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SCENE I In the Palace

(Music Javanese music accompaniment beginning of the story)

Narator : Once upon the time, in Kingdom, Central Java, lived a handsome,
charming and brave prince named Prince Kusuma Yuda with his lovable
and wise parents, King Kartosumito and Queen Sekar. They live happily in
the palace. However, they unfortunately have some troubles regarding on
his son.

Queen : My King, Im so worried about our son.

King : What are you worried about my Queen ?

Queen : Hes getting older by the time of his life but hes not getting a bride yet. Im
so worry that no ones can continue our kingdom.

King : Yeah, thats right honey. Okay, lets have a talk with him.
Jo, ..

Bejo : Im here my King, what do you need?

King : I need you to call Yuda.

Bejo : Alright my king, wait a minute

(Bejo leaves the place and come back facing the king and queen along with

Yuda : Yes dad, what happened?

King : I want to remind you son, how many time should i tell you, why dont you
find someone to be your wife?

Yuda : Ive told you dad, im still too young and precious to waste my time with a
lady, cant you understand that?

King : What? Young? Hey come on boy, look at your face! Your wrinkles are
getting more and more real (haha)
Yuda : What? ..Dad.. Are you kidding me ???? (starting to get angry)

King : No son, im just worried about our kingdoms future. You will be the next
king, but if you dont get married as soon as possible, you cant.

Yuda : But..

Queen : Please, listen to your dads advise dear, you are the only hope, and its all
for your Goodness.

Yuda : Alright mom... (dissapointed face)

Narrator : Ande-Ande Lumut is dissapointed with his parentss dacision. He

approaches his assistant, Bejo

Yuda : Jo, follow me, and prepare my weapon!

Bejo : For what?

Yuda : I need to kill someone.

Bejo : Who ..?

Yuda : You!

Bejo : what.. ?!

( Prince KusumaYuda and Bejo left the kingdom and went to the forest for hunting)

SCENE 2- In the House

Narator : In another place, a village far from the kingdom, village Purbarawang,
lived a widow who has two children, named Klenting Abang and Klenting
Ijo. The widows name is Mbok Menah who has a lot of wealth and much
arrogance within her self.

Mbok Menah : Ohh... It is need to be more.. (carrying a mirror) (applying make up)

Klenting Merah : Hmm....I am so happy to buy luxury items.How about you may sister
? (bring cash in hand)
KlentingIjo : I am pleased to dressing the same dress as my mother... (bring a
mirror). Is that right mbok?

Mbok Menah : yeah, you are my beautiful and lovely girls, no wonder that you two
have the same characteristic as mine.

Klenting Merah : Lets go, Klenting Ijo we buy new clothes to the market.

Klenting Ijo : Lets go, sister..!!

Klenting Merah : okay mbok, were going to the market

Mbok Menah : okay be careful dear...

Narrator : Two Klentings are walking toward to the market, but stalled by
someone who askes them both.

Klenting Kuning : Excuse me ... Spada ...

Klenting Ijo : Who are you ? What are you looking for ? (With a cynical face)

Klenting Kuning : I ..I ..dont have a place to stay, please, I beg you to raise me as your

Klenting Merah :What .! Sorry,sister ??? what are u talking about? there is no such
place for you .. !!

Klenting Kuning :I beg you,please,i will do anything if Im received.

(Mbok Menah is approaching them)

Mbok Menah : What's the fuss happend here? (Up to Klenting Kuning) who are you ?

Klenting Kuning :I am a wanderer madam, I have no place to stay, may I stay in your
home ?. Make me your child. I beg you, please (while holding Mbok
Menahs hand)

Mbok Menah : What? Child ?! (Thinking )Hhmmmm ...

Klenting Kuning : I beg you mom ... (while holding hands Mbok Menah)(starts crying)
Mbok Menah : Okay, alright, but there is a requisite, if you stay at my house, you
have to obey all my commands and my childrens.

Klenting Merah : You are too kind mom, she is going to spend the money !!

