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It is really surprising that today, in our so-called highly standardized society, an

increasing number of people feel rejected, depressed and belong to the poverty line here in the
Philippines. And the worst thing is that others are unable to see any meaning in life. Did you ever
wonder how these people eat every day? How these situations affect the children of this time?
Are they satisfied with what they are experiencing right now? Are they not in pain and hunger as
they continue their journey in life? These children desire to eat and play but they don’t have any
option at all. All these questions arose as we witnessed all of these scenarios.

For approximately 91, 983, 000 people comprising the total population of the Philippines,
32.9 or 9.67% are below the poverty line and it ranks as the number 59 worldwide. Those
families belong to the low-socio economic level is the most affected people. These families have
little or no access to health services and education and limited prospects for a better life.

We, the nursing students play an important role as we practice our learned concepts about
the community health nursing. Community health nursing is centered on the individual and
family. With the variety of interventions rendered for them, one general objective is fir the
family to become self-reliant. Health workers want to emphasize that they should offer their
commitment as well as their full support to their co-members for them to attain good health. We
decided to chose family Major to be the focus of our study.

Specifically, we aim to:

a) Take note the family’s baseline information.

b) Identify their health condition.

c) Assess if there are presence of health threat, health deficits, wellness condition and
foreseeable crisis.

d) Prioritize their health-related problems.

e) Render effective family nursing care plan.

f) Promote health prevention of possible occurrence of diseases.

g) Encourage the family to initiate effective problem solving skills to uphold their quality of
health and life.

There is really in need for the government, institutions, as well as us student nurses to
focus on how these poor voice out their concerns that can affect their lives. The ways and the

means that enable the poor to join and work towards better future are the focus of health and





Mr. M 48yo Male Father Roman Bisaya Elementary Complete


Mrs. M 45yo Female Mother Roman Bisaya Elementary Complete


Child 1 17yo Male Eldest Roman Bisaya 4th year Complete


Child 2 15yo Female Second Roman Bisaya 2nd year Complete


Child 3 12yo Female Third Roman Bisaya 1st year Complete


Child 4 10yo Male Fourth Roman Bisaya Grade 5 Complete


Child 5 9yo Male Fifth Roman Bisaya Grade 2 Complete


Child 6 6yo Female Sixth Roman Bisaya Kinder Complete


Child 7 3yo Female Seventh Roman Bisaya Not yet in Complete


Address: Buenbrazo St. San Isidro, Cotabato City

Head of the family: Father

Source of income: Works as a baker, Works at tailoring

Income: Father- 2,800/month


Behavior: The family was cooperative and hospitable enough during the course of assessment.


A. Family structure and Characteristics

Family M is a nuclear type of family composed of Mr. and Mrs. M and their 7 children.
In their family, Mr. M does the decision making and shoulders the expenses of the family. Mr. M
is 48 years old and works at the bakery as a baker. While Mrs. M is 45 years old and works on
the tailoring shop. Child 1 is 17years old and he is in 4th year high school, Child 2 is 15years old
and she is in 2nd year high school, Child 3 is 12years old and she is in 1st year high school, Child
4 is 10 years old and he is in Grade 5, Child 5 is 9years old and he is in Grade 2, Child 6 is
6years old and she is in Kinder and Child 7 is 3years old and she is not in school yet.

According to them they can eat three times a day but sometimes due to the inadequate
income they only eat two times a day. Sometimes there are inadequacy in terms of the amount
and quality of foods they are eating. Vegetables like alugbati, malunggay, and kamote tops are
their usual viands. Sometimes they have rice sometimes they don’t have. They don’t have any
garden in their house. They buy on market or ask to their neighbors. They also eat fish like
bolinao, and matambaka.

When the children are free, they usually play with their neighbors at the back of their
house. Mrs. M used to stay outside their house under the tree when she wants to rest. Mr. M
seldom stays on their house. He always works at the bakery.

B. Socio – economic and Cultural Characteristics

According to the family, the sources of their income are their works at the bakery and
tailoring shop. The father is a baker and the mother works at the tailoring shop. Mrs. M’s daily
income is 200 while Mr. M’s monthly income is 2, 800. This money earned by them are the only
means for them to eat three times a day. But sometimes if they are short they eat 2 times a day.
Mrs. M is the one who is in charge for the budget of their income. There is a time that their
income is not enough for their necessities.

Mr. M finished elementary education and his wife also. For the kind of educational
attainment they have, they don’t expect much for their family. They just want to live a simple
life with their 7 children. The religion of the family is Roman Catholic and they are Bisaya.

