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March 2017 Inside - All Get Dusty
winners and judges
Winter Blues for:
by Martina Zingler
November 2016,
New Marbles
by Dolores Saul February 2017

Eck 4
by Lynn Howarth

March 2017 Page 1

Page 3 Letter from The Pastel Guild Chairman Dorothea Schulz
Page 4 - 5 Get Dusty November competition winners, judged by members of The Pastel Guild Board
Page 6 - 8 Get Dusty Winter competition winners, Guest Judge Suzanne Godbout
Page 9 Feature and Gallery - our Guest Judge Suzanne Godbout
Page 10 - 12 Get Dusty February competition winners, Guest Judge Carol Peebles
Page 13 - 14 Feature and Gallery - our Guest Judge Carol Peebles
Page 15 CreativeWorld Fair Franfurt, Dolores Saul writes
Page 16 Get Dusty Competition schedule and rules.
Page 17 - 18 New members
Page 19 Dolores Saul new Job and Eric Wilson Workshop details
Page 20 LIB - The PGE photo-reference library
A PGE FLYER - explains the benefits of membership -
Dolores Saul has put together an advertising flyer, to encourage more pastel
artists to join our great organisation. She has had a batch printed, which are
available to member to distribute at art clubs etc.

If you would like some, contact Dolores at
Dolores can also supply you with a .pdf or .jpg version
to add to your website, etc.

March 2017 Page 2

From the Chairman of the Pastel Guild of Europe . . .
Dear Member of the PGE
As you already know, the PGE is now registered in Finland and the name had to be slightly changed according to the rules of the Finnish
register office. The PGE is now officially The PastelGuild of Europe.rf . The name may be slightly modified, but for a fee of 15 for
Apprentice members and 30 for Journeyer members, you still have the same benefits as before:
THE FORUM - The forum is the place where you can talk about all things pastel. In our Small Talk thread you can meet other PGE members
and make new friends from all over Europe. But remember, the forum is only as lively and interesting as we all make it by
participating, so please join in!
THE PASTEL SCRIBBLER - Our online magazine showcases the winners of our competitions and the judges comments. It also features
articles about our judges, reviews of workshops and pastel demonstrations. Members can advertise their upcoming exhibitions. The
Scribbler team heartily welcomes contributions from the members, so if you have visited an interesting pastel exhibition, read a
helpful book on pastel or participated in a great workshop, please consider writing about it and sharing it with all of us. E-mail to The Pastel Scribbler Team
THE PASTEL PRAXIS ARCHIVE - Since PGE was founded in 2009, we have published dozens of interesting articles and collected them for Editor: Susan Corcoran
you. We offer demonstrations of entire pastel paintings by experienced painters, tutorials about special topics and methods in Writing and Proofreading:
composition, preparing or just improving paintings. The archive also contains articles about how to frame pastels, artist materials Dorothea Schulz
and tools. Translation: Dorothea Schulz
THE LIB - our Photo Library. Sometimes we need inspiration and our own photos do not offer what we would like to paint. We Contact:
also know that using photos from the internet can bring us into conflict with copyright laws. For this reason, we decided to start Website:
a photo library as a communal project by members for members. It offers free reference photos for you to use. If you have photos
which you think could be used as artistic references, please donate them to our library. Note - The Pastel Scribbler is in-
THE GET DUSTY COMPETITION - 10 times a year, the PGE holds a member competition, something which no other pastel society tended for reading on screen.
offers. The winner not only receives a certificate but wins a material prize. Weve had quite a few prestigious sponsors over the Copyright 2016 Pastel Guild of
years; our current sponsor is Unison Pastel. The winner is featured on our website and Facebook page and has an article in the Europe and included artists, all rights
Pastel Scribbler. reserved
THE MEMBER GALLERY - Every member has a profile on our website and can also upload photos to the member gallery. This is your
chance to showcase your paintings to a broader public, so dont forget to upload your artwork! (Dolores Saul is happy to help if you
have problems - email Your photos should be 800 pixels on the long side.
THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) - Once a year, PGE members meet in a virtual meeting room to receive reports on the activities of
the association and its finances, discharge the treasurer and the board and elect a new one.
MEMBER FEES - As mentioned before, the fee is 15 for Apprentice members and 30 for Journeyer members. The board decided to
change the payment system for the member fees last year. Where everyone had different payment dates depending on when they
had joined the PGE, we now use January 31st as the payment date for all members. The fees for last year have been adjusted,
Please use the following information for a normal bank transfer, or send a message to if you prefer to pay by
Paypal payment request.
The PastelGuild of Europe.rf
Bank: Kvevlax Sparbank
IBAN: FI80 4958 0010 0914 64
Be sure to type your name and email address in the message box, otherwise we only see what bank the payment came from.