Klenting Ijo : Our house is narrow, if she lives here, where will we sleep?!!

Mbok Menah : Chill out girls, If she lives here, you dont have to do household
work. (Klenting Merah and Ijo are thinking)

Mbok Menah : But ... What's your name ?

Klenting Kuning : I dont know.... (confused)

Mbok Menah : Alright, since yourre wearing yellow shirt... Ill call you Klenting
Kuning then.

Klenting Kuning : Thank you so much madam, thanks... ( kissing the hand )

Mbok Menah : Okay what are you waiting for? Start working !!!

Klenting Kuning : Alright Madam

(few weeks later...)

Narrator : Klenting Merah and Klenting Ijo are very angry and always bully
Klenting Kuning. They always tell her to do the their homework and
bully her.

KlentingMerah : Klenting Kuning sweep this front porch ... !!

Klenting Ijo : Klenting Kuning. Clean the front yard !

Klenting Merah : KlentingKuning, get me jewelry !

Klenting Ijo : Klenting Kuning.. !!

KlentingMerah : Klenting Kuning ... !!

Klenting Kuning : I'm confused, please one by one. (Klenting Kuning tired)

(music gending Java)

SCENE 3- In the Forest

Narrator : Prince Yuda and Bejo go hunting in the forest, but they are

(Two guys are wary of looking up and down, looking for prey)

Yuda : "Jo? Bejo? Where are you jo? "

Bejo : "Prince? Prince? Where are you my prince? " (Walk backward ... then collide
together, until the roof).

Yuda : "Ouch. You are. Watch Out ! "

Bejo : "Hehehe .. Sorry my Prince. I do not know if there is you behind. "
Yuda : " come here Jo! I want to tell you something. "
Bejo : "What's the matter prince? " (Two people sit together and tell stories)

Yuda : Dont call me Prince, just Yuda

Bejo :Alright, my Prince
Yuda : Just Yuda!
Bejo : Sorry my Prince
Yuda : Whatever Jo, I dont care!
Yuda : "Why are not there animals today? "
Bejo : "Yes , very quiet. But where is this place ? "
Yuda : "Why did you ask me? Like I know? "
Bejo : "may be you know somehow. "
Yuda : (sullen)
(The prince and his bodyguard stood up, surprised to see anyone in front of them)

Yuda : "Who is that jo? "(Approaching the old lady)

Bejo : "I do not know Yuda. "
Yuda : "Sorry maam, may I ask? "
(Who is asked is silent, did not answer, busy with his wood)

Yuda and Bejo : "Excuse me. "

(The Prince approached on mbok rondo, suddenly mbok rondo surprised to see Yuda and
Mbok rondo : OMG!! Who are you? "
Yuda : "I'm a wanderer maam. Sorry, what is this village? "
Mbok rondo : "This is the village of Dadapan son. What are you guys doing here ?
Yuda :"I'm wandering maam. But lost, do not know the way. "
Mbok rondo : "Wow. Yes, come with me. If you want to stay, what about you two become
my sons ? "

Yuda : "What do you think Jo? "

Bejo : "its up to you. "
Yuda : "Well maam, I want to. "
Mbok rondo : Great, what should i call you ?? (looking at Bejo)
Bejo : Please call me Bejo

Yuda : well, im ...

Bejo : ssssshhh... dont tell your name, youll be regocnized!!

(whispering to Yuda) he doesnt have a name maam

Mbok Rondo : "well okay, from now on your name is Ande-Ande Lumut

Yuda : good name maam, thank you

Mbok Rondo : well, now, please you two help me carrying these woods to my house

Yuda and Bejo: "All right, ma'am! "

(Prince along with bodyguard follow Mbok Rondo and Sitting in a a piece of wood together)

Mbok Rondo :So, what are you looking for here my son ?

Ande-Ande Lumut : Actually, Im looking for a woman mbok... can you help me to find
someone who wants to be my wife?

