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Applied Lessons: Flute

Erin Latham, Instructor

Room 357
Phone: 330-926-7451
Email: ela14@zips.uakron.edu

Objectives: To learn about playing the flute (including history, standard repertoire, technique,
vibrato, tone, extended techniques, practice techniques, etc) and participate in a supportive
and professional community of musicians. To become a better performer and learn how to
more effectively work with others.

Requirements: Show up to lessons prepared with all materials, participate in a chamber

ensemble each semester, be professional and supportive with your communication. We will
discuss repertoire (etudes, technique exercises, repertoire, and excerpts) at the beginning of
each semester.

Materials needed: Working flute (plan to schedule regular maintenance on your instrument!),
tuner, metronome, practice notebook, pencils/markers as needed, music you are working on
(the library has a large selection but be prepared to purchase your own copies or find on IMSLP,
especially standard repertoire and technique books.), recording device, binder for lesson notes
and other assignments (repertoire list, practice logs, flute resume, etc)

Attendance: Attendance is required at all flute studio events and lessons, including the flute
festival and all flute recitals each semester. If you are ill or unable to attend an event due to a
previously scheduled event, please contact me ASAP. A list of events will be handed out once
recitals are scheduled.

Juries/recitals: Students are required to play a jury every semester EXCEPT for the semester in
which they give a recital or if they participate in the concerto competition in the fall. Juries will
be held at the end of each semester- we will decide on repertoire around the middle of each
semester. Recitals are required of graduating seniors and graduate students and are strongly
encouraged for juniors and under. (Shared recitals are GREAT opportunities to perform!) Recital
juries will be held three weeks before the recital and will consist of me and two other
woodwind faculty or graduate students (if you are an undergraduate student).

Scale Juries: required for all studio members and will be held around the middle of the
semester- I will post a sign up sheet with available times. See the scale juries handout for
information on the level you should be doing.

Grading: Preparation for lessons and ensembles- 50%

Attendance: 10%
Binder: 10%
Scale Jury: 10%
End of semester Jury: 20%
Other important things: Posters for studio recitals & events, articles, scale jury requirements,
and the schedule of studio events will be posted on the bulletin board outside the flute studio.
Requirements, the schedule of events, and other documents will be posted on Blackboard for
you to access as needed. If you are having issues with someone in the studio or someone in the
music department, please come talk to me and we will try and find a solution.

Student Ethics and Other Policy Information:

Student Ethics:
For information about The University of Akron's policies regarding
student ethics and conduct, please consult the following sources:
http://www3.uakron.edu/gradsch/gradbull.html , then select "General Information" (academic
honesty); or www.uakron.edu/studdev/conduct.html
(Student Code of Conduct).
Disabilities notice:
Any student who feels she/he may need an accommodation based on
the impact of a disability should contact the Office of Accessibility at 330-972-7928.
The office is located in Simmons Hall Rm. 105.

University Policy:
"Students whose names who do not appear on the class list will not be
permitted to participate (take exams or receive credit) without first showing proof of
registration by no later than Sept. 11
Withdrawal Policy:
The last day to add or drop a class is Sept. 12th and the last day to
withdraw (WD) from a class is Oct. 16th.
Under University Rule 3359-41-02, plagiarism constitutes a type of student
misconduct that is punishable by formal disciplinary probation, suspension, or dismissal from
the University. It is the responsibility of all University of Akron students to know what
plagiarism is and how to avoid it.
Harassment of any type (including disability, gender, race, religion,
ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation) is not allowed in class. The University of Akron is
committed to providing an environment free of all forms of discrimination, including sexual
violence and sexual harassment. This includes instances of attempted and/or completed sexual
assault, domestic and dating violence, gender-based stalking, and sexual harassment.
Additional information, resources, support and the University of
Akron protocols for responding to sexual violence are available at
University Closing Policy / Class Cancellation:
Call 330.972.SNOW for university cancellations and check the Brightspace site in event of
inclement weather. Unexpected class cancellation notices will be distributed via email and the
course Brightspace site.