C. Home and Environmental Factors

They already stayed in their house for almost 10 years. Within that span of time, they are
paying 300 pesos every month as a house rental. The family resides at San Isidro, Cotabato City.
Approximately, there are 263 steps from Casa Blanca. The house is made up of light materials
such as bamboo and low quality woods. Their house was not that organize. There are parts which
were not properly fixed and nailed. They have 2 doors and 4 windows located at the front and

side of the house. There are holes and defects noted at the floor and ceiling of the house. The
area of the house is 135x120 which not a conducive area is for 9 people. The family’s
surrounding is prone to accident due to several hazards noted.

Inside their house, there are things scattered that can be a cause of an accident. There was
no furniture present. They cooked outside beside their garbage area. They used “kaldero” upon
cooking. They used “kalan” and woods to make fire. They have a source of light. When they
sleep they use banig and mosquito nets. They usually go to sleep at around 9pm.

They get their drinking water at the “poso”, and sterilized it. They store it in different
galloons. For the garbage disposal, they did not separate biodegradable from non-biodegradable
garbage. Their comfort room is located outside and at the back of their house. They have bowl
and they need to get water to flash it. Their neighbors are meters away from them.

D. Health status and Medical history

According to the client, her children’s usual complaints are fever, cough, and colds. Mr.
M’s usual complain is headache and Mrs. M’s usual complaint is dizziness. These health
problems might be related to the weather and everyday’s activities of the family members. The
anthropometric data of the family which measures nutritional status where as follows.

Client Weight Height Abdominal Classification of Interpretation

Girth BMI
Mrs. M 39 kg 146 cm 66 cm Emaciation(less 18.30 Normal
than 14.9)
Child 4 21 kg 125 cm 55 cm Underweight(15 13.44
-18.4) Underweight
Child 5 18 kg 115 cm 56 cm Normal(18.5- 14.37
22.9) Underweight
Child 6 16 kg 107 cm 54 cm Overweight(23- 13.93
27.9) Underweight

Child 7 12 kg 89 cm 53 cm Obese(27.6-40) 15.15

than 40)

The table shows that only Mrs. M has a normal BMI, and that her children were
underweight. These findings indicate that the family suffers from malnutrition. Even though Mrs.
M mentioned that they manage to eat three times a day, still it was not enough because their food
were insufficient to satisfy the needs of their growing body. The other members of the family
were not included in the table, because they were not there during the home visitation.

E. Values, Habits, Practices and Health Promotion

When asked about health practices of their family, they said that for them health is very
important as the saying says, “Health is wealth”. But because of the unfortunate situation, they
cannot afford to maintain check-ups because of lack of financial capacity. They just consult for
medical condition if one of them is sick. Sometimes they failed to do so; instead they self-
medicate which is not supposed to be. Fortunately, they all completed their immunizations.




: San Isidro Ave.

: Buenbrazo St.


A : Casa Blanca

B : Rafael’s Pension House

C : House of the Patient


Cues/ AMB Health Problem Category Justification

• Mother verbalizes “Kapag

walang pasok, hindi na sila Poor hygiene Health Threat Poor hygiene increases the client’s vulnerability to infection
minsan naliligo kasi puro laro na VI. SECOND LEVEL ASSESSMENT or diseases among children. Too much contact outside the
lang ginagawa nila” house and expose to soil which contains microbes can cause
diseases and illness to the children.
• Untrimmed nails

• Untidy dress

• Children don’t wash their faces

even with dirt.

• Mother verbalized “Minsan lang

kami makakain ng isda at karne. Malnutrition Health Deficit Health deficit requires immediate intervention to eliminate
Wala kasing pera. Minsan toyo further consequences. due to inadequate knowledge on
lang at suka. Madalas gulay ang proper nutrition and financial capacity, family is unable to
pagkain namin.” avail the nutritional requirement needed by our body to
maintain its normal functioning. If this would be left
• Mother sometimes borrows
untreated, it can lead to physical and mental disabilities, then
money for them to buy food and
would possibly lead to death.
baon of her children.
• The father seldom gave his
income for their home expenses.
• Family income of 2,000 Php a
• Insufficient food intake both in
quality and quantity.

• Mother verbalized “Madami nga Presence of breeding/ resting Health Threat It is classified as health threat because mosquito can bring
lamok lalo na kapag nagaulan.” sites of vector diseases such as dengue Fever and Malaria which can harm
the body. The shown cues can be a site for the mosquito to
• Presence of uncovered water breed. Since that mosquito have the capability to transmit
containers. virus, it should have an immediate action.

