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Tyler Carrico

Lesson 7: Budgeting

Grade level: 11 &12th


Activity Procedure

IV Markets and Prices: Analyze the role of markets and prices in the
US economy.
V Explore the different methods that can be used to allocate goods
and services.
IX Analyze how setting financial goals and generating a budget will
help keep student organized and make smart decisions.

Students will learn the steps of the financial planning process. They
Objective will learn that using this process can help to achieve financial goals.
Students will explore the factors that influence financial planning and
the opportunity costs associated with their financial decisions. Finally,
they will learn some basic, effective strategies for achieving financial

Why is it important to learn now how to plan for your financial



Questions Tell students that today we will be starting the budgeting unit.
Go over the procedures of the project that we will be doing over
the next few weeks.


1. Begin by seeing what students know about the topic by doing a

graphic organizer on setting financial goals.
2. We will then go over the difference between
Tangible/InTangible, Goods/Services and Needs/Wants.
3. Discuss Liquidity.
Instruction 4. Review short, Intermediate and long term goals and the
differences between them.
5. Students will get into groups and read page 304. I will give each
group a worksheet to complete and turn in for a grade.

We will have both teacher and student led discussions for the first part
of class. Students will then work in small groups on a scenario

If time remains students can complete the budget excel spreadsheet,

work on everfi or play the stock market game.
Guided and

Independent Students will be assessed by the worksheet that they will turn in for a