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Dream Spells - Money

Wild flower success spell

Seeds represent beginnings, and the selling of them cultivates success and personal
growth. Within each seed exists the blossoming spirit of Goddess and God and his
yourself. Flowers symbolize the beauty and stillness of nature, and dreaming about
them in full bloom may indicate that happiness and inner healing will soon come
your way.

Items Needed:

package of wild flower seeds

1 green candle and holder

The Spell

Draw a sacred circle of green light to around your bedroom. Next light the candle,
dedicating it to a Goddess of abundance such as the great provider
Rosemerta. After placing a package of seeds in front of the candle, take a few
minutes to imagine yourself planting the wild flower seeds, watering them, and
watching them grow in flower. Then pick up the package of seeds and holding in
your hands, empower it by chanting:

Wildflower seeds, free my mind

Let no limits tie or bond.
Wildflower seeds, bring me power
Growing strong with each passing hour.
Bring success and let it grow.
As I will, it shall be so!

Hold the seeds between your hands, chanting these words of power over and over
until the seed packet feels warm to the touch. Put the seed packet back upon your
altar. Let the candle burn down on it's own. As you drift to sleep, imagine the wild
flowers blooming and thriving. Repeat silently until you fall asleep, "wild flowers
bring success".

Upon awakening, write down your dreams, thank the Goddess, and then pull up
your circle. Take the seed packet from your altar, and plant the seeds in a sunny
location, thanking the elemental powers of Earth, Air, Fire, water, and spirit as you
do so. Water them regularly, watch them grow, and enjoy your wild success!
Creating a dream magic money crystal
The Celtic Goddess spell Bridget is ideal for stimulating dreams about where to get
more money by using magic and by working smarter, not harder call on her to help
you with this magical work on a Sunday, Thursday, or Saturday night, preferably
on a full moon or just before Bridget's Fire.

Items Needed:

sandalwood incense and censer

tumbled piece of clear or rutile quartz
your imagination

The Spell

Draw a sacred circle and then light the incense, dedicating it to Bridget or another
favorite Goddess of prosperity. Hold the Crystal of in your dominant hand, and
bathe it in the smoke for a couple of moments. Next completely clear out any
unwanted energies in the Still by placing it in your left hand and covering it with
your right. While holding the stone in your hands, merge with a Goddess and
imagine a bright full moon in your mind. If weather permits, look at the full moon
outside just before visualizing it in your mind. Now breathe in deeply, visualizing
the brilliant moonlight filling the stone, and then pull secure breath up sharply
through your nose, as if to set the image in place in the stone. To program your
dream magic money Crystal, repeat the clearing process, only instead of imagining
the Moon, imagine a bright green light and lots of money filling the
Crystal. Visualize the Crystal getting larger, and also see and feel your wealth
expanding. Repeat the programming process three times. After program in the
Crystal, place it under your pillow or hold it in your left hand is use sleep, noticing
how would affect your dreams. I suggest trying different types of crystals,
programming them for money and abundance, while again observing their effects
on your dreams. As you drift to sleep, simply repeat yourself:

Magic money stone, bring to me

Crystal dreams of prosperity.
So be it! So dream it so!

In the morning, write down everything you remember from your dreams. Thank
the Goddess and pull up your circle. You can hold the stone as you drift to sleep is
often as you like. The more you do so, the more dream messages you receive
regarding how to make more money without working harder.

I got the job! spell

At one time or another, you have probably found yourself hunting for a new and
more rewarding job. One of the most powerful of the huntress goddesses is the
Roman goddess Diana. Akin to the Greek Artemis, Diana appears lightly clad,
with bow and arrows in hand, riding the moon across the open sky. Originally
both a moon and sun Goddess, Diana can be called upon to give you both lunar and
solar strength and the knowledge of how to hunt down and obtain the job of your
dreams. This spell is most powerful when spun on a Sunday or Monday night,
during a gibbous moon phase or on a full moon.

Items Needed:

Pine of oil
8 pecans
small glass of orange juice
sheet of white paper
green felt pen

The Spell

Perform outside on the full moon. Take all the items you will need outside with
you on a tray or in a small box. I if you are not able to work outside because of
location or poor weather, do this spell close to the window, in full view of the

Begin by drawing a sacred circle and calling in the goddess Diana to help and
guide you. Do this by chanting her name nine times as to gaze at the moon. Merge
with a light of the Moon for a few minutes, and then say firmly, with great
expression, holding the glass of juice upward toward the known as if giving a toast:

Silvery moon so bright and wise,

Shining in the dark night sky,
I toast to your ever-glowing light,
Many thanks for returning every night.
Please shine on me and bless my dreams,
The job I truly want now bring to me:
(State the job you want three time)
By the stars, sun, land, sky, and sea,
By the light of the moon, so mote it be!

Now drink the juice slowly. After you are done with the juice, blow three kisses to
the moon.

Next take the pecans and eat them one at a time. Just before eating each nut, say:

Pecans of prosperity,
Bring success to me.
So be it! Blessed be!

In a comfortable position, gaze at the Moon for a few minutes, appreciating its
light and beauty. Begin to see and sense yourself already in your new job in the
future. If this poses a problem for your logical mind, just allow yourself to pretend
for a few minutes. Go ahead and picture yourself exactly where you will be,
experiencing what your actions and feelings will be in your new job. See images
of your new job unfolding in a bright, colorful, and exciting light. Merge with
oneness, and then imagine a pathway into the future. Follow that pathway into the
future, and stand where the action is, think the thoughts, and feel the
feelings. Now amplify the intensity of your desire for the job, creating an even
more compelling image in your mind's eye. Really want the job with your heart,
body, and soul! Next walk back through time and look at the pathway, allowing
your mind to reveal the main steps that lead you to getting your new job. Slowly
watch yourself methodically carrying out the exact steps and actions needed to get
the job. Make an effort to see each action clearly. Make a mental note of the steps
you need to take for success. Now allow yourself to savor for a few moments the
joy of getting and working at your new job. Delight in seeing the new resources,
abilities, and skills you now carry with you as a part of your unfolding adventure.

