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Rem Koolhaas
2000 Laureate, Pritzker Architecture Prize

Biographical Notes
Birthdate and Place: 1990 OMA Recent Projects - Collegio d'Arquitectes,
1944 Barcelona, Spain
Rotterdam, The Netherlands Energieen (group exhibition with Cindy
Sherman, Anselm Kiefer, Sigmar Polke,
Education Jenny Holzer) - Stedelijk Museum,
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Architectural Association School Rem Koolhaas, OMA in Lille - Musee de
Beaux Arts, Lille, France
London, Uk
1994-95 Rem Koolhaas and the Place of Public
Architecture - Museum of Modern Art, New
Harkness Fellowship York; Wexner Museum, Columbus, Ohio; and
Cornell University Tokyo, Japan
1995 Euralille Poser-Exposer - travelling exhibition
Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies 1997 New Urbanism: Pearl River Delta - Documenta
New York, New York X, Kassel, Germany
1998 Living (Vivre) - Arc en Reve, Bordeaux,
Awards and Honors
1999 Cities on the Move (group exhibition) -
1974 Progressive Architecture Award with L. Spear Hayward Gallery, London, UK
1986 Rotterdam Maaskant Prize, The Netherlands Living (extended) at the ICA, London, UK
1987 Japan Design Foundation Award
1991 Prix d'Architecture for Villa dall'Ava, Paris, Books
1978 Delirious New York: a Retroactive Manifesto
1992 The Best Building in Japan for Housing,
for Manhattan - New York: Oxford University
Fukuoka, Japan from the Architectural Institute
Press. Reprinted in 1994 by 010 Publishers,
of Japan
Rotterdam, and translated into German in
Antonio Gaudi Prize for Lille Urbanism Project 1999, Arch+ Verlag.
1993 The Getty Center, Visiting Scholar 1995 OMA, S,M, L, XL - in collaboration with the
Cultural Foundation Madrid Award Canadian graphic designer, Bruce Mau. 010
1997 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Book
Award for S,M,L,XL
1999 L'equerre d'argent for the Maison Bordeaux
Prize for Intensive Space Use by the Dutch
Government for Almere masterplan Selected Completed Projects
Rietvaldprize for Educatorium Utrecht 1987 Netherlands Dance Theatre
The Hague, Netherlands
Teaching Positions 1989 Patio Villa
Rotterdam, Netherlands
1975 Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies,
1991 Byzantium
New York
Amsterdam, Netherlands
School of Architecture, University of California
Nexus Housing
at Los Angeles, California
Fukuoka, Japan
1976 Architectural Association, London, UK
Villa dall'Ava
1988-89 Technical University, Delft, Netherlands Paris, France
1991-92 Rice University, Houston, Texas 1992 Kunsthal
1990- Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts Rotterdam, Netherlands
1993 Dutch House
Exhibitions 1994 Euralille Masterplan
1978 The Sparkling Metropolis - Guggenheim Lille, France
Museum, New York Lille Grand Palais
1988 Recent Works - Max Protech Gallery, New York Lille, France
OMA 1972-1988, Architektur Museum, Basel, 1997 Educatorium
Switzerland Utrecht, Netherlands
Deconstructivism (group exhibition) - Museum 1998 Maison Bordeaux
of Modern Art, New York Bordeaux, France
1989 OMA: The First Decade - Boymans Museum, 1999 2nd Stage Theatre
Rotterdam, Netherlands New York, NY
Fin de Siecle, OMA at IFA - IFA, Paris, France

Works in Progress 1996 Hyperbuilding (study)
Bankok, Thailand (Vietnam?)
1992- Souterrain, Parking Garage, Tram Stations and Masterplan for Universal City (study)
Tram Tunnel, Netherlands Los Angeles, CA
1994- Almere, city center, Netherlands 1997 Hanoi New Town (study)
Parking Garage, Almere, Netherlands
1998 Schiphol Post Airport City (study)
1996- MCA-Universal Expansion, Los Angeles, CA Amsterdam, Netherlands
Chasse-terrain, urban master plan, Breda, 1999 Dutchtown, a master plan according to OMA,
Netherlands Netherlands Architectural Institute (NAI),
Carre Building, Breda, Netherlands Rotterdam
1997- Schiphol Logistic Parc, Netherlands
Netherlands Embassy, Berlin, Germany
IIT University Building, Chicago, IL
Selected Competitions
1998- 't Paard Poppodium, The Hague, Netherlands
Haus um die Schenkung, Berlin, Germany 1978 Extension of Parliament (2nd prize ex aequo)
The Hague, Netherlands
1999- Amsterdam Airport in the Sea, Netherlands
1986 City Hall (jury selection)
Blok 6, Cinema, Almere, Netherlands The Hague, Netherlands
MAB Tower, Rotterdam, Netherlands 1988 Netherlands Architectural Institute
Public Library, Seattle, WA Rotterdam, Netherlands
Casa da Musica, Porto, Portugal 1989 Ferry Terminal (1rst Prize)
Zeebrugge, Belgium
Selected Architecture/Urbanism/ Frankfurt Airport Office Complex (1rst prize)
Frankfurt, Germany
Landscape Projects Bibliotheque de France (honorable mention)
Paris, France
1982 Parc de la Villette (competition) ZKM (1rst Prize)
Paris, France Karlsruhe, Germany
1983 World Exposition 1989 (study) 1991 Palm Bay Hotel Conference Center
Paris, France Agadir, Morocco
1987 Plan for the "new town" (competition) 1992 Two Bibliotheques (1rst Prize)
Melun Senart, France Jussieu, France
1991 Le Grand Axe (competition) 1994 Cardiff Bay Opera House
Paris, France UK
Urban Design Forum (study) Tate Gallery
Yokohama, Japan London, UK
1993 Air Alexander (study) Metro Dade Center for the Arts
New Urban Frontiers Miami, FL
1995 A4 Highway corridor (study) 1996 Luxor Theatre
Netherlands Rotterdam, Netherlands
Airport City (study) 1997 Extension of the Museum of Modern Art
Seoul, Korea New York, NY
1996 Airport City (study) 1998 IIT University Building (1rst Prize)
Schipol, Amsterdam, Netherlands Chicago, IL
1999 Casa de Musica, Porto, Portugal