Mbok Rondo : Hmm... i see, no problem my son, i will help you (silent). Oh, i ve
got an idea, in Purbarawang village, there are so many girls live there.
Why dont we make an announcement that Lumut is looking for a girl
to be his wife?

Ande-Ande Lumut : Thats a good idea mbok

Mbok Rondo : Alright, Bejo, will you help me to announce this information?

Bejo : Okay mbok ill help Lumut .

Ande-Ande Lumut : Im happy to hear that. Thank you mbok...Thank you Jo...

SCENE 4- in the terrace of the house

Narrator : Few Days Later... in Purbarawang Village

(Klenting Kuning entered while sweeping the foreground, with a tired face.)

(Music gending Java)

Klenting Kuning : I am very happy to stay at Mbok Menahs home. but Im tired
because i do all homework alone, they are very lazy and spoiled and
often waste themoney. They are also often go at midnight as same as
Mbok Menah. All homework that I do all alone.

(Bejo comes to Klentings village with announcement in his hand)

Bejo : Attention! There is a man who looking for his future wife!

(Mbok Menah and other Madams are approaching Bejo)

Mbok Menah : Hey, Ugly man! Just tell us the announcement that you brought!
Who's looking for a wife? It must be you?oh, You must be kidding

Bejo : Be patient, Madam! I promptly told the shocking news of the

girls in the Duchy. It wasnt me Madam on looking for the wife. Ihad
wife since seven years ago!! (hahaha)

Mbok Menah : Can you shut up?!? Just tell me the news

Bejo : In the village across the river there, precisely in the Village
Dadapan, there is a dashing and handsome guy looking for a partner
for life. His name is Ande-Ande Lumut, Mbok Rondos son. For those
who wantto be his wife, is asked to come to Mbok Rondos
house.Later, Ande-Ande Lumut will choose one of them.

(music gending Java)

Narrator : Mboh Menah goes back to her home and calls her daughters.

Mbok Menah : My beautiful daughters ,come here girls ...

Klenting-klenting : Yes mom ..

Mbok menah : There is a good news for you

Klenting Merah : What is the good news ??

Mbok Menah : Mbok Rondo makes a competition looking for a wife for Her
handsome son, his name is Ande-Ande lumut.

Klenting-klenting : Yes!! we want it mom.

(Red and Klenting Hijau with their spoiled style)

Klenting Ijo : Well ... Come on Sister. If we join, we will definitely be accepted.

Klenting Merah : Absolutely dear, we sould not miss this chance.

Mbok Menah : Okay, girls, I will make you up to be beautiful girls. who knows
between you are choosen by Ande-Ande Lumut, the handsome guy...

Klenting-klenting : Yes mbok ... We want ...

Narrator : A minute soon, Klenting Kuning who listened the conversation

between Mbok menah and Klenting-klenting comes to mbok Menah

Klenting Kuning : Mbok .. i want to talk with you, may I?

MbokMenah : What do you want to talk ? have you finished your duty ? Has the
Living room been clean?

Klenting Kuning : Yes .. mom, mom, actually, i want to propose to be Ande-Andes

wife like the other sisters

Mbok Menah : (sneaky face) Well, come here, i will make you up to be beautiful like
your sisters (Mbok Rondo gives scorched and ungood smells to
Klenting Kuning)

Mbok Menah : Hahaha .. I hope Ande-Ande Lumut choose one of my daughters to

be his wife, not Klenting Kuning. (Mbok Rondo Klenting are in loud
of laugh to her house)

Narrator :Klenting Kuning accepts patiently mbok rondos saying and

treatments. She never complaint and always prays, she hopes she will
get the good replied later.

(Empty stage while the music sounded gending Java)

SCENE 5 In the Forest

Narator : In the next day, three Klentings go to Dadapan Village. But

Klenting Kuning walks through the forest alone. Suddenly, there is
an old man sitting in the edge of forest in sad and starving face.

