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The Nations Oldest Continuously Published College Weekly Friday, December 1, 2017 Volume 147, Number 11 bowdoinorient.com

Trans Day of Remembrance New program to fund

honors 326 lives lost worldwide Bowdoin tuition for
hurricane victims
from there, Hood said.
by Mitchel Jurasek While the Office of Admis-
Orient Staff
sions brought up the idea, all
Bowdoin announced yester- areas of the College were taken
day that it is initiating a Guest into account when making the
Semester Program for spring decision to start the program.
2018 designed to accommo- Student Affairs, Admissions,
date students who currently the Deans Office and the Pres-
attend inoperable universities idents Office have been discuss-
in Puerto Rico and the U.S. ing the process for weeks. All
Virgin Islands. Students who departments want to help hur-
cannot attend their schools ricane-stricken students thrive
because of transportation, while at Bowdoin.
housing or financial difficul- We will make whatever
ties have until December 18 to accommodations they need to
apply for the program. make so that the students who
We want to allow students in come here have an opportunity
Puerto Rico and the US Virgin to be successful, Hood said.
Islands who are at institutions Hood noted that this pro-
that are not operational to have gram is only one semester,
a safe harbor so they can con- since hopefully by fall of 2018,
tinue their studies, said Scott colleges and universities in
Hood, senior vice president for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin
communications and public af- Islands will be able to house
fairs in a phone interview with and teach students. As of right
the Orient. now, many colleges in these
Bowdoin is among a hand- communities face an uphill
ful of institutions across the battle to open. For instance,
country that are implementing The University of Puerto Rico,
ANN BASU, THE BOWDOIN ORIENT similar programs. Among the which enrolls almost 60,000
LET IT SINK IN: At a vigil in the Lamarche Gallery, members of the community gathered as students read the names of 326 individual victims of transphobic NESCAC schools, Amherst will students, estimates $118 mil-
violence since the last Transgender Day of Remembrance in 2016. Violence against transgender people has risen in each of the last three years. also host a similar initiative. lion in damages to its facilities.
While the College is unsure The Guest Semester Pro-
currently display a memorial to finding photos and other details held last Monday evening in the of the exact amount of students gram is an extension of an
by Harry DiPrinzio and the 326 people killed by acts of of their lives in order to create Lamarche Gallery, organized in who will be admitted to the earlier change by the College
Aisha Rickford anti-trans hatred in the preced- the handmade posters that me- honor of all the trans lives lost guest semester, each student ad- to accommodate students ap-
Orient Staff
ing 365 days worldwide. In the morialize each person. this year. mitted to all class years will be plying for matriculation for
Editors note: At their request, days leading up to Transgender The [most important part of Students, faculty and staff provided with full coverage of the Class of 2022 from areas
the first names of some individu- Day of Remembrance (TDOR) the] event is recognizing and packed into the small glass box tuition, room and board, books, hit with natural disasters such
als interviewed in this piece have last Monday, Ari Mehrberg 20, taking back the personhood on the edge of Smith Union, winter clothing costs and trans- as hurricanes, wildfires in the
been abbreviated to protect their Sadie Morris 18, Rayne Stone of people who have had their many of whom were standing portation to campus. west and the earthquake in
identity. 18 and S. Pollack 21 spent humanity denied through vio- and even more spilling out the Strictly due to capacity, Mexico City. These students
countless hours compiling the lence, said Morris. door. The event began with a we really have room for only a can expect accommodations
The walls of the blue box gal- names and details of each indi- The same level of care and handful of students. We will see that range from fee waivers to
lery in David Saul Smith Union vidual person who was killed, attention went into the vigil Please see VIGIL, page 3 how many will apply and take it extensions and more.

Town residents find College Faculty political donations

contributions lacking are limited, mainly liberal
This year, this contribution will the town has been on the short Individual donations from tion day in 2016.
by Isabelle Hall be $172,200, an increase from end of that stick, said Crim- by James Callahan Bowdoin were relatively small These numbers, however,
Orient Staff Orient Staff
last years $167,200. mins in a phone interview with in sizeapproximately 86 per- do not capture all political
Two op-eds by Brunswick This has been a taboo sub- the Orient. During the 2016 election cent of the contributions were contributions. The Center
residents published this month ject for years (actually decades) The College pays far less cycle, Bowdoin employees do- amounts of $100 or less. for Responsible Politics
in local newspapers expressed in the Town of Brunswick than what they would normally nated less to political causes Bowdoins lack of conser- which runs the site Open-
that the College should make and town officials have always pay if they were a homeowner as a group than employees of vative political donations Secrets.orgnotes that only
a greater financial contribution been afraid to discuss it with or if they were a private citizen many other NESCAC colleges. zero out of 179 separate some donations are available
to the town. Bowdoin College, wrote Pow- of the town. And I understand When Bowdoin employees did contributionswas not un- to the public.
In a letter to the editor pub- ers. Many residents feel the that due to tax laws and what- donate, none gave to conser- usual in the NESCAC: Colby Under federal law, all
lished on November 14 in the Bowdoin Colleges gift-in-kind not that as a nonprofit, theyre vative candidates or groups. College employees made zero contributions of more than
Coastal Journal, Brunswick should be at least $500,000 this not required to [pay property According to publicly avail- conservative contributions $200 to federal candidates,
resident Jean Powers called for year and every year and more taxes]. But for a college that able records from the Federal out of 284 and Bates College PACs, or parties must be
the town to request a greater than likely more than that. really goes out of its way to talkElection Commission, Bow- employees made three out of itemized and disclosed to
gift-in-kind from the College. Brunswick resident Jon- of inequities of the rich, poor doin employees donated the 165one to John Kasich and the Federal Election Com-
A majority of Bowdoins athan Crimmins expressed that dynamicthey ought to second lowest aggregate sum two to Donald Trump. mission. Donors must report
propertyworth approximate- many of the same concerns be putting their money where of any of the 11 schools in the With this one-sided giving, their name, address, employ-
ly $165 millionis tax-exempt, in a separate op-ed published their mouth is, so to speak, NESCAC in 2016 with $12,164. Bowdoin, Bates and Colbys er and occupation, and these
due to the Colleges nonprofit in The Times Record on No- especially with such a robust Connecticut College employ- politically active employees records are publicly available
status. Like many institutions vember 15 titled Non-Profit valuation of the property. ees donated the least with appear to be far more liberal from the FEC and several
of higher education, the Col- Means Big Savings. Despite the colleges tax-ex- $11,839, and Williams College than their fellow Maine citi- other websites, according to
lege gives the town a voluntary Looking back long term, empt status, the College will employees donated the most zens who split 48% to 45% for OpenSecrets.org.
annual contribution in lieu of you know, from a taxpayers with $41,241. Data were not Hillary Clinton and Donald
taxes, known as a gift-in-kind. standpoint, and just in general Please see TAXES, page 4 available for Tufts University. Trump respectively on elec- Please see DONATIONS, page 3

This week, Bowdoin hosts its largest ever Lillian Eckstein 18 reflects on grief at Curtain Callers stages The Last Five The hockey team gears up for the Colby Daniel Covell 86 considers the future of
event series on HIV/AIDS. Page 3. Bowdoin. Page 8. Years in the Pub. Page 5. series. Page 9. the football program. Page 10.

