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Observation Task 3: Supporting Learning through the Performing Arts: Music and


Focus: Understand the importance of using performing arts in the classroom to link with
academic subjects

Objective: To encourage student teachers to identify different ways that performing

arts can be used in academic subjects

Procedure: Identify two music and movement activities students performed in the
classroom and complete the table

Table 3: Music and Movement (Example)

Observed learning Centers Description: Objective International Learning Outcome:
(include photo): (Music & Movement)

The children are sinning the Music: By the end of the lesson
Five little monkeys jumping on - Appreciation: student shows children will able to:
the bed song and acting the their exciting and enjoyment - Plan a range of techniques
actions demonstrate in the through sinning the song and that will enable young
video. For example, when the pretend the movement that
Muma call the doctor, and
children to develop across
shows in song video. domains through the
doctor said no more monkeys
- Pitch: students sing in same performing arts.
jumping on the bead part
pitch. For instance, if the sound -Count from 1 to 5.
come children will act they
increases and be high they will
call someone by putting their -Develop their physical skills
song in the same average.
hand beside their ear for through pretending the
Muma call the doctor and
- Rhythm: students replicate the
rhythm of a song by repeat the actions happen in the video.
move their hand right and left -Order number 1 to 5.
for doctor said no more song parts.
- Conservation: students model -Develop their language skill
monkeys jumping on the
the actions by jumping. through gathering new
words demonstrate in video.
For example, call, jump, bed,
fall, one, two, three, four,
five and head.

The children are singing Movement: By the end of the lesson

Head shoulders knees & children will able to:
toes song and preforms the high-low\ fast-slow
action occur in the song by -Plan a range of techniques
pointing out the part mention They will imitate the action in different that will enable young
in the song. For instance, level of Speed. For example, they will use children to develop across
when part eyes and ears and fast movement when they jump, march and
domains through the
mouth and noise come punch. While they will apply low speed of
performing arts.
children will touch their eyes movement when they touch their body
and ears and mouth. parts. -Identify some common
body parts.
Relationship: Using all of circle area space -Gathering new vocabulary
around them, without physical contact with such as head shoulder
each other to avoid any infection. knees toes eyes moths
ears jump punch
Interpretation: students use their body.
imaginations and their action. For example,
when march march, march let all murch part
come some children may they will imagen like
they in comping and they march to trasfur from
place to other place.