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Block 1/A Lesson Plan

Teacher(s): Marcel Williams Grade Level: 1st Grade Date Taught: 11/2/17

Lesson Title: Dynamics Subject: Dynamics Approximate Time Length: 10 min.

KCCR Standard Pr.3.I Demonstrate understanding and application of expressive qualities in a

varied repertoire of music through prepared and improvised performances.
Lesson Objective (Blooms Students will explore the concepts of dynamics and dynamic contrast

Essential Question What are the different kind of dynamics? (Blooms Taxonomy-Knowledge and
Understanding) Why would dynamics be important in the music? (Blooms
Taxonomy-Evaluate) How could you use better use dynamics in your music?
(Blooms Taxonomy-Apply)
New & Familiar Vocabulary Piano, mezzo-forte, forte, dynamics
Assessment/Criteria- (What Students a t the end of the presentation will have a ticket where they will write
evidence will you use to see how fully
students met your objective?)
why they think dynamics are important in music.
Materials Materials
Technology Computer, flash cards, sticky-notes, white-board
Resources (include any links) Technology
Setting Computer, Power-point, iPad, Swivl
O Fortuna
Room 344

Est. Lesson Activities

Time Write out detailed lesson procedures. Be sure to include important questions you will ask during the lesson. Your plan should be detailed
of enough for another teacher to teach it without having to ask you any questions. Numbering and/or bullets are encouraged.
What will you say? Name the strategies you What will students do? Must have a variety of
will use. What questions will you ask? engagement strategies.

What are dynamics? Speculate with neighbor on what dynamics

After asking students, explain that might be
dynamics are what tell us how soft or loud Turn to your neighbor and share some

to be in music ideas.
Listening Activity O Fortuna Raise your hand and share what you and
your partner think dynamics are
Now that we know what they are lets listen
to some music and see if we can hear any
Ask questions that have students Okay, what did you hear??
Explain/Explore respond to the music Some words you might use to describe
Explain some descriptive words what you hear are soft, medium, and
Correlate those words to musical terms

Have students express musical terms In music each of those descriptions
through whisper, speaking, and have names. P=soft, ect
shouting Students will whisper piano, speak
mezzo-forte, and shout forte
Introduce game Have students show with their body

Start at piano by crouching, body and voice the new dynamics we

percussion, and whispering oh then learned.

making their way up in posture, and Have students partner up and write
volume why they think dynamics are important
Provide EXIT TICKET sticky notes in music, then post on white-board

Adaptations: What could ELL With students with learning disabilities I would give them more time to
YOU DO to adapt to help fill out the exit ticket and give them more one-on-one at this time. For
students with learning students who may have audio problems, focusing on the symbol will be
disabilities, students important. For students with visual problems we will focus more on the
with learning
audio importance.
exceptionalities, &/or
ELL students with this
Attention Physical activity
lesson? issues

Below Below: stick to loud and soft vocab

and/or Above: introduce crescendos and decrescendos
Modalities: What Visual: Powerpoint
modalities did you utilize Auditory: music
in this lesson? How? Kinesthetic: Game that uses body
Tactile: Sticky note
Strategies: What Cooperative learning
instructional strategies Discussion
did you utilize in this Tech integration
lesson? (Ex: graphic
organizer, cooperative
learning, discussion,
technology integration,