March 2017 Page 3

Get Dusty Competition
November 2017

New Marbles
by Dolores Saul
Sennelier softpastels and pastel pencils
on black UART 400. Size of painting
14,5x19cm and my own set up

Lynn Howarth wrote:

This pastel is beautifully composed
and draws the eye round the painting
pleasingly. The clever use of colour,
tone and light makes this painting
feel very real to me - you just want
to pick these marbles up and play
with them!

March 2017 Page 4

Get Dusty Competition
November 2017 Dolores Saul said:
This pastel shows a real childs
corner, nothing tidied up. I love
Second Place the details, the blackboard,
Teddy with Minnie Mouses bow
and the open upper drawer. My
Alicias Corner by Teresa Allen eyes go around the composition
18x19cm on Canson Mi teintes touch paper. and the colours are chosen
My Grandaughter comes to visit us every week carefully for a childs painting,
and she likes to paint and play with her toys soft and not loud.

Get Dusty Competition Bad Apple

November 2017 by Mario Vukelic
20x24 cm, my setup, Bartol's toy

Dolores Saul said:

Third Place Mario has chosen wooden
toys - perfect for modern
times, they need no batteries!
The caterpillar is looking
naughty and I like that.

March 2017 Page 5

Get Dusty Competition
December & January
Free Choice of subject


Winter Blues
by Martina Zingler
Martina was born in 1972 in the small town Salzgitter in
Lower Saxony, Germany. Her career in arts began with
figure and floral drawings in pencil, charcoal and oil.

In the late 1990s, she started working with pastels and

soon concentrated on landscapes and seascapes. Preferred
motifs are trees, skies and water. Besides pastel, Martina
paints in oil, charcoal and mixed media. In 2007, Martina
also started working three-dimensionally as a sculptor;
half-abstract pieces from marble, limestone, alabaster
and soapstone.
Her first solo exhibition was in 2011 in her home town.
Several solo exhibitions and participations followed.
Martina is now also teaching workshops in pastel painting
and soapstone sculpture.
Suzanne Godbout, our guest judge wrote:
The symphonic drama of the scene led me to notice
this work on the first viewing. The overall feeling of
temperature is rendered in such a way that you would
know how to dress up for a stroll into this vivifying
fresh air landscape, hoping for the sun to peek
through the rolling clouds. This is that moment when
the sun lights up the snow, with the foreground
grasses leading us to the other shore, over the turquoise
water to meet the complementary peachy grasses in
this otherwise grey landscape. Notice how the edges
are soft in the upper right corner with no detail on trees
avoiding any distraction from the movement created by
the wind and flowing water. The spontaneous, energetic
pastel touch makes this painting sing !

March 2017 Page 6

Get Dusty Competition Get Dusty Competition
December & January December & January
Free Choice of subject Free Choice of subject

Second Place Third Place

Towards Poole by Judy Tate In the Evening Glow
Painted 'en plein air' in Poole Harbour UK.
32 x12 cm soft pastel on board by Elisabeth Blass
28x21cm on Uart 500 sanded paper. Ref from my
own photos.
Judges comments:
The simplicity of this small painting may Judges comments:
seem ordinary at first glance, but the The richness of grey colours is what makes
overall feeling of action is there. The this cool-warm composition work. The warm
suggested wind surfer confirms the salmon sky is echoed in the foreground. The
presence of wind stretching out those low contrasts and receding blue renders a low
clouds and agitating the water to create -light end-of-day feeling. There are just
this turquoise colour. I see direct pastel enough lines in the trees to direct the viewers
marks that capture this fugitive moment eye and the few touches of light on the snow
with spontaneous artistic expression. accentuate the third dimension. The soft
This looks like one of those plein air edges and low contrast also contribute to
sketches that turns out done before you depict the felted silence of winter stillness.
know it.

