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Model 1 Individual

Activity : Giving opinions
Topic : Improving the quality of life of the disabled
Task : Give a speech on how the public can improve the quality of life of the disabled

Accept them into our lives

Society must play a role


Offer our love

Medical professionals can
volunteer their services

Encourage them to be
Respect their needs

The government should create

more disabled-friendly facilities
in public areas
Make them comfortable

Those who do not have the

time to help out can make
monetary contributions

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English Form 4 KBSM School-Based Oral Assessment

Activity : Narrating
Topic : An unpleasant incident you witnessed
Task : Narrating a story based on a picture sequence about an unpleasant incident you witnessed.

1 2

Saturday afternoon alone at home glad Suddenly heard child screaming

house to myself iced tea novel neighbours house decided to investigate

3 4

Saw neighbours child beaten by maid Pounded on door maid saw me blood
child on floor screaming maid with drained from face caught in the act
wooden ladle porridge spilt on floor

5 6

Rushed in child still crying relieved no Maid sobbing pleading not to tell
bleeding employer

7 8

Called mother to inform childs mother Childs mother reached home took child
remained with the child to clinic lodged police report maid
taken into custody

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English Form 4 KBSM School-Based Oral Assessment

Activity : Presenting reports
Topic : Survey on Self-Improvement Courses for Students
Task : Giving a report based on a pie chart on self-improvement courses which students would
like to attend

Self Improvement Courses

which students would like to attend


Time Management (26%)

Management Time Management
Health and Wellness (20%)

Public Speaking (18%)

Course Grooming Course (16%)

Health and Financial Management (12%)

Public Speaking Stress Management (8%)

Self-Improvement Courses Purpose

Time Management to be able to cope with school work and other obligations

Health and Wellness to live healthier lifestyles

Public Speaking to improve level of confidence

Grooming Course to improve on social etiquette and table decorum

Financial Management to manage finances and learn to budget accordingly

Stress Management to cope with problems affecting teenagers today

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English Form 4 KBSM School-Based Oral Assessment

Activity : Presenting information from non-linear forms
Topic : Areas in school which require improvement
Task : Giving a report based on a diagram about areas in school which require improvement

Sports Facilities
Lack of greenery on school Insufficient time allocated for
compound students to utilise facilities
More potted plants needed Request for students to be
Organise tree-planting exercise allowed to use the facilities
among students during weekends at a
concession rate

School canteen
Lack of revision books
Unclean eating utensils
More magazines needed
Insufficient tables and chairs
Discussion area needed
Pricey food

Traffic congestion Cleanliness of toilets

During peak hours To increase cleaning sessions
Traffic warden needed especially in the late

Areas in

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English Form 4 KBSM School-Based Oral Assessment

Model 2 Teacher Candidate

Activity : Asking for and giving Instructions
Topic : Giving directions to a friend who has moved to your town
Task : Giving directions to the supermarket, the bookstore and the hawker centre


Jalan Mentari
Industrial Area

Bluewave Hotel Prime Square

Commercial Centre

Persiaran Maharaja
Jalan Usahawan

Petrol Station

Jalan Mahkota

SMK Crown
Jalan Maju

Start here

Shophouses Shophouses

Jalan Permai
Selera Food

Ameen Happy
Electrics Supermarket

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English Form 4 KBSM School-Based Oral Assessment

Activity : Giving descriptions
Topic : Local festivals
Task : Giving descriptions of the various festivals that are celebrated in Malaysia.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri Chinese New Year

Deepavali Christmas

Hari Raya Haji Thaipusam

Wesak Day Pesta Gawai

Pesta Kaamatan

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English Form 4 KBSM School-Based Oral Assessment

Activity : Talking and sharing information
Topic : A Trip to a Recreational Park
Task : Describing a class trip to a recreational park

Day 1
Arrived 10.00 a.m. shown to dormitories briefing rules and regulations
activities ice-breaking session first activity jungle trekking
waterfalls pictures flora and fauna light refreshments 5.00 p.m.
back to camp beach volleyball dinner motivational talk

Day 2
Morning jog along beach breakfast next activity look forward
canoe briefing paddle and control canoe basic rescue techniques
one hour canoeing in sea lunch regrouped in hall briefing set
up tents prepared barbecue night campfire sang songs played
games retired midnight

Day 3
Morning jog breakfast rock-climbing and abseiling basic skills
climbing safety ropes and harnesses abseiling control descent safety
line controlled by instructor lunch packed 3.00 p.m. left camp

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English Form 4 KBSM School-Based Oral Assessment

Activity : Interviewing
Topic : Interviewing a top student
Task : Conducting an interview and giving study tips to students sitting for exams

