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Spun Piles

About Us Precast Prestressed concrete Spun Pile which is also known as hollow core spun pile, is very widely used trough out the world as the most
Why Precast popular pile foundation system.The piles are made by spinning cylindrical moulds filled with fresh concrete, therefore the produced piles
Concrete could be very compact. Compared to the other pile type, this pile requires less concrete and therefore it could be very economical.
Spun Piles
Square Piles
- High Strength and High quality
PC Plat Sheet
Very High concrete strength is obtained due to the compactness of the concrete as the result of spinning process
- Longer Durability
PC Corrugated
Denser concrete due to the spinning process makes corrosion protection against the steel inside the pile
Sheet Piles
- Economical
PCI Girders
Volume of the concrete is less compared to the other piles having the same bearing area
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- Practical in Handling
Due to the cylindrical shape and the centrical hollow , this pile type is much easier to handle on site compared to the other type of precast
ADDRESS piles.
OFFICE - Many Selections in Dimension
Jl. Dharmahusada Indah BPI produces spun piles from 250 mm to 800 mm
Blok AB-306 Design and Manufacturing Reference
Surabaya 60285
Telp : (031)5926398
Design JIS A 5335 - 1987 Prestressed Spun Concrete Piles
(031) 5936240-42
Fax : (031) 5936243
E-mail : ACI 543R - 00 Design , Manufacture and Instalation of Concrete
betonprima@gmail.com Piles

Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan NI 03 - 2847 - 2002 Indonesian Concrete Code
Manufacturing JIS A 5335 -1987 Prestressed Spun Concrete Piles
Ds. Sumberwono, Kec.
Bangsal Mojokerto
Telp : (0321)
Fax : (0321) 513695 Specification of Materials

Item Reference Description Specification

Aggregate ASTM C33-1999 Standard Specification for Concrete


NI 2 PBI- 1971 Indonesian Concrete Code

Concrete SNI 03-2847-2002 Indonesian National Standard Compressive

strength at 28
days: 600 kgf/cm

PC Wire JIS G 3536-1999 Uncoated Stress- Relieved Steel SWPD 1

Wire and Strand for Prestressed

PC Bar JIS G 3137-1994 Small Size Deformed Steel Bars

For Prestressed Concrete

Spiral Wire JIS G 3532-2000 Low Carbon Steel Wire SWMA / SWMP

Joint Wire JIS G 3101-2004 Rolled Steel for General Structures SS - 400

Cement SNI 15-2049-2004 Portland Cement type 1

Admixture ASTM C494-1985 Standard Specification for Type F : Water

Chemical Admixture for Concrete Reducing

Welding ANSI/AWSD1.1 Stuctural Welding Code - Steel AWS A

1990 S.1/E6013

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PT. BETON PRIMA INDONESIA - Spun Piles http://www.betonprimaindonesia.com/spun_piles.html

Nikko Steel RB
26/RD 26

Lion 26

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PT. BETON PRIMA INDONESIA - Spun Piles http://www.betonprimaindonesia.com/spun_piles.html

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