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Class #2-3
Grade: 10-1
Subject: Social Studies:
Unit: Globalization
Lesson Duration: 75 minutes

(a.) Know how to learn: to gain knowledge, understanding or skills through experience, study,
and interaction with others;
(b.) Think critically: conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate to construct
(c.) Identify and solve complex problems;
(d.) Manage information: access, interpret, evaluate and use information effectively, efficiently,
and ethically;
(e.) Innovate: create, generate, and apply new ideas or concepts;
(f.) Create opportunities through play, imagination, reflection, negotiation, and competition,
with an entrepreneurial spirit;
(h.) Demonstrate good communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively with others;


General Learning Outcomes:
To what extent should globalization shape identity?
Students will explore the impacts of globalization on their lives.
Specific Learning Outcomes:
S.3 - develop skills of geographic thinking:
S.5 - demonstrate skills of cooperation, conflict resolution and consensus building:
S.7 - apply the research process:
S.8 - demonstrate skills of oral, written and visual literacy:
1.1 - acknowledge and appreciate the existence of multiple perspectives in a
globalizing world
Students will:
Finish globalization assignment from previous class
Begin another introductory activity on geography on a global scale
Understand the term globalization and how it pertains to their lives
Observations: Key Questions:
Observe classroom discussion 1) What is globalization?
Observe student participation and 2) How does globalization affect my day to day
discussion while they are in pairs life?
Monitor classroom- walk around
and stand at opposite ends of the
room to check for attentiveness
and engagement
Written/Performance Assessments:

Globalization Worksheet formative

Knowing the World Activity summative
Resource #1: Exploring Globalization Textbook
Resource #2: Knowing the World activity
Resource #3: Learn Alberta Programs of Study
Resource #4:
Globalization Worksheet
Knowing the World Activity
Introduction (5 min.):
Hook/Attention Grabber:
Go over the previous definition of globalization that we came up with.
Have students recap what we talked about previously.
Introduce new assignment.
Assessment of Prior Knowledge:
None at this particular moment.
Expectations for Learning and Behaviour:
Students will be expected to participate in all discussions and activities while being
respectful of others opinions/beliefs/values.
Students will be expected to participate in the research activity using their cell
phones without abusing the privilege of technology.
Advance Organizer/Agenda:
Recap previous class. Ensure students have a firm grasp on globalization and its
definition and implications in their lives.
Have students work together in groups or individuals to complete prior globalization
Introduce geography activity. Getting to know the world.
As of the moment no students require differentiation or accommodations at this time
Transition to Body:
Body (45 min.):
Learning Activity #1: Globalization Worksheet
Ensure students have a grasp on the term globalization
Have them continue working together or individually on the assignment.
Learning Activity #2: Knowing the World Activity
Have students name and colour different countries on the worksheet.
Explain that this is not a rush, take time with neatness and presentation.
Again, this activity is geared towards gradually getting back into school.
This should take the duration of the class and the next class
Learning Activity #3:

Learning Activity #4:


Learning Activity #5:

Closure (2 min.):
Feedback From Students:

Transition To Next Lesson:

Explain to students that they will have time next class to work on activity if not done.