Friday, December 1, 2017

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Created by Gwen Davidson

6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Thats ____ (film-
set cry)
68 Type of pasta
69 Odysseuss
13 14 15
What type of boat best represents your personality?
16 17

6 Harmonious homeland

Michael Lee 19
18 19 20 21 22
relationship 70 With 71-Across,
13 Cold time rivalry #4...or the 23 24 25

14 Grasslands
16 With 17-Across,
hockey game this
26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34
"The Titantic, but right before the
iceberg when everyone was hav-
35 36 37 38 39
rivalry #1 71 See 70-Across
40 41 42
17 See 16-Across
18 Prefix for giving or DOWN
43 44 45
ing a great time."
taking 1 Antiocidant-rich 46 47 48 49

19 Mac alternatives berry 50 51 52 53 David Leen 20

21 The Big Apple 2 Adds water to
"I think Id be one of those man-
54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62
22 ____-mo replay 3 Zodiac animal
63 64 65 66 67
23 Bring in 4 Awestruck
24 Sports official 5 It prevents drying
68 69
ual paddle boats. Im really not
26 With 29-Across, up
efficient at all but at least I have
70 71

rivalry #2 6 Rotational speed 12/1/17

29 See 26-Across 36 UFO occupants 56 Mexican dish
32 Who am ____ 7 Make ____ for it 38 Nightwear 58 Start of Caesars boast
judge? 8 Ancient scrolls 39 Spots 60 Impale
35 Got up 9 Bit 47 Type of doll 61 Provocative Samuel Milligan 20
37 _____-Magnon 10 Hockey legend 48 Measuring system 62 Pie _____ mode
38 Inclined Bobby 51 Fragment 64 Uncooked "One of those inflatable life rafts."
40 Jumped over 11 Some auto 53 Take care of 65 Misbehave
41 With 42-Across, accessories 54 Year of the Boxers rebellion 67 Stanley Cup org.
rivalry #3 12 Blue-green shade 55 Moby-Dick captain
42 See 41-Across 13 Big name in
43 Double agents computer
44 Night before 15 _____-Cat (winter Nina Silverman 19
45 Shopping binge vehicle)
46 Cul-de-____
47 Engine noise
20 Ghostly figure
23 Hold in esteem
Want your crossword "It looks like a boat if you put half
49 Roadside bombs, 25 Smore-toasting puzzle or clue published a walnut shell in water and use
in the Orient? Email
abbr. site
50 General on 26 Relaxed your imagination."
Chinese menus 27 Black-and-white orient@bowdoin.edu.
52 Egg holder cookies
54 Yoga accessory 28 Eucalyptus eater Bella Way 21
57 Carpool-lane, 30 Utah city Check this space next week for the
abbr. 31 Random individual solution to this week's puzzle or visit our "A solo sailboat. Like the kind you
59 Summer, in Paris 33 Former Yankees twitter @bowdoinorient
60 Spanish womans manager Joe sail around the world alone in."
title, abbr. 34 When right
63 Party miming turns are sometimes

alarm activation at lain Hall was caused by the prohibited use of guy-wire at Brunswick Apartments, causing
Brunswick Apartments. a candle. vehicle damage.

11/17 to 11/28
A student in The use of a blow dryer caused a smoke
Moore Hall reported alarm in Appleton Hall. Tuesday, November 28
that someone urinated in a clothes hamper. An ofcer discovered two juveniles A student riding a bike at the corner of
A student with a toothache was escorted along with the odor of marijuana in Memorial Cofn and College applied the brakes and
Friday, November 17 to Mid Coast Hospital. Hall. ipped over the handlebars. An ofcer took
The Yellow Bike Club (YBC) bike the student to the Mid Coast Walk-in Clinic
Gisela was reported stolen from a bike rack Monday, November 20 Satuday, November 25 for treatment of a facial injury.
at Coleman Hall. A ood light lens on Evidence of the A two-hour power outage affected
a rig parked in the Watson use of marijuana was dis- Burnett House, Mustard House and Pine
Saturday, November 18 parking lot was smashed. covered in Hubbard Hall, Street Apartments. Power was restored at
An officer checked on the well-be- A student report- and three local juveniles 11:45 a.m.
ing of an intoxicated student in the Coffin ed a pair of athletic will be given trespass or- An ofcer on bike patrol reported that
parking lot. shoes stolen at the Haw- ders barring them from a perimeter fence had been cut at the for-
A student applying make-up accidentally thorne-Longfellow Li- campus for one year. mer navy base property, now owned by the
activated a smoke alarm in Chamberlain Hall. brary. The shoes, which College.
A student in Moore Hall activated a were taken accidentally, Sunday, November 26
smoke alarm while using a hair straightener. were returned. A campus visitor Bowdoin-Colby Mens Ice Hockey Game -
There was a report that students had ac- A bike that was SARA CAPLAN reported a burglary of an Saturday
cessed the roof at Burnett House through a re stolen from Pine Street unlocked students room Ticket required for admission. Doors
exit door. Apartments was found near Thorne Hall and in Chamberlain Hall and the theft of a Vera open at 6:00 p.m.
returned to the owner. Bradley wallet containing Nissan car keys, a Backpacks are not allowed inside Wat-
Sunday, November 19 A student who fell and received a head Visa credit card, a drivers license and cash. son Arena for this game (and will not be
Ofcers humanely removed a bat from a injury at the Coastal Studies Center was taken stored for you).
students closet in Baxter House. The bat was to Mid Coast Hospital for evaluation. Monday, November 27 Alcohol is prohibited at the venue.
last seen ying toward Russwurm House. A student reported the theft of a YBC A student working the Edwards Center Visibly intoxicated and/or disruptive/
A student reported being the victim of a bike from the area of Baxter House during the for Art and Dance left the sink water running disorderly people will be denied entry or re-
campus sexual assault in 2014 that she had not weekend. The bikes name is Jane Bennet overnight. Water overowed and caused some quired to leave the premises.
previously reported. and the registration number is 03597. water damage. For safety reasons, pushing, kicking, or
A student with a fever was given an es- Two holes were punched in a wall out- excessive banging on the glass is prohibited.
cort to the Mid Coast Walk-in Clinic. Tuesday, November 21 side the third oor mens room at Moore Hall.
A student cooking bacon caused a smoke A smoke alarm activation in Chamber- A students vehicle struck a utility pole COMPILED BY THE OFFICE OF SAFETY AND SECURITY
Friday, December 1, 2017 NEWS 3

