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DIs Tissue Marking Dyes Finger Scalpels Fusion Ultra Knife Bio Board

vel Trimming Knives Biopsy Pads CDIs Ink Aid Millonigs PBF Fixative Zinc
rmalin Pureview Series Alcohol Pap Spray Trumps Fixative Alcian Blue/PAS


D I A G N O S T I C S , I N C.
in Kit IHC Control Slides Wax Off Autofrost Microscope Slides Custom
bels Base Molds Slimsette Cassettes Bevel Microtome Blades Bouins The Cure for the common lab
ution Fixative Hollandes Fixative Fast Fix Gills Hematoxylin Cryo-Eosin
lene Pureview NBF All-Fix Cryo-Kit 3-Stain Dip Kit Calfor Dermatoxylin
-Cal Clearlite Plus Zorbentz Cyto-Stain Cryo-Bluing Cytology Clarifier
G-6 EA-50 Vortex Micro Cassette Corner Mesh Cassette Pre-Filled Jar
oist Mark Plus Prostate Biopsy Kits 60 Below Ultraffin Paraffin Ribbon
ear Away Citrus UltraFreeze 100% Ethyl Alcohol Schiff Reagent Harris
matoxylin Eosin Y Rinse-HD Pureview Focus Pureview PH Blue CDIs
sue Marking Dyes Finger Scalpels Fusion Ultra Knife Bio Board bevel Trim-
ng Knives Biopsy Pads CDIs Ink Aid Millonigs PBF Fixative Zinc Formalin
review Series Alcohol Pap Spray Trumps Fixative Alcian Blue/PAS Stain Kit
C Control Slides Wax Off Autofrost Microscope Slides Custom Labels

se Molds Slimsette Cassettes Bevel Microtome Blades Bouins Solution
ative Hollandes Fixative Fast Fix Gills Hematoxylin Cryo-Eosin Xylene
review NBF All-Fix Cryo-Kit 3-Stain Dip Kit Calfor Dermatoxylin XL-Cal
earlite Plus Zorbentz Cyto-Stain Cryo-Bluing Cytology Clarifier OG-6
-50 Vortex Micro Cassette Corner Mesh Cassette Pre-Filled Jar Moist
rk Plus Prostate Biopsy Kits 60 Below Ultraffin Paraffin Ribbon Clear ANATOMICAL
way Citrus UltraFreeze 100% Ethyl Alcohol Schiff Reagent Harris Hema- PATHOLOGY
xylin Eosin Y Rinse-HD PureviewCFocus ANC E R PH Blue Ribbon CDIs
sue Marking Dyes Finger Scalpels Fusion Ultra Knife Bio Board bevel Trim-
ng Knives Biopsy
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The Original
7 Dye Color Kit
The Original 7 Dye Color Kit for defining tissue margins. Consistency, durability, and
brightness under the microscope provide diagnosing assurance. A variety of packaging
options provide greater application options and efficiency.
Tissue Marking Dyes Tissue Marking Dyes

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
More Products
More Choices

12 13
Tissue Marking Dyes

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
CDIs Tissue Marking Dyes

Kits include either a heavy duty washable plastic tray or

wood tray and 50 applicator sticks. 8 ounce bottles have
flip top dispenser cap.

8 OZ
0728-1 Black
0728-2 Blue
0728-3 Green
0728-4 Red
0728-5 Yellow
0728-6 Orange
0728-7 Violet
81116 Set of (6) 8oz Bottles
81117 Set of (7) 8oz Bottles

2 OZ
0727-1 Black
0727-2 Blue
0727-3 Green
0727-4 Red
0727-5 Yellow
0727-6 Orange
0727-7 Violet
21115 Set of (5) 2oz Bottles
21116 Set of (6) 2oz Bottles
21117 Set of (7) 2oz Bottles

Kits and Trays

01000 5 Dye Kit with Wood Tray
01000P 5 Dye Kit with Plastic Tray
02000 6 Dye Kit with Wood Tray
02000P 6 Dye Kit with Plastic Tray
03000 7 Dye Kit with Wood Tray
03000P 7 Dye Kit with Plastic Tray
00003 Wood Tray (7 Dye)
P0003 White Plastic Tray (7 Dye)

Tissue Marking Dyes

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
CDIs Tissue Marking Dyes, Squeeze Tip

Self Cleaning Screw-top dispenser. Soft, easy-squeeze

bottle. Designed where large application is preferred,
or for making one continuous margin on larger pieces
of tissue. Available in a 2 oz bottle, 7 colors.

0725-1 Black
0725-2 Blue
0725-3 Green
0725-4 Red
0725-5 Yellow
0725-6 Orange
0725-7 Violet
51117 Set of 7 Colors


Tissue Marking Dyes

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
CDIs Tissue Marking Dyes,


CDIsTissueMarkingDyes Applicator

BrushTip Applicator designed for smallbiopsieswhere precise
application is required. Available .10 fl. Oz (3 mL), in 7 colors.

0726-1 Black, PK/5

0726-2 Blue, PK/5
0726-3 Green, PK/5
0726-4 Red,PK/5
0726-5 Yellow, PK/5
0726-6 Orange, PK/5
0726-7 Violet, PK/5
04000 Set of 7 Colors (with plastic tray)

04000 Set of 7 colors and tray


Tissue Marking Dyes

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
Disposable Dye Kits
Foil Sealed Disposable Tissue Marking Dye Kit.
7 colors. Pierce Foil with applicator stick and
apply dyes as needed. Detach Bio Board (mini)
to use as work surface.
Dispose when finished.
Designed for the MOHS Lab but also used at
point of surgery and grossing room.
Reduce inventory on dye bottles and have fresh
dye available for margin marking on demand.

MK0030 BX/25

Pierce foil to access dyes

Apply dyes as needed, use cotton

tipped or stick side. 21

www.cancerdiagnostics.com www.cancerdiagnostics.com
Tissue Marking Dyes

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
Multi-Use Squeezers
4 ml pre-filled dispenser Squeezers with caps for recapping unused portion. Available in 6 and 7 color kit form, and one-color
dispenser boxes of 15. Dye can be squeezed directly onto larger tissues, but is recommended to be squeezed into receptacle and
used with applicator stick for more precise application. Air-tight packaging keeps dyes from thickening.

Squeezable bulb (4ml)
Optimal dye consistency
One-piece simplicity
Bright Dyes hold permanently through processing and staining

Easy Application Angled tempered

Packaging limits exposure to air


MD1001 Black, PK/15

MD1002 Blue, PK/15
MD1003 Green, PK/15
MD1004 Red, PK/15
MD1005 Yellow, PK/15
MD1006 Orange, PK/15
MD1007 Violet, PK/15
MD2000 6 Color Kit (3 of each color)
with holding tray
MD3000 7 Color Kit (3 of each color)
with holding tray

Grossing Grossing

Finger Scalpel Scalpel Blades

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G

Finger Scalpels Scalpel Blades

Scalpel blade attached to small slip resistant handle. Individually wrapped in boxes of 100.
Ultimate in dexterity and convenience.

Sizes: #10, #22, and #60. Also available sterile.

IB0022 #22 Swann Morton Regular Tip, CS/100
IB0060 #60 Regular Tip, CS/100
IB0060-B #60 Blunt Tip, CS/100
IB0070 #70, CS/100
Non- Sterile
FS2222 #10, CS/100
FS0022 #22, CS/100
FS0060 #60, CS/100

FS2222-S #10, CS/50
FS0022-S #22, CS/50
FS0060-S #60, CS/50
#22 #60 #60B #70
(Pointed Tip) (Pointed Tip) (Blunt Tip)

#10 #22 #60 IB0011-F #11 Feather Brand, CS/100

IB0015-F #15 Feather Brand, CS/100
IB0022-F #22 Feather Brand, CS/100

24 #11 #15 #22 25

Feather Feather Feather
Grossing Grossing

Scalpel Blades Blades, Cleaner

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
Double Edge Pathology Blade Restore 4, Enzymatic Instrument
Use with the Pathco handle or similar for double edge grossing. Cleaner
Individually wrapped. Restore 4 is an enzymatic detergent instrument cleaner.
4 enzymes, Lipase (for fat), Amylase (for starch), Carbohydrase
(for high starches), and Protease (for blood) efficiently and
systematically break down proteinaceous bioburden. The
DEB100-C Individually wrapped, BX/100
detergent combination provides a light foaming action to
aid in cleaning and is 100% biodegradable. Available in a
concentrate and working solution.

RE1000 Concentrate, Gal (3.8L)

RE3800 Working Solution, Gal (3.8L)

#22 #60 #70 (blunt)

Stealth Safety Scalpels

Integrated rigid plastic handle with protective sheath.
Slide sheath down to use, slide up when not in use.
Dispose when dull.

Sizes #22 and #60 and #70 (round tip)

SL0022 CDIs Stealth Safety Scalpel #22, CS/100

SL0060 CDIs Stealth Safety Scalpel #60, CS/100
SL0060-S CDIs Stealth Safety Scalpel #70, CS/100
26 Enzymatic Instrument Soak 27

Grossing Grossing

Knives Knives
G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
Fusion Micro: Fusion Single Use Handles Fusion Ultra Knife
Turn your low profile microtome blades into a grossing For trimming and sectioning tissue samples
knife. Simply place blade in slot and secure with attached during surgical grossing and autopsy procedures.
nib. Pack of 50. Specially designed handles and razor thinblades
provide an extremely sharp knife for a wide
RECOMMENDED: variety of sectioning requirements. All-in-one
Blade can be attached effortlessly and safely (without being stainless steel blade and plastic handle design
exposed to sharp side) by using molded Easy attaching with integrated blade guard that removes easily
template ITEM# FUS888 prior to use.
Great for cutting eyes, and grossing to desired thicknesses.

FUS000 Fusion (MICRO)-Handles- (PK/50)

FUS888 Easy Attacher (Safely attaches blade)
FUS999 Combo Pack 50 handles/50 blades
Pull off Protective Sheath
Easy Attacher (Step 1) Dispose when dull.
6 in. blade (15.24 cm) stainless steel

ULT702 BX/5

Easy Attacher (Step 2)

28 29

www.cancerdiagnostics.com www.cancerdiagnostics.com
Grossing Grossing

Knives Knives and Scissors

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
Dissection Knife 7 inch blade Macro Prep Knives
Extra sharp, hollow ground high carbon stainless steel blade Disposable long lasting Sheffield stainless steel blades.
cast permanently to an all aluminum handle. Integrated handle.

GK0007 7 inch Blade PK/5

K1004 4 Knife, PK/10
K1006 6 Knife, PK/10
K1008 8 Knife, PK/10
K1010 10 Knife, PK/10
K1012 12 Knife, PK/10
K1014 Assorted PK/10 (2 of each size)

Super Scalpel PM Blade

REDESIGNED NEW STYLE Super Scalpel with integrated black
plastic handle. No need to manually change blade- dispose
whole knife when dull.

Designed for Autopsies and large specimens. Ergonomic handle

with Thumb-Notch for leverage and comfort.
Replaceable Tip Scissors
Replaceable tip scissors. 5,6, and 7 inch stainless steel dissection
scissors. Replace tips when dull. Easy, efficient, and cost effective.
SS0120 PK/20
RT0005 5 in. Scissor Tips (SET of 6)
RT0006 6 in. Scissor Tips (SET of 6)
RT0007 7 in. Scissor Tips (SET of 6)
RTC015 5 in. Combo (One handle with Set of 6 Tips)
RTC016 6 in. Combo (One handle with Set of 6 Tips)
RTC017 7 in. Combo (One handle with Set of 6 Tips)
RTS555 5 in. Scissor Handle with one set of tips
RTS666 6 in. Scissor Handle with one set of tips
RTS777 7 in. Scissor Handle with one set of tips
30 31

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Grossing Biopsy Vapor Pads

bevel Trimming Knives VaporPads

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G

bevel Trimming Knives VaporPad

Stainless Steel Blades 260 mm and 130 Formalin Neutralizer Pads that encapsulate and neutralize harmful
mm. These blades are inserted into the vapors to greatly reduce exposure to Formaldehyde. Light
Feather handle for precise, sharp, trim- blue contained work surface offers contrast for all biopsies.
ming and grossing. PK/50 Cut resistant, durable and disposable.

BTK0130 bevel Trimming VP0810 8 x 10, PK/25

Knives (Short), PK/50 BLK0810 8 x 10, BULK/400
VP01114 11 x 14, PK/25
BTK0260 bevel Trimming Knives BLK1114 11 x 14, BULK/400
(Long), PK/50 VP01620 16 x 20, PK/25
VP06014 ROLL 60 feet x 13.5 inches

32 33

www.cancerdiagnostics.com www.cancerdiagnostics.com
Biopsy Vapor Pads Bio-Rulers and Boards

VaporPads Ultra
Bio Rulers and Boards

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G

VaporPad Ultra Bio Board Bio-Ruler Thin Flexible Plastic Version

Formalin Neutralizer Pads that are highly absorbent and CDIs Bio Ruler (Plastic Version) .010 Thickness--reusable, smudge
Economical cut resistant disposable foam core board with light blue
act as a disposable cutting board that keeps formalin proof chemical and liquid resistant. Super Flexible.
color provides great color contrast. Use for routine grossing, frozen
vapors contained and neutralized while cutting.
sections and photography.
Special feature lift tab. Pick up ruler with gloves on, and from
Board can be used for multiple cases. Use different quadrants and wipe wet surfaces.
off. Incinerate or dispose after use. Board size: 8 x 10
UP0811 8 x 11, PK/25
UP1115 11 x 15, PK/25
PRL1111 PK/50 Reusable
UP0404 4x 4 Ultra Shipper Pad/Small Grossing Pad,
BB0811-60 BX/60 and Disposable
320 pads/carton (1 Carton of 320 pads)

Cork Board
Extra smooth grain cork for grossing, pinning specimens, or other
general laboratory tasks. 8 x 12, 1/2 thick. PK/12

CC0812 PK/12

34 35

Biopsy Paper, Wraps and Pads Biopsy Paper, Wraps and Pads
G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
Bio-Paper Biopsy Wraps Biopsy Pads
Bio-Paper Biopsy Wraps
Bio-Paper Biopsy Wraps are sections Biopsy Pads
Blue Special thin non-stick foam (1 x 1.125) allows for optimal
of specialty filter paper cut to a convenient
BP1000 PK/1000 fluid transfer with virtually no carryover.
ready-to-use size. FM2000-B PK/500
Pressure on biopsy is greatly reduced decreasing occurrence
They are available colored blue to help of artifact.
facilitate location of small biopsy specimens
following processing and are available in Available in Blue, Black,Yellow and White. Circular pads available
dispenser packs for your convenience. in three sizes.
Bio-Paper Biopsy Wraps are also
available white and in a variety of sizes.

BP1000W PK/1000
FM2000-W PK/500
BB0023 Blue 2 x 3 inch
(51 mm x 76 mm), BX/500
BB0024 Blue (70 mm x 100 mm),
BB0202W White Square, 2 x 2 inch
(51 mm x 51 mm), BX/500
BB0024-W White (70 mm x 100 mm),

BP1000Y PK/1000
FM2000-Y PK/500 BPR0001 1, 10 PK/1000
BPR0118 1 1/18, 10 PK/1000
BPR0138 1 3/8, 10 PK/1000

BP1000K PK/1000
FM2000-K PK/500

36 37

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Biopsy Bags Biopsy Bags
G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G
Mesh Biopsy Bags Paper Biopsy Bags
Mesh Biopsy Bags Paper Bio-Bags
AutoSette Series, Mesh Bags Paper Biopsy Bags manufactured by CDI provide security and an
New material makes it effortless to twist open bag between thumb artifact-free environment for processing. Easy Load, Easy Open.
and forefinger.

