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Meerkat Cafe Experience

Upon entering the cafe, you are required to remove your shoes and purchase a drink. No children under the age of 15 are allowed
for the protection of the animals and safety of the children. Meerkats are very sensitive and docile creatures. Any terrible experience
can easily traumatize them.

Once you take in the surrounding of the cafe, youll notice the large windows perfect for selfies and photos. The walls are painted
soft colors to set a relaxing mood and there are many tables throughout the area. Dispersed throughout the cafe are toys and little
houses of all sorts to keep the animals feeling safe and happy. In the middle of the cafe are two meerkat play pens and you are
allowed to enter to for about ten minutes (depending on the condition of the animals).

Before entering the play pen, your hands are sanitized and you are given a sheet to put on your lap for when the meerkats come to
play. Youre not allowed to pick them up or have random objects in your pockets.

These adorable creatures are extremely fast and love to play. Sometimes the staff will even give you their toys so you and the
meerkats can have an enjoyable experience. You can pet these furry babies and let me tell you, they are soft. In addition to the 12
meerkats in the cafe, they also have an Arctic Fox, raccoon, kitten, wallaby, and a South African Genet. Ive never seen a Genet up
close and I think its such an amazingly beautiful and agile creature.


Wear clothes you dont mind getting wrecked because meerkats love to dig. By nature, they begin to forage when theyre one month
old. Digging is an innate instinct they use to create burrows, get food or create dust clouds to distract predators. Cant get enough of
these adorable animals? The Meerkat Cafe has an Instagram so you can get your daily explosions of cute.

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Drinks are priced from 8,000 11,000 won. Included in the price is the entrance fee which helps take care of the animals and run
the cafe.

How To Get There

Take Line 2 (the green line) to Hongik University Station and walk out exit 9. Walk down one block until you get to the major
intersection, cross the street and turn left. Walk down three blocks and turn right when you see the pharmacy after the Lotteria. Go
up the alleyway and make a slight left. Youll see it on your right. (Or you can just be lazy and type in Sang Sang Puppy Cafe in
Google Maps. Its right next door.)

Address: 19-12 Wausan-ro 21-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (3rd floor) 21 19-12 (3)

Phone: 02-333-4683

Hours: 12 pm 9:45 pm
Hello Kittty Caf, Hongdae

I was in Seoul this early May for holiday and soon will write everything here randomly, including the time when i met some of kpop
celebrities. I will start on day 3 which i managed the day to visit Hongdae. Hello Kitty Cafe is the one im curious about. Reading the
review on everyones blog said the cafe is totally cute and pink decorated. So, arriving in Hongdae, this cute place was my first
destination. Unluckily, Getting at that place was not easy as the written direction on blogs. I wasted my times for almost one hour to
get to the cafe.

If you have read any blog and said you have to exit at exit 5 of Hongik University station, please i dont recommend you to follow the
direction. I followed the direction and got stranded at nowhere side of Hongdae area. As i emerged from the exit 5, all i found are
some desolated places with just few people around and it seemed like the area of the station just finished its renovation. Anyway i
kept follow the direction but it got worse because theres no sign of Hello Kitty Cafe around. So, heres i will help you to find the
location of Hello Kitty Cafe easier:

1. As soon as you arrive at Hongik Station (Subway line 2), go to exit 9.

2. From exit 9, turn left and walk straight.
3. When you see Dunkin Donuts on your right side, please turn right and walk straight through the street until you find cross
walk of the big street.
4. Cross the big street and walk straight. Keep watching the left side of the street.
5. Youll see the sign of a bar which written in Hangul, i dont know the name of the bar since i cant read korean. As soon as
you see that sign, please turn left. As i remember, its the first left side of the street.
6. keep walk straight the street until you see the sign of Eye Trick Museum at your right side, then turn right. On this position
youll still have that museum on your right side. Anyway, please look at your left side, theres a small alley. Im pretty sure
youll notice it since its only the small alley around the street.
7. Ok, its almost done! After you go through the alley, youll spot Watson store and Ho Bar at the same place. yes! just walk
towards those two stores and go up the street, Hello Kitty Cafe is located very near from that Watson and Ho Bar.


Racoon Caf

Blind Alley, Sookdae

Hours: 9am - 10:30pm
Address: 2 63-20 (63-20 Cheongpa-dong2ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul)
Directions: From Sookmyung Women's University Station, exit 10, make a U-turn and take the first right. Keep
following this road straight for about 5 minutes, passing through the tunnel and crossing at the intersection. Blind
Alley will be on your right, before you reach the university campus.

Direction to Cafe Mula

#turn right here :)

#Sinsa Station Exit 8, walk straight :)

#turn left here the holly coffee here has already start their
operation :)

#continue to walk straight :)

#continue to walk straight :)

#Turn left at the coming junction :)

#still continue to walk straight :)

#walk straight and turn right in awhile :)

#continue to walk straight :) #turn left here! :)

#continue to walk straight #here to be exact :)

#continue to walk straight! :) #walk along and turn right here (i will be sharing kitchen lab entry
soon too!)

#still walking straight :p

#continue to walk straight :)
#tadah! you reached!!!!
#continue to walk straight :) Cafe Mula
Address in English: 524-22, Gangnam-gu, sinsa-dong, Seoul, Korea
Operation Hours:
Nearest Station: Sinsa (Exit 8)



#turn left at the end of the road :)

#continue to walk straight :)

With a full-on banana concept, they say this cafe was made popular
by a member of the K-pop idol group U-Kiss. Inspired by New York
Citys Magnolia Bakery, one of this establishments most popular
items is their Somsom Latte, a latte with cotton candy-covered
banana inside, as well as a banana tiramisu in the shape of a flower
vase, enhancing the banana theme with its interior, drinks and food.

Address: 259, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Directions: Hangangjin Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 1.
Walk approx. 5min.
Inquiries: +82-2-792-6050 (Korean only)
Website: (Korean only)

#you will notice the shop name display here! :) turn left!

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