March 2017 Page 7

Get Dusty Competition London Reflections by Judy Tate
December & January 33 x 12xm ,Soft pastel on Colourfix from my sketches and photographs
taken in Trafalgar Square London.
Free Choice of subject
Judges comments:
Original composition and format. Its wet in London and
Honourable Mentions that offers the advantage of doubling the lights at night
Lobster 2 by Marie-France Oosterhof (they always do this in movies) cutting out dark silhouettes
50x50 cm Canson mi teintes touch ref my own photo. on the pavement. Loose and spontaneous, it feels like
Judges comments: night life in the city.
What makes this painting a show stopper is not the
subject but the very strong composition that lies
beneath. Obviously, the colours create excitement
for the eye and emotion. All lines, red and black,
converge to focal point (located on a golden spot) -
the face. The cropping offers ways to come in and
get out of the painting. Curves and diagonals bring
movement to this otherwise still subject.
Care was taken to sit the beast on a surface with
shadows, giving the painting its depth. This is what
art is all about: making others see the beauty in the
ordinary by using art tools to manipulate the

Winter Fields by Ruth Mann

28x38cm on Pastelmat. From imagination and my every day view
of the Norfolk countryside.

Judges comments:
This nice little painting is a perfect example for a study in
atmospheric perspective. We can feel the water in the air
affecting the tonal value, the edges and of course the temperature
of colour - cool in the background, warmer in the foreground
but still greyish, respecting the covered sky conditions.

March 2017 Page 8

Meet our Guest Judge for the Winter Get Dusty
Competition - Suzanne Godbout
She has exhibited in Giverny, France
many times and her work has been
featured in Pratique des Arts magazine
in 2016.


Eau Citronee

A pastel painter since 1995, Canadian

September Morning
artist Suzanne Godbout combines her
own professional career with teaching,
demonstrations, conferences and
workshops in order to spread the
renaissance of the pastel media, its
materials and its techniques.
Her work has been shown in many
exhibitions in America, Europe, Russia
and China and has been awarded
many prizes. Developing her work from
observation, her favourite subjects are
still life and landscape.
President of the Pastel Society of
Eastern Canada from 2005 to 2011,
Suzanne has studied with several
great French and American masters.

March 2017 Page 9

Get Dusty Competition This is what our judge Carol Peebles said:
'There are so many wonderful pieces to consider and it was
February 2017 a joy to study them. Please tell the participants that all
entries had some wonderful qualities about them, and that
Winner & Second Place I encourage them to continue working with portraiture.
I would like to point out that each entry had some unique
and beautiful offerings. The award distribution was difficult,
Figure/Portrait as all the work held great promise.

Monochrome Judges comments:

Howarth has a great composition, along with display of technical
Eck 4 by Lynn Howarth ability in both works. Both are very strong pieces which take us
Monochrome portrait in two colours - white
beyond a technical appreciation. She conveys emotion with her
and dark violet pastel on Brown PastelMat
40 x 30cm from own photo and sketches drawing and leads the viewer to consider the subjects' life.
from life.' Exiting to see!

Wisdom by Lynn Howarth

Portrait of a wise man loosely based on a free reference

photo from Pixabay by AjayGoel but very influenced by my
late father who I sketched frequently from life and who was
indeed a very wise man. Unison black and white pastels and
pastel pencil on Anthracite PastelMat board. 23.5 x 33.5cm

March 2017 Page 10

Get Dusty Competition
February 2017 Figure/Portrait
THIRD PLACE Monochrome
The Eyes of a Desert Beauty by Eva Shifli
Portrait in several greytones, black and white, drawn with panpastels and
Derwent pastel pencils on pastelmat, 24 x 30cm Reference was a photo Carol adds:
from pixabay, with permission from Josh Martz.

Judges comments As far as helpful critiquing, I would encourage all

Schlflis piece displays a strong command of the medium the artists to work much more from life.
with varying textures and value control. Composition and
detail also add to the overall strength. Beautiful work! Even if they mostly work from photos, observing
Nature in practice will help their work from photos.
Especially, drawing their subject out first from
life, then perhaps only using the photo for a few
details, will challenge the artist in ways that a
photo never would.