College commemorates World VIGIL Trans people across the

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 world are murdered simply for
being trans, said Morris. The

AIDS Day with week of events

guitar performance by Pollack stigma of gender non-confor-
and a speech from Morris. mity [is] so strong that even
The event was intended as exploring ones gender presen-
a moment to come together tation so frequently leads to
in honor of the lives lost and premature death.
in recognition of the endemic
prominent around the world this school. Rowan is pre-med Related Coverage violence that occurs against ***
by Mitchel Jurasek where there are pockets that are and I study art history and En- See page 5 to read about Peter trans people in our country and
Orient Staff still struggling, Lei said. HIV glish, and we have found that Staleys visit to campus on Tuesday. worldwide. The first ever Transgender
This week, Bowdoin hosted is a contemporary issue that is you can study any major at TDOR is very much a time Day of Remembrance was held
the largest event series in the pressing and affects us all. Bowdoin and have a stake in this The ideas for the program- of solemnity and grieving and in 1999 by Gwendolyn Ann
Colleges history in recognition Rowan Staleys uncle, Peter issue because it overlaps with ev- ming are fundamentally theirs, honoring the people that weve Smith, a transgender woman,
of HIV/AIDS. The schedule Staley, a passionate HIV/AIDS erything, Lei said. but I was able to help get lec- lost, said Stone. There is a artist and activist, and it was
surrounding todays World activist in New York, was a cast The discussion of the epidem- tures and concerts funding for message of resilience, but its not intended to honor Rita Hester,
AIDS Day recognition has so member in How to Survive ic is especially timely due to the support, Cifor said. a particularly positive time. a transgender woman who was
far included a screening of the a Plague, the documentary new tax bill proposed by Pres- Student projects from the After the speech and a mo- murdered the previous year.
Oscar nominated documentary on HIV/AIDS activism that ident Trump and a Republican class will be on display at the ment of silence, 10 students Since then, the event has been
How to Survive a Plague, as screened on Tuesday in Kresge coalition, which includes cuts to last event for the programming took turns reading each of the held every year on November
well as a discussion with a cast Auditorium. Peter Staley is the public health relief funding. This on Monday. 326 individuals names, ages 20 and honors the lives of every
member and a panel on the brother of Jes Staley 74 P11, a means cuts to the Presidents Along with this partnership, and locations, which under- recorded murder of transgender
local and global view of HIV/ trustee at the College. Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief the events are co-sponsored by scored the magnitude of the people worldwide.
AIDS. Today, to commemorate Rowan Staley hopes the (PEPFAR), an American funded organizations within and out- violence. This was followed by The packed audience at
the worldwide event, there will events this week will be as global HIV/AIDS relief fund. side of Bowdoin. Lei was par- a slam-poetry performance by TDOR this year reflected the
be screenings of several short eye-opening to students as the We are advocating for people ticularly excited to partner with Maddie Lemal-Brown 18 and growing and strengthening
documentaries on the ongoing documentary was the first time to call their representatives. So Student Global AIDS Campaign closing words from Morris. trans community at Bowdoin.
epidemic. The event series will she saw it. calling Senator Susan Collins for Health GAP. Health GAP The sheer number of peo- Its not that there werent
continue until Monday. I think it's super important from Maine and asking her to (Global Access Project) is an ple killed is difficult to com- trans people at Bowdoin be-
Planned by Rowan Staley 18 to put on events about HIV/ not support the tax bill is im- organization that is dedicated prehend, especially when one foreIm sure there were still a
and June Lei 18, the events are AIDS in both Maine and the portant, Lei said. We have to to ensuring people across the considers that there have likely lot of trans peopleI [just] feel
intended to create discussion on global context, especially at be also thinking about action as globe have access to life-saving been many more unreported like fewer people were out, and
campus about the prevalence of Bowdoin because I think peo- well as history. HIV/AIDS medicines. murders of transgender people. we hadnt all found each other
HIV and AIDS. ple our age know so little about The programming is also tied The event series hopes to pro- Violence against transgen- yet, said Mehrberg.
The goal of these programs it, said Rowan Staley. I think to a course this semester, Viral vide a diverse range of narratives der people has risen in each As the community at Bow-
is to start conversations and it is really baffling that, before Cultures: HIV/AIDS in Science, for students to interact with. Ci- of the past three years. The doin grows in size and visibility,
not provide any comprehensive I saw this film, I didn't even Policy and Culture, taught by for stressed that the continuation Human Rights Campaign re- so do the concerns of out-trans
knowledge because the issue is know this about my uncles Consortium for Faculty Di- of these discussions on campus ported that, so far in 2017, 27 individuals, who have to nav-
so interdisciplinary and mul- past. He was just my uncle. It versity Postdoctoral Fellow in and access to external activism transgender people have been igate being representatives of
tidisciplinary. It also ranges was really eye-opening for me Gender, Sexuality and Women's resources is critical to Bowdo- killed by violent means, great- the already small community.
through multiple decades, so it's to see this film at 16, and I want Studies, Marika Cifor, in students understanding the er than the 23 deaths in 2016. Choosing to be visible at Bow-
impossible to get all that infor- to create that feeling for my While Bowdoin has held HIV/AIDS health crisis. Forty percent of trans people in doin, and beyond, often means
mation across in the short time peers and friends. various events related to HIV/ World AIDS day presents America believe their lives will assuming the burden of advo-
we have, Lei said. The programming is de- AIDS over the years, Staley and an opportunity to have that end prematurely. cating for oneself and educating
Lei also wants students to signed to dispel the myth that Lei felt that this course rep- conversation to mourn and A large majority of the vic- the larger cisgender commu-
realize that while HIV and certain knowledge or interests resents a shift in the Colleges to recognize the long history tims of anti-trans violence are nity. For some, it means living
AIDS are commonly talked are necessary to get involved in approach to teaching students of the epidemic and the many trans women of color, who are your life with the understand-
about as a problem of the past, HIV/AIDS activism. Staley and about the ongoing epidemic. people who fought and died of subjected to living at the inter- ing that you can be the victim of
it is still prevalent in commu- Lei both come from different Cifor was excited to be con- AIDS-related causes, Cifor said. sections of racism, transphobia violence or ignorance.
nities around the world and academic fields and stress that tacted by two Bowdoin activists Also, I think it is more import- and misogyny. This multi-lay- Having to advocate for your-
needs attention. anyone who finds passion in this before she even set foot on cam- ant for us to stop and recognize ered marginalized identity is selves and having to educate
There is a local and global issue is needed. pus. The students and Cifor be- the state of the epidemic now, to often coupled with living in people about your identity and
aspect to HIV/AIDS, because We are really interested in gan having conversations over bring attention, to use that his- impoverished communities your experience in your body
while here in Maine it is not as how HIV/AIDS spreads across the summer about the vision for tory [that] we learn to mobilize that lack confidence in a po- and then having to navigate a
prominent, it's still here and its so many discussions we have at the events. action in the present. lice force that will effectively society that most of the time
address hate-driven violence. doesnt recognize you or see you
Oftentimes, trans women of as you actually areit takes a
DONATIONS Public Political Donations of NESCAC* Employees
color are at risk of mistreat-
ment by the police, and there
lot out of you, said Stone.
I navigate Bowdoin with the
are many cases of trans women constant awareness that I am
Professor of Government Amherst $31,519 of color who file police reports not physically safe in the world
and Legal Studies Michael Bates $13,464 about transphobic attacks, only at large, said Morris.
Franz noted that the cam- Bowdoin $12,164 to get arrested or be subjected Last spring, feces was dis-
paign finance system in to more violence. covered in a newly installed
Colby $14,492
the United States has a lot The events organizers were receptacle for menstrual prod-
of transparency built into Connecticut $11,839 clear in their intention to ex- ucts in a mens restroom in

