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SAP IS Oil & Gas Training

Overview on SAP Overview on Oil Industry Overview on OIL and GAS OIL & GAS Enterprise Structure Master Data Customer, Material Remote Logistics Management(RLM) Settings for Remote Activating Remote logistics Maintain object type parameters Container creation Supply Processing Define supply types Define Supply Processing Convert Transport Resuscitation Shipping Define Voyages types Define customer user codes Voyages Creation Assigning container to material Container Type RLM Containers Create Return Documents Material Tracking HPM (Hydrocarbon Product Management) Silo/Tank Management Define Storage Object types Define Storage Object Class Define work list Quantity Conversion interface Quantity Conversion Functions Create tank master data Create Tank Dips Create Tank analysis data Excise Handling Excise Handling in Purchase and Sales order Processing License Handling in Sales order Processing Exchanges Exchange agreements with in Purchase and Sales order Processing Exchange Agreement

Concept & Settings Explanation

Exchange Delivery Exchange Receipts Creation of contract Creation of sales call off Creation of Purchase call off Creation of LIA Creation of Netting Document Exchange Balance Exchange Settlement TD (Transportation and Distribution) Defining the Transport unit type Define Routes Defining the vehicle type Defining the License type Transport unit creation Vehicle creation Driver creation Vehicle meter creation Rack Meter creation Create Bulk shipment (Shipment) TD Bulk shipment Define bulk shipment Type Define event type Define event document type Define Date Rules Create Bulk Scheduling (shipment) Create load Confirmation TD Output Determination Output determination for Bulk Transportation scheduling Create output condition records for BTS Transportation and Shipment Costing Bulk Shipment integration with in the Supply Chain Bulk Shipment Processing Shipment Costing Bulk-Scheduling Terminal Automation System interface Traders and Schedules Workbench (TSW) Define Business location type Define Nomination type Create nomination Maintain Ticket type Create ticket One view of a Schedulers Business

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