Working from life reminds us of the marvellous

wonders in the natural world and also brings great

March 2017 Page 11

Get Dusty Competition Reflection in Reflection by Ruth Mann
February 2017 15x11" on Pastel Premier paper. With dark brown, white
and a selection of grey pastels.
From a photo by Debra Gibson, with permission
Self Portrait by Elisabeth Blass
28 x 35cm on white PastelMat with Nupastel grays, white and
black. My own fresh ref photo taken with my I-pad.

Judges comments:
Blass captures expression very well, which is the
hallmark of a great portrait. The convincing gesture
draws the viewer in. With a clear light source and
painterly detail, she has created a wonderful piece!

Stefan by Dorothea Schulz

Black, grey and white pastels and pastel pen-
cils on Light Umber AS Colourfix board 17x11"
From my own photo

Judges comments:
Schultz has captured a great sense of
Judges comments:
light on both of her pieces. They display
Manns piece has a wonderful composition, balanc-
a good understanding of proportion and
ing the detail of the figure with the simple, dark
volume. Nice handling of the medium is
background. Varied textures and edges also add to
evident in both pieces as well. She had
its strength, and the mood captured plays a central
captured a lovely expression in the eyes.
role in the success of the work. How lovely!
A joy to study!.

March 2017 Page 12

Meet our Guest Judge
Carol Peebles

New Orleans Native Carol Peebles is one of the most prolific, successful and
sought after teachers and portrait artists working today. Her drawing classes and
portrait commissions are in such great demand that both students and clients are
eager to be placed on her waiting lists. There are many reasons for her success,
but it is her dual passions for life drawing and motivating people to find the best
in themselves through art that draw so many into her circle of influence.
As a professional artist, Carol's exquisitely sensitive portraits reflect the technical
and emotional skills she has honed in the 25 years she has devoted to her art. Her
early years of formal training at the University of New Orleans, BA, Penn State,
MFA, and the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts were enhanced by travelling and
working throughout Europe and New York. Having thoroughly studied and explored
the Great Masters, as well as engaging in a more contemporary dialogue about
art, Carol proudly embraces her greatest inspirations - classical realism, drawing
from life, the late 19th century painters and illustrators.
As a teacher, Carol has a deep-seated belief: You can draw. Success is directly
related to your faith and discipline, not talent. You will never rise higher than
how you see yourself and your work. She is very committed to teaching and truly
believes a closer appreciation of one's own creativity brings happiness. Ask any of
her students, and it is her passionate beliefs that inspire them to dream big and
to improve so rapidly and dramatically that many become successful and
productive artists under her tutelage.
So strong is Carol's commitment to teaching from life and encouraging her students
to be aware of their immediate environment and respectful of the natural world
that she began her own drawing Atelier, the Blue Easel Club, in 2009. Founded on
the belief that in order to develop as an artist, one cannot just study technique -
one has to live the life of an artist - the Blue Easel Club was inspired by one of
her most beloved mentors, master photographer Johnny Donnels. In all of her
classes and workshops, Carol encourages her students to continue Donnel's
tradition of living life to the fullest, being open to every moment, and expressing
their observations of life through art. She attributes her technical skills and
appreciation of life drawing to the founder of the New Orleans Academy of Fine
Arts, Master Auseklis Ozols. . . He taught me how to see says Carol.
Carol has combined her extensive travels and love of foreign languages with her
belief that drawing is an international language connecting people. Through the
Blue Easel Club, Carol is committed to teaching people how to draw from life as
an antidote to the isolating effects advancing technologies are having on
our society. With the international growth of the Blue Easel Club, Carol is
sharing a healthier way of integrating new technologies with the enduring, classical
art of drawing from life. View Carol's extensive classes and workshops at

March 2017 Page 13

Meet our Guest Judge Carol Peebles (contd)