it. Though there is some Hamilton $25,041 pose the violence for what it Smith Union, an act that sent a
non-disclosed money that is Middlebury $29,442 is: acts of hatred motivated by message of intolerance to trans-
directed towards SuperPACs, Trinity $23,133 transphobia. Often, transphobic gender students, for whom the
it tends to be a relatively Wesleyan $35,198
violence gets reported in ways addition to the bathroom was
small amount. Tradition- that obscures this underlying meant to foster safer and more
Williams $41,241
al PACs are subject to both prejudice and instead places inclusive campus spaces.
contribution limits and dis- $0.00 $10,000.00 $20,000.00 $30,000.00 $40,000.00 blame on trans individuals. For the organizers, reflecting
closure requirements. *Excludes Tufts In her speech, Morris out- on the murders of trans indi-
Donation Total (in dollars)
Where weve seen the lined one way in which this viduals is about acknowledging
evolution in recent years is in happens. and condemning the wide-
outside organizations [Super- GIVING LIBERALLY: Bowdoin employees contributed the second lowest amount of NESCAC schools to political Trans women who pass are spread transphobia that moti-
PACs] who sometimes orga- campaigns in the 2016 election cycle, with none of those donations going to conservative candidates or groups. blamed for not disclosing their vates those murders.
nize as non-profit groups who trans status to their partners, For Morris, confronting
are allowed to accept contri- reported donations came dates like Barack Obama. Rose, however, did make and the trans panic defense is transphobia is most important-
butions and spend those funds from Professor of Art History Rose donated $2,300 to one conservative contribution often used to protect their as- ly about accepting trans people.
without disclosing where the Pamela Fletcher and former Barack Obamas campaign on while he was at JP Morgan: sailants, she said. [I want] acceptance that
contributions came from, said college treasurer Catherine February 29, 2008. This was in $1,000 to Republican Senator The feelings of shock are someones gender can change in
Franz. [But] its not a huge Longley. Fletcher gave $1,000 the midst of the heated prima- Phil Gramm of Texasthe not responsible for the death. their four years here. That trans
amount of money in the grand to Hillary Clinton and Long- ry campaign between Obama then-chairman of the Senate Whats responsible for the death people can be as beautiful or de-
scheme of things. ley gave $1,000 to Senator and Clinton. Banking Committee. are feelings of shamefeelings sirable as cis people. Acceptance
Of the 179 disclosed dona- Angus King whothough an of internalized shame or trans- that being friends with a trans
tions from Bowdoin employ- Independentcaucuses with phobia related to finding out person doesnt need to be hard,
ees, most went directly to can- the Democrats in the Senate. that you had sex with a trans she said.
didateswith Hillary Clinton President Clayton Roses person, said Pollack. I would appreciate not just
and Emily Cain receiving the name does not appear on the Similarly, sex workers, who institutional policies changing,
highest number of separate list of donors for the 2016 are being killed with increased but programming and educa-
donations. election cycle. However, frequency, are often blamed tion that provokes thoughtful
Among the 179 contribu- in past years, he has made for their deaths because of conversation that helps people
tions from Bowdoin employ- several large political dona- their participation in an illicit improve and be better to trans
ees, most were from faculty tionsparticularly during industry, despite the fact that people at Bowdoin, and I think
and staff, though several came his time in Essex Fells, NJ, they are experiencing over- that a much more holistic ap-
from students who listed their where he donated mainly to lapping systems of oppression proach than any one policy is
employer as the College. the JP Morgan & Co PAC as and are often forced to do sex- whats needed to support us,
The two largest one-time well as to democratic candi- work for survival. Morris added.
4 NEWS Friday, December 1, 2017

Yashere brings color to campus comedy scene TAXES


pay approximately $206,000

tion and waste disposal.
Orlando pushed
against several of the claims
made in Powers piece.

