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November 3, 2017

1000 Hospital Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85741

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my sincere interest in the New Graduate Nurse Program. I am

currently in my fourth and final semester of the Bachelors of Science in Nursing Program at the
University of Arizona and will be graduating in December 2017. I believe that your hospitals
values rooted in quality and creative care and dedication to those in need, are perfectly aligned
with my personal nursing philosophy.
During my time at the University of Arizona, I gained the knowledge and confidence to
take my passion for nursing to the next level. I have a drive and desire to help underserved
populations. I earned an internship with Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services, a non-profit
organization in Tucson, Arizona. I am self-motivated and took every opportunity to observe and
learn in this setting. Through my involvement with this organization, I had the opportunity to
help young mothers and fathers obtain resources, education, and support tailored to teenaged
families and their unique needs. I also recently completed a 5-week preceptorship in the
emergency department at Northwest Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. The skills I honed
while working in this department are invaluable. This experience has enabled me to become
highly skilled in time management, inter-professional communication, and performing under
high pressure situations. I had the opportunity to be involved in several code events, which
helped me learn how to anticipate changes in patient status and perform in highly charged,
critical situations. Between the incredible clinical experiences I have had and the unmatched
nursing theory education at the University of Arizona, I believe I have been crafted into the
perfect candidate for your new graduate nursing position.
During my time in the college of nursing, I became involved with the professional
nursing organization, Student Nurses at the University of Arizona. Over the course of my
involvement, my classmates voted me into the positions of class representative and secretary.
Being successful in nursing school and being involved has demanded time management,
commitment, and team work; all of which are skills that I have to offer this program.
Your hospital is built upon foundations of creative, quality service and care and I have
long admired this organization for these values. I believe I am a strong candidate for the New
Graduate Residency Program because I can bring leadership, flexibility, a strong work ethic, a
passion for nursing, as well as the many skills I have developed during nursing school, into the
unique and unmatched medical environment that is your hospital. I know it is my purpose and
calling in life to bring my optimism and passion for care and healing to those in need. Thank
you for your time and consideration.

Lauren Hantos