Finally, enter the present moment again, smiling to yourself, knowing that you will
be successful in securing the job of your dreams. Use the green felt pen to jot
down on the sheet of paper the steps you need to take to get the job. Anoint each
of the four corners of the paper with a drop of pine oil. Next fold the paper four
times. Thank the Goddess, blow the moon a kiss, pull up the circle, and take
everything back inside. Slip the folded paper inside your pillowcase, and leave it
in place for three nights. On the fourth night, unfold the paper and tape it your

Dream Water Spell

Use this water to gain access to the sacred wisdom within your being and pursue
your dreams. Best made during a waxing moon, the water is specially formulated
to help you find your calling in your dreams.

Items Needed:

1 yellow candle
Lavender incense and censer
Glass jar with lid
1 golden colored coin (such as a Sacajawea dollar coin)
8 bay leaves
8 pinches sweet basil
Red Ribbon
The Spell

Draw a sacred circle of light and call in your dream guardians. Dedicate the candle
and incense to Lugh as you like them. Next uncap the jar and Philip about halfway
to the top with water. Then rub the dollar coin between your hands for a moment
until it feels warm. Drop a coin softly into the jar of water, and add the bay leaves
and basil. Fill the jar to the top with more water. Then capped the jar and tie the
red ribbon around its neck. Hold the dream water in your hands, and empower it
by merging with the Divine and chanting:

Sacred dream water of dear Lugh,

Ebbing and flowing with the Moon,
Reveal my calling in my dreams.
As I will, so shall it be!

Place the jar of dream water in a window that gets plenty of sun and moonlight.
Leave it there for three days and nights. On the fourth night, carefully uncap the
jar. Dip your fingers into the dream water, and then sprinkle it around your
bedroom, on your floor, your bed coverings, sheets, and pillowcases. Rub the
water on your body, especially your hands, feet, and hair. Keep about a quarter
cup of the water in the jar on your altar for later use. Allow the candle to burn
down completely, and as you drift to sleep, repeat the words,

"Lugh, reveal my calling to me."

In the morning, write down everything that you recall of your dreams. Remove the
coin from the dream water, and put it on your dream altar. Then pull up the circle
and release your dream guardians. Finally, add the remaining dream water to your
bath just before going to sleep that night to attract more dreams about your true
calling. Within the next eight weeks, you will certainly discover your true calling.

Money mantra spell

A mantra is a spoken or written prayer, charm, spell, incantation, or magic
word. If spoken, the mantra is often repeated over and over. This money mantra
spell can be used to bring you good luck and plenty of money. The best time to
spend it is not a rainy Sunday or Thursday night, during a waxing moon. This spell
invokes the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. She represents all forms of wealth, including
money. Considered the greatest power of the Orient, she is Goddess of growing
rice, since rice is associated with money, rain, and fertility. She existed for all
time, floating before Creation on a Lotus, and she emerged from the ocean covered
with necklaces, bracelets, and pearls, crowned and golden, bearing the lotus. She
is often accompanied by her magical symbols, two elephants.
Items Needed:

1 green candle
patchouli incense
Lotus oil
bowl of uncooked rice
small toy elephant or elephant statue

The Spell

Draw a sacred circle and call in your dream guardians. Sprinkle your altar with the
race. As you do this, say nine times,

Lakshmi, please come to me.

Rub it the elephant with Lotus oil, and then put oil on your forehead, wrists, and a
close. Place the candle in its holder on the altar. Wash the oil off your hands, and
then light the candle, dedicating it to the Goddess Lakshmi by saying,

I dedicate this candle to the beautiful Lakshmi.

Light the incense, dedicating it to the Goddess by saying,

I dedicate this incense to Lakshmi of the lotus flower.

That it take the elephant in your hands, and rub nine drops of Lotus oil over it. As
you do this, say:

Ommmmm, Ommmmm, Ommmmm

Dear Goddess of wealth, beautiful Lakshmi,
Please grant me dreams of prosperity,
May money and wealth now rain down on me.
By the lotus gem Goddess, blessed be!
Ommmmm, Ommmmm, Ommmmm

Place the elephant Next your pillow. Allow the candle to burn down all the way,
and as you drift to sleep, repeat the ancient mantra "Om Mani padme hum" over
and over.

In the morning, write down everything you remember of your dreams. Put the
elephant on your dream altar, and repeat the money mantra,

Ommmmm, Ommmmm, Ommmmm

Dear Goddess of wealth, beautiful Lakshmi,
Please grant me dreams of prosperity,
May money and wealth now rain down on me.
By the lotus gem Goddess, blessed be!
Ommmmm, Ommmmm, Ommmmm
Then pull up your circle and release your dream guardians. Leave the elephant on
your altar to remind you of the constant protection and presence of Goddess of
wealth and abundance, Lakshmi. Whenever you find you need more money in
your life, repeat the money mantra over and over as you drift to sleep, Begin you
sweet dreams of prosperity. You will discover the Goddess can be very generous,
sharing her great wealth with you when you have a genuine need or desire.