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Finance and Accounting Page No. 5
Sales and Distribution Page No. 6
Inventory and Procurement Page No. 7
Product Data and Design Page No. 8
Production Page No. 9
Quality Assurance (QA) Page No. 10
Maintenance Page No. 11
Service Page No. 12
Project Management Page No. 13
Human Capital Management (HCM) Page No. 14

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Supported Industries

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Finance and Accounting
SumanaBh ERP software takes care of all the financial entries and their impact on the whole Balance Sheet, Trial
Balance and Profit and Loss Account. Management can see Single Window status of Organizations Financial Health to
take important financial decisions. Reports like Sundry Debtors, Creditors Aging Report, Cash flow status and
utilization and High end Analytics report with drill down options are available.

Create Account group and Ledgers very easily.
Payment, Receipts and Journal and Contra Vouchers.
Facility of C Form Collection and C form Issue.
Facility for Bank Reconciliation.
Facility to Add Cheque Books, Cheque Print and Cheque cancellation.

Generate balance sheet and Profit and Loss statement in the statutory format on a
daily basis.
Analyze cash flow and Cash Utilization.
All Receipt and payment methods (Cash, Cheque, DD, Direct Debit, RTGS, NEFT etc.).
Handle multiple finance books for a set of companies under a group company.
Define accounting rules to enable automatic posting of accounts for all transactions.

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Sales and Distribution
SumanaBh ERP enables you to quickly process
an order from your customers. Provides facility
to integrate multiple Orders into a single
Invoice for a particular customer.

Complete Customer Relationship
Management (CRM).
Maintain and track quotations submitted to
Easily revised your quotation multiple times.
Having facility to auto send Email and
attachment to customer.
Assign customers to sales persons and
maintain sales targets.
Performs stock-check during order booking,
and make delivery commitments that you can

Integrated CRM simplifies the process of ERP integration.
Simple process to communicate with the design user.
Easily track the Enquiry and Quotation.
Quickly process and translate customer orders.
Know your customers better: serve them better and mitigate risks.
Easy to make delivery commitments by analysing Stock.
Handle various methods of sales such as drop ship sales and direct sales
Select an appropriate receipt method and also reward loyalty points for customer sales.
Customer Extension so that he can access his details.

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Inventory and Procurement
With SumanaBh ERP you can maintain integrity in inventory processes, and increase visibility across your stock
business process. The ERP software can ensure improved supply chain visibility and collaboration. Vendor
assessment documents are managed.

Facility to create Purchase Enquiry, Purchase Order and Scheduled PO.
You can compare multiple quotations.
Having facility for batch and without batch product purchase.
Generate automated purchase requests and work request releases on a Material Requirement Planning (MRP) Run.
Maintain vendor history and details for supplier audits, and rate vendors.
Also attach the Pre Production Approval Process (PPAP) document from the vendor.
Give score to the supplier as per their ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 and as per quality rating.

Respond efficiently to cross-departmental purchase requests for materials.
Inspect quality of received materials, and return damaged goods for rework.
Analyze demand and supply at all times.
Keeps track of every Consumable tools and wear out, tear our items.
Keeps track on shelf life items and inventory efficiently.
Supplier Extension so that supplier can access his details.
Can manage multiple locations under Warehouse Management.
Keep track of the all vendors documents.

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Product Data and Design
Create and Search Parts, Products and Manage Bill of Material (BOM) with all the details in design module.

Easy to create new Part number.
Create Product Version and also copy same product very efficiently.
Simply manage Bill of Material (BOM) or Product Recipe.

Available all the Product Recipes and Specification under one module.
From here production can defines their process and also arrange in sequence.
Sales user can communicate with design person through cross reference list.

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SumanaBh ERP provides easy optimization of production process. Automatic order notification to production helps
for better Materials Requirement Planning (MRP), confirmation of produced quantities for an order, and delivery of
ordered products as final stocks, enabling you to meet delivery deadlines promptly.

Automatic analysis of Bill of Materials (BOM)
for finished products to enable planning of raw
materials and procurement of components for
each product in Escort Sheet.
Easy Production of In-house Manufacturing.
Effective and perfect Materials Requirement
Planning (MRP).
Easy creation of Job orders and also scheduled
them as per orders need.
Facility to scrap and rework material.
Facility to generate Engineering change note
(ECN) against the product.

