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LEAF Board of Directors| Board Nominee Application

LEAF is a non-profit organization,

building community, connecting cultures and enriching lives through the arts locally and globally with festivals,
community events, and arts education programs.

The LEAF Board is seeking new members who are skilled and experienced in organizational development
accounting/budgeting, board development, development/philanthropy, non-profit management, strategic planning,
and/or direct experience with LEAF outreach programs as a student, teacher, or community member.

Weve been told our Board compares well with others in terms of interpersonal functionality, financial control and

Date: September 27, 2017

Name: Joanne Badr Morgan

Address: 59C College Street #401

City, St, Zip: Asheville, NC 28801

Best Phone: 828-280-6613

E-mail/website: jhbadr@wardandsmith.com

This inquiry is to give us a sense of your LEAF connection. The answers do not need to be long.
1. Please share with us about your involvement with LEAF Community Arts. I attend Spring or Fall LEAF festival

2. What is your perspective on LEAFs role in the community currently, and the potential of LEAFs role in our
local community?
One of LEAF's roles in the community is to bring people together by celebrating cultural similarities
and differences. Music, art, dance, and food are avenues of expression that make us different and
human! And LEAF highights these things through celebration and education, in an effort to promote

The potential of LEAF's role in our local community is huge because (a) we are already blessed to live
in Asheville, where people actually want to come together, and (b) LEAF's employees and Board
have far-reaching influence in the community. I think we could also hold smaller events throughout
the year which celebrate different cultures, such as 'mini' middle eastern 'sahras', fiestas, etc.

3. What have you heard about LEAF from friends- what is the word on the street among your colleagues, peers,
and friends?
That you have great Board and Staff who value living in Asheville, and celebrating culture. Individuals
and families alike look forward to the LEAF Festival all year long!

4. LEAFs signature event and key fundraising tool is the LEAF Festival twice a year at Lake Eden, and now a new
tradition is growing creating a community gathering called LEAF Downtown AVL in the summer. What other
festivals/special events have you attended that you resonated with, and what aspects inspired you? All
events are really made up of the people who attend them. The most fun and inspiring gettogethers, events,
or festivals that I've attended have had to do with the social aspect and the energy that is created by the
particular attendees.

5. What work does LEAF do that feels important enough that you are willing to give time, energy and financial
contributions to LEAF?
First, it emphasizes educational programs that touch the lives of young kids in our community. I love
everything that has to do with children and education, and giving people exposure to new
opportunities and perspectives. Second, I think your Board is made up of people who can 'move and
shake' the community in a collaborative way. Third, LEAF is 'cool' it has an energy around it that is
inspiring and relevant.

6. Please describe the following 4 areas of your life as they relate to your interest in the LEAF Board:
a. Education: I was a history major at UNC-CH, because I love learning about the 'stories' that make up a
historical narrative. LEAF obviously has a story to tell when it comes to culture and education and
b. Job experience: I practice a wide range of transactional law, and am happy to bring my legal
background and practical skills to the table if / when they are needed
c. Volunteer & community experience: I am on the Board of the Boys & Girls Club of Buncombe County,
because I love children and programs that expose them to education and also to emotional and
social support structure. I am on the Board of the WNC Community Foundation because I find the
work that they do to be really inspirational and deeply important to WNC and the continuation of
non-profit work in our region.
d. Personal experience: Im an Asheville native, and I love this town. I'm a first-generation American, and
have always been drawn to people who see my bi-cultural life and personality as interesting rather
than weird!
7. Are there any concerns you have about leading LEAF towards 2020 by being part of the Board of Directors?

8. How could your skills and talents be of help to the Board and where would you like to apply those talents?
I would love to be part of the planning process that goes into gearing up for the annual Festivals at
Lake Eden or LEAF Downtown; I would love to help put together educational opportunities for
children. I think I can help spread the word re "LEAF Love" to my friends and community; if the Board
needs legal work done that fits into my skill set/practice areas, I am happy to contribute in that way
as well.

9. Based on your passions and interests, what areas of LEAF appeal to you?
A focus on emphasizing inclusion in our community, educational opportunities for everyone, but
especially children, and celebration of culture through art, music, dance, food!
10. What is your primary interest in serving on the board?
An opportunity to collaborate with community-minded people on your Board, who value
contributing to the social structure of our community. It will also be a way for me to learn a lot, on a
personal level, regarding ways to use culture to bring people together, which is slightly selfish and
also a good way to ensure that I can accurately spread the word about LEAF's goals to people who
are not yet involved/in the know.

11. What makes you a good fit for the LEAF Board of Directors?
I love Asheville and the LEAF Community. I have the opportunity to spread the word about LEAF
through work and 'play'. I want to learn more about the organization and how to accomplish its
current and new goals. And if the Board is in need of legal work that fits within my practice areas, I
am able to contribute in that way as well.