A folded bottom and gentle seams make for easy opening during
embedding greatly reducing the springboard effect associated with BBG100 7 cm x 7 cm, CS/600
other bags. The material allows for complete infiltration and
optimal flow while providing the highest in specimen security.

small: 30mm X 50mm which includes a 7mm flap

medium: 45mm X 73mm which includes a 7mm flap
large: 75mm X 95mm which includes a 7mm flap

BIO3045W White, 30 x 50 mm, PK/100

BIO3045WM White, 30 x 50 mm, Bulk/1000
BIO3045Y Yellow, 30 x 45 mm, PK/100
BIO3045YM Yellow, 30 x 45 mm, Bulk/1000
BIO3045YW (White / 500) (Yellow / 500), 30 x 45 mm
BIO4573W White, 45 x 73 mm, PK/100
BIO4573WM White, 45 x 73 mm, Bulk/1000
BIO7595W White, 75 x 95 mm, PK/100
BIO7595WM White, 75 x 95 mm, Bulk/1000

38 39

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Biopsy Accessories Solutions and Sprays

CellSafe & Insight LLD Ink Aid & DeOderol

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G

G R O S S I N G, S P E C I M E N P R O C E S S I N G

CellSafe, Biopsy Cassette Insert CDIs Ink Aid

The CellSafe is a disposable plastic biopsy insert CDIs Tissue Marking Dyes are formulated to be
consisting of two hinged interlocking frames with used without a mordant, however Ink Aid may
an integral nylon mesh. The mesh is extra fine and aid in adherence to particularly fatty tissue.
therefore ensures a high level of specimen security.
Turn any cassette into a mesh cassette Eliminate Acetic Acid solution designed to be used with
artifact! CDIs Tissue Dye formula.

Measurements: Overall: 28 mm x 25 mm x 5 mm high.

IA4000 8 oz, CS/5

CW7777 White, PK/100

CB7777 Blue, PK/100

Insight LLD
A device that allows for accurate localization of
suspect lesions in breast tissue (on radio-opaque grid ).
DeOderol Odor Neutralizing
Grossing can also be performed directly on board.
Use spray anywhere to neutralize odors.
Deoderol doesnt cover up or mask odors
LLD16600 board BX/10
but neutralizes them on contact. Odorless

DO0717 Deoderol, CS/6

40 41

www.cancerdiagnostics.com www.cancerdiagnostics.com
Fixatives, Decalcifiers
and Aldehyde Control

n for cellular
a tio int
m rit

Fixatives Fixatives

F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L
F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L
Hollandes Fixative Davidsons
A widely used fixative for A rapid fixative which
biopsy specimens of the gives good nuclear detail
gastrointestinal tract. * with minimal formalin
pigment. Fixation of
small specimens is rapid.
Davidsons may be used
FX1042 Gal (3.8L)
for overnight fixation of
fatty lymph nodes and
is particularly useful for
preparing tumors, bone
marrow specimens,
gynecologic, and fatty
breast biopsies.

Used on tissues to be FX1041 Gal (3.8L), CS/4
paraffin-embedded and FXG041 Gal. (3.8L)
immuno-chemically stained.
This fixative preserves
Trumps Fixative
tissue antigenicity better
than Neutral Buffered
Trumps Fixative is
Formalin and preserves
formulated for tissues to
certain epitopes
be examined by electron
exceptionally well for
immunoperoxidase and
other immunochemical
staining. FX1044 Liter (1000mL)
FXG044 Gal. (3.8L)

FXG043 Gal (3.8L)

FX1043 Liter (1000mL)

44 45
*Also available in Pre-Filled Jars
(see Pre-Fill section)
Fixatives Fixatives

F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L
F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L

B-5 Substitute Fixative, Millonigs Phosphate

B5-Sub Buffered Solution
Formulated to replace B-5 Fixative Millonigs PBF is a non-coagulative
and produce results that mimic addictive fixative. Millonigs PBF
fixation properties of B-5 without penetrates quickly. An enhanced
the hazards associated with buffering formulation optimizes
Mercury. * light microscopy and
immunohistochemistry specimens. *

FX1058 500 mL
FX1061 Gal (3.8 L) FX1037 Liter (1000mL)
FX1062 Gal. (3.8L), CS/4 FX1038 Gal (3.8L)
FX1039 5 Gallon Cube
FX1040 Gal (3.8L), CS/4

Intended as a special fixative or a
mordant for tissues to be examined All Fix
by light microscopy, and is useful for A general purpose fixative formulated
necropsy and surgical tissue specimens. as a substitute for 10% Neutral
Buffered Formalin that contains no
Trichrome stains are enhanced by Formaldehyde/Formalin. All Fix
Bouins and tissue sections show is buffered to produce optimum
improved staining following mordant staining with hematoxylin and eosin
treatment with Bouins. * and produces histologic results similar
to or better than those following
fixation with 10% neutral buffered
FX1035 Gal (3.8L) formalin. *
FX1036 5 Gallon Cube

FX1073 Gal (3.8L)

FX1074 Gal (3.8L), CS/4
FX1075 5 Gallon Cube

46 *Also available in Pre-Filled Jars

(see Pre-Fill section)
Fixatives Fixatives

F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L
F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L

Modified Carnoys FastFix

Fixative A rapid fixative formulated
Used for fixation of tissues to be used at the grossing
to preserve RNA for methyl station to improve fixation
green pyronine stain. and specimen processing.
Some procedures also use It penetrates and fixes fatty
Modified Carnoys as a tissue rapidly and is compat-
fixative for tissues to be ible with all other fixatives.
stained and studied with FastFix works ideally
selected immunochemical when used in conjunction
stains. with Pureview Series
Processing 1 and 2
on the processor.
FX1047 Gal (3.8L)

FX1057 Liter (1000mL)

Michels FX1056 5 Gallon Cube
FX1055 2.5 Gallon Cube
Transport Media FX1054 Gal (3.8L), CS/4
A transport medium used FX1053 Gal (3.8L)
for preservation of skin
biopsy specimens to be
examined by direct
immunofluorescent testing Reveal Lymph
for demonstration of tissue- Node Revealer
fixed immunoglobulins.
and Fixative
Reveal is used on fresh
Michels may also be used
tissue sections during or
to transport specimens
immediately following gross
such as renal biopsies
pathology. A versatile lymph
and lymph nodes for
node revealing solution,
capable of effectively fixing
studies and helps maintain
a variety of tissues (kidney,
proper pH of the specimen.
colon, breast, fatty sections,
lymph nodes and other
similar tissue types). Use
FX1046 Gal (3.8L) 10 times volume of specimen.

FX1063 Liter (1000mL)

FX1064 Gal (3.8L)
FX1065 1 Gal. Cube
48 FX1066 2.5 Gallon Cube 49
FX1067 5 Gallon Cube
Fixatives Fixatives

F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L
F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L
10% Neutral 10% Alcoholic
Buffered Formalin Formalin
Formulated for consistency Designed to rapidly fix
and buffered to a neutral tissues that are hard to fix,
pH. A general purpose such as fatty tissues, breast
fixative for all tissues types. * and colon. *

FX1000 5 Gallon Cube CX1027 5 Gallon Cube

FX1001 2.5 Gallon Cube FX1027 Gal (3.8L), CS/4
FX1002 Gal (3.8L) FXG027 Gal. (3.8L)
FX1003 Gal (3.8L), CS/4 FX1127 Liter (1000mL)
FX1013 55 Gallon Drum
10% Zinc Formalin
An excellent routine fixative
that preserves the
immunoreativity of tissue
10% Neutral antigens better than
Buffered Formalin, 10% NBF. *
w/Eosin Tint
Intended for use as
general histological FX1017 5 Gallon Cube
fixative. The addition FX1018 2.5 Gallon Cube
of the eosin to the FX1019 Gal (3.8L), CS/4
formulation allows the
user to more easily 10% Alcoholic Zinc
visualize small fragments Formalin
of tissue during the Buffered to a neutral pH, and
transfer of the tissue formulated for rapid fixation
from the fixative to the of tissue, especially those
tissue cassette. * with abundant fat present. *

FX1024 Gal (3.8L)

FX1000-T 5 Gallon Cube FX1025 5 Gallon Cube
FX1001-T 2.5 Gallon Cube
FX1002-T Gal (3.8L)
FX1003-T Gal (3.8L), CS/4
FX1013-T 55 Gallon Drum

50 51
All Reagents (cube size)
*Also available in Pre-Filled Jars are available with a
(see Pre-Fill section) no-drip spout
Pureview Fixatives Pureview Fixatives

F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L
Pureview Neutral Buffered
Pureview Processing 1 and 2
F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L

Pureview Neutral Buffered Formalin Pureview Processing 1 and 2
Pureview Neutral Buffered Formalin is a non-precipitating Pureview Processing 1 and 2 are formulated
NBF specifically formulated for todays tissue processors. specifically for use on processors to enhance
Pureview NBF will not clog processor lines and is fixation as a result of todays shortened
designed to penetrate tissue rapidly and completely. * processing times. Pureview Processing
1 and 2 should be used in sequence
in the first and second stations of the
processor. Pureview Processing 1 and 2
are non-precipitating, are formulated to
fix fatty tissues readily, and will not clog
FX1048 Gal (3.8L), CS/4 processor lines. Fixation occurs more
CX1048 5 Gallon Cube
rapidly and immunogenicity of antigens
is retained better than those specimens
fixed with 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin.

FX1076 Pureview Processing (1), Gal (3.8L), CS/4

FX1077 Pureview Processing (1), 5 Gallon Cube
FX1078 Pureview Processing (2), Gal (3.8L), CS/4
FX1079 Pureview Processing (2), 5 Gallon Cube

52 *Also available in Pre-Filled Jars 53

(see Pre-Fill section)
Fixatives Fixatives

Frozen Section Solution & Fixative

F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L
F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L

Pre-Freeze (Fresh Tissue FrozenFix (Frozen Section Fixative)

Transport Medium For Frozen FrozenFix is formulated for fixation of frozen
Sectioning) section tissues. Fixation of frozen sections requires
A solution formulated for preservation of only 5 seconds to support rapid staining with H&E.
fresh tissue that is to be submitted for Frozen (Works with all H&Es, but formulated for use with
Sectioning. Perfect for transporting tissue to CDIs Cryo-Stains.)
lab for preserving cellular structure. *

ST0009 500 mL
ST0010 Gal. (3.8L)
FX1082 500 mL
FX1083 Liter (1000 mL)
FX1084 Gal. (3.8L)

Cryo-Kit Frozen Section/Mohs Stain Kit

ST0011 500 mL each

54 *Also available in Pre-Filled Jars Complete kit available, including FrozenFix - 500 mL each 55
(see Pre-Fill section)
Decalcifiers Decalcifiers

Calfor and Calfor IMMUNO Formic XL-Cal and XL-Cal IMMUNO

F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L

F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L

Acid/Formalin Bone Decalcifier Rapid Bone Decalcifier

Calfor and Calfor XL-Cal & XL-Cal
IMMUNO Formic IMMUNO Rapid Bone
Acid/Formalin Decalcifier
Bone Decalcifier XL-Cal is a hydrochloric
Simultaneous fixation plus acid solution formulated for
decalcification. Immerse rapid decalcification.
fresh specimen in a volume Immerse fixed tissue
of Calfor equal to at least (trimmed between 0.2cm
20 times the size of the to 0.5cm) in a volume 20
specimen. Specimen does times the volume of the
not require prior washing. specimen and change the
If necessary, replace solution solution after the first 2
every 2 hours for larger hours of decalcification.
specimens not completely Sectioning properties are
fixed. Small specimens may excellent.
take 2-4 hours. Needle
biopsies will decalcify in
1 hour or less. Times may
vary. Immuno version helps XL-Cal
retain the immunogenicity XLC025 1 Gallon Cube
of specimen. XLG438 Gal (3.8L), CS/4
XLG946 Gal (3.8L)
XLQ100 Liter (1000mL)
XLQ400 Liter (1000mL), CS/6
Calfor Formic Acid XL-Cal Immuno
CFC025 1 Gallon Cube XLH100 Liter (1000mL)
CFQ038 Gal (3.8L) XLH101 1 Gallon Cube
CFQ100 Liter (1000mL)
CFQ438 Gal (3.8L), CS/4
CGQ400 Liter (1000mL), CS/6
Calfor Immuno
CFH038 Gal (3.8L)
CFH100 Liter (1000mL)
CFH101 1 Gallon Cube

56 57
Aldehyde Control Aldehyde Control

Aldehyde Neutralizer Aldehyde Control

F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L
F I X A T I V E S, D E C A L & A L DE H Y D E C O N T R O L

N-15 Formalin Neutralizer Powder Formalex Green

Neutralizes effectively and efficiently in under 20 minutes. Add Formalex GREEN liquid to your aldehyde
No bags to rip open; simply unscrew cap, invert bottle waste solution, allow adequate treatment time &
and walk away. safely dump in sanitary sewer.

Effective on both Formaldehyde & Glutaraldehyde

Custom container virtually eliminates solutions.
airborne powder

FG0001 1.0 gallon Cubi-tainer with dispenser spigot

FG0025 2.5 gallon Cubi-tainer with dispenser spigot
N15032 N15 Bottles, Bulk (CS/32) FG0050 5.0 gallon Cubi-tainer with dispenser spigot
N15010 N15 Bottles, CS/10
N15125 Neutralizer Jug, 1.25 Gallon
N15250 Neutralizer Jug, 2.5 Gallon

Polyform-F, Aldehyde Spill Control

Polyform-F quickly and safely controls accidental
releases and spills of formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde,
and other aldehydes. Polyform-F destroys the
aldehyde solution and eliminates harmful vapors in
2-3 minutes leaving a non-hazardous, bio-degradable
polymer that can be safely and conveniently

PF0038 Polyform-F Gal (3.8L), CS/4

PF0032 Polyform-F 32oz Bottle

58 59

Pre-Filled Jars
p o lypropylene p
le ar r e-f
t c i



Impact re

alin jars
Pre-Filled Fixatives Pre-Filled Fixatives

Pre-Filled Fixatives
Pre-Filled Formalin Jars, 10% NBF Pre-Filled Formalin Jars, Pre-Filled Formalin Substitute Jars, Pre-Filled Formalin Jars, Millonigs
10% Alcoholic Formalin All-Fix Phosphate Buffered Formalin
FX1004 7mL x 980/CS (7mL bottle w/ 5mL fill


packaged in easy dispense cardboard tray) FX1026 7mL x 196/CS (7mL bottle w/5mL fill) FX1037-20 20mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS)
FX1068 7mL x 196/CS (7mL bottle w/5mL fill)
FX1005 7mL x 196/CS (7mL bottle w/ 5mL fill FX1028 20mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS) FX1069 20mL, CS/256 (BX/32 8 BX/CS)
packaged in easy dispense cardboard tray) FX1028-BX 20mL, BX/100 (pizza box style) Pre-Filled B-5 Substitute Fixative,
FX1069-BX 20mL, BX/100 (pizza box style)
FX1006 20mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS) FX1030 60mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS)
FX1006-BX 20mL, BX/100 (pizza box style)
FX1070 40mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS) B5-Sub
FX1030-BX 60mL, BX/49 (pizza box style) FX1070-BX 40mL, BX/49 (pizza box style)
FX1006-CS 20mL, CS/400 (pizza box style) FX1031 90mL, CS/192 (BX/24, 8 BX/CS) FX1071 60mL, CS/256 (BX/32 8 BX/CS) FX1059 20mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS)
FX1007 40mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS) FX1031-BX 90mL, BX/49 (pizza box style) FX1071-BX 60mL, BX/49 (pizza box style) FX1060 60mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS)
FX1007-BX 40mL, BX/49 (pizza box style) FX1032 120mL, CS/96 (BX/16, 6 BX/CS) FX1072 90mL, CS /192 (BX/24, 8 BX/CS)
FX1007-CS 40mL, CS/196 (pizza box style)
Pre-Filled Formalin Jars, 10% Alcoholic FX1072-BX 90mL, BX/49 (pizza box style)
FX1008 60mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS) Pre-Filled Hollandes Fixative
FX1008-BX 60mL, BX/49 (pizza box style) Zinc Formalin
FX1008-CS 60mL, CS/196 (pizza box style) FX1042-20 20mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS)
Pre-Filled Pre-Freeze (Fresh Tissue
FX1009 90mL, CS/192 (BX/24, 8 BX/CS) FX102407 7mL x 196/CS (7mL bottle w/5mL fill)
Transport Medium For Frozen Sectioning)
90mL, BX/49 (pizza box style)
90mL, CS/196 (pizza box style)
120mL, CS/96 (BX/16, 6 BX/CS)
20mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS)
20mL BX/100 (pizza box style) FX1085 20mL (12/Bag)
FX102440 40mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS) All Jars Available With Your Label Design
FX1011 240mL, 8oz x 48/CS (240mL bottle w/150mL fill) FX102440-BX 40mL BX/49 (pizza box style)
FX1116 500mL,16oz x 27/CS (500mL bottle w/300mL fill) FX102460 60mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS)
Pre-Filled Bouins Fixative
FX1132 940mL, 32oz x 15/CS (940mL bottle w/500mL fill) FX102460-BX 60mL, BX/49 (pizza box style)
FX1035-20 20mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS)
FX102490 90mL, CS/192 (BX/24, 8 BX/CS)
10% NBF (with Eosin Tint) FX102490-BX 90mL, BX/49 (pizza box style)
FX1024120 120mL, CS/96 (BX/16, 6 BX/CS)
FX1005-T 7mL x 196/CS (7mL bottle w/5mL fill)
FX1006-T 20mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS)
FX1006-TBX 20mL, BX/100 (pizza box style) Pre-Filled Formalin Jars, 10%
The pre-filled fixative jars are impact resistant clear polypropylene jars with caps that have a built-in o-ring
FX1007-T 40mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS) Zinc Formalin seal and are ribbed making for easy opening and easy closing. The volume of the fixative is approximately
FX1007-TBX 40mL, BX/49 (pizza box style)
half of the volume of the specimen jar. The jars are also available empty, with or without current OSHA
FX1008-T 60mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS) FX102007 7mL x 196/CS (7mL bottle w/5mL fill)
warning labels.