Study Tips from a Top

Pay attention in class

Understand everything that is taught

Seek clarification if you are unsure

Revise your work at home

Practise answering past-year questions

Study consistently throughout the year

Avoid last-minute studying

Understand concepts and apply them

Manage your time wisely

Set aside time for recreational activities to relax the mind

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Model 1 Individual

SET 1 (Suggested Answer)

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am here to speak to you about how we can improve the lives of
the disabled. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be born physically fit and able. There are many people in
our midst who suffer from physical disabilities. Disabled people undergo suffering that cannot be described.
As human beings we are duty-bound to help the disabled in any way we can.
The first thing we can do is to offer our love and accept them into our lives. If we are living with a
disabled person, we must make adjustments to our physical surroundings so that they are comfortable. We
should also offer emotional support by respecting them and not treating them as burdens.
We must show that we care for them and respect their needs. This will boost their morale and increase
their self-confidence. We must encourage them to become independent and help them out in performing
simple chores. We must help them to overcome their fears and doubts.
Society must also play a part in helping the disabled. Medical professionals should offer their services to
centres for the disabled. People who do not have the time to help out should make monetary contributions
so that the conditions in these centres can be improved for the disabled. The government should make it
compulsory for all buildings and public areas to be disabled-friendly. If you know of someone who is disabled,
make it a point to reach out and bring some cheer into their life. With that, I would like to end my speech.
Thank you for listening.

SET 2 (Suggested Answer)

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was alone at home. I was glad to have the house to myself and I was
relishing the peace and quiet in the house without my siblings. I made myself a glass of iced tea and settled
on the couch to read a novel.
Suddenly my peaceful afternoon was interrupted by the sound of a childs screams. I waited for the
screams to stop but the crying became louder. Reluctantly, I put my book down and went outside. I was quite
sure that the sounds were coming from my neighbours house. I decided to investigate.
I went over to my neighbours house and looked in through the window. To my horror I saw my neighbours
child being beaten by the maid. The child was sitting on the floor screaming while the maid was standing over
him and hitting him with a wooden ladle. There was an overturned bowl on the carpet and there was porridge
spilt all over the place. The maid was shouting at the child to stop crying and kept beating him.
I ran towards the house and started pounding on the door, calling for her to open up. When she saw
me, the blood drained from her face. She knew that I had caught her in the act. I kept knocking on the door
and asking her to open up but she hesitated. Finally I told her that if she did not let me in I would be forced
to call the police. She then got the keys and let me in.
I rushed to the child who was still crying. I carried the child and briefly examined him. I was relieved to
see that there was no bleeding but I could not know if there were any internal injuries. The maid, by then,
had begun sobbing and pleading with me not to tell her employer about the incident.
I asked to use the phone and quickly called my mother to tell her what had happened. My mother said
that she would immediately inform the childs mother and she asked me to remain there with the child.
When the childs mother reached home, she took the child straight to the clinic and lodged a police
report against her maid. The maid was taken into custody.
I felt saddened that a human being could be so cruel to a helpless child and this ugly incident has left
me completely disillusioned with maids. I hope that the child did not suffer permanent injury and that the
maid is punished for her despicable act.

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English Form 4 KBSM School-Based Oral Assessment

SET 3 (Suggested Answer)

A survey was recently conducted to find out the self-improvement courses that students would be
interested to attend. A total of 100 students were interviewed.
More than a quarter, or 26 students expressed an interest in attending a Time Management course. Many
of them feel that they lack time for schoolwork, tuition classes, extracurricular activities and other obligations
at school and home. They would like to learn how to manage their time so that they will be better-equipped
to manage these activities.
The next popular course was in the area of Health and Wellness. 20 students felt that they needed to
lead healthier lifestyles. Among the programmes suggested were yoga, taichi and aerobics classes.
18 students expressed an interest in attending a Public Speaking course. They felt that they needed to
improve their confidence level and learn how to speak in front of crowds. One of the suggestions was to
introduce the Toastmasters Club in school.
16 students showed their interest in attending a Grooming course. Some of the areas of interest were
in social etiquette and table decorum.
12 students expressed the need for a better understanding of Financial Management. They felt it was
important, even as students, for them to manage their finances and spend within their budgets.
The remaining 8 students felt that they needed to attend a Stress Management course to help them to
cope with the problems affecting teenagers today.

