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Balmaceda 1

Jessica Balmaceda

Professor Moore

English 1301

03 November 2017

Visual Rhetorical Analysis

The visual that I chose to analyze is Windex: The Story of Lucy. I enjoyed the

commercial because it portrayed a lot of emotions that I can relate to. While watching the video,

I could not stop thinking about my own family, and all the wonderful moments that we have

gone through together. Windex did a great job connecting with people who have families. The

mood of the commercial was overall happy and exciting with just the right amount of sadness.

The music, location, and milestones in Windex: The Story of Lucy, sets an emotional tone for

the entire commercial which allows viewers to see that there are no barriers that will keep

families from experiencing the most important moments in their lives.

From beginning to end, a family is the main focal point of the commercial. In the

beginning of the commercial, a father gets to see his newborn daughter for the first time through

a hospital widow, and at the end of the commercial he gets to see his newborn granddaughter.

The words Whats between us connects us is displayed on the screen while the couple are

looking through the widow at their granddaughter. They were separated by glass, but stay

connected because of Windex. Throughout the video, the mans daughter is an important

connection between the audience and the commercial. It was very emotional seeing` the little girl

grow up and go through several important milestones. The moment the mans daughter learns

how to walk, she uses a glass table to help her up. This moment was my favorite because I got
Balmaceda 2

the feeling that Windex will always be there to help with the most important moments in a

persons life.

The rhetoric preliminary devices I saw in the commercial Windex: The Story of Lucy

were Family togetherness, music, location, and glass. It was interesting to see how Windex

incorporated glass in the commercial. Mostly every scene in the commercial had the family

touching, or looking through a glass window or mirror. In several scenes, the father and

daughter were separated while the girls father was working out at sea, but they stayed connected

through a telescope. The music that was playing throughout the whole commercial was the right

choice because it allowed the audience to get emotionally involved and relate to the different

scenes. I did not realize until the end what the commercial was about, but when I found out the

meaning behind it I was pleasantly surprised. Windex will always be there to keep families

Balmaceda 3

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