FX1008-TBX 60mL, BX/49 (pizza box style) FX1020 20mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS)
FX1009-T 90mL, CS/192 (BX/24, 8 BX/CS) FX1020-BX 20mL, BX/100 (pizza box style)
FX1009-TBX 90mL, BX/49 (pizza box style) FX102040 40mL,CS/ 256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS)
FX1010-T 120mL, CS/96 (BX/16, 6 BX/CS) BX102040-BX 40mL, BX/49 (pizza box style) Pizza Box Packaging Pre-Filled Pak
FX102060 60mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS) 20, 40, 60 & 90 mL pre-fill jars available in new Pre-fill Jars come packed in
Pre-Filled Formalin Jars, Pureview FX102060-BX 60mL, BX/49 (pizza box style)
pizza box packaging. convenient color-coded boxes
Series 10% NBF FX102090 90mL, CS/192 (BX/24, 8 BX/CS)
that help couriers sort by size
FX102090-BX 90mL, BX/49 (pizza box style)
FX1049 20mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS) FX1020120 120mL, CS/96 (BX/16, 6 BX/CS) 20 mL BX/100 , CS/400 and make for easy stock
FX1049-BX 20mL, BX/100 (pizza box style) FX1020240 240 mL, 8oz x 48/CS (240mL 40, 60 & 90 mL BX/49, CS/196 viewing.
FX1050 40mL, CS/256 (BX/32 8 BX/CS) bottle w/150mL fill)
FX1050-BX 40mL, BX/49 (pizza box style) FX1020500 500mL, 16oz x 27/CS (500mL
FX1051 60mL, CS/256 (BX/32, 8 BX/CS) bottle w/300mL fill)
FX1051-BX 60mL, BX/49 (pizza box style) FX1020940 940mL, 32oz x 15/CS (940mL
62 FX1052 90mL, CS/192 (BX/24, 8 BX/CS) bottle w/500mL fill) 63
FX1052-BX 90mL, BX/49 (pizza box style)
Prostate Biopsy Kit Prostate Biopsy Kits, Custom Kits

Prostate-Pak, Custom Kits

Prostate-Pak, Prostate Biopsy Kits

These kits feature 20mL vials prefilled with 10mL of 10%
neutral buffered formalin. Vials are 95kPa compliant
with a leak-resistant seal. All specimen locations

are clearly marked within the kits, and include
stickers for each lid for further identification.
Available with 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 Jars.

PP1006 6 Jar kit

PP1008 8 Jar kit
PP1010 10 Jar kit
PP1012 12 Jar kit
PP1014 14 Jar kit
PP1016 16 Jar kit

Custom Kits
Your artwork, printed and assembled
by Cancer Diagnostics, Inc.

Customization of these kits is available upon request. 65

Specimen Jars

Empty Specimen Jars
Jars are 95kPa compliant with leak resistant O-ring seal. Available labeled, empty or
unlabeled, empty. Packs or Bulk.

7 mL Size: 90 mL Size:
FX1004-EL Empty, Labeled, CS/100 FX1009-EL Empty, Labeled, CS/100
FX1004-EC Empty, No Label, CS/100 FX1009-EC Empty, No Label, CS/100
FX1004-EBL Empty, Labeled, CS/1000 FX1009-EBL Empty, Labeled, CS/400

FX1004-EBB Empty, No Label, CS/1000 FX1009-EBB Empty, No Label, CS/400

20 mL Size: 120 mL Size:

FX1006-EL Empty, Labeled, CS/100 FX1010-EL Empty, Labeled, CS/100
FX1006-EC Empty, No Label, CS/100 FX1010-EC Empty, No Label, CS/100
FX1006-EBL Empty, Labeled, CS/1000 FX1010-EBL Empty, Labeled, CS/300
FX1006-EBB Empty, No Label, CS/1000 FX1010-EBB Empty, No Label, CS/300

40 mL Size: 240 mL Size:

FX1007-EL Empty, Labeled, CS/100 FX1011-EL Empty, Labeled, CS/100
FX1007-EC Empty, No Label, CS/100 FX1011-EC Empty, No Label, CS/100
FX1007-EBL Empty, Labeled, CS/600
FX1007-EBB Empty, No Label, CS/600 500 mL Size:
FX1511-EL Empty, Labeled, CS/25
FX1511-EC Empty, No Label, CS/25
60 mL Size:
FX1008-EL Empty, Labeled, CS/100
FX1008-EC Empty, No Label, CS/100 940 mL Size:
FX1008-EBL Empty, Labeled, CS/500 FX1012-EL Empty, Labeled, CS/20
FX1008-EBB Empty, No Label, CS/500 FX1012-EC Empty, No Label, CS/20

Protection and Cleaning

ign ed for the w

d es ay


Eyewear Eyewear




i-Shields (Eyeshields) - Disposable Clear

Ultra Lightweight for stress free/mark free extended
Reusable frame and disposable lenses provide side
shield protection
Distortion-free, optical grade lenses work well with
most sizes of prescription eyewear and can be worn
with a surgical mask
Frames packaged in a variety of colors.
Lightweight recyclable components can be easily

Lenses and frames are ordered separately unless

ordered in combo packs

Lightweight and comfortable for extended work sessions
- weighs less than 1.5 ounces.
Inexpensive and disposable, the clear face shield provides
for safety and cost-effectiveness.
The reusable visor is supported by a clear nosepiece and
is packaged in a variety of colors.
Remove the nosepiece and CLEARlite PLUS fits over most
prescription eyeglasses.
Reusable visor eliminates glare from overhead lighting and
easily fits over prescription eyewear.
Promotes compliance with OSHA regulations

ESPP25 LABPAK Professional Pack (25 Lenses and 10 Frames)

CLPLP15 CLEARlite PLUS LAB PAK, 3 Reusable visors ES0025 (25) Lenses Only
w/Nosepieces in assorted colors, 15 Clear Shields ES0100 (100) Lenses Only
CLPF10 CLEARlite PLUS Visor (includes nosepiece) ESF010 Pack of 10 Reusable Frames
Reusable 10/PK ESF100 Pack of 100 Reusable Frames
CLP100 CLEARlite PLUS CS/100 (Clear Shield Only)

70 71

www.cancerdiagnostics.com www.cancerdiagnostics.com
Eyewear Gloves

Invisi-Shields Gloves



Hi-Cuff, Double-Glove
Nitrile Gloves
Hi-Cuff Nitrile Gloves are 12 inches long for increased protection.
Beaded cuff, twice as thick (8 mils), textured for added grip. Ideal
Invisi-shield Face Shield for higher risk specimens. Prevents having to Double-glove.
Patented, lightweight, innovative. Available in Blue. BX/50, CS/500
Simply clip the Invisi-shield on to
one side of your glasses, curve around
and clip to the other side, and you
FX4000 Small, BX/50 FX4004 Small, CS/500
have an instant face shield.
FX4001 Medium, BX/50 FX4005 Medium, CS/500
FX4002 Large, BX/50 FX4006 Large, CS/500
Wear whenever splashes, spray, FX4003 X-Large, BX/50 FX4007 X-Large, CS/500
spatter, or droplets of blood or
other potentially infectious materials
occur. Frames (Item#SH0625) are
available if user does not wear Nitrile Gloves, Deep Blue
prescription glasses. Slightly longer cuff than traditional nitrile gloves. Packaged double
the quantity per box (200). Designed to mimic the fit and comfort
of latex gloves. 4 mil thickness fingers. 2.8 mil palm. CS/2000

GG0008 8 CDIs Face Shield

GG0006 6 CDIs Face Shield
FX4014 X-Small, BX/200 FX4016-CS Medium, CS/2000
SH0625 Support Frames
FX4014-CS X-Small, CS/2000 FX4017 Large, BX/200
(for Invisi-Shield Face
FX4015 Small, BX/200 FX4017-CS Large, CS/2000
FX4015-CS Small, CS/2000 FX4018 X-Large, BX/200
FX4016 Medium, BX/200 FX4018-CS X-Large, CS/2000

Nitrile Gloves, Powder Free (Purple-Violet)

Conforms to the hand using a patented polymer technology curing
process. Comfortable and easy to wear. 4 mil thickness.
BX/100, CS/1000

FX4008 X-Small, BX/100 FX4011 Large, BX/100

FX4008-CS X-Small, CS/1000 FX4011-CS Large, CS/1000
FX4009 Small, BX/100 FX4012 X-Large, BX/100
FX4009-CS Small, CS/1000 FX4012-CS X-Large, CS/1000
FX4010 Medium, BX/100 FX4013 XX-Large, BX/100
FX4010-CS Medium, CS/1000 FX4013-CS XX-Large, CS/1000

72 73

www.cancerdiagnostics.com www.cancerdiagnostics.com
Arm Sleeves Aprons

Arm Sleeves


Great arm protection with
knit cuff. Fluid resistant
makes these sleeves ideal
for grossing. Gloves may
be pulled over, or tucked
into knit cuff.

KC1000 PK/200
KC1002 PK/20

Poly Apron
White, embossed poly apron. Ties
wrap completely around to the
front so they can easily be tied.
28 x 46.

FX8100 PK/100
FX8101 CS/500

Gowns Gowns

Impervious Blue Gown Polycoated White Gown Non-woven (SMS) Yellow Gown
(Heavy Contact) (Moderate Contact) (Light Contact)
Made from embossed polyethylene, designed Made from Polyethylene coated Polypropylene, Made from non-woven/SMS material, designed
for high contact with infectious materials. designed for moderate contact with infectious for light contact with infectious materials. Elastic
Impervious gown. Stirrup cuffs for wrist materials. Stirrup cuffs for added wrist cuff to prevent sleeve from moving up. Closed
protection. Open back for increased airflow. protection. Open back for increased airflow. back for full protection. Ties at neck and waist
Closed loop neck. Closed loop neck for easy donning and tear off. for secure fit.

5 dispenser boxes of 15 gowns (75 gowns 5 dispensers of 8 gowns (40 gowns per case). 10 bags of 10 gowns (100 gowns per case)
per case).

FX8110 Universal Size, PK/15 FX8112 X-Large/Universal, PK/8 FX8114 X-Large, PK/10
FX8111 Universal Size, CS/75 FX8113 X-Large/Universal, CS/40 FX8115 X-Large, CS/100
Disposable Wipes Disposable Wipes

Disposable Wipes Disposable Wipes



Soft Tech Delicate Task Wipers Kim Wipes Kimtech Wipers

Zorbentz Lint Free Disposable Cloths Economy delicate task wipers, highest quality. Tested to meet Delicate task wipers, perfect for picking up paraffin
Zorbentz are a strong, highly absorbent, lint free Zorbentz 13 x 14 1/2 or exceed the exacting standards of well-known national fragments and unwanted sections from the waterbath.
alternative to paper towels and gauze. Zorbentz brands. 4.5 x 8.5. PK/280, CS/60 4 x 8. PK/280, CS/60
cloth-like softness, with no loose threads or fibers,
makes them ideal for use in cover-slipping, slide KY1002 PK/280 KY1000 PK/280
preparation and general laboratory clean up. KY1003 CS/60 (60 packs of 280) KY1001 CS/60 (60 packs of 280)
Zorbentz are ideally suited to soak up liquids and
common solvents and are individually folded for your

Two Sizes, 13 x 14 1/2, (CS/600) and 6 x 6 (CS/1500)

LP606 6 x 6 (150 x 150 mm), CS/1500

LP1111 13 x 14 1/2 (325 x 368 mm) 1/4 fold, CS/600

Zorbentz 6x6

Counter Top Poly-Backed Barrier

Poly backed sheets prevent soak through when doing common
laboratory tasks or shelf lining. Double layer absorbent top.
Gauze, Pre-cut 4 x 4
For general use or for cover slipping. CB1220 12 x 20, CS/600
Highly absorbent, low lint. Non-sterile. CB1820 18 x 20, CS/400
200 per pack.

GZ0404 4 Ply, PK/200

78 GZ0408 8 Ply, PK/200 79
GZ0412 12 Ply, PK/200
Dehydrants &
Clearing Agents
Dehydrants Dehydrants

D E H Y D R A N T S, C L E A R I N G A G E N T S

D E H Y D R A N T S, C L E A R I N G A G E N T S
Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
Isopropyl Alcohol. Highest purity and quality standards.

FX2100 Gal. (3.8L), CS/4

FX5210 5 Gallon Cube

Alcohol, Ethanol Reagent Grade

Reagent Grade Ethanol Alcohol 100% and 95%.
Excellent dehydrant for all Histology and Cytology applications.

AL0100 100% Ethyl Alcohol ( 200 Proof), Gal. (3.8L), CS/4

AL5100 100% Ethyl Alcohol (200 Proof), 5 Gallon Cube
AL0055 100% Ethyl Alcohol (200 Proof), Drum
AL0095 95% Ethyl Alcohol (190 Proof), Gal. (3.8L), CS/4
AL5095 95% Ethyl Alcohol (190 Proof), 5 Gallon Cube

82 83
Dehydrants Dehydrants

Pureview Series Alcohol

D E H Y D R A N T S, C L E A R I N G A G E N T S S
D E H Y D R A N T S, C L E A R I N G A G E N T S

Pureview Series Alcohol

Designed to prevent
over-dehydration in tissue
samples. This formulation
is ideal for both large
and small specimens.

PV1000 Pureview Alcohol 100%,

Gal. (3.8L), CS/4
PV9500 Pureview Alcohol 95%,
Gal. (3.8L), CS/4
PV8000 Pureview Alcohol 80%,
Gal. (3.8L), CS/4
PV7000 Pureview Alcohol 70%,
Gal. (3.8L), CS/4

84 85
Dehydrants Dehydrants

CDIs CytoAlcohol TM

D E H Y D R A N T S, C L E A R I N G A G E N T S
D E H Y D R A N T S, C L E A R I N G A G E N T S

CDIs CytoAlcohol Acetone

A dehydrant formulated for cytology staining to produce Used as a Cleaning solvent, mounting medium
ideal differentiation of cytology counterstains while remover, mordant and other multiple laboratory
achieving rapid and complete dehydration. uses.

FX2101 Gal. (3.8L)

FX2105 Gal. (3.8L), CS/4 CX2101 5 Gal. Cube

86 87
Clearing Agents Clearing Agents

Clear-Away Citrus TM

D E H Y D R A N T S, C L E A R I N G A G E N T S
Clear-Away Citrus, Clearing Agent
Clear Away Citrus is formulated to replace Xylene and
Toluene in Histology and Cytology laboratory procedures.
Clear Away Citrus is a d-limonene based clearing agent
that is biodegradable and miscible with alcohols, paraffins
and mounting mediums.

FX2179 Liter (1000 mL)

FX2180 Gallon (3.8L)
FX2181 Gal. (3.8L), CS/4

Zero Xylene, Xylene Substitute Xylene, Purified

An essentially odorless, non greasy aliphatic Pure filtered and highly refined to deliver consistent
hydrocarbon that replace Xylene as a clearant. performance. Its high solvency ensures rapid and
Zero Xylene is a gentle, yet effective clearant complete de-waxing and clearing. Available in
that will not over-harden specimens and is safe to non-breakable solvent-resistant 1 gallon (3.8 L)
use in both open and close tissue processors. containers/case of 4 x 1 gallons.