To view more of Carols

beautiful portraits, visit

March 2017 Page 14

Frankfurt, Germany, 2017
Dolores Saul writes: Isabell V. Lim PSA-MP,IAPS-MP

As in 2016, I was hired by New York based art company UART to give demos at their stall
during the Creativeworld fair in Frankfurt, Germany. (For more information about UART
paper, read my review in the February 2016 Scribbler). Although the demos didnt leave me
a lot of time to look around, here is some news about pastel products:
At the Royal Talens stall I learned about their range of Van Gogh pastel pencils. They are
only sold in boxes of 12 and 24 pencils. They also recommended the 48 piece box set by
UART now offers a mounted board which is significantly lighter than the Ampersand
equivalent. The sturdy support is made of lightweight Sintra PVC. It is sold in sizes 9 x 12,
12 x 16 and 18 x 24 and in all 7 grades (240,280,340,400,500,600,800).
rt and Tomm
Unfortunately, nobody could answer my question where to buy single Daler Rowney pastel Alain Boppa from UART
sticks. Apparently, they are not sold in Germany. But I was given a phone number for more Esposito
On Sunday we received a visit from no less than master pastellist Isabelle V. Lim PSA, IAPS
-MC,SPDF-MP and her husband. She had to do a demo in Hall 1 and the paper she had
brought from Hongkong had been damaged in the hotel. Of course she received a whole
pad for free. She looked at my winter pastel which I had painted at the stall as a demo and
complimented me on the details; I was so thrilled! We visited her later at the booth of
Korean pastel producer MUNGYO. She demonstrated her technique with a Koi painting
which was being photographed every minute. We chatted about the different pastels and I
was able to test that brand. MUNGYO pastels are very soft and contain no harmful substances.
The have a large colour range on offer. We said good-bye with a hug and the promise to
stay in touch.
I had fun painting my winter pastel. The super soft Terry Ludwig pastels are ideal for the
UART 400 grade. It sold immediately during the fair! Without mat and frame, it went to
Switzerland. I only realized after the fair had ended that it didnt even have a name!
Weiltalwinter (Winter in the Weil valley) shows the beautiful atmosphere at the small
Weil brook in the snowy Taunus region where I live. h her
Dolores wit
pa inting
Also on Sunday I got a commission to do a painting with Derwent pastel pencils for a catalogue finished
lw inter
cover. I received the pencils and a weekend job in the Netherlands where I will give a demo Weilta
in pastel painting in March.
This was all very exciting and with a complimentary stack of UART paper I returned home,
tired but happy.