Easy communication between production and store department reducing
time consumption.
Meets deadlines managing time better.
Keeps track of Job orders and in-house manufacturing.
Track resource loading across work centres.
Accomplish plan fulfilment and efficiency calculation.
Keep track of scrap material with the sources.

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Quality Assurance (QA)
Short Description: SumanaBh ERP provides all
types of quality checks which are preferred in
the manufacturing processes. It includes the
Incoming Material Inspection Report (IDIR),
Statistical Inspection (SI), Optical Inspection
(Rapid I), Pre Dispatch Inspection Report
(PDIR) uses after the Job orders and Dock
Audits. Quality control module manages the
Calibration of every type of equipments.
Quality control module also manages the
scrap material and reworkable material.

Facility to inspect quality of received materials in the Incoming Details Inspection Report.
Quality control module also provides auto calculations of human and machine hours consumed against inspection.
Provides facility in Job orders for Stage Inspection.
Measurement System Analysis (MSA) calibration corresponds to equipments and Statistical Process Control (SPC)
calibration corresponds to products.
Dock Audit performs before the dispatch process to check the shipping address and packing material.
Check the quality of existing stock using Layout Inspection (LI).

Benefits to improve quality process.
Easily identifies the bottlenecks in the
Keeping track of rejection material in all
inspection process.
Delivers good quality products to

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SumanaBh ERP provides equipment maintenance with predictive as well as preventive maintenance planning.
Register the Equipment and defines the tool life, capacity, maintenance frequency in this module and also the
calibration details. Here any department can registered the Equipment Break down details.

Facility to register new equipment as per its type.
Facility to register the accidents report.
Manage the schedule of Machine Maintenance.
Alerts of Break Down machine.

Easily keep track of machine maintenance.
Get notification of maintenance.
Keep track of equipment calibration.

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SumanaBh ERP provides the product or equipment for service and for testing. Here we make the service for
AMC type or for the service charges. We also maintain the spare consumption ratio and man hrs and machine
hrs used.

Facility to inward the service material for testing or for services.
Manage Annual Maintenance Charges (AMCs) for customers with follow-up system.
Generate Service Order, Service Challan or Service Invoice.
Spare parts issue details.
Customer complaint registration.

AMC management for customers becomes very easy.
Very easy to keep track on the customer complaint resolution.

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Project Management
Project Management covers all the aspects from Project Definition, Tracking, Sourcing and Billing. Project
Closing methods are defined here.

Define projects with details like name and duration.
Project planning, resource management and Budgeting
Project Tracking
Sourcing material for the project and billing.
Project closing.

Project Planning and Budgeting give broader view on all the active projects.
Sourcing requirements for the project becomes very easy to process.
Final closing with billing gives net profitability for each project.
Time can be traced from start to end of the project.

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Human Capital Management
SumanaBh ERP helps redesign and integrate your HR processes which includes Employee Information, Salary
generation, Leave Card, TDS Calculation, Bonus generation and Employee Released. It also includes the Employee
Loan and Advances.

Features: Benefits:
Facility to manage detail information of employee. Easy to add Employee Information.
Facility to calculate Employee TDS of every month. Handle all the Recruitment processes.
Define jobs across the organization, while capturing Talent Management.
employee-related information.
Workforce Management and Planning.
Carry out payroll processing and salary accounting.
Keep the track of Employee Loan and Advances in salary.
Easily generate PF and PT reports, simple way to
calculate the TDS.

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Exceptional features

o Analytics and Business Intelligence.

o Planning and Forecasting

o Dashboard Integration for every user.

o Real time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) monitoring

o Hosting options- Cloud Based hosting and On premise hosting

o Enhanced Security with IP blocking facility for accessing ERP.

o Built on SumanaBh Framework platform so customizations are easy to handle.

o Unique Report designer for designing Basic to BI level reports with drill down options.

o Extension points for Customers, Suppliers and Dealers.

o Integration with devices like Barcode, RFID Instruments, Attendance systems or Machines.

o Business Query Manager.

o Multi Company and Multi Currency Management.

o Role based user access permissions.

o Data Import and Export options.

o Keyboard operation with shortcut keys.

o Scheduled Data backup operations.

o Access on mobile and tablets.

o Reduced implementation time.

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Thank You

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