XS1003 Liter (1000 mL) XY1004 Gal. (3.8L), CS/4

XS1004 Gal. (3.8L), CS/4 89



Cassettes Cassettes

Bulk Cassettes Round Hole Processing

Round Hole Processing Cassette
13 different stock colors. Custom colors available upon request.
Cassettes are used with metal lids. All industry metal lids will fit.
All cassettes are Plastic lids also available.
available in bulk in
dispenser boxes. Color Loose Loose Tubed Taped
(CS/1500) Bulk (CS/2000) (CS/750) (CS/2000)
Dispenser Boxes


White LHC1000 LHC1000-BLK LHC1000-SL LHC1000-T

Gray LHC1001 LHC1001-BLK LHC1001-SL LHC1001-T
Blue LHC1002 LHC1002-BLK LHC1002-SL LHC1002-T
Green LHC1003 LHC1003-BLK LHC1003-SL LHC1003-T
Pink LHC1004 LHC1004-BLK LHC1004-SL LHC1004-T
Yellow LHC1005 LHC1005-BLK LHC1005-SL LHC1005-T
Orange LHC1006 LHC1006-BLK LHC1006-SL LHC1006-T
Lavender LHC1007 LHC1007-BLK LHC1007-SL LHC1007-T
Peach LHC1008 LHC1008-BLK LHC1008-SL LHC1008-T
Aqua LHC1009 LHC1009-BLK LHC1009-SL LHC1009-T
Tan LHC1010 LHC1010-BLK LHC1010-SL LHC1010-T
Kelly Green LHC1013 LHC1013-BLK LHC1013-SL LHC1013-T
Red/Melon LHC1014 LHC1014-BLK LHC1014-SL LHC1014-T

Compatible with metal and plastic lids.

Bases & lids packed separately

Other packaging configurations available on LHC9999 Stainless Lid, PK/25 LHC9998 Plastic Lid White, CS/1500
request. (other colors available)

94 95

Cassettes Cassettes

Tissue Slat Tissue Slat

Tissue Slat Cassettes (Hinged) Reverse Hinged Slat Cassette
Optimal printing and writing surface. Available Plastic Tube (sleeve), Loose and Taped. Optimal printing surface for all markers and automated instruments.
Available in 11 colors. (Taped cassette bases/lids packed separately).

Color Loose Loose Loose Tubed Taped Color Loose Loose Tubed Taped
(CS /1500) Bulk (CS/2000) (CS/750) (CS /2000)
(CS/1000) (CS/1500) Bulk (CS/2000) (CS/750) (CS/2000) Dispenser Boxes
(base & lids (3 BX/500) Dispenser Boxes (Bases & lids
(50 Stacks of 40,
packed (Bases & lids packed separately)
taped base & lids
separately) packed separately) packed separately)
White STG1000 STGT1000-BLK STGSL1000 STGT1000
White SCHS1000 SCHT1000 SCHS1000-BLK SCSL1000 SHLTP1000


Gray STG1001 STGT1001-BLK STGSL1001 STGT1001

Gray SCHS1001 SCHT1001 SCHS1001-BLK SCSL1001 SHLTP1001 Blue STG1002 STGT1002-BLK STGSL1002 STGT1002
Blue SCHS1002 SCHT1002 SCHS1002-BLK SCSL1002 SHLTP1002 Green STG1003 STGT1003-BLK STGSL1003 STGT1003
Green SCHS1003 SCHT1003 SCHS1003-BLK SCSL1003 SHLTP1003 Pink STG1004 STGT1004-BLK STGSL1004 STGT1004
Pink SCHS1004 SCHT1004 SCHS1004-BLK SCSL1004 SHLTP1004 Yellow STG1005 STGT1005-BLK STGSL1005 STGT1005
Yellow SCHS1005 SCHT1005 SCHS1005-BLK SCSL1005 SHLTP1005 Orange STG1006 STGT1006-BLK STGSL1006 STGT1006
Orange SCHS1006 SCHT1006 SCHS1006-BLK SCSL1006 SHLTP1006 Lavender STG1007 STGT1007-BLK STGSL1007 STGT1007
Lavender SCHS1007 SCHT1007 SCHS1007-BLK SCSL1007 SHLTP1007 Peach STG1008 STGT1008-BLK STGSL1008 STGT1008
Peach SCHS1008 SCHT1008 SCHS1008-BLK SCSL1008 SHLTP1008 Aqua STG1009 STGT1009-BLK STGSL1009 STGT1009
Aqua SCHS1009 SCHT1009 SCHS1009-BLK SCSL1009 SHLTP1009 Tan STG1010 STGT1010-BLK STGSL1010 STGT1010
Tan SCHS1010 SCHT1010 SCHS1010-BLK SCSL1010 SHLTP1010

96 97

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Cassettes Cassettes

Tissue Slat Tissue Slat

Reverse, One-Piece,Tissue Slat Tissue Slat Cassette (One Piece
Cassette Molded)
Molded one-piece tissue slat cassette with 45 Tissue Slat Cassettes in 11 colors.
degree angle writing surface. The lid is snapped Optimal writing surface. Excellent adherence
apart and inserted into the base leaving the for all inks. Optimal polymer technology
writing surface tab-free. Histosette 1 design. resistant to all chemicals. Secure and safe.
Color Loose


Color Loose Taped

(CS /1500)
(CS/1500) (CS/1000)
White SRM1000 White SCM1000 SCTP1000
Gray SRM1001 Gray SCM1001 SCTP1001
Blue SRM1002 Blue SCM1002 SCTP1002
Green SRM1003 Green SCM1003 SCTP1003
Pink SRM1004 Pink SCM1004 SCTP1004
Yellow SRM1005 Yellow SCM1005 SCTP1005
Orange SRM1006 Orange SCM1006 SCTP1006
Lavender SRM1007 Lavender SCM1007 SCTP1007
Peach SRM1008 Peach SCM1008 SCTP1008
Aqua SRM1009 Aqua SCM1009 SCTP1009
Tan SRM1010 Tan SCM1010 SCTP1010

1 2

3 4

98 99

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Cassettes Cassettes

Biopsy Hole Biopsy Hole

Biopsy Hole Cassette (One Piece Molded) Reverse Hinged Biopsy Hole Cassette
Easy optimal writing surface. Excellent adherence for all Optimal printing surface for all markers and automated
inks. Optimal polymer technology resistant to all chemicals. instruments.
Secure and safe. Packaged taped and loose. Taped cassettes
optimized for automated cassette printers. Color Loose Loose Tubed Taped
(CS/1500) Bulk (CS/2000) (CS/750) (CS/2000)
Dispenser Boxes
Color Loose Taped (Bases & lids
packed separately)
(CS/1500) (CS/1000)


((3 BX/500))
White BTG1000 BTGT1000-BLK BTGSL1000 BTGT1000
White BHM1000 BHTP1000 Gray BTG1001 BTGT1001-BLK BTGSL1001 BTGT1001
Gray BHM1001 BHTP1001 Blue BTG1002 BTGT1002-BLK BTGSL1002 BTGT1002
Blue BHM1002 BHTP1002 Green BTG1003 BTGT1003-BLK BTGSL1003 BTGT1003
Green BHM1003 BHTP1003 Pink BTG1004 BTGT1004-BLK BTGSL1004 BTGT1004
Pink BHM1004 BHTP1004 Yellow BTG1005 BTGT1005-BLK BTGSL1005 BTGT1005
Yellow BHM1005 BHTP1005 Orange BTG1006 BTGT1006-BLK BTGSL1006 BTGT1006
Orange BHM1006 BHTP1006 Lavender BTG1007 BTGT1007-BLK BTGSL1007 BTGT1007
Lavender BHM1007 BHTP1007 Peach BTG1008 BTGT1008-BLK BTGSL1008 BTGT1008
Peach BHM1008 BHTP1008 Aqua BTG1009 BTGT1009-BLK BTGSL1009 BTGT1009
Aqua BHM1009 BHTP1009 Tan BTG1010 BTGT1010-BLK BTGSL1010 BTGT1010
Tan BHM1010 BHTP1010

Reverse, One-piece, Biopsy Hole

Molded one-piece biopsy hole cassette with 45
degree angle writing surface. The lid is snapped
apart and inserted into the base leaving the
writing surface tab-free. Histosette 1 design.
Color Loose

White BRM1000
Gray BRM1001
Blue BRM1002
Green BRM1003
Pink BRM1004
Yellow BRM1005
Orange BRM1006
Lavender BRM1007
Peach BRM1008
Aqua BRM1009
100 Tan BRM1010 101

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Cassettes Cassettes

Biopsy Micro Vortex TM

Vortex Micro Cassette

Biopsy Micro Cassette Small biopsy cassette. Rounded Micro-
Molded mesh for ultimate biopsy security. Molded for
Hole interior basket has no corners
optimal surface tension. Allows for complete processing.
like traditional cassettes. Biopsies are
Color Loose Tubed Taped easy to find after processing. Side-Vents
(CS /1000) (CS /750) (CS /2000)
designed for enhanced infiltration.
(Dispenser (50 Stacks of
boxes) 40 cassettes)
Color Loose Tubed
White MHL1000 MHS1000 MHT1000 (CS/1000) (CS/750)


Gray MHL1001 MHS1001 MHT1001 White VM1000 VMSL1000

Blue MHL1002 MHS1002 MHT1002 Gray VM1001 VMSL1001
Green MHL1003 MHS1003 MHT1003 Blue VM1002 VMSL1002
Pink MHL1004 MHS1004 MHT1004 Green VM1003 VMSL1003
Yellow MHL1005 MHS1005 MHT1005 Pink VM1004 VMSL1004
Orange MHL1006 MHS1006 MHT1006 Yellow VM1005 VMSL1005
Lavender MHL1007 MHS1007 MHT1007 Orange VM1006 VMSL1006
Peach MHL1008 MHS1008 MHT1008 Lavender VM1007 VMSL1007
Aqua MHL1009 MHS1009 MHT1009 Peach VM1008 VMSL1008
Tan MHL1010 MHS1010 MHT1010 Aqua VM1009 VMSL1009
Tan VM1010 VMSL1010

Vortex Biopsy Cassette

Small biopsy cassette. One-Piece
Biopsy Micro One-Piece Cassette frangible lid design. Rounded
One-piece molded micro hole biopsy cassette interior has no corners like
contains even the tiniest biopsies. Textured traditional cassettes. Biopsies are
writing surface for todays printers and easy to find after processing.
markers. Side-vents designed for enhanced
Color Loose Taped infiltration.
(CS/1000) (CS/1000)
Color Loose
White MBC1000 MBCT1000 (CS/1000)
Gray MBC1001 MBCT1001 White VB1000
Blue MBC1002 MBCT1002 Gray VB1001
Green MBC1003 MBCT1003 Blue VB1002
Pink MBC1004 MBCT1004 Green VB1003
Yellow MBC1005 MBCT1005 Pink VB1004
Orange MBC1006 MBCT1006 Yellow VB1005
Lavender MBC1007 MBCT1007 Orange VB1006
Peach MBC1008 MBCT1008 Lavender VB1007
Aqua MBC1009 MBCT1009 Peach VB1008
Tan MBC1010 MBCT1010 Aqua VB1009
Tan VB1010
102 103

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Cassettes Cassettes

Slimsette Tissue-Loc ; Corner Mesh


Slimsette Biopsy Hole Cassette Tissue-Loc HistoScreen Cassette

(Reverse Hinged) A unique inner chamber lined with see-through
A recessed cover enables these cassettes to be blue tinted mesh for easy identification and specimen
printed with the cover on when used in automated security. Designed to replace sponges, bags and paper
printing instruments. The thin design also provides while keeping biopsy safe for processing.
for greater storage capacity.

Color Loose Tubed Taped Color Loose Tubed

(CS/1500) (CS/750) (CS/2000) (CS/250) (CS/750)


White OCB1000 OPCS1000 OCTP1000 White HS2500 HSSL2500

Gray OCB1001 OPCS1001 OCTP1001 Gray HS2501 HSSL2501
Blue OCB1002 OPCS1002 OCTP1002 Blue HS2502 HSSL2502
Green OCB1003 OPCS1003 OCTP1003 Green HS2503 HSSL2503
Pink OCB1004 OPCS1004 OCTP1004 Pink HS2504 HSSL2504
Yellow OCB1005 OPCS1005 OCTP1005 Yellow HS2505 HSSL2505
Orange OCB1006 OPCS1006 OCTP1006 Orange HS2506 HSSL2506
Lavender OCB1007 OPCS1007 OCTP1007 Lavender HS2507 HSSL2507
Peach OCB1008 OPCS1008 OCTP1008 Aqua HS2509 HSSL2509
Aqua OCB1009 OPCS1009 OCTP1009 Tan HS2500 HSSL2500
Tan OCB1010 OPCS1010 OCTP1010 Red HS2511 HSSL2511

Corner Mesh (Hybrid Cassette)

Regular one-piece tissue slat molded hinge
Slimsette Tissue Slat Cassette cassette, with mesh corner for small biopsies.
(Reverse Hinged) Corner is fully contained for ultimate biopsy
A recessed cover enables these cassettes to be security. Use corner when needed, use main
printed with the cover on when used in automated body for larger specimens.
printing instruments. The thin design also provides
for greater storage capacity.
Color Loose
Color Loose Tubed Taped
(CS/1500) (CS/750) (CS/2000) White HXC1000
Gray HXC1001
White OCTL1000 OCCS1000 OSTP1000
Blue HXC1002
Gray OCTL1001 OCCS1001 OSTP1001
Green HXC1003
Blue OCTL1002 OCCS1002 OSTP1002
Pink HXC1004
Green OCTL1003 OCCS1003 OSTP1003
Yellow HXC1005
Pink OCTL1004 OCCS1004 OSTP1004
Orange HXC1006
Yellow OCTL1005 OCCS1005 OSTP1005
Lavender HXC1007
Orange OCTL1006 OCCS1006 OSTP1006
Peach HXC1008
Lavender OCTL1007 OCCS1007 OSTP1007
Aqua HXC1009
Peach OCTL1008 OCCS1008 OSTP1008
Tan HXC1010
Aqua OCTL1009 OCCS1009 OSTP1009
Dk Green HXC1013
104 Tan OCTL1010 OCCS1010 OSTP1010 105
Red HXC1014

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Cassettes Printer Cassette Ribbon

Large, Double Deep & Embedding Cassettes Printer Ribbon (Thermo Print)
Large Processing Cassette Double Deep Cassette Emdedding Ring Cassette
Large Research Processing Cassette They are twice the depth of the Embedding rings are suitable for holding
for sectioning large specimens. * regular cassette, suitable for large and identifying tissue sample blocks and fit Printer Ribbon
specimens. well in microtome chuck adapters. They (Thermo Print)
come with an etched writing surface on Thermal Transfer print
the ring. ribbon for Thermo printers,
PrintMate, MicroWriter.
Approximately 20,000


Color Loose Color Loose Color Loose cassette prints per

(CS/100) (CS/750) (CS/1000) ribbon.
White LPC1000 White DDC1000 White ER1000
Gray LPC1001 Blue ER1002
ER1004 TCR1000 Print Ribbon
TCR1005 Print Ribbon,
Pink LPC1004 Yellow ER1005
Yellow LPC1005 BX/5
Orange LPC1006
Lavender LPC1007
Peach LPC1008
Aqua LPC1009
Tan LPC1010
Brown LPC1011
Dk Blue LPC1012
Dark Green LPC1013
Red LPC1014

* See Plastic and Metal Molds on pages 118 & 119 in

Embedding section.

106 107

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Ultraffin Paraffin

Ultraffin Paraffin

Ultraffin-e, Ultraffin-i, Ultraffin-x,

Ultra-Purified Paraffin wax with additives to enhance infiltration,
impart elasticity, and provide cutting ease. Eliminates
over-hardened and under-processed tissue. Special closed
manufacturing process prevents contaminants and debris from
entering the product. Packaging process ensures zero
condensation which means no possibility of water
in wax.


Paraffin Paraffin

Ultraffin Paraffin


Ultraffin e: Can be used as a two-step paraffin system

in conjunction with ultraffin i, or use as an excellent one-step Ultraffin blue: Tinted blue to provide an optimal
paraffin for both infiltration and embedding. color contrast to clear and white (especially derm)
Melting Temp~56C biopsies. Excellent cutting characteristics.
Melting Temp ~56C
Ultraffin i: Use for both infiltration and embedding, or
as an excellent infiltration paraffin in your two-step paraffin
system. Designed to infiltrate fatty tissue with ease. Lends a
degree of elasticity to the tissue. Crunchy, overhardened,
EEPAR2-B Ultraffin blue, CS/18 LBS
tissue? Try ultraffin i. Melting Temp~56C

Ultraffin x: A harder, less sticky paraffin with a lower

melting point (50-53C). Excellent for infiltration and
routine cutting.