to the town in property taxes Jean Powers sort of glossed

by Devin McKinney this year. Some college-owned over, or made this insinuation
Orient Staff
properties are not eligible for that were afraid to talk to each
As part of Bowdoins No Hate tax-exempt status, including other, like theres this divide,
November programming, Africa housing for faculty and staff. said Orlando. And thats just
Alliance and the Student Center The College owns $11.2 mil- not true. Weve had a long,
for Multicultural Life co-spon- lion worth of taxable property open, transparent relationship
sored a performance by Nigeri- including over 20 rentals across with the townat least, Ive
an-British comedian Gina Yashere Brunswick for faculty and staff. been in this chair for a year
on Thursday night. The show Other taxable properties in- now, and Ive had very open
brought a full crowd of students, clude Reed House and Bruns- conversations with the town
faculty and community members wick Apartments. manager and town councilors.
to Kresge Auditorium. In FY 2016-2017 the College We really appreciate the
The show was something new paid over $21,000 in taxes on collaboration we have with the
for Yashere as she doesnt perform Reed. While the other seven town, and we are mutually in-
at colleges very frequently and had College Houses are tax-exempt, terested in the vitality and the
not been to Maine before. Reed has remained on the towns well-being of the Brunswick
I had no idea what to expect, tax rolls. Senior Vice President community, and the op-ed piece
Ive never been out here, Ive for Finance and Administration was disappointing in that it
never been to Maine so I had no and Treasurer of the College Matt omitted all that, Orlando added.
idea, said Yashere. I was expect- Orlando speculates this has to do Frank Strasburger, a Bruns-
ing probably all white people, I with the location of the house on wick resident and father-in-law
didnt expect so much of a beau- residential Boody Street and the of three Bowdoin alumni, wrote a
tiful mix of people so that was a colleges desire not to take reve- response to Crimmins op-ed, de-
very pleasant surprise. nue away from the town. fending the various ways that the
One of the goals for the event Had Reed not existed in that College contributes to the town
was for students to enjoy them- spot, there would be two or three and echoing Orlandos sentiments.
selves, but also recognize the rel- residences on that lot, you could Im a townie, all too aware of
evance of the comedic material LAUGHING OUT LOUD: British-Nigerian comedian Gina Yashere performs in front of a packed Kresge Auditorium fit two or three houses there, and the effect of Bowdoins tax-exempt
Thursday night as part of No Hate November.
and become more aware of bias on they would have paid taxes there. status on my own hefty real estate
Bowdoins campus. ciated the diversity Yasheres per- step out of the comfort zone, said as a trajectoryits just getting bet- So that may have been part of the taxes. But Bowdoin is the very rea-
I think being able to laugh and formance brought to the Bowdo- Asaolu. How do we use some- ter in terms of trying to raise aware- rationale, Orlando said. son we moved here, he wrote.
hear jokes that really hit on some in comedy scene. one in a different medium who ness and increase representation on Due to a tenant unconnected Strasburger cited opportu-
nerves that maybe you have dealt Bowdoin comedy is very white. is talking about things that are campus, said Asaolu. to the College residing in one nities to visit the Colleges mu-
with as a person [is] another way So I think thats why events like this relevant but in a more accessible, From her playful crowdwork of the units, Brunswick Apart- seums, attend events and audit
that you can interrupt bias, so I are so important and so successful, approachable way? to her prepared material, Yasheres ments is also not tax-exempt. classeslargely free of charge for
think comedy has a great role in said de Bruijn, also a member of The addition of a comedian show succeeded in this goal of Bowdoin contributed $94,000 residentsas advantages of living
that. Comedy can be, if thought- Purity Pact. It can be hard if you for this years No Hate November being very relatable to Bowdoin in property taxes on the com- in Brunswick. He also mentioned
ful, very effective in raising aware- dont see yourself reflected doing programming follows a trend of students. plex in the last fiscal year. that Bowdoin employs many
ness of some things [and] making something to envision yourself last years keynote speaker, Aasif Her crowdwork was really The Colleges annual contri- town residents and allows Bruns-
it acceptable to have a conversa- doing it. And comedy comes from Mandvi, who approached these incredible and I thought it was bution to the town is decided wick High Schools swim and
tion about, said Benjamin Harris, perspective, and so the more per- tough topics in a lecture style with actually the best part of her show through the annual budget hockey teams to use its facilities.
director for the Student Center for spectives that are represented, the humor that was more severe. because it really brought her process, and reviewed by se- According to Brunswick
Multicultural Life. funnier shows are. I think [Yashere] does an down to the Bowdoin students nior staff and President Clayton Town Council Chair Allison
While aimed toward the intro- It can pave the way for others incredible job of walking a fine level and was able to speak with Rose. Orlando oversees these Harris, the debate is not unique
duction of critical conversations, to be inspired by comedy and it line of being very humorous and us directly, said Litts. contributions. to Brunswick or to Bowdoin.
the show also promotes more doesnt have to be such a white funny about really sensitive things Sometimes comedians are not Bowdoin has continued to Its always a balancing act to
representation on campus and thing. She was so great and I won- but knowing where that line is. She relatable to everyone but she was increase the size of its charita- figure out what is the appropriate
exposes individuals to perspec- der if she will inspire others to knows the line, as opposed to Aas- really relatable to the black com- ble contribution, according to contribution for the College to
tives that they may not have ex- participate in the Bowdoin com- if [Mandvi] whereas he said some munity, which I very much appre- Orlando, despite an increase agree to make, she said. And its
perienced firsthand. edy scene, because I know Office things last year that were cringe- ciated, said Bethany Berhanu 20. in the Colleges property tax- tricky for every college town Ive
[Yashere] is a Nigerian come- Hours improv for instance is look- worthy, said Mohamed Nur 19, I got all her jokes and didnt feel esfrom $187,699 in FY 2016- ever lived in. I would say yes, there
dian out of the U.K., [...] so I think ing for that, said Litts. BSG vice president for academic excluded in this, which is great. 2017 to $206,497 this current are those who feel that Bowdoin is
representation is important, said President of Africa Alliance, affairs. To all potential comedians out fiscal year which was due to not paying its fair share of the cost
Harris. Its great to see folks of Anu Asaolu 19, said one of the For Asaolu, Yashere offers a there, Yashere offered a few words a town-wide revaluation that of running the town. Its a topic
color of all different talents on the primary reasons she and Harris relatable perspective, which she of advice: was finalized this past summer. that comes up from time to time.
Bowdoin stage, from speakers to decided to bring Yashere to cam- feels not only benefits herself as a Work hard. Pull experience In addition to the annual gift- [Bowdoin is] not the only
comedians. I think its important pus was because they were look- woman of color, but most students from your own life. And dont do in-kind, the College regularly nonprofit that has tax-exempt
to see the representation, and I also ing for an innovative approach to at Bowdoin. it for the money, do it for love, contributes to the Brunswick status in certain areas so that
think its important for students to address the main ideologies of No Ive been here for three years the money will come if youre Downtown Association and to I think that we look at all the
hear voices that are different than Hate November. now, and seeing somebody coming good enough and you follow your the town of Harpswell, where tax-exempt institutions and
the norm here at Bowdoin. When I was organizing this to campus not only to give a talk, dream properly and youre not just Bowdoins tax-exempt Coastal say, gosh, are they paying their
Both Sophie de Bruijn 18 and with Ben Harris, we were talking but somebody whos relatable, who doing it for the wrong reasons. Studies Center is located. It also fair share? added Harris.
Collin Litts 18 are members of about how the idea of [No Hate looks like me, whos shared similar Anjulee Bhalla contributed to pays for services provided by the Emily Cohen contributed to
Office Hours improv, and appre- November] is to be willing to experiences and that is good to see this report. town like policing, fire protec- this report.