• Presence of stagnant water in 10

• Mother Poor hygiene Health Threat Inability to make 1. Nature of the • It is a health threat since poor hygiene
verbalizes decisions with Probem: increases clients vulnerability to diseases
“Kapag respect to taking especially among children
walang pasok, appropriate 2 /3 x 1 = 0.67 • The alternative resources and interventions are
hindi na sila health action due available to the family making the problem
minsan to low salience of highly modifiable
naliligo kasi the problem. 2. Modifiability of • Through reinforcement and health teachings
puro laro na the Problem: and client’s willingness to cooperate on the
lang ginagawa occurrence of the diseases brought about by
nila” 2/2x2=2 poor hygiene could be prevented
• The family recognizes it as a problem but their
• Untrimmed financial resources are limited
3. Preventive
• Untidy dress Potential:

• Children don’t 2 / 3 x 1 = 0.67

wash their
faces even
with dirt 4. Salience :

1 / 2 x 1 = 0.5

Total Score: 3. 84

• They use stairs Risk for injury Health Threat Inability to 1. Nature of the • It is classified as health threat because the
in climbing on provide a home Probem: children were fun of going upstairs. And even
their house. environment if they wear their slippers, still it is not a
The stairs conducive to 2 / 3 x 1 = 0.67 protective gear for them, because nails are
don’t have a health sharp enough to penetrate in the feet and other
handle. maintenance and parts of the body of the person.
personal 2. Modifiability of • The problem is easily modifiable because
• There are large development due the Problem: preventive measures can be done if they want
irregular- inability to to.
shaped stones foresee possible 2 /2x2=1 • It has a moderate preventive potential since
in their threats in the the resources can be easily acquired.
ground. construction • The problem was observed by the family but
materials they do not perceive it as something that needs
3. Preventive an immediate attention.

2 / 3 x 1 = 0.67

4. Salience :

1 / 2 x 1 = 0.5

Total Score: 3.84

• Mother Accident Health Threat Inability to 1. Nature of the • Problem is classified as health threat since
verbalizes hazards provide a home Probem: Risk for fire poses grave danger not only to
“Dito kami specifically fire environment health but to life as well. It can happen when
nagluluto. hazards conducive to 2 / 3 x 1 = 0.67 the family finishes cooking and the fire is left
Iniingatan na health unattended especially at night.
lang naming maintenance and • Lack of enough financial resources makes the
baka kasi personal 2. Modifiability of problem partially modifiable.
makaabot ang development due the Problem: • Preventive measure can be done like putting
apoy sa bahay to inadequate of the gas range after cooking .
naming.” family resources 1/2x1=1 • The problem is recognized but the family
didn’t see it as something serious to be acted
• Kitchen was upon immediately.
situated beside 3. Preventive
their house. Potential:

• House was 3/3x1=1

made up of
light materials
(Wood) 4. Salience :

1 / 2 x 1 = 0.5

Total Score: 3.67

Inability to make

decision with
• Mother Presence of Health Threat respect to taking 1. Nature of the • It is classified as health threat because
verbalized breeding/ resting appropriate Probem: mosquito can bring diseases such as dengue
“Madami nga sites of vector health action due Fever and Malaria which can harm the body.
lamok lalo na to low salience of 2 / 3 x 1 = 0.67 The shown cues can be a site for the mosquito
kapag the problem to breed. Since that mosquito have the
nagaulan.” capability to transmit virus, it should have an
2. Modifiability of immediate action.
• Presence of the Problem: • The problem is easily modifiable since they
uncovered can easily modify their place to lessen or
water 2/2x2=2 eliminate the sites of the vector.
containers. • It is a high preventive potential since there are
a lot of preventive measures they can do for
• Presence of 3. Preventive this situation.
stagnant water Potential: • The problem was observed but the family
in pots. didn’t see it as something that needed to be
3/3x1=1 acted immediately.