EEPAR2 Ultraffin-e, CS/18 LBS

EEPAR1 Ultraffin-i, CS/18 LBS
EEPAR3 Ultraffin-x, CS/18 LBS

112 113

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Sectioning Tissue Section Adhesive

Sectioning Tissue Section Adhesive


Ribbon,Tissue Section Adhesive
Ribbon is a liquid adhesive that is convenient and
reliable. Ten milliliters are added to each liter of
pre-warmed water in a tissue flotation bath.
Ribbon has been lab tested with H&E staining,
special stains and immunoperoxidase procedures.
Diluted Ribbon can be used to coat slides for
frozen sections and smear preparations.

PCM1005 Gal. (3.8L)

P1000RD 500 mL

60 Below, Freeze Spray Soft Cut

Chills to -60F. Contains no CFCs or Soak pre-trimmed block surface in Soft-Cut for
HCFCs. Straw attached to can to 5-15 minutes depending on specimen size and cut
localize spray onto blocks and fresh sections. Effective on nails, bone and tissue that
tissue. cuts brittle and tears easily. Working Solution.

06200 Individual (can)

FX1080 Liter (1000mL)
06206 CS/6
FX1081 Gal (3.8L)
114 06212 CS/12 115

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Embedding Sprays and Cleaners

Embedding Beads Sprays, Cleaners


BM2 Cleanerol Spray
Embedding Beads Base Mold Release Spray Stain and Tissue Dye Remover,
Identify the embedder of a particular block with these Quick-Spray onto base molds. Enables Paraffin cleaner and repellant
numbered beads 0-9. Assign number to embedder or use cooled paraffin blocks to release easily. for Microtomes, countertops
beads as special instructions for embedding. ie: 1=embed and more. Bio-Degradable,
on edge. Non-Toxic. Simply spray on
and wipe off. Great for cutting
BM2000 8oz, CS/4 boards, countertops,
EB1000 0, PK/500 and more.
EB1001 1, PK/500
EB1002 2, PK/500
EB1003 3, PK/500
EB1004 4, PK/500 CL2525 4oz, CS/4
EB1005 5, PK/500
EB1006 6, PK/500
EB1007 7, PK/500
EB1008 8, PK/500
EB1009 9, PK/500

Wax Off Paraffin Repellant and remover

Spray anywhere to clean and repel paraffin. Guard against future
paraffin buildup.

WF1030 CS/12 (30 mL spray bottles)

116 117

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Base Molds Base Molds, Brush

Disposable Plastic Base Molds Metal Base Molds, Brush


Disposable Plastic Base Molds - Standard Stainless Steel Base Molds, Reusable
Size Heavy Duty - Standard Size
Disposable Base Molds have been designed to fit all cassettes Metal Base Molds are made from stainless steel and utilize
on the market. Transparent mold makes orientation easy while internal rounded corners for easy block removal. They
rounded corners allow for easy block removal and excellent can be used on all standard size cassettes.
Available in packs of 12.
Higher side walls reduce risk of paraffin overflow
during embedding.
MBM0707 7 x 7 mm, PK/12
MBM1515 15 x 15 mm, PK/12
DBM0707-5 7mm x 7mm x 5mm, BX/500 MBM2424 24 x 24 mm, PK/12
DBM0707 7mm x 7mm x 5mm, CS/1000 MBM3024 30 x 24 mm, PK/12
DBM1515-M 15mm x 15mm x 5mm, BX/500 MBM3724 37 x 24 mm, PK/12
DBM1515 15mm x 15mm x 5mm, CS/1000
DBM2424-M 24mm x 24mm x 5mm, BX/500
DBM2424 24mm x 24mm x 5mm, CS/1000
DBM3024-5 30mm x 24mm x 5mm, BX/500
DBM3024 30mm x 24mm x 5mm, CS/1000
DBM3724-5 37 mmx 24mm x 5mm BX/500
DBM3724 37mm x 24mm x 5mm,CS/1000
DBM3724-MC 37mm x 24mm x 10mm,CS/500

Stainless Steel Base Molds, Reusable

Disposable Plastic Base Molds, Super Heavy Duty, Super Large Cassettes
Large Cassettes
Offset Mold optimized for rotary microtomes
LBM3636 36mm x 36mm x 10mm, PK/5
LBM6045 60mm x 45mm x 15mm, PK/5
LBM5550-P 55mm x 50mm CS/100

Sectioning Brush
Camel hair brush removes loose paraffin from microtomes
and embedding compound from cryostats and aids in better
sectioning. The darker bristles provide a convenient contrast
to sections and debris compared to lighter colored bristles.
Brush Size: 3/4 diameter 1 1/2 long. Overall length: 9

SLK1000 Paraffin Brush, EA.

118 SLK1003 Paraffin Brush PK/3 119

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Microtome Blades

bevel Series


The bevel family of blades consists of microtome blades from the USA,
Japan, and Germany.

Each bevel HD, bevel Plus, and bevel series blade undergoes a distinctive
coating and polishing process that ensures optimal cutting performance to bevel HD Series
produce consistent results in the most demanding environments.

bevel Plus Series


Microtome Blades Microtome Blades

bevel Microtome Blades

bevel High and Low Profile Coated
Microtome Blades

(bevel) Brand High and Low Profile Premium Coated

Microtome Blades. (USA) Teflon coated, thin blades. Low Profile Blade
Thick High Gold Edge also available with Titanium Nitride
coating. Great for cutting harder tissue and bone.

The finely honed cutting edge is triple layered/angled and

coated. These processes improve cutting performance and
enhance the overall durability of the blade.

Low Profile Blade: High Profile Blade

LPC050 BX/50 (Dispenser pack)
LPC500 CS/500 (10 BX/50)

High Profile Blade:

HPC050 BX/50 (Dispenser pack)
HPC500 CS/500 (10 BX/50)

Thick High Profile Gold Edge Blade:

HPC020-GL BX/20 (dispenser pack)
HPC500-GL CS/200 (10 BX/20)
Thick High Profile Gold Edge Blade

Microtome Blades

bevel HD Microtome Blades

Low Profile Blade
bevel HD Series:
Low Profile Japanese manufactured Coated Microtome
See how this blade outperforms your current low profile blade. Every Time,
Every Cut. Dispenser packs of 50. Case of 500 sold in master pack of 10
boxes of 50.

Sample packs available.

LPJ3580 BX/50 (Dispenser pack)

LPJ9999 CS/500 (10 BX/50)

bevel HD High Profile Coated Microtome Blades

bevel HD series available in a high profile blade. Dispenser packs of 50.
Case of 500 sold in master pack of 10 boxes of 50.
High Profile Blade

HPJ3576 BX/50 (Dispenser pack)

HPJ9999 CS/500 (10 BX/50)


www.cancerdiagnostics.com www.cancerdiagnostics.com
Microtome Blades

bevel + PLUS Microtome Blades

bevel+ PLUS Low Profile Coated
Microtome Blades
Proprietary coating and sharpening process

produces enhanced cutting and durability with a

greater sweet-spot for consistent ribboning. Ask
for a sample today.

LPJ3581 BevelPLUS Low Profile Coated

Microtome Blades, BX/50
LPJ9998 BevelPLUS Low Profile Coated
Microtome Blades, CS/500

18 127

Microtome Blades Frozen Section Medium

Microtome Blades Frozen Section Medium


HP35 and MX35 Ultra UltraFreeze Frozen Section
Microtome Blades Medium
Thermo UltraFreeze Frozen Section Medium is formulated
to be an optimal cutting compound for frozen
High Profile HP35 and Low Profile specimens. UltraFreeze does not separate from
MX35 ULTRA Microtome Blades. tissue as it freezes like other Frozen compounds.
Thermos newest blade technology. Available clear, and in four additional colors to
PK/50, CS/500. optimize cutting efficiency in even the busiest labs.
Each squeeze bottle has a screw top, self-cleaning
tip, for consistent dispensing every time.
HPC050-XL High Profile,
HP35 Ultra, PK/50
HPC500-XL High Profile, HP35 UF1000 Clear, 4 oz, Ea.
Ultra, CS/500 UF1002 Blue, 4 oz, Ea.
LPC050-XL Low Profile, UF1003 Green, 4 oz, Ea.
MX35 Ultra, PK/50 UF1004 Pink, 4 oz, Ea.
LPC500-XL Low Profile, UF1005 Yellow, 4 oz, Ea.
MX35 Ultra, CS/500

128 129

Microscope Slides
and Mounting Medium
Slides Slides

AutoFrost Microscope Slides

AutoFrost IHC Microscope Slides


AutoFrost Microscope Slides AutoFrost IHC Microscope Slides
Made from the highest quality pure white glass with less alkali (for Enhanced coating glass for use in IHC, nails,
less fading) and very low self-fluorescence. The slides are cleaned and tissue where special adherence is required.
using a proprietary ultrasonic process and are packaged in boxes A proprietary coating process produces this
of 100. (CS/1500 or CS/3,000). Standard #1 thickness and #1.2 hydrophilic slide.
thickness. * A complete range of colors are available

EM000W 90 degree, White, CS/1500

EMP00W Clipped Corners, White, CS/1500

AF2576-12 White, 90 degree AF1500 White, Clipped Corner, 25mm x 75mm x 1.0mm, CS/1500
(square corner), 1.2mm thickness, CS/3000 AF3000 White, Clipped Corner, 25mm x 75mm x 1.0mm, CS/3000

132 133
Slides Slides

AutoFrost Large Slides

AutoFrost (Delara series) Slides



AutoFrost Large Slides AutoFrost (Delara Series) Non-Charged Clipped Corners
2 x 3 inch (50mm x 75mm x 1.0mm) Microscope slides
Large slides used in conjunction with Large Research Available in multiple colors with clipped AF1000 White
AF1001 Gray
Cassettes. Ordered by the piece, minimum order 500 corners. Available plain and frosted.
AF1002 Blue
pieces. Frosted end or plain versions. Inquire for CS/10/Gross (1,440 slides). Green
custom sizes. AF1004 Pink
AF1005 Yellow
AF1006 Orange
AF1007 Lavender
AF1008 Peach
AF5075-PL Plain Slide, Square Corner AF1009 Aqua
AF5075 FR Frosted end slide, Square Corner AF1010 Tan
AF1014 Red AutoFrost Double Frosted Clipped
AF1000 DF

AutoFrost 90 Frosted (Square) AutoFrost 90 Plain (Square)

AF2575-FR AF2575-PL

AutoFrost (Delara Series)

Charged Microscope slides
They have a permanent positive charge
for routine, less intensive histology
requirements. (not recommended for IHC).

PAF1000 White, clipped

PAF2576 White, 90 degree corner

*Colors available
134 135

UltraSlips CoverGlass (Non-Stick)



UltraSlips CoverGlass (Non-Stick)
Special manufacturing process and highest quality
borosilicate glass produces stick-free coverglass
optimized for automatic coverslippers. Coverglass
available in sizes #1 and #1.5 thicknesses. *
UltraSlips are guaranteed to be stick-free.
Case/10 oz.

Manufactured in Germany.

GC2440-ACS 24 x 40 mm, 1.0 thickness, CS/10 oz.

GC2450-ACS 24 x 50 mm, 1.0 thickness, CS/10 oz.
GC2450-1.5ACS 24 x 50 mm, 1.5 thickness, CS/10 oz.
GC2455-ACS 24 x 55 mm, 1.0 thickness, CS/10 oz.
GC2460-ACS 24 x 60 mm, 1.0 thickness, CS/10 oz.
GC4773-C 47 x 73 mm, 1.0 thickness, Large, PK/100
GC5063-C 50 x 63 mm, 1.0 thickness, Large, PK/100
GC0112 Round Cover Glass 12mm, #1, CS/1,000
GC0115 Round Cover Glass 15mm, #1, CS/1,000
GC0118 Round Cover Glass 18mm, #1, CS/1,000
GC0212 Round Cover Glass 12mm, #2, CS/1,000
GC0215 Round Cover Glass 15mm, #2, CS/1,000
GC0218 Round Cover Glass 18mm, #2, CS/1,000

* Custom Sizes available


Mounting Medium Mounting Medium

CoverSeal X CoverSeal T


CoverSeal-X (Xylene Mounting Medium) CoverSeal-T (Toluene Mounting Medium)
CoverSeal-X is a rapid drying mounting medium with CoverSeal-T is a rapid drying mounting
low viscosity to allow free-flow of medium while medium with low viscosity to allow free-flow
reducing air bubbles. of medium while reducing air bubbles.

Antioxidants are added to prevent stain fading and Antioxidants are added to prevent stain fading
annual rings. CoverSeal-X is a xylene based and annual rings.CoverSeal-T is a toluene
mounting medium. It is soluble in Xylene, based medium. It is soluble in Xylene,
Toluene and most xylene substitutes. Toluene and most xylene substitutes.

Available in 500 mL glass bottles and 4 oz. Available in 500 mL glass bottles
Squeezer bottles with self-cleaning and 4 oz. Squeezer bottles with
dispenser tops. self-cleaning dispenser tops.

FX2175 4 oz dripper bottle

FX2176 500 mL Bottle FX2177 4 oz dripper bottle
FX2178 500 mL Bottle

138 139

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Stains Stains

Hematoxylin: Harris, Gill, Mayers Hematoxylin: Harris, Gill, Mayers

Hematoxylin: Harris, Gill, Mayers
Mercury Free Harris Hematoxylin
produces a deep, dark blue-purple stain. It is generally
used in regressive methods, but may also be used
progressively both in histology and cytology

Gill 1,2,3 Hematoxylin is generally used in the

progressive method.

Mayers Hematoxylin is used for routine

H&E and immunochemistry.

All stains are filtered prior to bottling and use a


special process to ensure optimal freshness.

Mayers Hematoxylin:
CM3951 Gal. (3.8 L)
CM3952 Liter (1000 mL)
CM3953 500 mL

Harris Hematoxylin:
SH5777 Gal. (3.8 L)
SH4777 Liter (1000 mL)
SH3777 500 mL

Gill 1 Hematoxylin:
CM4951 Gal. (3.8 L)
CM4952 Liter (1000 mL)
CM4953 500 mL

Gill 2 Hematoxylin:
CM5951 Gal. (3.8 L)
CM5952 Liter (1000 mL)
CM5953 500 mL

Gill 3 Hematoxylin:
CM6951 Gal. (3.8 L)
CM6952 Liter (1000 mL)
CM6953 500mL
142 143
Stains Stains

Eosin and Scotts Tap Water Bluing Hematoxylin Differentiator

Eosin and Scotts Tap Water Bluing Acid Alcohol 1% Rinse-HD, Hematoxylin Differentiator
Acid Alcohol 1% is used in histology and cytology to Rinse-HD is a hematoxylin differentiator used in regressive H&E
Eosin Y is an alcohol-based, ready-to-use secondary stain used remove excess stain and define nuclei following staining procedures. Clear mucin is exhibited following differentiation
primarily in histology for routine hematoxylin and eosin staining. hematoxylin staining in the H&E and PAP with Rinse-HD.
CDIs Eosin Y is filtered prior to bottling and is formulated for methods. Acid Alcohol provides the proper
consistency. amount of differentiation in order to
produce a good H&E stain with crisp
Eosin Y w/Phloxine B produces a brighter counter stain. nuclear detail. FX2182 Gal (3.8L)
FX2183 Gal, CS/4
Scotts Tap Water substitute is a bluing reagent
designed mainly for histology. It blues hematoxylin gently
ST0018 Liter, (1000 mL)
and minimizes loss of tissue sections and cells from
ST0017 Gal,CS/4
glass slides.
ST0016 Gal. (3.8L)
Scotts Tap Water Substitute is prepared to

supply a gentle but appropriate bluing solution

for staining.