March 2017 Page 15

Get Dusty Competition Get Dusty Competition Rules
Themes for 2017 1. Participation: Get Dusty Competition is open to all Apprentice and Journeyer members of the Pastel Guild of Europe who are 18 years old or more.
2. Subject of Competition: Themes are decided by the board. (Suggestions for themes are very welcome) Themes are announced in advance of the competition.
The submitted paintings shall have a connection to the theme of the month. (A painting of a cat will not do if the theme is animals/horses. The board makes the decisions,
PGE Members - join in the fun and won't debate.) If you have any questions concerning your interpretation of the theme, do ask before committing to paper in the website Forum section Competitions.
and whip up some dust, 3. Entries (Form of entries, digital data, formats): All paintings must be submitted online no later than the stated date of deadline of the month. The date ends at 00:00
CET. The entry deadlines are announced at the Dusty schedule page and in the forum of the website.
painting for our monthly You may submit up to two paintings for each month's competition. (For the time being - this may change, so check this point.)
pastel challenge! The submission shall be done using the upload form of the Get Dusty gallery page of the PGE website.
All paintings entered must have been created within the last four years.
You must state the size of your entry (that is the actual size of the painting) in the description box when uploading. If no size is stated your entry will be automatically
Get Dusty is a competition for pastel disqualified. If you wish you may also include details of the type of paper and pastels used and a general description of the painting. Pastel paintings only. Mixed Media
artists of all levels, organized by PGE paintings must have 80% pastel.
All submitted artwork must be by your own hand only, no work completed under instruction allowed. Peer critique which leads to changes is regarded as 'instruction'.
members for PGE members on a No copies of other artwork. If you use a reference, you must have the right to use it. (You do not want a copyright suit, submitting to Get Dusty is publishing.) You
monthly basis. must also state the source of any reference used for your entry. If your entry was done from life, imagination or your own reference photo, say so. If an external reference
Prizes to the Winner of each months was used you should state its source and, where appropriate, the name of the person to whom it belongs. If you do not add this information when entering, or later in the
comments box, your entry will be disqualified.
competition are kindly donated by our 4. Technical issues All entries should be 800 pixels on the long side. Entries which are smaller than the required size will be disqualified. Entries which are greater than
generous Sponsors. 800 pixels will be downsized automatically with a possible loss of quality. No entry should be significantly smaller than approx. 300 kb. The file format shall be jpg or jpeg.
5. Prize: There shall be one winner, who will win a prize either granted by a sponsor or the PGE board. This prize can vary. The winner shall have an interview published
April in the Pastel Scribbler newsletter.
Note: The winner also gets an article in the website category "Get Dusty winner". A winning picture will be permanently displayed in the Get Dusty Winner gallery.
Category Animals A member shall not be allowed to win more than two Get Dusty prizes in one year. If a member who has won the prize twice wins the Dusty again that person will be
Baby Animals - Spring is the right declared the winner of the competition. However, the prize will go to another entry chosen by the judge/judges.
time to paint new life! We'll also select second place, third place, plus up to 3 Honorary Mentions who will get their paintings displayed in the Get Dusty Gallery. The placed and the honourable
mentioned pictures will get an article in the website category "Get Dusty Results". The placed pictures are eternally displayed in the PGE website Get Dusty gallery.
Closing date: 25th April 2017 All other entries of each month remain eternally visible in the Get Dusty gallery of the PGE-website
6. Jury: The winner is elected by a jury of board members or a guest judge appointed by the Board. The jury's decision is not debatable.
May 7. Restrictions: You will of course only send in clean artwork. Traditional figures in the nude are considered clean. The PGE board decides what is acceptable or not, and
there exists no court of appeal. So-called adult material, racism, and offending of religions and nations, or sexual preferences, are not acceptable paintings.
Category Still Life 8. Checklist For Dusty entries:
Still life with porcelain - You may Artistic merit/originality - is my choice of subject matter and/or approach (within the given theme) original?
include other objects, but the em- Drawing - does my artwork show sound drawing skills?
phasis should be on the porcelain, Pastel Technique - does the pastel technique used suit the subject chosen?
so no vases of flowers this time Composition - is it a good composition?
Tone/Value - are the values good?
Colour - is the use of colour effective for the subject chosen?
Closing date: 25th May 2017 Edges - have I used a good variety of edges, and where appropriate?
Technical: Photo/scanner quality: Is the image straight, and without camera distortion?
June Have I taken care to crop off frame and mat, or the borders of the paper?
Category Figure is the work photographed/scanned without glass, and have no distracting reflexes?
All Dressed Up - a clothed fe- Have I adjusted the values of the photo/scan so that it isn't too dark, too bright, or too mid-toned?
Is my upload 800 pixels on the long side? approximately 300kb? Jpg-format?
male figure, either full length or 9. How to enter: You must be logged in; There are two ways to reach the entry-pages: Main Menu: Get Dusty Competition/Get Dusty Galleries/{current month}
upper torso, in historical, national or Get Dusty Current Category Image on the Front page, left side (more direct way). If you are in the Get Dusty Gallery click on "User panel" and on the Upload button. In
or carnival dress. No everyday the category drop-down list look for the actual month. (default selection) Select the actual month and theme. Enter the mandatory information into the fields (size,
reference) search for your image-file on your computer (you may also use the drag & drop form). Upload your image-file to the website.
wear please!
Closing date: 25th June 2017
March 2017 Page 16
HELLO . . . Dimitar Diankov Michele Ashby - Hi everyone I'm an artist working and living in Essex, England. Having received a BA
(Hons) degree in Graphic Design at Kingston Polytechnic I carved out a very successful career as a graphic
to our new members 1975-77 Studies at the Academy for Fine
Arts in Sofia
Mothers Day last year, I gave a pastel drawing of my dog Bobby to my mum and unthinkingly posted the
1977 - 1982 Apprenticeship with altar picture to social media. I was so surprised to receive such a positive reception from friends and family and
builder Peter Kuschlev, Sofia almost straight away began taking commissions to draw other peoples furry friends and so, Micheles Pet
1982 Master craftman's certificate Pawtraits began.
Since 1982 Freelance artist in Sofia In pursuit of new challenges I drew a close member of the family in the way of a gift, then pretty soon people
Since 1990 Freelance artist in Sofia & began requesting artwork of their loved ones.
Berlin Now, as well as continuing my work with Micheles Pet Pawtraits and Micheles Portraits, I paint personal
1995 - 2000 Studies at the New Bulgarian pieces that are more reminiscent of what I drew in my spare time when I was younger.
University, Sofia, subject Applied art For me inspiration comes by way of shadows dancing on an otherwise routine dog walk, sailboats half-sunk in
studies a muddy estuary or a row of cows lining up to stare as I walk by. Whatever the subject, its the light I enjoy
Lives in Ockholm since Autumn 2000 replicating!
Since December 2001 member of the BBK
Subjects: Painting, drawing, sculpture,
graphic design
5 o-clock Shadow