4. Salience :

1 / 2 x 1 = 0.5

Total Score: 3.17

Inability to make

decision with
• Failure to do Risk for food Health Threat respect to taking 1. Nature of the • The problem is classified as health threat
handwashing and water borne appropriate Probem: because many diseases causing microbes or
before and diseases health action due pathogen that can be acquire through
after eating. to low salience of 2 / 3 x 1 = 0.67 contaminated water. Diseases which can harm
the problem the client include amoebiasis, typhoid fever
• Unclean water and Hepatitis. This said diseases can harm and
container. 2. Modifiability of can alter the body’s normal functioning.
the Problem: • Problem can be managed through health
• Food and teachings on sanitation and proper food
water were not 2/2x2=2 handling.
covered. • Proper food handling, preparation and
personal hygiene could be encouraged to
• Eating 3. Preventive prevent the occurrence of this health problem.
utensils were Potential: • The family is not aware by this problem.
not properly
kept. 2 / 3 x 1 = 0.67

4. Salience :

1 / 2 x 1 = 0.5

Total Score: 2.84

Inability to

provide home
• Mother Inadequate Health Threat environment 1. Nature of the • It is classified as health threat because
verbalizes living space which is Probem: congested living space promotes the easy
“Kapag conducive to transmission of diseases.
matulog kami health 2 / 3 x 1 = 0.67 • The family’s income cannot compensate the
ditto lang. maintenance and renovation since it requires more financial
Kaya sikipan personal expenditures, however things inside the house
talaga kami.” development due 2. Modifiability of can be rearrange to allow more space.
to inadequate the Problem: • Possible transmission of communicable
• 9 members of family financial diseases can be minimized by means of proper
the family are resources. 1/2x2=1 health teaching.
living in a • The problem is recognized by the family but
house with a because of lack of stable financial resources,
dimension of 3. Preventive family is unable to find a solution to the
135 inches Potential: problem.
length and 120
inches width. 2 / 3 x 1 = 0.67

• Family income
of 2,000 Php 4. Salience :
per month
1 / 2 x 1 = 0.5

Total Score: 2.83

Inability to make

decisions with
• Mother Ineffective Health Threat respect to taking 1. Nature of the • It is classified as health threat because of
verbalizes Parenting appropriate Probem: inadequate knowledge about parenting, there
“Marami health action due is an increase number of child in the family,
talaga sila to low salience of 2 / 3 x 1 = 0.67 thus can lead to inability to support the entire
magkakapatid. the problem. member of the family.
Pito sila. • It can be modifiable if the parents could be
Tapos ang 2. Modifiability of given a health teaching regarding proper
tatay nila the Problem: parenting management.
minsan lang • The problem could be preventive by proper
magbigay ng 2/2x2=1 health teaching to the parents regarding an
pera.” effective parenting.
• The problem is recognized by the family or
• Mother refuses 3. Preventive the parents didn’t see it a see it as something
to have tubal Potential: to be acted immediately.
2 / 3 x 1 = 0.67

4. Salience :

1 / 2 x 1 = 0.5

Total Score: 2.83



1. Malnutrition 4

2. Poor hygiene 3. 84

3. Risk for injury 3.84

4. Accident hazards specifically fire 3.67


5. Presence of breeding/ resting sites of 3.17


6. Risk for food and water borne diseases 2.84

7. Inadequate living space 2.83

8. Ineffective Parenting 2.83

Health Nursing Problem Nursing Interventions Method of
Cues/AMB Problem Objectives Contact Resources Evaluation
• Mother verbalized Malnutrition Inability to At the end of • Measure the height and • Home visit • Family Goal met:
“Minsan lang kami provide nursing weight of the family • Lecture • Student The mother stated the
makakain ng isda adequate intervention: members. importance of proper nutrition
• Discussion nurses
by verbalizing “Mahirap talaga
at karne. Wala nursing care to • Mother will
kapag may malnutrition.
kasing pera. family suffering state the • Advise the mother to Maghina ang resistensiya ng
Minsan toyo lang from importance of seek help in their katawan. Madaling
at suka. Madalas malnutrition proper barangay health center Magkasakit mga anak ko.”
gulay ang pagkain due to: nutrition. for referral to avail
namin.” • Family will medical assistance. Goal met:
• Mother sometimes a. Inability to enumerate The family was able to
borrows money for recognize the some effects • Provide information that enumerate some effects of
them to buy food presence of the of malnutrition is a great malnutrition by verbalizing
and baon of her problem due to malnutrition “Kapag malnourish ang bata
risk to one’s growth and
inadequate payat talaga tapos madali
children. and surviving it decreases the resistance
knowledge on magkasakit.
• The father seldom needs. of the body.
proper diet and
gave his income • Mother will Goal met:
consequences of
for their home the problem.
identify • Let the mother enumerate The family was able to identify
expenses. economical effects of malnutrition. economical food rich in
b. Inadequate
• Family income of resources for
food rich in vitamins as verbalized by
2,000 Php a nutrients. • Encourage mother to “Naglinis nga ako kanina
care such as diyan kay taniman ko ng
month. responsible think of food rich in
gulay. Para diyan na lang kami
• Insufficient food family member nutrients that are
magkuha. Importante din ang
intake both in and financial economical. gulay sa katawan.”
quality and restraint.
quantity. • Advise mother to tell her
children not to buy “junk