This formulation provides rapid and precise

bluing of nuclear chromatin and nuclear

Eosin Y:
EM000G Gal. (3.8 L)
EML00G Liter (1000 mL)
EM500G 500 mL

Eosin Y with Phloxine:

EM00PG Gal. (3.8 L)
EML0PG Liter (1000 mL)
EM50PG 500 mL

Scotts Tap Water

CM4951W Gal. (3.8 L)

144 145
Stains Stains

Alcian Blue, Eosin Y, OG-6 & Hematoxylin Powder

Certified Powdered Stains

Alcian Blue OG-6 Powdered

Powdered Stain Stain

SS1025P Alcian Blue, 25G CMG025 OG-6, 25G
SS1050P Alcian Blue, 50G CMG050 OG-6, 50G
CMG001 OG-6, Kilo

Eosin Y Hematoxylin
Powdered Stain Powdered Stain

CME025 Eosin, 25G CM7025 Hematoxylin, 25G

CME050 Eosin, 50G CM7050 Hematoxylin, 50G
CME001 Eosin, Kilo CM0001 Hematoxylin, Kilo

146 Other size quantities upon request 147

Stains Stains

Staining Dishes, Racks and Jars

High-quality flint glass Coplin Jars and Staining Dishes are commonly
used for all routine and special staining procedures.

Each dish comes with a separate fitted cover which prevents evaporation
and contamination and helps to contain chemical odors.

Each staining dish has corresponding stainless staining rack available

which is designed to fit inside.

Coplin Jars
SD1006 Coplin Jars, PK/5
SD1007 Coplin Jars, CS/20

Staining Dish
SD1020 Staining dish, Glass, 20 slide, EA.
SD1030 Staining dish, Glass, 30 slide, EA.
SD1060 Staining dish, Glass, 60 slide, EA.

Stainless Rack
SDS1020 Stainless rack for 20 slides, fits glass staining dish, EA.
SDS1030 Stainless rack for 30 slides, fits glass staining dish, EA.
SDS1060 Stainless rack for 60 slides, fits glass staining dish, EA.

148 149
Pureview is a hematoxylin and eosin staining system consisting of Hematoxylin 660+,
Eosin 615, PH Blue, and Focus. Each component must pass rigorous analytical standards
and are formulated to help standardize the H&E staining process with repeatable, accurate
and consistent results.

Accurate Consistent Pureview

Pureview Stains Pureview Stains


PH Blue
A clarifier that removes non-specific staining and background haze. Focus is formulated to sharpen A bluing reagent buffered to a constant pH 8. Fluctuations in pH have been associated with floaters
nuclear detail producing a finishing effect that optimizes nuclear detail. and unclear nuclear detail. PH Blue is designed to be unaffected by carryover and is formulated to
Available in a gallon working solution or concentrate formula. (500 mL bottle) help standardize the staining process. Available in a gallon working solution or concentrate formula.
(500 mL bottle)
16703 Working Solution, Gal. (3.8L) 16703-C Concentrate, 500 mL 16702 Working Solution, Gal. (3.8L) 16702-C Concentrate, 500 mL
16703-4 Working Solution, Gal. (3.8L), CS/4 16703-C4 Concentrate, 500 mL, CS/4 16702-4 Working Solution, Gal. (3.8L), CS/4 16702-C4 Concentrate, 500 mL, CS/4
152 153

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Pureview Stains Stains

Dermatoxylin and Dermosin,

Skin Hematoxylin & Eosin
Pureview Hematoxylin
A certified, pre-filtered progressive
hematoxylin. Hematoxylin 660+
Dermatoxylin and Dermosin,
is formulated to stain longer than
Skin Hematoxylin & Eosin
traditional hematoxylins and CDIs Skin Optimized stain system consists of a special hematoxylin formulation, Dermatoxylin, and eosin
produces crisp, well delineated formulation, Dermosin.
nuclear chromatin.
Dermatoxylin is a regressive skin hematoxylin optimized for dermatology specimens and is prepared to
produce optimum staining in rapid time. Dermatoxylin is formulated for routine H&E staining in the
Dermatopathology laboratory and is designed to work with Dermosin skin eosin, which has the
16600 500 mL
16600-4 500 mL, CS/4
appropriate amount of acid for proper
counterstaining of epidermis
and dermis.

ST0015 Gal. (3.8L)
ST0014 500 mL

ST0008 Gal. (3.8L)
ST0007 500 mL

Eosin 615
A pre-filtered optimal differentiator.
Red blood cells stain red, and
connective tissue stains varying
shades of pink to orange.

16601 500 mL
16601-4 500 mL, CS/4


Stains Stains

Stains, Frozen Section Optimized Cryo-Kit Frozen

Section/Mohs Stain Kit
See FrozenFix on Page 55 ST0011 500 mL EACH
in the Fixative Section.
Complete kit available, including
FrozenFix - 500 mL each

Cryo-Hematoxylin Cryo-Eosin Cryo-Acid Alcohol Cryo-Bluing

ST0013 Gal. (3.8L) ST0006 Gal. (3.8L) ST0002 Gal. (3.8L) ST0004 Gal. (3.8L)
ST0012 500 mL ST0005 500 mL ST0001 500 mL ST0003 500 mL

Cryo-Hematoxylin Cryo-Acid Alcohol

Designed for rapid and precise staining of Formulated for frozen sections and
frozen sections and is optimized is particularly formulated for frozen

for Frozen Section Staining. sections of skin. Cryo-Acid Alcohol

removes over-staining and
Cryo-Hematoxylin stains nuclear non-specific staining rapidly
detail crisply and strongly, and it assures and is optimized for use
excellent counterstaining by with Cryo-Hematoxylin
Cryo-Eosin. and Cryo-Eosin stain.

Cryo-Eosin is balanced at the Cryo-Bluing

proper pH and strength designed to Formulated for quick,
stain frozen sections rapidly. consistent bluing and
Cryo- Eosin dehydrates quickly is optimized for
and differentiates rapidly quick staining.
during staining.

156 157
Stains Stains

Cytology Stains

OG-6, EA-50, Modified EA-50, EA-65

Orange G-6 is an alcohol-based stain used in the cytology laboratory to
detect the presence of keratin in the cytoplasm. This formula is pre filtered
before bottling and is manufactured for optimal consistency.

EA-50, EA-50 Modified, and EA-65 are alcohol-based stains used

in the cytology laboratory for routine cytoplasmic staining using the
Papanicolaou Method.

CM7951 Gal (3.8L)
CM7952 Liter (1000 mL)
CM7953 500 mL

CM8951 Gal. (3.8 L)
CM8952 Liter (1000 mL)
CM8953 500 mL

EA-50 Modified
CM8954 Gal. (3.8 L)
CM8955 Liter (1000 mL)
CM8956 500 mL

CM9951 Gal. (3.8 L)
CM9952 Liter (1000 mL)
CM9953 500 mL

158 159
Stains Stains

Cytology Stains EA/OG Cyto-Stain

CytoStain-Bluing, Cytology
Bluing Solution
A cytology bluing solution formulated to optimally blue
both regressive and progressive papanicolaou and non
gyn specimens. Gentle alkaline reagents minimize
cell loss from glass.

FX2107 Gal (3.8L), CS/4

FX2106 Liter (1000mL)


Cytology Clarifier

An optimal differentiator for the regressive staining
method in cytology resulting in crisp, stained nuclei.

FX2103 Gal (3.8L), CS/4

FX2102 Liter (1000mL)

EA-OG, Cytology Combination

A rapid cytology stain formulated as a one-step
counterstain. EA-OG combination cytology
stain will deliver consistent staining while
increasing efficiency in the staining process.

CM8979 Gal. (3.8L)

CM8978 Liter (1000mL)
CM8977 500mL

160 161

3 Stain Dip Kit

3-Stain Kit
A three step procedure for differential staining of blood smears, cytospins
and tissue imprints. It is useful in evaluating blood parasites, microbial
organisms and bone marrow specimens.

The entire procedure takes 30 seconds as air dried specimens are fixed
in Solution A then dipped in Solutions B and C. Staining intensity is easily
manipulated. Leukocytes appear crisp and distinct.

Solutions A-C:
FX1087 Gal. (3.8L)

FX1088 Liter (1000mL)

FX1089 500mL

Solution A:
FX2110 Gal. (3.8L)
FX2111 Liter (1000mL)
FX2112 500mL

Solution B:
FX2113 Gal. (3.8L)
FX2114 Liter (1000mL)
FX2115 500mL

Solution C:
FX2116 Gal. (3.8L)
FX2117 Liter (1000mL)
FX2118 500mL

162 163

Special Stain Kits Special Stain Kits

Special Stain Kits Special Stain Kits

Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB) Stain Kit Alcian Blue/PAS Stain Kit
This kit is suitable in lieu of and comparable to the Kinyouns AFB This is a combined method utilizing the properties of both the PAS and
and Ziehl-Neelsen procedures for staining all mycobacteria, including Alcian blue methods to demonstrate the full complement of tissue
Tubercle Bacillus. proteoglycans.



Stain Kit yields between 320-500 slides. Slide Yields assume maximum The rationale of the technique is that by first staining all the acidic mucins
slides stained per run, maximum runs per use. with Alcian blue, those remaining acidic mucins which are also PAS positive
Actual Slide Yields may vary. will be chemically blocked and will not react further during the technique.
Those neutral mucins which are solely PAS positive will subsequently be
Kit Consists of: Carbol Fuchsin 500mL, (1), Methylene Blue Stock demonstrated in a contrasting manner.
500mL (1), 1% Acid Alcohol 500mL (1).
The combined result demonstrates both acidic-neutral and mixtures of
All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed acidic and neutral mucins.
with a tamper-evident label for quality assurance.
Controls: Colon

SS1000 Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB) Stain Kit Kit Consists of: 1% Alcian Blue 250ml, (1), 1% Lithium Carbonate
250ml (1), 1% Periodic Acid 250ml (1), Schiff Reagent
SS1000-1 Carbol Fuchsin 500mL
250ml (1)
SS1000-2 1% Acid Alcohol 500mL
SS1000-3 Methylene Blue Stock 500mL SS1002 Alcian Blue/PAS Stain Kit
All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed
SS1002-1 1% Alcian Blue 250mL
with a tamper-evident label for quality assurance.
SS1002-2 1% Lithium Carbonate 250mL
SS1002-3 1% Periodic Acid 250mL
Alcian Blue ph 2.5 Stain Kit SS1002-4 Schiff Reagent 250mL
Alcian Blue Staining Kit demonstrates weakly acidic mucopolysaccharides. At
pH 2.5, Alcian Blue stains sulfated mucins, usually epithelial in origin (and usually
PAS-negative), with some occurrences in connective tissue.
Some examples of components that stain positive with alcian
blue are goblet cells, hyaluronic acid (found in connective Amyloid Stain Kit
tissue in dermis and in umbilical cord), salivary glands, and Complete kit is used to selectively demonstrate Amyloid in tissue sections.
gastric lining cells. Alcian Blue (pH 2.5) may be helpful in The amyloid stains red and the nuclei stains blue. Control tissue is Alzheimers
detecting genetic disorders of acid mucosubstance or other known amyloidosis.
metabolism and collagen diseases where various acid
mucosubstances are increased. The presence of acid Control: Alzheimers or known amyloidosis
mucosubstances tends to decline with advancing age.
Controls: Colon Kit Consists of: 1% Alcian Blue 10ml, (1), 1% Lithium Carbonate 500ml
(1), 1% Periodic Acid 500ml (1)
Kit Consists of: 1% Alcian Blue 500ml, (1), 1% Lithium
Carbonate 500ml (1), 3% Glacial Acetic Acid 250ml (1) All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed with
a tamper-evident label for quality assurance.
All kit components are available for purchase individually.
Kit is sealed with a tamper-evident label for quality
assurance. SS1003 Amyloid Stain Kit
SS1003-1 1% Alcian Blue 10mL
SS1001 Alcian Blue ph 2.5 Stain Kit
SS1003-2 1% Lithium Carbonate 500mL
SS1001-1 1% Alcian Blue 500mL
SS1001-2 1% Lithium Carbonate 500mL SS1003-3 1% Periodic Acid 500mL
166 SS1001-3 3% Glacial Acetic Acid 250mL 167

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Special Stain Kits Special Stain Kits

Special Stain Kits Special Stain Kits

Brown & Brenn Stain Kit
Both bacterias, positive and negative, cell wall is composed of peptidoglycan, Colloidal Iron Stain Kit
(the gram-positive has a thicker wall) and both will take up the crystal violet. The Colloidal Iron Stain Kit demonstrates acid mucopolysaccharides. It is
The gram-negative has a layer of lipopolysaccharide external to the suitable for any well fixed paraffin embedded tissue cut at 5 microns.
peptidoglycan wall, which is disrupted in the acetone rinse, allowing the crystal


Controls: Liver

violet to be differentiated out.

(This allows the gram-negative bacteria to take up the basic fuchsin stain) Kit Consists of: Walpoles Acetic Acid-Acetate Buffer 0.2M 250m, (1),
Stock Colloidal Iron 250ml (1), 12% Acetic Acid 250ml
Controls: An infected appendix, or any tissue containing both negative and (1), Working 2% Potassium Ferrocyanide/HCl, 250ml
positive gram rods (1), Solution A (Hematoxylin) 250ml, (1), Solution B
(Ferric Chloride) 250ml (1),Van Giesons 250ml (1)
Kit Consists of: 1% Crystal Violet Stock 250ml, (1), 5% Sodium Biocarbonate
100ml (1), 1% Grams Iodine 250ml (1), Ether/Acetone Solution All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed with
250ml (1), 0.25% Stock Basic Fuchsin 250ml (1), 0.1% Picric a tamper-evident label for quality assurance.
Acid/Acetone Solution 250ml (1)

All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed with a
tamper-evident label for quality assurance.
SS1004 Brown & Brenn Stain Kit SS1006 Colloidal Iron Stain Kit SS1006-4 Working 2% Potassium Ferrocyanide/HCl, 250mL
SS1004-1 1% Crystal Violet Stock 250mL SS1006-1 Walpoles Acetic Acid-Acetate Buffer 0.2M 250mL SS1006-5 Solution A (Hematoxylin) 250mL
SS1004-2 5% Sodium Biocarbonate 100mL SS1006-2 Stock Colloidal Iron 250mL SS1006-6 Solution B (Ferric Chloride) 250mL
SS1004-3 1% Grams Iodine 250mL SS1006-3 12% Acetic Acid 250mL SS1006-7 Van Giesons 250mL
SS1004-4 Ether/Acetone Solution 250mL
SS1004-5 0.25% Stock Basic Fuchsin 250mL
SS1004-6 0.1% Picric Acid/Acetone Solution 250mL

Elastic Stain Kit Giemsa Stain Kit

For identification of elastic lamellae pathologies in vascular diseases. The Giemsa Stain Kit is intended for use in the visualization of cells present
Stains blue-black to black elastic tissue, red collagen, with yellow in hematopoietic tissues and certain microorganisms. This kit may be used
background. on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded or frozen sections.

Controls: Kidney, Lung, Skin Controls: Bone Marrow

Kit Consists of: 5% Hematoxylin 250ml, (1), 10% Ferric Chloride Kit Consists of: Counter Stain 250ml, (1), Methylene Blue Stain 250ml
250ml (1), Weigerts Iodine 250ml (1), Sodium (1), Buffer 500ml (1), Methylene Blue Stain 250ml (1),
Thiosulfate 500ml (1),Van Giesons Stain 500ml (1) Secondary Counter Stain 250ml (1)

All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed with
with a tamper-evident label for quality assurance. a tamper-evident label for quality assurance.

