an image, shape, line, text, curve, or symbol
a. Vector c. Object
b. Drawing d. Bitmap
______8. In CorelDraw, the keyboard shortcut to save your drawing is:
a. Ctrl + S c. Ctrl + Z
b. Ctrl + C d. Ctrl + A
______9. The work you create in CorelDRAW; for example, custom artwork, logos and posters
a. Object c. Bitmap
b. Drawing d. Images
______10. What type of text would you use to create a title?
a. Artistic c. Bezier
b. Paragraph d. Freehand
______11. A window containing available commands and settings relevant to a specific tool or task
a. Flyout c. ToolBox
b. Docker d. Toolbar
______12. A button that opens a group of related tools or menu items in your toolbox.
a. Flyout c. ToolBox
b. Docker d. Toolbar
______13. How do you know if an object is closed?
a. It can be filled c. It has shape
b. It has nodes d. It has a line
______14. A floating box with tools for creating, filling, and modifying objects in the drawing
a. Flyout c. ToolBox
b. Docker d. Toolbar
______15. The area displaying the title of the currently open drawing.
a. Title Area c. Title Box
b. Title Bar d. Status bar
______16. What tool allows you to get a closer look at an object?
a. Zoom c. Text
b. Pick d. Eyedropper
______17. The area containing pull-down menu options.
a. Menu Bar c. Flyout
b. Menu Box d. Docker
______18. How can you tell if a curve is not closed?
a. It is white and has no color c. It is highlighted
b. It cannot be filled with a color d. It can be filled with a color
______19. Which tool is not a basic drawing tool in CorelDraw?
a. Eyedropper c. Freehand
b. Bezier d. Pen
______20. A detachable bar that contains shortcuts to menu and other commands
a. Menu Bar c. Tool Bar
b. Menu Box d. Tool Box
______21. Which tool is not a basic shape tool used in a vector drawing program?
a. Rectangle c. Spiral
b. Bezier d. Polygon
______22. If you want a background that fades from blue to red, which tool will you use?
a. Pattern c. Transparent
b. Fountain d. Uniform
______23. The area outside the drawing page bordered by the scroll bars and application controls.
a. Drawing Area c. Drawing Page
b. Drawing Window d. Drawing Border
______24. A detachable bar with commands that relate to the active tool or object.
a. Property Area c. Property Bar
b. Property Window d. Property Page
______25. Horizontal and vertical borders that are used to determine the size and position of
objects in a drawing.
a. Portrait c. Rulers
b. Landscape d. Scroll Bars
______26. The area at the bottom left of the application window that contains controls for moving
between pages and adding pages.
a. Image Navigator c. Window Navigator
b. Document Navigator d. Page Navigator
______27. The tool that lets you remove unwanted areas in objects.
a. Knife Tool c. Shape Tool
b. Eraser Tool d. Crop Tool
______28. Which tool lets you remove areas of your drawing?
a. Knife Tool c. Shape Tool
b. Eraser Tool d. Crop Tool
______29. The rectangular area inside the drawing window. It is the printable area of your work.
a. Drawing Page c. Drawing Window
b. Rectangular Tool d. Smart Fill
______30. The tool that lets you cut through objects.
a. Knife Tool c. Shape Tool
b. Eraser Tool d. Crop Tool
______31. An area at the bottom of the application window that contains information about object
properties such as type, size, color, fill, and resolution.
a. Start Menu c. Property Bar
b. Status Bar d. Property Page
______32. A dockable bar that contains color swatches.
a. Color Swatches c. Color
b. Color Palette d. Palette
______33. The toolbar which appears by default contains buttons and controls that are shortcuts to
many of the menu commands.
a. Formatting Toolbar c. Drawing Toolbar
b. Standard Toolbar d. Viewing Toolbar
______34. The ______ lets you select, size, skew, and rotate objects.
a. Shape Tool c. Pick Tool
b. Smudge Brush Tool d. Hand Tool
______35. The tool which lets you change the magnification level in the drawing window.
a. Smudge Brush Tool c. Zoom Tool
b. FreeHand Tool d. Magnifying Tool
A. Identify the tool or command according to its icon.(20pts)

_________________1. _________________11.

_________________2. _________________12.

_________________3. _________________13.

_________________4. _________________14.

_________________5. _________________15.

_________________6. _________________16.

_________________7. _________________17.

_________________8. _________________18.

_________________9. _________________19.

_________________10. _________________20.

B. Identify the different parts of CorelDraw Workspace.














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