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Yazan Khatib

Professor Macarie
Essentials of Business

Project Strategy Work Experience and Assessment

1) Team Forming and Communication

When the semester first began I was very curious to see how the Project strategy team would
work together and progress throughout the year as we took the first steps in conducting our
SWOT analysis over the Habegger Corporation, and now that the semester is coming to an end, I
can take away many positive notes from my experience with the team and our progress in
general. The first decision we were tasked with was deciding how to split up into the four swot
teams, and choosing the project managers as well as project writers. Out overall team
relationship was very amicable, and we had no problems in choosing people to fill those potions
by having an anonymous vote in class.
2) The Process of Creating the Base of your Teams SWOT Analysis and Project
After voting on positions, our PACE leader split us into four different groups to cover each of the
categories of SWOT. The following week we convened for the purpose of determining what
format our SWOT analysis would be presented in. After much discussion and brainstorming, we
decided that we would be presenting in a unique and creative way with a game show format. The
specific game show that was to be used was not immediately decided, however we eventually
landed on Jeopardy as our format.
3) Your Personal Role and Involvement
The following weeks saw each group branch off and work independently by researching and
writing their own slides for the presentation. I was part of the opportunities group, and our
opportunities group consisted of three main opportunity points that are aimed at expanding the
company. My personal opportunity point that I believe will benefit Habegger is the entrance of
Habegger into the automotive HVAC industry. There is plenty of room for Habegger to grow,
and a new market is definitely an interesting opportunity that Habegger should explore because
of the potential that lies within it.
4) Lessons Learned Thus far
I have learned that when working with a group, it is imperative to set aside meeting times that
will work for everyone involved. Coordination and communication are also key factors to make
a group function smoothly. The group definitely did lack a little discipline as we found it very
difficult to submit required material on time and we were constantly held up on specific things
that kept us from moving forward at a faster rate. I also definitely think that the group could have
and should have conducted itself in a much more professional matter because after all, we are
students at the Lindner College of Business and should be preparing ourselves for the
professional world. The team however did make significant improvements in coordination in the
last moth of the semester. We understood that there were deadlines to be met and needed to work
productively and efficiently. Towards the end the project managers were able to take hold of the
team and get us to where we needed to be.
5) Potential and Expected Outcomes
I believe that are project has the potential to be one of the most creative and dynamic
presentations that Project Strategy has ever seen, and I expect the actual presentation to go by
without any problems as we have rehearsed and prepared enough for us to make this a good
presentation. The team improved in functionality over time, and I am very excited to dee what
our efforts will produce when we present.
6) Suggestions for a Better Process and Work Efficiencies for Your Future Projects
I think that having more class time to work on the project would have been beneficial to us,
because with a large class it is very hard to find an outside class time that will accommodate
everyones schedule as different people have very different commitments and obligations that
make it hard for them to meet with their group. I also would have preferred if there was more
centralized authority that set due dates for all the group members and would enforce penalties on
those that did not deliver because in that scenario the group would have been more efficient and
organized. I would definitely be interested in taking more of a leadership role in a future project
so that I could implement my own methods of productivity, but overall, I enjoyed working with
the group this year and hope that our presentation goes well.