SS1007 Giemsa Stain Kit (May-Grunwald)

SS1005 Elastic Stain Kit SS1007-1 Counter Stain 250mL
SS1005-1 5% Hematoxylin 250mL SS1007-2 Methylene Blue Stain 250mL
SS1005-2 10% Ferric Chloride 250mL SS1007-3 Buffer 500mL
SS1005-3 Weigerts Iodine 250mL SS1007-4 Methylene Blue Stain 250mL
SS1005-4 Sodium Thiosulfate 500mL
168 SS1005-5 Van Giesons Stain 500mL SS1007-5 Secondary Counter Stain 250mL 169

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Special Stain Kits Special Stain Kits

Special Stain Kits Special Stain Kits

GMS Fungus Stain Kit Massons Trichrome Stain Kit
GMS Staining Kit selectively demonstrates polysaccharides in the cell walls of Used to differentiate between collagen and smooth muscle in tumors,
fungi and other opportunistic organisms, such as Pneumocystis carinii. and the increase of collagen in diseases such as cirrhosis. Routine stain
for liver and kidney biopsies.
Controls: Tissue Positive for fungi or pneumocystis carinii



Controls: Skin, Lung, Stomach, Intestine

Kit Consists of: 4% Chromic Acid 500ml, (1), 1% Sodium Bisulfite 500ml
(1), 5% Sodium Thiosulfate 500ml (1), 0.2% Light Green Kit Consists of: Weigerts Iron Hematoxylin Sol. A 250ml, (1),
500ml (1), 5% Borax 250ml (1), Stock Methenamine-Silver Weigerts Iron Hematoxylin Sol. B 250ml (1),
Nitrate 250ml (1), 0.1% Gold Chloride 250ml Biebrich Scarlet/Acid Fuchsin 250ml (1),
Phosphomolybic/Phosphotungstic Acid Solution
All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed with a 250ml (1), Bouins Solution 250ml (1), Aniline Blue
tamper-evident label for quality assurance. 250ml (1), 1% Glacial Acetic Acid 250ml (1)

All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed
with a tamper-evident label for quality assurance.
SS1008 GMS Fungus Stain Kit
SS1008-1 4% Chromic Acid 500mL
SS1008-2 1% Sodium Bisulfite 500mL
SS1008-3 5% Sodium Thiosulfate 500mL SS1010 Massons Trichrome Stain Kit (Aniline Blue) SS1010-4 Phosphomolybic/Phosphotungstic Acid Solution 250mL
SS1008-4 0.2% Light Green 500mL SS1010-1 Weigerts Iron Hematoxylin Sol. A 250mL SS1010-5 Bouins Solution 250mL
SS1008-5 5% Borax 250mL SS1010-2 Weigerts Iron Hematoxylin Sol. B 250mL SS1010-6 Aniline Blue 250mL
SS1008-6 Stock Methenamine-Silver Nitrate 250mL SS1010-3 Biebrich Scarlet/Acid Fuchsin 250mL SS1010-7 1% Glacial Acetic Acid 250mL
SS1008-7 0.1% Gold Chloride 250mL
Silver Stain Kit (Steiner-Steiner Stain)
Steiner Staining Kit is used to study tissues to aide in the diagnosis of
Mucicarmine Stain Kit diseases such as syphilis, some gastric ulcers, (H. pylori), Lyme disease,
Mucicarmine Stain Kit is intended for use in the histological Legionnaires disease, Cat Scratch fever, and others dependent on
visualization of acid mucopolysacharides in tissue sections. This staining of the causative organisms. Organisms will stain dark brown
product is useful in distinguishing mucin negative undifferentiated to black. Background will stain golden yellow to amber. Other tissue
squamous cell lesions from mucin positive adenocarcinomas. In elements stain golden yellow to amber; nuclei will stain amber to dark
addition, this product will stain the mucopolysaccharide capsule brown.
of Cryptococcus neoformans.
Controls: Cat Scratch, Legionella, Sprochetes, Tissue positive for
Controls: Bowel H. pylori

Kit Consists of: Weigerts Hematoxylin 500ml, (1), Stock Kit Consists of: Spriochete Sensitizer 500ml, (1), 1% Silver Nitrate
Mucicarmine 125ml (1), Stock Light Green 500ml (1), 2% Gum Mastic 500ml (1), Hydroquinone
500ml (1) 0.5g 10/pk (1)
All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed
All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed with a tamper-evident label for quality assurance.
with a tamper-evident label for quality assurance.

SS1014 Silver Stain Kit (Steiner-Steiner Stain)

SS1009 Mucicarmine Stain Kit SS1014-1 Spriochete Sensitizer 500mL
SS1009-1 Weigerts Hematoxylin 500mL SS1014-2 1% Silver Nitrate 500mL
SS1009-2 Stock Mucicarmine 125mL SS1014-3 2% Gum Mastic 500mL
170 SS1009-3 Stock Light Green 500mL SS1014-4 Hydroquinone 0.5g 10/pk 171

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Special Stain Kits Special Stain Kits

Special Stain Kits Special Stain Kits

Reticulum Stain Kit Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) Stain Kit
The Reticulum Stain Kit (Modified Gomoris) is intended for use in histological This stain is used for the demonstration of glycogen. Tissue sections are
demonstration of reticular fibers. The main function of reticular fibers is to first oxidized by periodic acid. The oxidative process results in the formation
provide support. They are normally found throughout the body, particularly in of aldehyde groupings through carbon-to-carbon bond cleavage. Free hydroxyl


liver, lymph node, spleen and kidney. Ammoniacal silver stains are the most groups should be present for oxidation to take place. Oxidation is completed
commonly used methods for demonstration of reticular fibers. when it reaches the aldehyde stage. The aldehyde groups are detected by the
Schiff reagent.
Controls: Kidney, Lymph Node
Controls: Liver
Kit Consists of: Acidified Permanganate Solution 250ml, (1), Oxalic Acid
250ml (1), Aqueous Ferric Ammonium Sulfate 250ml (1), Kit Consists of: Schiff Reagent 250ml, (1), 1% Periodic Acid 250ml (1)
Wilders Silver Bath 250ml (1), 10% Neutral Buffered
Formalin 250ml (1), 0.2% Gold Chloride 100ml (1), All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed with
5% Sodium Thiosulfate 100ml (1), Nuclear Fast Red 250ml (1) a tamper-evident label for quality assurance.

All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed with a
tamper-evident label for quality assurance.
SS1011 Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) Stain Kit
SS1011-1 Schiff Reagent 250mL
SS1012 Reticulum Stain Kit SS1012-5 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin 250mL SS1011-2 1% Periodic Acid 250mL
SS1012-1 Acidified Permanganate Solution 250mL SS1012-6 0.2% Gold Chloride 100mL
SS1012-2 Oxalic Acid 250mL SS1012-7 5% Sodium Thiosulfate 100mL Periodic Acid and Schiff Reagent also available separately in 500 mL shatter-proof bottles.
SS1012-3 Aqueous Ferric Ammonium Sulfate 250mL SS1012-8 Nuclear Fast Red 250mL
SS1012-4 Wilders Silver Bath 250mL
Periodic Acid Solution Schiff Reagent
A 0.5% aqueous solution used to oxidize Use in the standard Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS)
reactive tissue elements to aldehydes prior reaction for neutralmucosubstances, glycogen,
to treatment with Schiff reagent. basement membrane and fungal cell walls.
Iron Stain Kit A positive reaction produces a purplish
The Iron Stain Kit is intended for use in the detection of ferric iron in red/bright rose color.
tissues, blood smears, or bone marrow smears. Ferric iron is normally
found in small amounts in bone marrow and the spleen. Abnormally FX2108 Periodic Acid, 500 mL
large deposits may be seen in hemochromatosis and hemosiderosis.
FX2109 Schiff Reagent, 500mL
Controls: Liver

Kit Consists of: 20% Hydrochloric Acid 250ml, (1), 10% Potassium
Ferrocyanide 250ml (1), Nuclear Fast Red 125ml (1)

All kit components are available for purchase individually. Kit is sealed
with a tamper-evident label for quality assurance.

SS1013 Iron Stain Kit

SS1013-1 20% Hydrochloric Acid 250mL
SS1013-2 10% Potassium Ferrocyanide 250mL
SS1013-3 Nuclear Fast Red 125mL
172 173

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Histology Control Slides IHC Control Slides

Histology Control Slides IHC Control Slides

Histology Control Slides IHC Control Slides
Available in a box of 20 unless otherwise indicated. IHC Positive Control Slides. Available in a box of 20.
HCS1000 Fungus Control ICS1000 Alpha 1 Fetoprotein (AFP) Control
HCS1001 Calcium, Von Kossa Stain Control (25/bx) ICS1001 B-Cell, CD45RA Control



HCS1002 Acid Fast Bacteria Control ICS1002 BCL-2 Control

HCS1003 Mast Cell Control (25/bx) ICS1003 Bromodeoxyuridine (BrdUrd) Control
HCS1004 Alcian Blue Control ICS1004 CD 3 Control
HCS1005 Amyloid Control ICS1005 CD 5 Control
HCS1006 Argentaffin Control ICS1006 CD 8 Control
HCS1007 Argyrophil Control ICS1007 CD 15 (LEU-M1) Control
HCS1008 Bile Control ICS1008 CD 20 (L26) Control
HCS1009 Copper Control ICS1009 CD 30 (Ki-1) Control
HCS1010 Elastic Control ICS1010 CD 43 Control
HCS1011 Fite/Nocardia Control ICS1011 CD 45, Leucocyte Common Antigen (LCA) Control
HCS1012 Gram Control ICS1012 CD 45RA, B-Cell Control
HCS1013 Helicobacter Control ICS1013 CD 45RO, T-Cell Control Chromogranin Control
HCS1014 Hepatitis Control ICS1014 Carcinoembryonic Antigen (EMA) Control
HCS1015 Iron Control ICS1015 Chromogranin Control
HCS1016 Melanin Control ICS1016 Cytokeratin-Monoclonal Control
HCS1017 Mucin Control ICS1017 Cytokeratin-Polyclonal Control
HCS1018 Periodic Acid Schiff Control ICS1018 Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Control
HCS 1019 PAS (With Digestion) Control ICS1019 Desmin Control
HCS1020 Pneumocystis Control ICS1020 Epithelial Membrane Antigen (EMA) Control
HCS1021 PTAH Control ICS1021 Factor 8 Control
HCS1022 Reticulum (Retic) Control ICS1022 Glucagon Control
HCS1023 Spirochete Control ICS1023 Hepatitis C Antigen Control
HCS1024 Trichrome Control ICS1024 Hepatitis B Core Antigen Control
ICS1025 Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Control
ICS1026 HMB-45 Control
ICS1027 Herpes Simplex Virus, Type I (HSV-1) Control
ICS1028 Herpes Simplex Virus, Type II (HSV-2) Control
ICS1029 Insulin Control
ICS1030 Kappa Control
ICS1031 Lambda Control
ICS1032 LN 2 Control
ICS1033 Neuron Specific Enolase (NSE) Control
ICS1034 Protein Control
ICS1035 Pneumocystis-IP Control
ICS1036 Prostate Specifi c Antigen (PSA) Control
ICS1037 Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (PSAP) Control
ICS1039 Somatostatin Control
ICS1040 Synaptophysin Control
174 ICS1041 Vimentin Control 175
IHC Pens IHC Pens

IHC Pens IHC Pens

Super Pap Pen
The surface tension provided by the circle
drawn with the pen ensures that only the
amount of antibody solution needed for


sufficient reaction will be applied. Stable up

to 129 degrees C in microwave heat.

The Pap Pen is very effective for immunostaining
procedures by the Peroxidase-Antiperoxidase
(PAP) method, ABC method, B-SA method,
immunofluorescence method, ASD method,
Enzyme method and Frozen Section method.

Available in Regular and Mini Tip.

Regular Tip
SPR0905 Each
SPR0905-5 PK/5

Mini Tip
SPM0928 Each

Tissue Capture Pen

For better adherence of tissue sections. Apply tip to slide in one motion.
Slide is ready to use. Pen charges approximately 3500 slides.

176 TC0417 Each. 177

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Storage, Specimen
Transport, Disposal
Storage Files Storage Files

Storage Files Slide Storage Files

CDIs storage files for tissue blocks and microscope File boxes are sold preassembled in cases (five high) Microscope Slide Storage Files:
slides are engineered to be durable and functional. or unassembled. An outer shell acts as a stabilizer in
CDIs exclusive interior drawer wings can be pulled keeping units stacked together. If desired, file boxes Full/High Drawer:



out to hold slides and blocks in place when the drawers may also be used individually without being stacked. CG1111-X Fully Assembled, CS/5
are not yet full. This feature prevents the user from CG1111-XF Unassembled, CS/5
having to use sponges or paper towels to hold The dimensions of each drawer are 4 x 12 x 11-1/2.
the slides or blocks in place. Designed to economically hold 2,000 slides or 500
tissue blocks.

Original: Half Drawer:

CG1111 Fully Assembled, CS/5
CG1111-F Unassembled,CS/5

180 181

Storage Files Storage Folder

Cassette Storage Files Chipboard Slide Storage

Tissue Block (Cassette) Storage Files Large Cassette Storage Files (Holds LPC1000-LPC1014)
CK1000 Fully Assembled, CS/5 CK1000-LPC Corrugated - one cavity, w/ 4 drawer/EA Chipboard Slide Folder Slide Mailers, Chipboard
CK1000-F Unassembled, CS/5 The 20 slide chipboard folders are made using a double wall construction, Chipboard slide mailers keep slides safe and


ensuring durability. Deep wells ensure slides are protected and not secure during transport. One, two and four

compromised by the closed flaps. Slides pop up when depressed on one slide mailers.
end and the front flap(s) fold completely underneath.

FX8014 Single Mailer, CS/2000

AF0020-BX 10 per box FX8015 Single Mailer, PK/200
AF0020-CS 100 per case FX8016 Double Mailer, CS/1000
FX8017 4-Slide Mailer, CS/200

Paraffin Block Mailer Storage File, Cassettes, Plastic

Paraffin block mailer keeps blocks secure, visible, and Plastic, Stackable Storage for cassette blocks. 250 cassettes per
organized. CS/50 drawer. Each drawer interlocks for secure, space-saving stacking.
(approx 15 x 9 x 2). CS/6

PK1007 CS/50 PK1006 AutoSette Cabinet with 6 Drawers

182 183

Storage Folder Storage Files

Plastic Slide Storage Slide Storage

20 Slide Folder (Plastic) 4 Slide Jar
A 20-slide folder with see through covers. Covers are hinged The jar is made of rigid


polypropylene, has a

and fold completely around back so folder will lay flat when
accessing slides. Multiple folders can be stacked in the open screw cap, and is
or closed position. Sturdy, reusable, and easily cleaned with completely leak proof.
soap and water for years of durable use. CS/10 This unique product is
grooved so that it will
accommodate up to
four microscope slides
PSF1000 CS/10 and is excellent for
special stains as well
as mailing.

These jars are also

available Pre-FIlled
with 95% Ethyl Alcohol
for Cytology.

(See cytology section

page 205)

004250 CS/250

100 Slide Box 5 Slide Mailer

Sturdy plastic mailer
The 100 slide box is made of high impact polystyrene and
with grooves for 5
is secured with a nickel plated rust-resistant clip. Each slot
slides. Hinged snap-top.
is numbered and corresponds to the index on the cover
to ensure proper slide identification. Available in 5 colors.

Slide Mailer (Plastic) FX8020 White, EA. 7131310 CS/10

Translucent Plastic Slide Mailers hold one or two slides FX8021 White, CS/50
securely and economically. Snap close, easy open. FX8022 Blue, EA.
FX8023 Blue, CS/50
FX8024 Green, EA.
FX8025 Green, CS/50
FX8010 Single Mailer, CS/2,000 FX8026 Red, EA.
FX8011 Single Mailer, PK/200 FX8027 Red, CS/50
FX8012 Double Mailer, CS/1,000 FX8028 Yellow, EA.
FX8013 Double Mailer, PK/100 FX8029 Yellow, CS/50
184 185

Slide Box Specimen Containers

Slide Box Storage Containers

25 Slide Box Specimen Storage Containers
The 25 Slide Box is made of high impact polystyrene to securely hold 25 slides. The slots Translucent HDPE, easy press and seal lids. Perfect for storage



are numbered, with an indexed tight-fitting lid to ensure complete protection of the slides. and inter-hospital transport.
When the top of the slide box is removed, each slide is optimally positioned above the
edge of the base enabling easy removal of the slides.
PC8250 8 oz, Bulk, CS/250
This 25 slide box is ideal for storage, kitting, mailing and for use PC8100 8 oz, CS/100
PC0016 16 oz, (short), CS/100
by students and teachers.
PC0032 32 oz, CS/100
PC0064 64 oz, CS/50
PC0085 85 oz, CS/50
PC0174 174 oz, CS/25

FX8000 White, EA.

