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Forward Success
Job Skills Training

General Information
Forward 2 Success is a 40-hour (4-5 weeks) general job skills training that has 4 parts:

1. Job Seeking 2. Soft Skills

What: Workshop in which we learn the most What: Soft skills workshop where we refine
effective strategies for finding and landing the and practice those abilities that help us deal
job you want. There may be more to job with setbacks and adapt to new situations.
searching than you think. Includes 1 practice Includes 1 practice assignment per week.
assignment per week. Goal Setting
Decision Making
Elevator Pitches Resource Management
Resumes Effective Communication
Cover Letters Conflict Resolution
Applications Time Management
Job Search Essentials Professionalism
Interviewing Team Work

When: See Instructor for schedule

When: See Instructor for schedule
Where: Forward Service Office
Where: Forward Service Office

3. Visiting Industry Professionals 4. Online Occupational Training

What: Online training focuses on the industry
What: Opportunity to meet employers face-to-face in you want to work in. Examples: OSHA, ALSION
the classroom, ask questions, practice job seeking industry training, computer skills, and others.
skills, and do a little extra job searching.
When: Independent / Flexible Schedule;
When: See Instructor for schedule 3 hours/week

Where: Forward Service Office Where: Independent (office computers

available if needed)

Expectations and Goals

When you successfully complete F2S, you will receive a certificate of completion, and you will be eligible for
guaranteed interviews at several area employers (see Account Representative for list).
To successfully complete F2S and receive your certificate, you must complete the following within 3 months:
Attend all lessons in Soft Skills and Job Seeking (16 hours)
Complete all practice assignments for Soft Skills and Job Seeking (8 hours)
Create a professional resume approved by either the Account Representative or Instructor
Attend at least 4 complete VIP sessions (4 hours)
Successfully complete 12 hours of approved, industry-focused online job training (12 hours)
Complete all of the above with no more than 3 absences or late arrivals (punch cards will be used)
Other Expectations:
Arrive at least 5 minutes before class is scheduled to start
Complete all practice assignments within 1 month of receiving them
Return from breaks on time
Call in advance if you must miss a class or arrive late
Make up all missed workshops, excused or otherwise
If more than 3 absences or tardies occur, you will not receive guaranteed interviews

Do I have to take everything?

No. If you do not want to participate in all sections F2S, but are interested in one or more workshop topics, you
can enroll in the workshops that fit your needs. However, you will not receive a completion certificate unless you
complete all of the items listed above.

***NOTE: Successfully completing F2S is NOT the same as meeting the ABAWD work requirement for

Instructor Information
Instructor Email / Phone Office Location & Hours
Kaylee Griffin KGriffin@fsc-corp.org Portage W/H Baraboo T/F
608-745-9044 Montello M
(Leave a voicemail) 8:30 am 4:00 pm

Account Representative Email / Phone Office Location & Hours

Candice Wade CWade@fsc-corp.org Portage M/H (a.m.) W (p.m.)
608-448-3826 Baraboo M/H (p.m.) T/F (all day)
(Leave a voicemail) Montello W (a.m.)