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bed width of canal i 23 m

bed width of canal ii 8m

flood discharge in main canal 105 cum/sec
summer discharge in main canal 45 cum/sec
DSHWL in two canal 11 m
minimum water depth in branches 4m
diff HWL & LWL in canal A 0.7 m
submergence in canal i 0.33
Bligh coeff of percolation 16
bed levels is same in all canals
At flood
Qii 35 m3/sec
Qi 70 m3/sec
At summer
Qii 15 m3/sec
Qi 30 m3/sec

for branch i
Qmax /Qmin=H1*H1/H2*H2 1.76
H2 0.92
H1 1.62 2.065762
h1 0.54
crest levels of weirs 10.46 m
length of weir for i 16.94
length of weir for ii 8.47

HWL in canal A 12.08

LWL in canal A 11.38

h2 0.31
LWL in canal I 10.77

design of weir floor for canal I by Bligh method

bed level 6.77

Hd 1.08
Hd 0.61
Hd 3.69

Lb 62.56441
L1 6
L2 6