Cues/AMB Health Nursing Nursing Interventions Method of
Problem Problem Objectives Contact Resources Evaluation
• Mother • Poor • Inability to • At the end of • Provide information that • Home visit • Family • Goal met:
verbalizes Hygiene make nursing poor hygiene can cause • Discussion • Student The mother verbalized
“Kapag walang intervention: body odor, skin disease “Importante man talaga
decisions with • Demonstrat nurses
pasok, hindi na respect to and infection. ang maligo para malinis at
ion • Hand makaiwas sa sakit ang mga
sila minsan taking • The family washing, anak ko.”
naliligo kasi appropriate will verbalize • Provide techniques on and oral care
puro laro na health action the proper hygiene materials • Goal met:
lang ginagawa due to low
importance maintenance especially The mother enumerated
nila” salience of the
of proper after toilet use, regular ways on how to maintain
hygiene in bathing, oral care and proper hygiene by
• Untrimmed promoting trimming of nails. verbalizing “Maligo dapat
nails health. araw-araw. Tapos dapat
• Encourage mother to mag-iwas sa dumi.
• Untidy dress • Mother will enumerate ways on how Magtoothbrush din dapat
para hindi magkaroon ng
enumerate to improve proper
bad breath. Tsaka
• Children don’t ways on how hygiene. maghugas ng kamay bago
wash their to maintain magkain at pagkatapos.
faces even with proper • Demonstrate on proper
dirt. hygiene. oral care, bathing and
hand washing.

Health Nursing Problem Nursing Interventions Method of
Cues/AMB Problem Objectives Contact Resources Evaluation

• They use stairs • Risk for • Inability to • At the end of • Provide information that • Home visit • Family • Goal met:
in climbing on injury as provide a the nursing the non-handle stairs and • Discussion • Student The family knew the
their house. health threat home intervention, irregular stones in the nurses importance of environment
The stairs don’t environment the family ground can cause injury free hazards by verbalizing
• Broom stick “Dapat talaga maayos ang
have a handle. conducive to will be able to any family member.
health bahay kasi mahirap na
to: madisgrasya.”
• There are large maintenance • Provide measures that
and personal
irregular- • The family can prevent the • Goal met:
shaped stones will know the occurrence of accident. The family has enumerated
due inability
in their ground. importance several measures to
to foresee
of • Encourage mother to prevent accidents like
environment assist the little ones in removing the sharp stones
threats in the
free from climbing the stair. in their ground, assisting
hazards and the little ones during
materials. climbing, discouraging
accidents. • Advise the children to their children to play near
wear slippers when going the stair.
• The family out to prevent stone
will puncture.
some • Facilitate on the removal
measures to of sharp stones in their
prevent place.

Health Nursing Nursing Interventions Method of
Cues/AMB Problem Problem Objectives Contact Resources Evaluation
• Mother • Accident • Inability to • At the end of • Discuss with the family • Home visit • Family • Goal met:
verbalizes hazards provide a the nursing what are the risk factors • Discussion • Student The family was able to
“Dito kami specifically home intervention, that may cause fire. nurses recognize presence of risk
nagluluto. fire hazards environment the family factors that may cause fire.
Iniingatan na conducive to will be able • Encourage the family to
• Goal met:
lang naming health to: enumerate ways on how The family identified fire
baka maintenance to prevent fires. preventive measures like
kasimakaabot and personal • Recognize putting off the fire after
ang apoy sa development the presence • Provide information on using, don’t make too big
bahay due to of the risk fire safety and fires, never put things
naming.” inadequate factors. precaution. beside the stove that can be
family burned easily.
• Kitchen was resources. • Identify fire • Advise the family not to
situated beside preventive leave the fire in their
their house. measures. kitchen unattended.

• House was • Never let the children

made up of play fire.
light materials
(Wood) • Advise the family to put
off the fire when not in
use and keep away
flammable liquids.

