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Rohin Gill Commented [RH1]:

COM 122

October 2, 2017

Dr. Jessica McKee

Writing Project 1: Draft 1 Commented [RH2]: Use a title related to the essay

The ad is from a pet food company I and Love and You, in this ad they are selling cat

food by showing a woman in a white shirt and overalls holding a cat in her lap. The ad came

from The Daytona Beach News Journal, which usually has an older audience, and it contains a

woman, which shows that this ad was specifically tailored towards older women. This

advertisement uses pathos, specifically the need to nurture, to reinforce the stereotype that

women are very loving of their cats.

The image of the ad appeals to women by showing a scene that triggers the maternal

instincts of women. In the ad, the woman holds the cat in a caring manner, which gives the sense

of love and care. Jib Fowles, an American media educator, says in his essay Advertisings Fifteen

Basic Appeals: This pitch [ads showing small and defenseless creatures, like pets and children,

to trigger the need to care for them] is often directed at women, (par. 33). The fact that

advertising companies target woman for their need to nurture, reinforces the stereotype that

women love to care for things, especially their cats. The cat is also in the spotlight, whereas the

woman is in the shade, this shows that the cat is the most important part of the ad and forces

women to look at the small defenseless creature being cared for in the arms of the woman. The

company I and Love and You has a logo of a cat standing on the back of a dog, like a person

riding a horse. Since cats are often associated with women and dogs are associated with men, the
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image of the cat on top of the dog gives the sense that women are superior to men, which the

advertisers are using to specifically appeal to women.

The text of the ad is used to show that the woman and cat both love each other. In a large

font, the words Love Me for Life are obviously written in the perspective of the cat, who wants

to be loved and cared for, which triggers a womens need to nurture the cat, since a cat can be

seen as a small defenseless creature in need of care. The names of the woman and her cat are

written: Amy + Maela. Writing their names in this way is like the way a couple would write

their names on a tree, to show the world that they love each other and that it will last for


The color scheme is used in this ad to show how caring women are for their cats. The ad

has a purple border, which, according to Lauren Labrecque and George Milne, professors in the

Department of Marketing at Loyola University Chicago and the University of Massachusetts

Amherst, is a color that connotes luxury, authenticity, and quality (4). Women who buy this

product will see that quality products are being sold by I and Love and You, who are

reinforcing the stereotype that women deeply care for their cats, by selling quality products,

indicated by the purple color that surrounds the product. The woman is also seen wearing a white

shirt, which the color is normally associated with purity, cleanness, simplicity, hygiene, clarity,

and peace (Labrecque and Milne 4), this symbolizes the woman as being a pure and peaceful

human being that is very caring towards her cat.

Along with the ad, there is an image of the actual product, which is a bag of cat food. The

bag of pet food is used to show the two-way relationship of love and care between women and

their cats. On the bag is a cat with a thought bubble with a heart in it, which shows that the cat is

thinking about love. Which goes with the text Love Me for Life, to show that the cat also
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wants to love and be loved, just like a person. The bag has a summary of what is and is not in the

cat food, which is in bright orange to grab the attention of the people buying it, so that when Commented [RH3]: Your thesis statement seems to be
__________reinforcing the stereotype that women are
women do buy it, they are able to know they are feeding their cat the best quality product. This naturing_______________________________________.

The scope of your thesis seems to be _Ad convinces buyers

shows how loving women are of their cats, so that they dont feed them non-quality products. to buy the product because _It is mainly appealing to
The advertisers use these subtle hints of using specific colors, word choice, and images
(too small, big, or just right)

into manipulating the women in the audience into buying their product. But I hear you say, It is The focus of the thesis seems to be
just an ad for cat food, its not that complicated, you either buy it for your cat or not. That may
The purpose of the thesis seems to be
be true, but that is precisely what the advertisers want you to think, they want to let your guard
The thesis fulfills the assignment requirements by including
down, so that they can get to you with their subliminal details and emotions and trick you into the rhetorical appeal of ____and making the _______
cultural observation.

thinking that their product would be a good product to purchase. They dont even have to get you The thesis ____________ seem to try to persuade the
reader to use or purchase the product.
to buy it, but you are now thinking about it, and whenever you pass the product at the
(does/does not)

supermarket or the mall, you will think to yourself, This product is better than the rest, because

the ad said it was. Wake up, America! The advertising industry are manipulating you, the Step Two: Create a Reverse Outline

#1 seems to be about
consumer, into spending your well-earned money into their product, which may or may not be _______________________________________

the best. Dont let advertisements decide what you will buy, let you decide. Or, Too many ideas. Try to focus on
________________, which relates to your thesis because

#1 relates back to the thesis by


Or, #1 does not seem to relate back to the thesis.

Consider making it about __________________________ to
better support the thesis.

#1s topic sentence begins with the arguable claim that


Or, #1 seems to begin with a statement that

describes the ___________. Consider making the topic
sentence arguable

#2 seems to be about
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Fowles, Jib. Advertisings Fifteen Basic Appeals. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall. 1998. Print.

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color in marketing. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, vol. 40, no. 5, 28

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