FX8001 White, CS/20
FX8002 Blue, EA.
FX8003 Blue, CS/20
FX8004 Green, EA.
FX8005 Green, CS/20
FX8006 Red, EA.
FX8007 Red, CS/20
FX8008 Yellow, EA.
FX8009 Yellow, CS/20

186 187
Biohazard Bags Biohazard Bags

Biohazard Disposal Bags Biohazard Transport Bags

Infectious Waste, Biohazard bags Biohazard Transport
Red, dense-poly (12 microns) infectious waste Specimen Bags
Zip-top close and Tear-top


(Biohazard) bag makes disposing of hazardous

open, allows for fast, convenient

waste safer and easier. BX/250 access to specimen. 2 mil
biohazard symbol displayed on
orange background. Pocket
allows for segregation of
BHZ2424 24 x 24 (10 gal)
BHZ2433 24 x 33 (16 gal)
BHZ3340 33 x 40 (33 gal)
BHZ4048 40 x 48 (40 gal)
FX8200 6 x 9 inch, PK/200
FX8201 6 x 9 inch, CS/500
FX8202 6 x 9 inch, BULK/1000

188 189

Labels Labels

Labels Labels
Pinfed labels, 2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8 across Custom Print Labels, Peel and Stick


Pinfed labels: Size: 15/16 X 15/16 Sheet labels. 15/16 x 15/16. Thick or Thin Style.
Material: EDP White with custom print or Color with custom
Adhesive: Permanent print.
Minimum Order 10,000 Labels (stack approx few inches fan fold)

*Also available with custom imprint

LBL1004 Thick Style, PK/10,000
LBL1005 Thick Style, PK/1,000
LBL1006 Thin Style, PK/10,000
LBL1010-2 2 across LBL1007 Thin Style, PK/1,000
LBL1010-3 3 across
LBL1010-4 4 across
LBL1010-5 5 across
LBL1010-6 6 across
LBL1010-7 7 across
LBL1010-8 8 across

Peel and Stick Labels

Sheet labels. 15/16 x 15/16. Thick or Thin Style. Plain White
or Color Labels.
Laser Printer Labels
Laser Printer labels 15/16 x 15/16. Sheet-fed labels for easy printing.
Please specify color and size when ordering
LBL1008 Laser Labels, PK/1056 (88 per sheet/12 sheets)
LBL1000 Thick style, PK 10,000 LBL1008B Laser Labels, CS/8800 (88 per sheet/100 sheets) 1
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
LBL1001 Thick style, PK 1,000 LBL1009 Colored Laser Labels, PK/1056 (88 per sheet/12 sheets)* White Yellow Green Red Orange Blue Pink Tan Salmon Copper Rose Violet Lavender
LBL1009B Colored Laser Labels, CS/8800 (88 per sheet/100 sheets)*
LBL1002 Thin style, PK 10,000 1
14 15 16 17 18 19 29 21 22 23 24 25 26
192 LBL1003 Thin style, PK 1,000 Gray Lime Aqua Chartreuse Gold Silver Magenta Dk. Red Maroon DK. Brown Dk. Blue Dk. Green Black
*Please specify color when ordering 193

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Labels Labels

Consecutive Numbered Labels Consecutive Numbered Labels



Paper, Pads or Roll Xylene Resistant Labels, Pads or Roll Xylene Resistant Cytology Labels
Histology Pre-Numbered Paper Labels pre-printed with White (opaque) or clear label, Roll or Pad Form consecutive numbers are printed on the highest Pre-numbered Xylene Resistant Cytology Labels. Choice
consecutive numbers and prefix of choice. Choose any choose ink color quality pressure sensitive material with the optimal adhesive stock of color ink, 1,000/Roll. (Minimum order 10,000).
color label. Printed on pads unless rolls are specified. that holds tight at temperatures from -50(infinity) to 160(infinity)F. Available Clear or Opaque (white).
These 1/2 x 1 1/4 round-corner labels are supplied on sheets of
up to 50 sheets per tablet. LB1011 Opaque (white)
LB1012 Clear
Each sheet can be printed with as many numbers as desired. Any
LBL1013 15/16 x 15/16, 1,000/Pads color ink can be supplied upon request; however, black will be used YOUR HOSPITAL

P12- 18643 P - 12 - 00
LBL1014 7/8 x 7/8, 1,000/Pads unless otherwise specified. Colored backgrounds are also available C12- 18643
at a small additional cost. Specify any three character letter or CITY AND STATE
number prefix or request labels without a prefix. Should your label
require additional printing, please specify.
Clear: Standard Size: 5/8 x 7/8
Black ink, choose paper label color Rolls--continuous rolls with vertical and horizontal perforations White (opaque): Standard Size: 5/8 x 7/8
between each label. A standard 1 core is used with 3 available White with Bar-Code:
upon request. Pads come standard with 50 sheets per pad. Standard Size: 3/4 x 7/8, 7/8 x 7/8, 5/8 x 7/8
Standard Sizes:

1/2 x 1 1/4, 1/2 x 1 1/2, 1/4 x 1

LBR600 (Roll Form) LBT500 (Tablet Form)

OP-3001 OP-3001 OP-3001

4002 4003

OP-3001 OP-3001 8006
4002 4003
OP-3001 OP-3001
4002 4003


For customized labels download our

custom template on our website Please specify color and size when ordering
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
White Yellow Green Red Orange Blue Pink Tan Salmon Copper Rose Violet Lavender

14 15 16 17 18 19 29 21 22 23 24 25 26
194 Gray Lime Aqua Chartreuse Gold Silver Magenta Dk. Red Maroon DK. Brown Dk. Blue Dk. Green Black 195

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Labels Marker Pens and Pencils

Miscellaneous & Other Labels Marker Pens and Pencils

Labels per roll 320 320 per Roll 100 per Pack 500 per Roll


Size: 3 x 15/16
Style: Die Cut
Stock: Red Fluorescent Permanent

1000 per Roll

Size: 7/8 x 7/8
Style: Die Cut
Color: Red on Gloss Permanent

500 per Roll

Size: 1 1/4 x 5/16
Style: Die Cut
Color: Black on Red Fluorescent


Size: 2 1/4 x 3 1/2

Style: Backslit individual
Size: 2 x 3
Color: Red Fluorescent Permanent LBDOT-119
Style: Die Cut
Color: Red Fluorescent Permanent Size: 7/8 x 7/8
Style: Die Cut
Color: Black on Gloss Permanent
1000 per Roll
Size: 2 1/4 x 15/16
Style: Die Cut
Color: Black on White Permanent

140 per Roll

Size: 1 x 1
Style: Die Cut
LBLPT-4 Color: Four Colors on Gloss Permanent
Size: 1.5 x 500
Style: Tape
Color: Red on White

Labels per roll 600 320 Labels per roll

Moist Mark Plus
Resistant to all solvents. Writes smooth, dark Pencils
and fine on all cassettes and all slides. Use for Pencils/ Slide and Cassette Marking
cytology as a dotting reference marker as Pack with 12 pencils. Writes dark
well. Strictest manufacturing standards. and smooth. Formulated for lab use.
Proprietary, formulated ink.
Size: 3 x 1 5/8 N1000 PK/12
LBTLR-203 Style: Die Cut
Size: 1 1/2 x 1 Stock: Permanent
Color: Black on Yellow Color: Black on White MP1000 BX/10
Stock: Permanent
Style: Die Cut
MP2100 CS/100
196 For additional labels refer to our website: www.cancerdiagnostics.com 197

Brushes and Scrapers Brushes and Scrapers

Cervical Brushes and Scrapers Cervical Brushes and Scrapers

Cervex-Brush Original Cervex-Brush Spatula
The Cervex-Brush ORIGINAL is an endocervical cell collection The Rovers Spatula is intended for the collection of
device for simultaneously collecting cervical and endocervical cells cervical cells for analysis by Pap Smear methods and by
by the clinician during a pap smear. Ideal for use in collecting methods for detecting sexually transmitted disease (STD).
OBGYN specimens for liquid base cytology procedures.
Use in conjunction with Rovers EndoCervex-Brush
for Pap Smear Collection of Ectocervical and
Endocervical cells.
Detachable Spatula head ideal for use with liquid-base
NYL0907 Cervical Cell Sampler (PK/25)
monolayer processing systems.

SB0907 Rovers Spatula Brush, CS/1000

Cervex-Brush Combi
The Cervex-Brush Combi is a new patented, high tech
product capable of delivering higher cellular yield of The Wallach Papette.
endocervical cells than the traditional Cervex-Brush. A device designed to gather both endo and ectocervical
Laboratory tests have also indicated presence of oncogenic cells including those in the transformation zone. Unique,
HPV type cells which will encourage other applications for softer LDP bristles with slip agent gather full spectrum of
the Cervex-Brush Combi. cells in a one-step procedure.

The Cervex-Brush Combi was developed for two main

reasons. For current users of the Cervex-Brush a perfect
smear can be made in the majority of the cases if the
WP025 PK/25
instructions for use are followed properly. In a small percentage
WP090C PK/100
of cases (stenotic os or narrow entry of the endocervical canal) WP090M CS/1000
sometimes a more rigid endocervical sample is needed.

NYL0907-C Cervical Cell Sampler (PK/25)

200 201

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Brushes and Scrapers Brushes and Scrapers

Cervical Brushes and Scrapers Cervical Brushes and Scrapers

Rovers EndoCervex-Brush Cervical Brush (Snap-Tip)
Cervical Brush (Snap -Tip) works
Rovers EndoCervex Brush is a one piece cytology brush with todays liquid based
designed to optimize cellular yield in Pap smear specimen collection. cytology automated systems.
The EndoCervex Brush provides 600 separate collection bristles The Brush comes in a 7 1/2
for the simultaneous collection of cellular material. The Brush length with the brush top
features a stiff yet flexible bristle head with a protective tip to portion featuring an easy
enhance the overall collection process. A safety ring just below Snap-Tip feature. This portion
the bristle head will decrease the possibility of the Brush entering can then easily be dropped
the endometrium during collection. The brush head is detachable into a preparation jar for
after collection. transport.

Rovers EndoCervex-Brush-S designed for adolescent
and nulliparous women, or elderly women with a retracted
transformation zone and/or stenotic entry of the endocervical
canal. A safety ring just below the bristle head will decrease the SPH500 Snap-Tip, CS/500
possibility of the brush entering the endometrium during the SPH000 Snap-Tip, PK/100
collection process. The head of the brush is detachable after SPH050 Snap-Tip, PK/50
collection is complete.

For Ectocervical cell collection, refer to Rovers Spatula.

ECB0907 RoversEndoCervex Brush , CS/1000

ECS0907 Rovers EndoCervex Brush- S, CS/1000

202 203

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Fixatives and Sprays Fixatives and Sprays

Fixatives and Sprays Fixatives and Sprays

Saccomanno Fixative Pap-Spray, Pap Fixative
Saccomannos Cytology Fixative is a widely used fixative in cytology
for specimens such as FNAS, urine, sputums, bronchial washings, Pap Spray is a polyethylene glycol formulation for
pleural and peritoneal fluids, and sputum preparations. rapid, high quality fixation of cytology cell spreads.
A convenient fine-mist sprayer covers cells with a
Saccomannos Cytology Fixatives low alcohol content partially fixes layer that protects cell morphology yet is water and
the specimens cells to protect the cellular integrity, making it a great alcohol soluble. 4 oz spray bottles for economical
pre-fixative for cytology specimens that must be transported or held fixation. Also available in smaller 2 oz. bottles.
for some time.
The Saccomanno Method for sputum separates mucus from the
specimen cells so the cells can be evenly spread onto a microscope
FX1086 4 oz spray pump, CS/12

slide. In the Saccomanno Method for sputum, the sputum is placed

FX1086-2 2 oz spray pump, CS/12
into the Saccomannos Fixative and then the sputum is homogenized
in a micro-blender where the cells of the sputum are forced into the
tip of the centrifuge tube while the mucus stays in suspension. The
supernatant with the mucus is then poured out and the cells are
collected to make a smear. *

SF0037 Gal (3.8L), CS/4

SF0038 Gal (3.8L)
SF0120 120mL, CS/96, (16/BX, 6 BX/CS) Pre-Filled

CF2-Cytology Fixing Fluid

CF2 Cytology Fixing Fluid is formulated for improved fixation of
all body fluids and cytospin preparations. Nuclear and cytoplasmic
detail are distinct, and fixation and staining are enhanced in com-
parison to alcohol fixed specimens. Erythrocytes are lysed and do
not obscure the nucleated cells of interest. *

FX1090 Gal (3.8L) 4 Slide Jar Pre-Filled with 95% Ethyl Alcohol
FX1091 120mL, CS/96, (16/BX, 6 BX/CS) 4 Slide Jar and tray with leak proof top pre-filled with 95% Ethyl
Alcohol, Labeled.

004095 CS/50
* See Cytology Stains in Stain section, Pages 158-161 004095-200 CS/200

204 Pre-Filled 205

Cyto Funnels Cyto Funnels

CytoFunnels CytoFunnels
CytoFunnels, Single
Designed for the Shandon CytoSpin Centrifuge, these
CytoFunnels deposit a thin layer of cells in a clearly defined
area of a microscope slide. These CytoFunnels have the filter
cards pre-attached for consistent, reliable results. The filter card
absorbs any excess fluids. All disposable Funnels are packaged
with closure caps to seal in specimen for added protection.

CytoFunnels are available with white or brown filter cards. For CytoFunnels, Single-All Plastic
sample volumes of up to 0.5 ml, use the funnel with a White CytoFunnels, All Plastic version are convenient and easy
Filter Card and Cap. It provides a cell deposition area of 6 mm to use. The complete funnel includes the filter cards,
(28 mm squared) and allows one sample to be run simultaneously is disposable and eliminates the need for cleaning and

time-consuming decontamination.

on a single slide. It is not necessary to use a different stainless
steel slide clip. These single-use funnels do not need metal clips.
White filter cards are used for sample volumes up to
For samples volumes of up to 0.4 ml, such as Spinal Fluids for 0.5 ml. Brown filter cards are for sample volumes up
example, use the funnel with Brown Filter Card and Cap. It allows to 0.4 ml. The cell deposition area is 6 mm in diameter
for slower absorption of fluids. (28 mm squared).

All components also available separately. All components also available separately.

Funnel with White Filter and Cap Funnel with White Filter and Cap
FX3100 PK/50 FX3108 PK/40
FX3101 CS/500 FX3109 CS/480

Funnel with Brown Filter and Cap Funnel with Brown Filter and Cap
FX3106 PK/50 FX3110 PK/40
FX3107 CS/500 FX3111 CS/480

Single Funnel Single Funnel

FX3102 CS/500 FX3112 CS/500

Cap Cap
FX3103 CS/500 FX3114 CS/500

Filter Paper Base

FX3104 White CS/200 FX3113 CS/500
FX3105 Brown CS/200
Filter Paper
FX3104 White CS/200
FX3105 Brown CS/200

206 207

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Trademark Reference
Cancer Diagnostics, Inc.

AutoFrost Insight-LLD, Lesion Locating Device Thermo Scientific

Bevel Bio-Paper Biopsy Wraps HP35 Ultra
XL-Cal Ink Aid Tissue Dye Setting Solution MX35 Ultra
Calfor Tissue Capture Pen Tissue-Loc HistoScreen Cassettes
Reveal Rinse HD
Moist Mark Plus Dermatoxylin Hematoxylin Swann Morton Ltd., Sheffield England
Pureview Dermosin Hematoxylin Swann Morton
Hematoxylin 660+ Cryo-Hematoxylin, Hematoxylin
Rovers BV OSS Holland
Hematoxylin 615 Cryo-Eosin, Eosin
Cervex Brush
Focus Cryo-Bluing
Ph Blue Cryo-Acid Alcohol Wallach Surgical Devices, Inc
Ultraslip Cyto-Stain Bluing Wallach Papette
AutoSette 3-Stain Dip Kit
Vortex Histology Cassettes EA/OG Cytostain Kimberly-Clark
Snap-Tip Cervical Brush Cytology Clarifier Kim Wipes
CF2 Cytology Fixative Clear Lite Plus
Pacific Paper Products
Pap-Spray Fixative i-Shields
Soft Tech Wipers
Zero Xylene Invisi-shields
Cyto-Alcohol Ultraffin S&S Company of Georgia, Inc


Clear Away Citrus CoverSeal-X PolyForm
60 Below Freeze Spray CoverSeal-T
Soft Cut American Bio-Safety, Inc.
BM2 Formalex
FEATHER Safety Razor Co., Ltd.
UltraFreeze (Frozen Embedding Matrix) Simport
B-5 Sub Slimsette
Pre-Filled Pak (Pre-filled Formalin)
Fast Fix Rapid Tissue Fixative
Frozen Fix
Pre-Freeze (Fresh Tissue Transport Medium)
N-15 Aldehyde Neutralizer
ZorbentZ Lab Wipes
CDIs Tissue Marking Dyes
CDIs Tissue Marking Dyes Squeeze Tip
Cancer Diagnostics Inc.
CDIs Tissue Marking Dyes Applicator Series 300 Dominion Drive, Bldg. 650
Finger Scalpels Morrisville
Stealth Safety Scalpel NC 27560
Restore 4 Enzymatic Cleaner
VaporPads United States of America
Bio-Board Disposable Dissection Board Order Toll Free: 1-877-846-5393
Fax: 1-877-817-1716
Copyright Cancer Diagnostics, Inc.

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