Health Nursing Nursing Interventions Method of
Cues/AMB Problem Problem Objectives Contact Resources Evaluation
• Mother • Presence of • Inability to • At the end of • Assess if the problem can • Home visit • Family • Goal met:
verbalized breeding/resti make the nursing be modify right away. • Discussion • Student The family has identified
“Madami nga ng sites of decision with intervention, nurses ways to get rid mosquitoes
respect to by verbalizing “Dapat
lamok lalo na vector the family • Discuss some diseases
taking walang mga pwedeng tirhan
kapag (mosquitoes) will be able transmitted by insects ng lamok. Tapos lagi
nagaulan.” appropriate to: like dengue fever. maglinis.”
health action
• Presence of due to low • Identify ways • Provide information how • Goal met:
uncovered salience of on how to get can the family prevent The family, together, with the
water the problem. rid of the breeding of student nurses removed the
containers. mosquitoes mosquitoes. pots with stagnant water
and other and covered the water
• Presence of insects. • Let the mother enumerate container.
stagnant water measures how to get rid
in pots. • Remove pots mosquitoes and other
and cover the insects.
containers. • Advised the family to use
mosquito net.

• Facilitate in general
cleaning activity.

• Encourage the family to

keep their environment

Health Nursing Nursing Interventions Method of
Cues/AMB Problem Problem Objectives Contact Resources Evaluation
• Failure to do • Risk for food • Inability to • At the end of • Provide information about • Home visit • Family • Goal met:
handwashing and water make decision the nursing the importance of proper • Lecture • Student The family was able
before and after borne with respect to intervention, food handling and to recognize
• Discussion nurses
eating. diseases. taking the family will preparation. importance of
sanitary food
appropriate be able to
handling and
• Unclean water health action recognize the • Discuss the effects of preparation through
container. due to low importance of improper handling and reinforcement on
salience of the sanitary food preparation of food. their knowledge
• Food and water problem. handling and regarding proper
were not preparation. • Advice the family to boil handwashing, boiling
covered. their water before drinking of drinking water and
for at least 15 minutes. instructed them to
immediately wash
• Eating utensils
used eating utensils.
were not • Encourage the family
properly kept. members to do proper
handwashing before and
after eating.

• Cover your food left in the


• Keep the eating utensils in

a clean place or container.

Health Nursing Nursing Interventions Method of
Cues/AMB Problem Problem Objectives Contact Resources Evaluation
• Mother Inadequate • Inability to • At the end of • Discuss the • Home visit • Family • Goal met:
verbalizes living space provide home the nursing disadvantages of • Discussion • Student The family was able
“Kapag environment intervention, congested living space. to identify
• Cleaning nurses
matulog kami which is the family disadvantages of
session • Cleaning congested living
ditto lang. conducive to will be able • Ask the mother what they materials. space by verbalizing
Kaya sikipan health to: can do about it. “Hindi maganda
talaga kami.” maintenance • Identify yung tulog naming
and personal disadvantage • Instruct to remove kasi sikipan. Tsaka
• 9 members of development s of unnecessary things to mahirapan yung mga
the family are due to congested allow more space. bata.”
living in a inadequate living
house with a family • Facilitate a cleaning • Goal met:
dimension of financial • Arrange session. The family was able
135 inches resources. things in the to arrange and
length and 120 dispose unnecessary
house and
materials inside their
inches width. dispose house.
• Family income materials
of 2,000 Php inside the
per month. house to
allow more

Health Nursing Nursing Interventions Method of
Cues/AMB Problem Problem Objectives Contact Resources Evaluation
• Mother • Ineffective • Inability to • At the end of • Assess the status of the • Home Visit • Family • Goal met:
verbalizes Parenting make the nursing family. • Student The family already
“Marami talaga decisions with intervention, nurses knew the importance
of effective parenting
sila respect to the family • Discuss the problems
taking by verbalizing
magkakapatid. will be able encountered as parents.
appropriate “Mahirap talaga ang
Pito sila. Tapos to know the buhay kaya dapat
ang tatay nila health action importance • Ask the family what are hindi na dagdagan
minsan lang due to low of effective their ways in dealing with ang mga bata lalo na
magbigay ng salience of the parenting.
problem. this problem. wala kami
pera.” masyadong
• Encourage mother to do mapagkuhaan ng
• Mother refuses alternative ways that can pera.”
to have tubal help her raise some
ligation. money for their family.


General Objective: At the end of 35minutes, the family will be able to establish rapport with the student nurses and give pertinent baseline information.