SET 4 (Suggested Answer)

A survey was recently carried out to obtain the students opinion on which areas of the school needed
improvement. Each student was asked to identify one area in the school that needed to be upgraded and to
give suggestions for improvement.
The students felt that the library was in dire need of upgrading. There were concerns about the lack
of revision books on the shelves. There were also suggestions to subscribe to magazines on current issues
such as Readers Digest and National Geographic. The students also suggested that a portion of the library be
cordoned off as a discussion area.
The students also expressed dissatisfaction with lack of time allocated for the use of the sports facilities in
school. Students complained that they were only allowed to use the sports facilities during Physical Education
lessons and Sports Practice. The facilities were off limits to students on weekends because they were rented
to the public to generate revenue. The students suggested having a concession rate for students so that they
too could use the facilities on weekends.
The students expressed dissatisfaction with the school canteen. Some of the complaints were of eating
utensils which were not properly cleaned, insufficient tables and chairs and pricey food. The students suggested
renovating the canteen so that more tables and chairs could be added.
The students also complained about the traffic situation before and after school. Many vehicles are
parked haphazardly causing the traffic to be chaotic. It was suggested that the school employ a traffic warden
to ensure smooth traffic flow for vehicles to pick up and drop off students.
The students cited the cleanliness of toilets as a major concern. According to the survey, the toilets are
only cleaned twice a day, once in mid-morning and once in the afternoon. It is suggested that the cleaners
schedule an extra slot for cleaning in the late afternoon, after the recess break.
A few students also highlighted the lack of greenery and potted plants in the school compound. They
suggested having a tree-planting exercise to create environmental awareness among the students.
It is hoped that the school authorities would take note of the issues raised and act accordingly to improve
the school facilities.

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English Form 4 KBSM School-Based Oral Assessment

Model 2 Teacher Candidate

SET 1 (Suggested Answer)

T : Hello Hamid, I have just moved to Taman Mahkota and I was wondering if you could give me directions
to a few places in town.
C : Well hello, and welcome to our town. This is not a very big town and you will find everything situated
in the centre of town. Where would you like to go?
T : Well, first I would like to get to the supermarket to stock up on some groceries.
C : Drive out of the housing area and turn right into Jalan Mahkota. You will pass a petrol station on the
left and a school on the right. After the school take the second turning on your right into Jalan Maju.
You will then come to an intersection where you will see shophouses on your left and right. Turn left
into Jalan Permai. The supermarket is the second shop on your left.
T : Thank you. I would also need directions on how to go to the bookstore.
C : The best book store in town is Union Bookstore. To go to Union Bookstore from Taman Mahkota, get
to Jalan Mahkota again and go past the petrol station. You will come to a traffic intersection. Turn left
into Jalan Usahawan, which is the main road of the town. You will pass the stadium on your right and
then you will come to a roundabout. Go straight after the roundabout you will see the Bluewave Hotel
on your left. On your right is the Prime Square Commercial Centre. Turn left into Jalan Mentari and you
will see a 3-storey block on your right. It is the Union Bookstore.
T : Lastly, could you guide me to the hawker centre?
C : To get to the hawker centre, get to Jalan Usahawan again. At the roundabout, take the third exit into
Pesiaran Maharaja. You will see the Industrial Area on your left. The road will curve sharply to the right.
You will see Crown Condominium on your left. Keep going and you will see Selera Food Court on your
T : Thank you very much. You have been most helpful.

SET 2 (Suggested Answer)

T : Good morning, Liza. There are many festivals celebrated in Malaysia. Could you describe the various
festivals celebrated by the different races in Malaysia?
C : Good morning, Mr. Lee. I find Malaysia to be a colourful nation because we have various celebrations
throughout the year. There are four major festivals that are celebrated, which are Hari Raya Aidilfitri,
Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas.
T : Could you tell me more about these festivals, in terms of who celebrates them and the purpose of the
C : Certainly. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is celebrated by Muslims to mark the culmination of Ramadhan, the holy
month of fasting. It is a joyous occasion for Muslims, as it signifies personal triumph, a victory of self-
restraint and abstinence, symbolising purification and renewal. Chinese New Year is celebrated by the
Chinese community to mark the first day of the Lunar Calendar. The highlight of the celebration is the
family reunion dinner which takes place on the eve of the new year. Deepavali, also known as the Festival
of Lights, is celebrated by Hindus during the seventh month of the Hindu calendar. It is a celebration to
signify the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Christmas is celebrated by the Christian
community. It is an annual holiday falling on the 25th of December that commemorates the birth of Jesus
Christ. This festival is celebrated with gift-giving and various forms of decorations such as the Christmas
tree and mistletoe. Santa Claus is also featured in the celebrations because he is traditionally believed
to be the bearer of gifts to children.