Viewing the Viewer

Acorns to Oaks

March 2017 Page 17

Carmen Gardner - I am an artist and Nap Time Yolanda Coervers- Hi my name is
teacher from Haiku, Hawaii (have lived here Yolanda Coervers I'm happily married,
for the past 35+ years). My main medium is mother of three beautiful daughters and four
watercolour, and then oil. I've only recently lovely grandchildren. I was born in 1965 in
tried my hand at pastel and the paintings the Netherlands where I still live.
shown are my first serious efforts with the From childhood I had a love of animals and
medium. I find it very relaxing and I have I'm currently the proud owner of a German
gotten very dusty! My work is represented by Sheppard named Gandhi, I always had dogs
two galleries here on Maui: Viewpoints in in my life.
Makawao and Hana Coast Gallery in Hana. I'm I began drawing with soft pastel in 2008 and
married and have two Maltese boys who are with my passion for animals my drawings
my painting buddies and a cat who showed revolves mostly around them but I recently
up as a kitten to my studio. We named her started Portraiture.
Frida Kahlo! I'm on Facebook: My husband and I love to travel and it's a good way to get nice reference photos. I currently host Master-Class workshops with
I send you all my aloha and look forward to artists such as Eric Wilson (England) and Eric
learning from you all. HUGS and aloha from Pouillet (France) in Heerlen not far from the
Planet Haiku! German border. I also attended 2 Master-
Class workshops of Canadian artist Dianna
Ponting. Dates & info on Master-Class work-
shops can be found on website or you can contact
me :

Lion Sadhu
Here Kitty, Kitty

Braveheart Racoon on the Rocks

March 2017 Page 18

Teresa Allen Eva Schlafli
I have enjoyed painting from
I live in a very rural part of Switzerland, with my husband, two boys and a lot of animals.
an early age and my work
focuses on landscapes and I enjoyed drawing as a child; flowers, houses, animals and things around me, I loved to work with
pencil because it can be detailed.
seascapes. My inspiration is
sunlight - the colours, shapes My parents sent me on courses, such as painting in the zoo. But later I had other interests, work
and patterns it creates on the and marriage. Ten years later, I have started to draw again. With my love of animals and nature I
landscape around us. draw our own dogs and horses using coloured pencils. I started trying more details, to improve my
drawing of fur, eyes and noses. Soon friends asked me to do there pets too, then came my first
I exhibit with Tadworth Art
commission - a dog portrait. This was the beginning of my new passion. I love to bring joy and
Group in Surrey. Other past delight to people with a picture of their beloved pet, creating a keepsake for ever. I try to catch
exhibitions include Surrey the personality of the animal, its expression and soul.
Open Studios, Sutton Arts
Most of my early drawings were in coloured pencils, with the background in hard pastels.
Council, Denbies Vineyard and About a year ago I discovered soft pastels. I love them more with every picture I do. In this
the Children's Trust. technique I am totally self taught and still learning a lot by studying other artists pictures, videos
and demos. I hope to learn much more here with PGE!
Every day I paint, often for many hours. I always have a lot of commissions, but try to find time
for own works. My special interest are animals, pets and wildlife.

