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Name: Justin Jedlica

Watch the videos through the links provided and design

the answers together with your team mates.



1. Describe your subject.

Discuss with your team mates to profile (his childhood,

the environment experience that develop his mental
models) your subject of research.

2. Discuss on the subjects:

a) Cognitive exposure

b) Normative exposure

c) Mental Model development


Cognitive mechanism is how your brain has develop its synapses over time to help you
Cognitive Mechanism build ideas and make connections.
When one is exposed to different positive settings, it helps the brain to produce more synapses. It is proven when one is
exposed to more ideas, these aspects develop faster and greater; Language development, organization of free recall,
acquisition of arithmetic, reading skills and good ability in problem solving.

Normative Decision Theory NDT focuses on decisions that is made based on the influences of one's norms.

One developed principles and understanding of life from the accumulation of his understanding towards his
surroundings. The exposure that one has allow himself to experiment and understand his surroundings. Usually, the norm
perceieved will be viewed as the truth. However, if one has exposed himself with different norms, his synapses will
mutiply and he allows himself to understand things better through many perspectives thus develop ideas and decisions
based on his understanding from different norms.

Mental Model portrays the result of your cognitive and normative exposure. The higher
Mental Model exposure will result in more sparks of different concepts that is shape into your thoughts
a.k.a your mental model

Mental model is the representation of your ideas that is shaped through years of observation. The observation that you
deveoped from your surroundings.