Old Man : (coughing)

Klenting Kuning : Who is that ? (approaching the old man)

Old Man : (coughing and holding his belly)

Klenting Kuning : Who are you? What are you doing here?

Old Man : Do you have some food? Im starving

Klenting Kuning : (giving some food from her bag) I just have this sir, eat this, you will
feel better

Old Man : you are so kind, thank you (eating the food)

Klenting Kuning : (walk away from the a]old man)

Old Man : (standing and walking toward Kuning) Hey.. wait a minute
Klenting Kuning : whats wrong sir?

Old Man : I want to give you pusaka jimat kalimosodo. I hope it will give you

Klenting Kuning : What for?

Mysterious Voice : Just keep it save kuning, use it when its needed.

Klenting Kuning :Hmm.. thank you ..

Narrator :Klenting Kuning leaves the forest bringing new pusaka

SCENE 6- In The River

(As he listened to music prahu layar) Yuyu Kang-kang danced

Narrator :Yuyu Kang-kang danced alongside a lake, without conscious about

Yuyu Kang-kangs body while pain Yuyu Kang-kang was sitting
alongside a lake.

Yuyu Kang-kang :Ahahaha... it is me. the crotch giant crab that keep this lake, whahaha.

(As he listened to music prahu layar) Yuyu Kang-kang danced

Narrator : Soon,Klenting Abang and Klenting Ijo have arrived in the lakeside.

They seek for boat located near the lake, but no boat there.

KlentingMerah :Klenting Ijo. Where is the boat?.(Confused look around the lake)

Klenting Ijo : I do not know sister, it is usually in the edge of this river.
(Pointing to the edge of the lake border) How if we ask Yuyu
Kangkang to help us ?

Klenting Merah : Thats good idea

Klenting Merah : Yuyu kangkang .. yuyu kangkang ..

Yuyu kangkang : Hahaha .. Yuhuuuuuu ladies what do you need beibeh? Heyhey,,
Whats your two name?
Klenting Merah : Im Klenting Abang, and this is my sister, Klenting Ijo.

Yuyu Kangkang : You two have beautiful name, hey, you are so beautiful

Klenting Merah : Who? Me? Of course, thats what I am~

Yuyu Kangkang : No, you, Klenting Hijau. Im falling in love with you.

Klenting Hijau : Yuyu kangkang, can you close your mouth?we just want to across

this river. May we cross this river?We will go to Dadapan Village,

please send us to meet Ande-ande Lumut.

Yuyu kangkang : Hmm,,Oh. You will go to Dadapan Village to see Ande-andeLumut,

Ups.. you should pay me one million per perso (lazytone)

Klenting Ijo and Merah : It is not impossible !! We will not do it !!

Yuyu Kang-kang : If you do not want to,yeah, but you must do something.

Klenting Hijau : What is that?

Yuyu kangkang : First you must massage my shoulders, ok? Ill just deliver!

Klenting Hijau : You make me angry. Isnt other huh?

Yuyu kangkang : If you havent,its okay. But if you take a long time to answer that, I

will give you more.

Klenting Merah : Yes we accept it, but just for a while.(massaging yuyu kang-kang)

Yuyu Kangkang : because you have massaged my shoulder, i will help you accross
this river... Ahahahaha

(Yuyu kangkang is crossing Red and Klenting Hijau)

(Listened campur sari perahu layar music)

Narrator : After Klenting Merah and Klenting Hijau are gone, after a while,

Klenting Kuning comes to Yuyu Kangkang.

Yuyu kangkang : Oouh what is that? .. its not good smell and so ugly ..

Klenting Kuning : what? Is that flood. How can I cross this river ... That must be Yuyu

kangkang come here, help me please.

Yuyu kangkang : hahaha ... i dont want .. because you are so ugly and smells soo bad!!

Klenting Kuning : you are so evil yuyu kangkang !

