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BSS Job Responsibility

Roles & Responsibilities

Commissioning, Integration & Acceptance Testing of BSS Network elements like BSC, TC & MFS.
Commissioning of remote OMC workstations.
Troubleshooting of BSS problems and perform Level-2 Escalation wherever necessary
Diagnosis, Troubleshooting and Routine Maintenance of various BSS network elements.
Ensure configuration and performance of BSS in coordination with the OMC-R and RF Teams
Analysis and monitoring of various network reports in order assure the required QOS as per customer
Coordination of critical network activities such as swap and software upgradation
Installation and Commissioning of Remote OMC-R terminals at various BSC locations

Job Description and Responsibilities:

Ensure prompt resolution of all service affecting problems within stated responsibility
Ensure that all the equipment associated and peripheral systems under stated responsibility is
operated and maintained in such a way as to meet Company standards
Ensure that preventive maintenance is performed and completed for all applicable equipment under
stated responsibility
Responsible for the continuation of service as impacted by activities
Adhere with Client's & Network Operations guidelines and policies.
Meet Company targets for fault-clearing times.
Maintain Mobile network performance standards at the Company objectives.
Perform on-call & emergency duties and will be readily available to carry out such duties when ever
Execution of planed activities on live network such as Threatening condition (TC) / Maintenance down
time (MDT).

BSS Section Manager

1. Responsible for collaborating with product owners and management

2. Handling overall responsibility for managing / driving master resource management plan for the Bss
3. Defining and documenting business requirements and translating those requirements into solutions
using existing custom software systems
4. Supervising a team consist of 10 staff of engineers.
5. Identifying system enhancements needed to meet business requirements to succeed the hand-over of
the solution.
6. Maintain a team oriented working environment that promotes open discussion on important issues, a
high level of personal commitment and accountability to the business, and a continued focus on quality
and customer service.
7. Daily maintenance of the former HUAWEI BSS elements
8. Participating in network expansions with special focus on executing the work
9. Orders and the Acceptance Tests with the engineers of customer and vendor
10. Senior adviser rule for onsite engineers of the company
11. Holding trainings for the employees of the company
12. Review existing and suggest new O&M processes in order to reach better
13. coordination and easier workflow with the onsite engineers of the company
14. Take proactive actions for foreseen problems or bottlenecks
15. Responsible for O&M of BSS of circle & support includes hygiene checks of BTSs/BSCs, CF alarms
monitoring & rectification; providing tech support to field engineer.
16. Responsible for the coordination of the acceptance tests with Vender - where required. Ensure that
the deployment schedule meets project specification and requirements.
17. Responsible for smooth hand-over of the solution.

BSS Engineer

1- Monitoring in BSS client: query sites status, E1's status.

2- BSC and all BTS's system monitoring and maintenance
3- Follow maintenance tasks of sites such as RSSI and VSWR
4- Study related documents
5- Software commissioning of new sites in the BSC
6- Make acceptance for the new sites
7- System backup for all BSCs and sites
8- Communicate and discuss with power, MW, RNP and deployment
9- System temperature monitoring.
10- Provide Huawei with BSC system performance data
11- Check the quality of voice and data service of All BSCs
12- Self study, improve skills in Communications engineering and CDMA products
13- Supports OMC engineers