Time Specific Objective Activity Content Resources Evaluation


2 minutes The family will be able to Greeting the client, showing “Magandang araw po, mga 4rth year Family, student nurse Goal met. The
recognize the presence of house courtesy. nursing students po kami ng notre dame family was able to
student nurses. university” recognize the
presence of sudent

5 minutes The family will be able to Self introduction, Interview, “mga nursing student po kmi n nandito Family, student nurses
express willingness to Stating the purpose of the para makausap po kayo upang itanong
cooperate with the student home visitation, contract ang kalagayan ng kulusugan nyo kasama Goal met. The
nurses. setting. na ang asawa at mga anak nyo po at family verbalized
pangaraw-araw na pamumuhay nyo “oo nman,
bilang pamilya, okey lng po b? mkikipagcooperate
kooperasyon lng nyo ang nais nmin ako basta alam
maam” ko.“

25 minutes The family will be able to Interview, VS taking, Ask questions about family member’s Family, student Goal met. The family
show cooperation in health assessment, identify name, age, sex, occupation, civil status, nurses, BP was able to give baseline
gathering baseline health-related needs. educational attainment, religion, source apparatus, information about their
information and initial of income and immunization. Then, thermometer family.
assessment. obtain the initial VS.

3 minutes Contract setting, Goal met. Thefamily

The family will be able to expression of gratitude “maam babalik po kmi bukas mga Family, student verbalized “okey, sige
verbalize acceptance of ganitong oras po para po mapagpatuloy nurses balik lang kayo para
appointment set for the ang naumpisahan po namin. Maraming nandito rin ibang anak
follow up care of student salamat po. Aalis n po kmi.” ko”.

General Objective: Within the 45 minute visit, the Family will be able to identify potentially health problems and be able to enumerate resources that sufficient and
effective to their development in problem solving skills.

Time Specific Objective Activity Content Resources Evaluation


1-5 minutes The family will be able to Greeting the client, “Magandang umaga po”. Family, student Goal met. The family
recognize the presence of showing house courtesy. nurses was able to recognize the
student nurses. presence of sudent

1-5 minutes The family will be able to Integration by asking what “Kumusta nman po kayo? Ang mga anak
have a conversation with they are doing and nyo po kumusta po?” Family, student Goal met. The family
the student nurses. helping them in household nurses was able to have
chores, if any. conversation with the
student nurses.
2-5 minutes The family will be able to “Ano po ang problema natin dito?paano
participate in the Asking questions, list at saan po kayo nagluluto ng makakain
conversation and identify down important details, ninyo? Ang palikuran nyo po sariling Family, student Goal met. The family
potentially risky factors maintaining eye contact. sainyo po?” nurses. was able to identify
some of the factors that
that will affect their
may affect their health.
health condition.

10-20 The family will be able to Accepting their feelings on “Ano po ang mga nararamdaman ninyo s Family, student Goal met. The family
miniutes verbalize any difficulties certain problem, eye mga problemang yon?” nurses was able to share their
as they encounter those contact difficulties as they
problems. encountered those

1-2 minutes The family will be able to “Ano po gingawa nyo pagmalamok po?
identify resources to Recognizing their opinion Iwasan lng po o tanggalin lng natin nga Family, student Goal met. The family
accommodate their needs on how do they manage to puwedeng pamugaran ng mga lamok po.” nurses was able to identify
and also they will be able accommodate their needs. resources to
to verbalize their Giving health teaching. accommodate their
management on those Discussion. needs.
2-5 minutes “okey na po bah?may mga katanungan po
The family will be able to BP taking kayo? Mahalaga lng po na huwag natin
receive basic care from pabayaan ang ating kalusugan.” Family, student
the student nurses. nurses Goal met. The family
was able to receive basic
care given by the student

General Objective: Within the 45 minute visit, the family will be able to participate in the assessment or interview process about their problem and be abel to receive
health teachings from student nurses regarding those identified problems and accept the end of the home visits.
Time Specific Objective Activity Content Resources Evaluation

1-3 minutes The family will be able to Greeting , showing “Magandang umaga po, nandito naman Family, student Goal met. The family
recognize the presence of courtesy. po kami para interview kayo ulit”. nurses was able to recognize the
student nurses. arrival of sudent nurses.