Town residents express concern over Colleges Pine St. proposal

plained that under state law, the with us and the meetings they did was not properly factored into could use the road between Bath fied, reiterated the effect that the
by Nina McKay Town Council has to approve a with us, she said initially. the studies. Road and Pine Street to avoid the proposed plan could have on
Orient Staff
road discontinuance, and a public She continued, When I saw Mark Battle, associate profes- traffic light at the intersection of town residents.
At a town meeting on the hearing must be held before the that this was on the agenda sor of physics and a Bowker Street Bath Road and Sills Drive. He pointed to the houses de-
evening of Monday, November Council can make the decision. I was very surprised to see resident, cited a traffic study, In- Sean Boyle, another Bruns- noted on a map of the area and
20, Brunswick residents com- Orlando also outlined the that Bowdoin was considering vestigating Urban Route Choice wick resident, expressed concerns emphasized the investment each
mented on Bowdoins proposed process through which, during closing Pine Street, because at as a Conflict Between Waiting about people already driving too homeowner made in purchasing
plan to discontinue Pine Street the months prior to the public those meetings that we had, the at Traffic Lights and Additional fast in his neighborhood. Ac- the houses.
in order to build a new athlet- hearing, the College has en- community, which was consid- Travel Time that was published cordingly, he feels that traffic Thats their claim, and they
ic facility. If accepted, this plan gaged in dialogue with town erablea lot of us came out it in Transportation Research calming measures, such as speed have a right to feel safe and feel
would mean discontinuing the residents. We held three neigh- was very clear, that the neighbors Procedia to support concerns bumps or speed limits, should the value of what they invested is
portion of Pine Street that runs bor meetings and one site walk didnt want to close Pine Street. he raised at the hearing that the be a requirement of the plan, not going to be protected by the town
between Bowker Street and Bath We invited criticisms, obser- Many of those opposed to the Colleges current proposal could something to be considered in they choose to live in.
Road, adding a perpendicular vations from the neighborhood, discontinuance of Pine Street increase traffic on surrounding the future. He continued, I think what
extension between Pine Street and we heard their feedback identified potential increased residential streets. Im all for just having the traf- needs to be considered is not
and Bath Road through what is and weve made a number of ad- traffic on what are currently Heres what they found: when fic calming already implemented, whats most convenient or cheap-
currently a wooded area. Many justments. They compromised quiet, residential streets as a pri- drivers could choose between and I think we should look at the est for the College, or even whats
residents expressed concerns on their end, as well. mary concern. While both the two routes taking equal times, whole community and say, Hey, cheapest for the townalthough
about potential negative im- At the hearing, Jean Shaw, a College and the town of Bruns- two-thirds of them picked a route maybe there should be a speed I recognize that that has to be
pacts, such as increased traffic Brunswick resident, expressed wick commissioned traffic stud- without a traffic light even if its limit sign near the bike path. a considerationbut you have
on residential streets, that the mixed feelings about the commu- iesboth of which found that more distance, but equal times. In Maybe there should be a speed to consider what is in the best
new road configuration could nication between the College and staying on the main road would fact, even when the route without limit sign on Chamberlain [Av- interest of the people who have
have on the neighborhood. its neighbors. result in a trip about the same the light took 40 more seconds, enue], because theres nothing decided to make this town their
Matt Orlando, Senior Vice I just wanted to thank Bow- length as cutting through the 20 percent of them still chose it, now, said Boyle. home and are going to be living
President for Finance and Ad- doin for taking the time to do residential streetssome resi- Battle explained. Another Brunswick resident, along the streets that are going to
ministration and Treasurer, ex- the walkthroughs that they did dents felt that human behavior In the proposed plan drivers whose name couldnt be identi- be majorly affected by this.
Friday, December 1, 2017 5


How to Survive a Plague: Staley on AIDS activism
tory, he said. And it just kept
by Sabrina Lin rolling from thereACT UP
Orient Staff became my religion.
Peter Staley was working The political action group
as a bond trader at JP Morgan ACT UP was founded in 1987
when he was diagnosed with by playwright and activist Larry
AIDS-related complex in 1985. Kramer. Since its conception,
The country was in the midst of ACT UPs mission has been to
an AIDS crisis, and homopho- effect change through protest-
bic sentiment was at an all- ing various organizations, in-
time high. cluding pharmaceutical compa-
Staley visited campus on nies that overcharged for AIDS
Tuesday night for a screening medicine. The groups protests
of How to Survive a Plague, even succeeded in shutting
the 2012 Oscar-nominated doc- down the Food and Drug Ad-
umentary in which he was fea- ministration (FDA) for a day
tured, as part of programming as part of an effort to urge the
for World AIDS Day. The doc- agency to approve potentially
umentary presents an authentic, life-saving drugs. ACT UP rep-
insightful and heart-wrenching- resented the gay communitys
ly powerful chronology of AIDS outcry after six years of battling
activism in the 1980s. in anger, fear and desperation.
[JP Morgan] was one of the The film shows a clip of Staley
most male-dominated, misogy- hanging up a banner at the FDA
nist, homophobic work environ- headquarters with the words
ments in the country at the time. Silence=Death.
It felt like working in a mens It was the first time Amer-
ACT UP: Peter Staley (left), featured in How to Survive a Plague, takes part in a Q&A with Rowan Staley 18 (right) following the documentarys screening.
locker room in high school, said icans had seen hundreds of
Staley. I wasnt out to my family homosexuals doing anything, UP members, many of whom youth, power, sexiness, laughter called Visual AIDS, said Lei. Treatment Action Group, which
... I had this very bifurcated life. said Staley. We were the Occu- were HIV-positive, the rage and tears, Staley said. We use [Rowan and I] joined forces collaborates with pharmaceuti-
Staleys life took a drastic py [Wall Street] of our age, the and sadness became palpable as reason to suppress fear and re- and started planning this larger cal companies to conduct AIDS
turn in 1987, when he stumbled Black Lives Matter of our time efforts were shut down by indif- fuse to let a virus divide us. scale program for this year. research. The development
upon a demonstration on Wall [keeping] AIDS in national ferent politicians. Staley, who is an Oberlin I feel like it has a really mul- of protease inhibitors in 1996
Street by AIDS Coalition to news for at least three years. The most powerful mo- College graduate and brother tifold message, said Rowan Sta- represented a breakthrough in
Unleash Power (ACT UP). Sta- We shattered the Ameri- ments of the film are those of Trustee Jes Staley 79, P11, ley, niece of Peter Staley. I think efforts to treat the virus. Staley
ley remarked on witnessing its can myth of the homosexual as of griefmembers dumping came to the College to screen to some extent its HIV/AIDs is optimistic about the strides
transformation into the greatest weak, cowering in shadows, too ashes of AIDS victims onto the the film after it first came out awareness ... filling a gap that all the movement will continue to
movement in LGBT history. afraid to stand up for himself, White House lawnas well in 2012. His return to Bowdo- our AP US history classes never make in the future.
Ive never had more life he added. as those of great resilience, in was organized by his niece covered. But I also think there Todays AIDS activists live in
pumped into me in such a short The film documents activists as members continue to fight Rowan Staley 18 and June Lei are so many messages ... as far an age of having these tools, and
time. The first meeting I went to race against time as they fight for with unyielding conviction and 18, who both share a passion as seeing how far LGBTQ rights therefore its a very optimistic
had over 100 people, filled with new treatments, FDA approv- determination. for the cause. have come, and also how activ- type of activism ... If you push
the sense of unity and purpose als, federal funding and public Each and every week, it I had been introduced to ism can be effective. the right political buttons, and
and seemingly no doubts that support. Featuring footage and had a heavy mix of selflessness, these films by an organization I Activism did triumph in the get everybody on the same page,
they were already making his- first-person stories from ACT anger, empathy, passion, love, interned for two summers ago end. In 1991, Staley founded the you can save lives in real time.