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English Form 4 KBSM School-Based Oral Assessment

T : Besides these major celebrations, do you know of other festivals that are celebrated by the local
C : Yes, there are other festivals that are celebrated on a smaller scale in Malaysia. Hari Raya Haji is celebrated
two months and ten days after Hari Raya Aidilfitri which is after Muslim pilgrims return from performing
the Hajj in Mecca. Hindus also celebrate Thaipusam, where they perform rituals as a form of penance or
as thanksgiving for a prayer fulfilled. Wesak Day is celebrated by Buddhists to commemorate the birth,
death and enlightenment of Buddha. There are also other festivals celebrated in East Malaysia. In Sabah
and Sarawak, they celebrate the Pesta Kaamatan and Pesta Gawai to mark the rice harvest.
T : In your opinion, are there any benefits of having many celebrations in one country?
C : I definitely believe that the celebrations play a significant role in uniting the multiracial society of
Malaysia. Festivals give us the opportunity to mingle with each other regardless of race or religion. We
see Malaysians opening their homes and welcoming their neighbours to join in the festivities. Besides
this, our festivals have also become tourist attractions and many foreigners flock to the country to witness
and partake in the celebrations.
T : Thank you for your opinions.
C : Youre welcome.

SET 3 (Suggested Answer)

T : Good morning, Nizam. Could you tell me a little about your recent class trip?
C : Certainly, Mrs. Wong. Our class went on a three-day excursion to Meranti Recreational Park. On the first
day, we arrived at 10.00 a.m. We registered at the Reception Area and were shown to our dormitories.
We left out luggage and assembled in the hall where we were given a briefing of the rules and regulations
of the park. We were also briefed on the activities for the next three days. We started off with an ice-
breaking session. Then we embarked on our first activity which was jungle-trekking to the waterfalls. We
took lots of photographs of the amazing flora and fauna on the way. We had a picnic at the waterfalls
and enjoyed swimming in the clear water. At five in the evening, we made our way back to the camp
and played a game of beach volleyball. We then had dinner and gathered in the hall for a motivational
talk. We turned in at midnight.
T : Thats interesting. What did you do on the second day?
C : On the second day we woke up and started the day with a morning jog along the beach. After breakfast
we embarked on the activity that we were looking forward to, which was canoeing. First, we were briefed
on how to paddle and control the canoe. We were also taught some basic canoe rescue techniques. Then
we set off on our canoes and enjoyed a good hour of canoeing in the sea. After lunch, we regrouped in
the hall where we were given a briefing on the next activity, which was to prepare for a campfire and to
set up tents as we would be camping outdoors that night. We spent the entire afternoon setting up tents
and preparing food for the barbecue. That night we sang songs and played games around the campfire
before retiring to our tents at midnight.
T : And how did you spend the last day there?
C : On the third and final day, we woke up early and jogged along the beach before breakfast. After breakfast,
we tried rock-climbing and abseiling. We were taught some basic skills before attempting the wall. We
had fun climbing up with the safety ropes and harnesses. Abseiling was also fun as it required courage
and a sense of adventure to control our descent using the safety line controlled by the instructor. We
then had lunch and returned to our dormitories to pack our belongings. We left the camp and headed
home at 3.00 p.m.
T : Thank you for sharing this information with me.
C : Youre most welcome.

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English Form 4 KBSM School-Based Oral Assessment

SET4 (Suggested Answer)

Interviewer : Good morning, Serena. Thank you for agreeing to this interview. First of all, allow me to
congratulate you on your fine achievement. I understand that you were the top student in the
school and also at district level.
Serena : Thank you very much. I was aware of being the top student in the school but it came as a
surprise when the Principal informed me that I was also top in the district.
Interviewer : I guess Ill come straight to the point and ask the question that is on everyones mind. What
is your secret to achieving 10As?
Serena : There is no magic formula to achieving good grades. The golden rule is simply to ensure that
you pay attention and understand everything that is taught in class. When you are unsure of
something, you must seek clarification from your teachers. Students should not be embarrassed
to ask questions. The next step is to revise your work at home. Practise on past-year questions
related to the topic that has been taught in class.
Interviewer : Many students are wondering how much time you spent on your revision. How many months
does a student need for revision?
Serena : Studying is an ongoing process. You cannot put a time frame on the time needed for studies
as every individual student has different requirements. You have to study throughout the year.
Students should not leave revision to the last minute and then try to memorise everything.
As I said before, the key is in understanding. When you understand a concept, you can apply
it and therefore remember it easily. When you study consistently, you are spreading out your
work over the year rather than cramming everything just before the exam.
Interviewer : Do you have any other advice for students who are taking the SPM examination this year?
Serena : Yes, I would like to advise them to manage their time wisely. Good time management will
ensure that they have enough time for studies as well as to indulge in recreational activities
to relax the mind.
Interviewer : Wise words indeed. I will not take up much more of your time. Thank you, once again. I will
convey your message to the students.

TC13 Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.

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