March 2017 Page 19

New jobs thanks to PGE
In 2016 I told you that I had been given a job at the Creative World fair in Frankfurt/Germany. Now
I am being offered one job offer after another - and its all because of my PGE membership! Yolanda Coervers, one of our new members wrote
This is how it came about: to tell us about a workshop that she is hosting:
UArt, a New York-based company was looking for an artist who could demonstrate pastel painting .
on their paper and who lived close to Frankfurt. During their internet search they came across the
PGE website and found my name in the members list. They visited my website and liked what I am the organizer for the master class
they saw. They also noted that I had won a few Get Dusty competitions. of the award winning British wildlife
They emailed me and asked if I knew UArt paper and would I be willing to accept their job offer.
Unfortunately I didnt know UArt paper but they immediately sent me a few pads in different
grades for testing. I was really enthusiastic about their paper and gladly accepted. We quickly
agreed upon the terms of my contract.
Eric F J Wilson.
They invited me again for this year; each time I had a great time at the fair. Now I am a member of Please note that there will be an extra
the UArt team, we have become friends and I will continue to work for them; I fully recommend
their UArt Premium Sanded Pastel Paper. Three-day course in November 2017.
During my time at the Creative World Fair I made the acquaintance of several other art company Location will be the Netherlands near
sales reps. I was commissioned by a German company to present the UArt paper during an art
weekend at a big art shop in the Netherlands. the German border (not far from
The event at the beginning of March was extremely well organized and a lot of fun. PGE chair Aachen)
Dorothea Schulz and PGE member Brigitte Court came to see me; what a great reunion! We were
30 artists in all and really enjoyed showing our work. More than 1300 If you are interested please sent an
visitors came over the weekend. We barely had time for a break, so email to : for
we were treated to food and drink at our work desks! Some of the
visiting pastel artists showed interest in becoming PGE members; I am details .
really hoping they will sign up.
In addition I was commissioned to produce a pastel painting with
Derwent pastel pencils on UArt paper. Because I didnt have any of
their pencils, I was given a 24pc box. The German company liked my
painting very much and bought it.
I was asked to do more jobs like this all over Germany and the
neighbouring Benelux countries. Isnt that exciting?
So you see even career wise it pays to be a PGE member!

March 2017 Page 20

NEW! - The PGE Photo Library Where to find the access to the LIB
Youll find the access to the LIB in the User Menu. We have introduced a tree structure
which works like the one you probably know from Windows Explorer.
The PGE is happy to announce the re-launch of its own The upload works like the one for Get Dusty; click User Panel, then Upload and select the
Photo Library (LIB) We hope that this work-in-progress will subcategory which fits your photo best.
turn into a source of inspiration for our members. Choose a title and put a few keywords into description; this way, other members can
However, in order to work, the LIB needs you to contribute: this is a communal project use the User Panels search function to narrow down their search. Keywords highlight
by members for members. So if you have photos which you think could be good artistic different aspects of a photo. Eg. if you upload a photo of a Swedish castle in summer
references, please donate them to our library. your keywords could be: Sweden, summer, castle, park, pond. If you cant find a
category that fits your photo, send a private message to Dorothea Schulz, the Librarian.
Every library has a set of "house rules" and ours is no exception:

PGE Photo Library Rules At present there are 9 Categories:

I. Uploading Skyscape
Only upload your own photos; we dont want any copyright problems!
The photo should be virus-free and meet certain photographic standards.
It has to be clear and neither under nor overexposed. Out of focus and very
dark or light photos will be deleted.
Do not post photos of your personal artwork; the place for that is the forum.
Please observe the specifications about max/min size and resolution for
the photo to be of use as a reference:
The photo should have between 800 and 1200 pixels on the long side.
File size should be at least 800 kb and max 1000 kb. Still Life
The librarian (LIB administrator) reserves the right to move or delete
photos or add keywords. Seascape
II. Downloading
The photographer grants you the right to download the photo for your own personal use Landscape
as an artistic reference.
The copyright stays with the photographer; the photo may not be published or otherwise
used without written permission from the copyright holder. Cityscape
If you use a photo as reference, it is good manners to notify the photographer. He/she
will surely be flattered.
You may show and sell the resulting artwork; if you do, please mention your source
(reference photo by XY with permission). Please do not upload paintings or illustrations to the photo-library. Your photos of
your paintings belong in your own gallery page.

March 2017 Page 21

Pastel Workshops and Your Painting Holiday in Croatia 2017

Croatia is calling you

to The Pastel Adventure!
Sun and blue Adriatic sea
Casey Klahn, June 2017 Alain J. Picard,
Home-cooked food July 2017
Meet fellow pastel artists Andrew McDermott, July 2017 Gail Sibley, Sept 2017
Learn from the best Pastel Masters

Pastel Workshops Croatia

Special offer for PGE members, check PGE forum for details.
March 2017 Page 22