Curtain Callers redefines The Last Five Years SEE IT YOURSELF

by Lowell Ruck
Orient Staff The musical will be performed tonight and Saturday night from
8-9:30 p.m. in Jack Magees Pub and Grill. Entry is free and all are
Jason Robert Browns The
encouraged to attend.
Last 5 Years is an unconven-
tional musical. Centered on
a tenuous relationship, it fea- their relationship, said Clarke. and you just see the actors on
tures only two actors whose The source material, apart stage far away.
interactions with each other from what we are doing with Both Yoo and Clarke em-
are limited and whose stories the show, deals a lot with the phasized the accessibility of the
run in chronologically oppo- tension of being in a relation- musical through its focus on
site directions. Tonight and ship, and how you can exist themes to which many students
tomorrow, Curtain Callers will as your own person but also can relate.
stage its own production of this love someone else and give to I think that one of the
Broadway success, but with the someone else. ongoing themes in this show
unconventional flair the group According to Yoo, the is about success, and [it] por-
has come to be known for: the groups use of the Pub as a per- trays this idea of there not
show will take place in Jack formance space has its chal- really being enough success
Magees Pub and Grill, with lenges, but it also provides a to go around, that not every-
two women in roles typically more intimate and interactive one can achieve that success.
played by a man and a woman. atmosphere. Both actors move I think that at a prestigious
Curtain Callers, which into the audience during the school like Bowdoin, thats
presented Into the Woods show, sitting down at tables kind of a fear that a lot of us
and Heathers: The Musical and engaging directly with have, said Clarke.
last year, continue to expand ANN BASU, THE BOWDOIN ORIENT their viewers. Yoo hopes that audiences will
the bounds of theater with TIME WARP: Hope Keeley 21 (left) and Tori Clarke 20 (right) star in Curtain Callers production of The Last Five I love performing in un- be able to connect to the show
the groups latest production, Years, a show comprised of only two characters who tell the story of their relationship through an unusual chronology. usual spaces because I think personally and emotionally.
which chronicles the rise and it opens up a lot of opportu- We dont need every show
fall of the relationship and subverts the gender binary I didnt want to cast it in Hope Keeley 21, said that de- nities to view theater and the to make a big political state-
eventual marriage of a novelist dynamic common to many the traditional way. It could spite these changes to the pro- show in a new light, and also ment. Sometimes, its enough
and actress. The mans story is dramatic works. be two women, it could be duction, the focus is still on because its so exciting to see to explore the human connec-
traditionally told from begin- Jae-Yeon Yoo 18, the shows two non-binary characters, it the challenges of relationships. a space you inhabit regularly tionthe joy, the heartache
ning to end and the womans director and musical director, could be two men. I knew I I think that to a certain and have that transformed and all the angst that comes
from end to beginning. By explained the value of these just wanted to break that and degree, the fact that the show into a theatrical space, said from navigating these rela-
casting women in both lead stylistic choices. open up the show to a more has been cast with two women Yoo. I really want [this] to tionships, and see those ex-
roles, this weekends show I found the content to be non-binary interpretation. doesnt really make much of a be a very, very intimate musi- pressed in a really beautiful
makes use of a non-tradi- perpetuating a lot of negative Tori Clarke 20, one of the difference, because its just two calnot like when you go to a poignant musical fashion,
tional performance space and gender stereotypes, she said. shows two actors alongside people and their story about show, the house fades to black she said.
6 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Friday, December 1, 2017

Portrait of an Artist: Daniel Mayer 21 on bass

There are so many talented definitely more of a rhythmic
by Nicole Tjin A Djie players here and it is defi- instrument, where guitar is
Orient Staff nitely very supportive. All more melodic.
Nicole Tjin A Djie 21: of the musicians intermingle
What got you started with and play with each other. Al- NT: Besides being in The
music? though they have their own Commission, how have you
Daniel Mayer 21: My dad bands they all jam together pursued music while at Bow-
and my brother were both mu- and all know each other. Its doin? What are your goals?
sicians, so I got started on pi- very friendly. There definitely DM: My prospective major
ano really early. I didnt really is no air of competition that is music so I am enrolled in a
like it so I started playing my I imagine there would be at few theory classes and perfor-
dads guitar and I picked that big universities where people mance classes. I am involved
up really easily. I got into bass have to compete for gig op- in the Bowdoin jazz combos
with some other musicians at portunities. Its very support- here, so I have some excit-
a summer camp where I was ive here. ing gigs coming up. Our jazz
put into this rock ensemble. coach, Titus Abbot is open-
There were five guitar players NT: Who were your inspira- ing for us at Port City Blue
who all had to split up their tions growing up as a musician? on December 9 in Portland,
parts while the bassist got the DM: I really liked the Red so that is going to be a pretty
rest. So basically I switched Hot Chili Peppers, so Flea was cool gig. Other than that we
to bass because I saw that not a big inspiration for me on kind of just do on campus
many people were playing it, bass. I would learn all of their gigs. And my jazz playing has
but I thought it was just as in- charts. As I got more away definitely gotten way better
teresting as guitar. from funk and rock I went into here. My goal is to just get as
jazz music. I was listening to a good as possible. I do want to
NT: What else drew you to lot of Jaco Pastorius on elec- be a professional musician ul-
play bass? tric bass. Moving strictly into timately, or now I guess, but I
DM: I guess the ability for upright bass[which Mayer just want to learn as much as I
the instrument to be both a plays]I was really into Paul can while I am here.
percussive, low-end instru- Chambers, Scott Lafaro and
ment supporting the ensem- Oscar Pettiford. Theyre my NT: Have taking music
ble, but to also be a solo in- main upright bass idols now, theory classes here helped
strument when necessary. I do but in the beginning it was you with performance?
not think a lot of instruments strictly Red Hot Chili Peppers. DM: Yeah, the music theory
have the ability to be an im- classes here are second to none
portant component of a band NT: Can you briefly ex- compared to any other college.
while also being able to stand plain the difference between I have a lot of friends who are
alone as a solo instrument. CHRIS RITTER, THE BOWDOIN ORIENT bass and just a regular guitar? studying music at music schools
DM: To be honest, there and they are impressed by how
CUT TO THE BASS: Daniel Mayer 21 likes the versatility of bass, both electric and upright, as it can serve as both the
NT: You play bass in The support for a group and a solo instrument in its own right. Mayer plays independently and in a first-year band. are not many structural dif- difficult some of the course
Commissioncan you tell me ferences. They look very sim- material is in my theory class-
more about the band? a jazz musician, but they were pop artists. We play a lot of incorporate these really long ilar. Electric bass typically has es. Even though Bowdoin is
DM: We are a seven-piece usually for corporate or other Stevie Wonder and Michael and airy synth parts that can four strings and the strings not a music school, the music
group of all freshmen. I met types of events. It was not re- Jackson, but we also do some be played and replicated on are thicker than electric guitar department here is very, very
the drummer and keyboardist ally involved, whereas with the sort of contemporary music lap steel. We are just trying to strings. So where on a guitar deep and I think it gets kind of
online on the Bowdoin Class house party scene the people like alternative rock groups. find some funky jammy songs you would use finger picking overlooked. The theory class-
of 2021 Facebook page. We watching are really invested in We do a lot of Vulfpecktheir that people would dig and that techniques or a pick, you actu- esespecially for me since I did
slowly started to meet other the performance, instead of us music kinda suits our instru- suits the big-band instrumen- ally use just your index finger not really have a theory back-
musicians as we got acquainted just playing wallpaper music at mentation quite well. We have tation we have. and middle finger predomi- groundare really difficult. It
with the music program here. other gigs. a lap steel player, so we end up nantly and pluck bass strings. takes up a lot of my time.
We all shared this desire to be doing a lot of hip-hop songs NT: What do you think of And it has more of a thump to
in a college band. I always had NT: Does your band write by famous R&B artists like the music scene at Bowdoin? it and more of a presence. The NT: How often do you
this dream of being in a college its own music? Erykah Badu. We are going to DM: It is definitely small, goal with bass is to bring up practice?
band and playing at house par- DM: We are going to start try some more of her songs be- but I think there is more of the low-end frequencies, while DM: I try to practice at
ties and do stuff like that. I did doing that, but right now we cause there are always a lot of one than I thought coming to with the guitar you create a least three to four hours a day.
a lot of gigs in high school as just do soul covers of modern cool samples in her pieces that a small school like Bowdoin. high-end sonic sound. So it is