5-10 The family will be able to “ Mainam po na kung naglalaro po ang Goal met. The family
minutes receive health teachings Discussion, health mga anak nyo ay sa baba na lang po dahil Family, student was able to participate in
from the student nurses. teachings. delikado pong akyat baba sila ng nurses the health teachings
hagdanan nyo po” rendered by the student

minutes The family will be able to
verbalized their feelings “Pag may problema po kayo Goal met. The family
in facing problems they Asking open-ended pinaguusapan nyo poi to ng asawa nyo? Family, student said that they can cope
encouter. questions, accepting their ano po nararamdaman nyo tungkol dito? nurses. up with any problems
opinion, listening. they encountered.

10-15 The family will be able to VS taking, trimming the “kukuhan ko po kayo ng BP” Family, student Goal met. The family
miniutes receive basic care from nails of the children nurses and student nurse were
the student nurses. both occupied with their
assessment and interview

The family will be able to Asking them to do return “Sige po maam kayo naman po ang Goal met. The family
5- verbalized understanding demonstration. gumawa para mlaman ntin kung Family, student was able to show and
15minutes of health teachings given. naintindihan nyo po.” nurses verbalized understanding
on the health teachings

The family will be able to Leaving the family, Goal met. The family
depart ways with the thanking them “Maam aalis na po kami, heto n po ang and the student nurses
3-5 minutes student nurses properly. huling pagbisita naming.maraming Family, student departed properly.
salamat po” nurses

Category Description Justification
Physical environment Poor It is poor because as we
noticed, their environment is
not healthy; as the mother
verbalized there was an
accident where her son and
daughter were victims of
Dengue Fever 1 week ago and

Use of Community Facilities Fair The family uses their available

community facilities; they
sometimes had checkups in the
community health center.
They also use herbal medicine
as alternative medicine.

Health attitude Fair The family consults to the

barangay health center
whenever there is a sick
member of the family.

Family living Poor It is related to low income of

both parents which does not
met the basic needs of the
family. Also sometimes the
father didn’t share his income
to the family, children are sent
to school but their educational
supply is not enough to sustain
their studies. They have
P300.00 house rental per

Knowledge to the family Fair The family was able to

identify their existing
problems but they cannot do
something about it due to
inadequacy of income. But
those environmental problems
were tend to sustain by
cleaning their backyard

The mother verbalized “nag-

Emotional competence Fair aaway kmi minsan, wala ako
asahan sa sweldo niya, hindi
yon nagbibigay para sa
bayarin dito sa bahay kaya
minssan umuutang na lang ako
sa amo ko para pambayad

sa rental ng bahay”. As we
observed from the
verbalization of the mother, it
only shows that their children
are only relying to her

incomes, household chores
and other payments.

As we observed, the mother

Application of the Principles Fair was able to instruct their
of General hygiene. children to take a bath
everyday but the children were
not able to do it properly.
They have dirty nails because
they are playing outside and
sometimes they do not
performing handwashing.


Every individual has different emotional reaction in terms of their conditions. Through
this we would like to recommend the family to practice a healthy environment by cleaning their
backyard to prevent acquiring of vector borne diseases since they already it to their two children.
Also their hygiene; they should be taught about the proper hand washing before and after meals
and proper bathing to prevent further complications. They should have proper storage of food
and water. The emphasis of this is to maintain a clean drinking water and food which is greatly
stressed to prevent bacteria and other microorganisms that may jeopardize their health. Finally
the Family should impose proper disposal of waste products from them to prevent harmful
insects and other pest for this may become their breeding grounds.

College of Health Sciences and Sero Elementary School

To have an illness is a serious public health problem. Most of the people die because of
the food borne and air borne diseases. The most victims are the children and older adults who
suffer from gastrointestinal infections. We would like to recommend the College of Health
Sciences to double their implementations of health promotion when conducting health education
to different schools. This health education should be effective and comprehensive to the pupils
so that they can apply what they have learned.

Barangay Health Center

The main concern of the public health nurse is the prevention of diseases, prolonging life,
promoting health and efficiency through organized community effort. We would like to tap the
Barangay Health Center to facilitate more programs that regards to the sanitation and other
health promotion activities that will greatly encourage them to stand on their own since self-
reliance is the ultimate goal of the community health nursing. Furthermore, we recommend the
Barangay Health Center to have an effective health education to the community so that it would
be possible that people would apply what they have learned. We are hoping that they make
facilities in the center available to render quality care.

The environmental health services of the department are responsible for the promotion of
healthy environmental strategies. The programs will help towards the elimination and control of
environmental factors that causes disease transmission to the people of the community. The
collaboration from government agencies is important is disease prevention and promotion of
health of the members of the family. We would like to catch the attention of the government
agencies responsible for the health and livelihood of the residence of this country.


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