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Date: October 31, 2017

To: UTC Parking Services

From: Ericka Carini, Student
Subject: Proposal for Better Parking

The purpose of this proposal is to find a better and more effective parking situation here at UTC.
One that is effective and beneficial for both students and faculty.

To maximize the space on campus and the use of the parking lots, I believe a new parking plan
needs to be put into order. Students who live on campus should have assigned lots that only they
are allowed to park in. This leaves more spots on campus for faculty members and students who
commute. This way, the students who are living in the dorms are utilizing the parking lots by the
dorms to full capacity. I also think that general and reserved parking need to be more segregated
and enforced. By paying more for a reserved parking pass you should be guaranteed a spot in
that parking lot. Students that pay for general should at least be able to find a spot in a general

The main problem with parking is that there isnt enough. Students and faculty have a
hard time finding parking on campus. Students have been known to drive around for thirty to
forty-five minutes looking for a parking spot. I myself have been late to class or have had to skip
class due to not being able to find parking in my reserved lot. Building another parking garage
where Lupton Library is now I think would solve plenty of problems. With students paying one
hundred dollars at the minimum for a parking pass, with additional funds coming in from the
many parking tickets given everyday, it shouldnt be hard for another parking garage to be built
within the next couple of years.
I think that by adding more parking and improving the current parking system the
university will benefit in more ways than one. With more parking, students would be able to get
more involved on campus. The students who live on campus have great accessibility to on
campus events. But, students and faculty who live off campus dont have as much access to
them, especially if they cannot find a place to park so they can get there. Another way that would
benefit the university is class attendance. I took a poll on twitter and asked my followers if they
have ever skipped class because they couldnt find parking. Of the fifty-five votes, seventy six
percent of students have skipped class before because of parking. That is three of every four
students. This statistic is what really showed me how big of a problem parking is. Students pay
to attend class here, and on top of that they pay for parking passes. So, when there is no parking

for us after we pay a lot of money each year to park on campus, it gives those people negative
views of the university.
According to an article written in 2013 on The Loop a blog put on by the UTC
communication department The members of the committee seem very averse to really
fundamentally looking at the issue, they dont understand that we do lose students over parking
(Awuah, C). This was written four years ago. If it was a problem not getting fixed then, just
imagine how bad it is now that university enrollment has gone up.
Students arent the only ones with problems finding parking on campus. Faculty who
drive from their homes to work each day also struggle to find parking. Faculty is thrown into the
same mix we are when it comes to getting parking passes. Obviously they are going to try and
get a parking space that is close to their office and convenient. But not all of them have that
option. The ones that are forced to get a general lot pass a lot of the times end up being late or
getting ticketed. According to an article on the University Echo, They have the best of both
worlds right now because there is not a faculty-staff lot, not in our current parking structure.
(Doss, H). Along with students fighting for parking, the faculty gets thrown into the mix as well
when they have to be here everyday and its their job. Faculty should get their own lots near their
offices so that they get parking everyday when theyre at work.
Parents of the students at universities usually are the ones paying for tuition and for the
parking passes. I know my parents arent the only ones that are fed up with the current parking
situation. When parking passes are paid for, it is expected for a parking spot to be provided.
When its not and students drive around for a long time to sometimes not even find parking, it is
going to affect the amount of passes bought. This in total could affect the money brought into the
university. If parking passes arent bought then in total the university is losing money, which
isnt something that is good. There is an article written on the Chattanoogan by a mother who is
fed up by parking. She states I assume the 300+ general parking permits they have oversold for
Fall 2017/Spring and Summer 2018 semesters are supposed to help pay for the new dorms with
their permit fees and the $25 tickets UTC parking police give them when they are illegally
parked, while they are trying to further their education (Chambers, J). Parents of students are
upset about where theyre money is going. This could in the end cause them to reconsider paying
what the university wants them to and overall shorting the students here of what they could be
provided with the money.

Annotated Bibliography

Awuah, C. (2013). UTC Population Grows While Parking Cant Keep Up. The Loop. This
article is about how students not only at UTC but also all over the country are having parking
related issues. It addresses how the amount of people enrolling on college campuses is growing
and parking just cannot keep up. Students are finding ways to get out of being ticketed and
saving money since they already pay for parking and still cant find a place to park.
Doss, H. (2016). Faculty raises concern about finding parking. University Echo. This article
explains how not only students have issues with the parking but faculty too. Staff has to get the
same parking passes that we get and they have to fight with us for parking. They also have to pay
for parking over the summer when in reality they arent getting paid. So, for the ones that put in
extra work over the summer to make their department or course better, they are at a loss.


Chambers, J (2017) UTC Parking Problems. The Chattanoogan. A mother who isnt happy
with the current parking situation writes this article. Her child has a parking pass and she is angry
that her child drives around for hours without finding a parking spot. She is questioning where
her money is going considering her child gets tickets for parking after they pay for a parking

Proposed Program

These are the projected problem solvers that I think need to be put into place to improve the
parking effort here at UTC.

Task 1. Build a new parking garage

In order to make more parking available with the space we have on campus, I think that a new
parking garage should be built. As for location, where the old library stands now would be a
perfect spot. The parking garage that is there now is not quite large enough for the amount of
students and faculty that commute to school. Even just building up on the parking garage that is
already there now would be better than nothing.

Task 2. Not oversell permits

Another huge problem that contributes to our awful parking situation is the fact that permits are
oversold. The parking services think that they can oversell permits to lots because everyone isnt
going to be on campus at the same time. This is somewhat true but in reality most of us are on
campus at the same time. Another issue with overselling is that when students leave class, there
isnt enough time in between one class and the next one for students coming in to find parking
and get to class on time.

Task 3. Make more spots for Commuter Students

There are so many ways this could be accomplished. I think a huge way to help would to make a
new parking garage like stated above. Only commuter students and faculty should be allowed to
park in this lot to really utilize it for its full potential. And, there arent dorms near there so on
campus housing students would have no need to park there.

Task 4. Limit some lots to on campus students only

On top of building another garage, a good way to open more spots up is to move the on campus
students parking. I lived in the dorms on campus for two years and would always park my car as
close to my dorm as possible. Some students dont do that. I think that on campus housing
should be limited to certain lots and garages that are close to the respected dorms. This way they
all will have parking and will leave room for more commuter spots since they dont drive to


Task 5. Prepare Report

Lastly I would share my proposed plan with students and faculty on campus to get their thoughts
on if this would fix parking here. After that I would take all my findings and create a report to
present to all of the people who work for the parking services on campus.

Qualifications/ Personnel

I, Ericka Carini, will be presenting this project. I have conducted research before and have been a
first hand victim of this awful parking on campus. I have talked to many people to receive their
opinions on the parking and have attended information sessions to hear about future parking

As a student living off campus, I feel like I can really relate to these issues since I deal with them
every time I come to class, which is everyday. I also have seen the other side of the issue of not
having issues with parking since I lived on campus for two years and never firsthand saw any of
the issues the older students complained about.


I am just a student that is upset with the parking system; so, I personally have a $0 budget. But to
make this happen a big budget would be needed to build a new parking garage.