(Klenting Kuning show out her pusaka and drown it into the river)

Klenting Kuning : okay .. if that you want.i will make dry this river

Narrator : Suddenly the river is going to dry and Yuyu kangkang is gone. So
that Klenting Kuning can cross the river and go to Ande-Ande
Lumuts house. Klenting Kuning walks to Dadapan Village and met
the Princes assistant.

SCENE 7- In The Terrace of Mbok Rondos House

(Gending Java music accompanie the scene)

Narrator : In dadapan village, Mbok rondo is still cleaning the table, suddenly
come beautiful girls, klenting abang and Klenting Ijo

Mbok Rondo : Bejo, please open the door...

Bejo :Ok !! (Open door) please come in, do you want to register?

Klenting Ijo : Yes!! (Snapped)

Bejo : You dont participate in the selection but already arrogant !! if you
are not selected you will cry.

Klenting-klenting : Good morning !!

Mbok rondo : Who are you ??

Klenting Abang :Im Klenting Merah mom

Klenting Hijau : Im Klenting Hijau mom

Mbok rondo : Whats going on girls??

Klenting-klenting : we want to propose to be Ande-Ande lumuts wife

Mbok rondo : ooh ... wait a minute .. i will call Ande-Ande lumut

Mbok rondo : Ande-Ande Lumut, my son, there are two beautiful girl. Named

Klenting Merah and Klenting Hijau. The first is Klenting Merah..

Narator :Klenting Abang is arrogant and enters the house Ande-ande Lumut,
he seems very dislike klenting Abang and klenting Ijo.

Ande-Ande Lumut : Ooh mam, i dont want her.

Mbok Rondo : Ande-Ande lumut doesnt want, dear..

Klenting Hijau : May I try mbok?

Mbok rondo : Ande-Ande Lumut, my son. The second is Klenting Hijau. She is

Klenting Merahs sister.

Ande-Ande Lumut : Ooh mom, i dont want her. She is not what i want.

Mbok Rondo : Ande-Ande Lumut doesnt want all of you dear, im sorry

Narrator :Not long after, came the Klenting Kuning, from a distance has an
unpleasant smell, Her face scrawled with dust. Klenting Kuning
cames to Mbok Rondo Dadapan

Klenting Kuning : Good morning!!

Mbok Rondo : who is there?

Klenting Kuning : Im Klenting Kuning, mam. I want to propose Ande-Ande Lumut

Mbok Rondo : What,,,? You want to propose my son? Are you sure?

Klenting Merah : Your face is ugly, you have bad smell. Im beauiful than you, but
im refused, how about you?

Klenting Kuning : Just try it mom..

(Music gending Java)

Mbok rondo : Ande-Ande Lumut, my son, there is the other girl, ugly girl. She
wants to propose you

Ande-ande Lumut : oh my god, how sweet she is. Maybe I know who must I choose

mom, Klenting Kuning. (Red and Klenting Hijau are panic)

Mbok rondo : okay .. that is your choice. Im with you

Ande Ande Lumut : Klenting Kuning, i love you at first time I meet you. Want you live

with me?

Klenting Kuning : Why? Why do you choose me?

Ande Ande Lumut : Because, I see at your eyes, I can see someones attitude within her

eyes. You are good girl.. Would you marry with me?

Klenting Merah and Hijau: What?? this is impossible

Klenting Kuning : I do~

Ande ande lumut : Mom, I want to tell you the honest thing

Mbok rondo : What is that???

Ande ande lumut : Mom ... Actually, I was a Prince who wandering look escape from
the Kingdom, and Bejo is actually my assistant in the kingdom. (point Bejo)

Bejo : Hi everybody ....!!

Mbok rondo : What !! prince ???

Klenting Merah And Hijau: Haah? prince?! may i have unconscious here??

(klenting merah and Klenting Hijau fainted)

Narrator : Finally, Klenting Kuning is being Ande-Ande Lumuts wife. Her bad style
changes to be beautiful princces. And Ande-Ande lumut becomes the king of the kingdom.
The prince and the princces live happily ever after.
...THE END ...