With Ctrl, SZA triumphantly returns with a sharper sound

But with no solo work since Listen Online knowing its selfish, and know-
2014, SZA has caused more ing Im desperate.
The Aux Cord conversations than her body
Visit the Orients website to listen to
the album while you read. Theres a timely poignance
by Chris Ritter of work would warrant. to lines like these. With
SZA has been between the quirky nature. Ctrl, SZA details the strug-
Top Dawg Entertainment spotlight and the shadows for The dissonant opener, Su- gles of modern love as well
(TDE) owns a rap empire at too long. Her mixtapes S and permodel, sees SZA emerging as, or better than, many pop
this point. Based out of LA, Z, as beautiful as they were from the shadows of her early artists have this year, such as
the label boasts a roster that obscure, embodied that space. records, ditching vocal effects Khalid, Lorde et al. But what
includes Kendrick Lamar, The tapes displayed SZAs and stripping back production makes Ctrl unique is SZAs
Schoolboy Q, Isaiah Rashad, ability to push the boundar- to free up space for herself. brutally honest approach
Ab-Soul and Jay Rock. But ies of genre, but sometimes The track sees SZA strutting to these struggles, whether
then theres SZA. The pen the sonic experimentation from line to line and from bit- crying over an ex, or flicking
name of Solna Imani Rowe, meant casting a shadow over terness to vulnerability: you him off. Lines like Honesty
SZA is TDEs only claim to di- SZAs personality, as well as know you wrong for shit like hurts when youre gettin old-
versity; the only female artist her voice. She long hinted at that / I could be your super- er / I gotta say Ill miss the
on TDE is also its only notable the release A, the comple- model if you believe, if you see way you need me, are just as
artist who you couldnt defin- tion of a trilogy (S, Z, A). it in me. Its a kind of effortless powerful as Let me tell you a
itively call a rapper. In fact, But with the passage of time, confidence that will undoubt- KAYLA SNYDER secret / I been secretly bang-
SZAs music defies most mu- as well as a frustrated tweet edly gain SZA comparisons ing her insecurities with ach- character to dance in the face ing your homeboy.
sical descriptors. Theres the from SZA herself suggesting to the Knowles sisters. But ing honesty: you came with of the bullshit. In a way, thats whats im-
trippiness of psych rock, the her premature retirement, the sound is more Bjrk than your new friends / and mom And thats good, because portant about Ctrl: SZA
warmth of old school R&B, it seemed unlikely that A Beyonc here: a lone, gritty jeans and her new vans / and SZAs dealing with a lot of bull- is dealing with many of the
the kinks of modern EDM would ever come. guitar, a frantic drum set and shes perfect and I hate it / shit here. Whether a past love same complicated problems
and the punch of trap. But But SZA didnt retire, and little else form this skeletal oh so glad you made it. SZA keeps texting her (Love Ga- that artists have discussed this
its all so well blended that it we should all be thankful. We track. Though many will clas- sounds most at home on Ctrl lore) or shes getting straight year, but shes not necessarily
would be unfair to pin SZAs still dont know about A, but sify Ctrl as R&B, it is clear where she channels endearing up played (The Weekend), looking for your, or anyone
music as any one of these. That last June, SZA made a trium- from the beginning that SZA characters like Barrymore, SZA is as quick to point out elses, approval. The result is
sound has made her a prized phant return with her debut has much more to work with celebrating her oddities even her own flaws as she is to call an album that feels uniquely
collaborator; shes featured for album, Ctrl. The album sees in her repertoire. when that means accepting out others. Like she laments free of limitations. Its not the
nearly all of her more famous SZA shedding the murkiness The same is clear on Drew loneliness. The same can be on The Weekend: How you album we waited for, or ex-
label mates, and she wrote the of her early tapes, sharpening Barrymore, a droopy rock said of Go Gina, where SZA want me when you want a girl? pected, from SZA, but Ctrl is
opener for Rihannas ANTi. her sound but retaining its ballad that finds SZA empty- takes a cue from the Martin / This feeling is reckless, of much better for it.
Friday, December 1, 2017 7

Break the silence: calling out Bowdoins assailants
it, but he had no recollection. It want my assault to be invalidated fault. My parents raised me to be malized in our culture. In the era I could imagine. I left a comment
Love, Lust pained me to have to recount the because it wasnt rape. We live vigilant. Never take a drink from of #MeToo, its hard to live with- asking him to reflect on his own
and Like-Liking events to him. I tried to explain in a rape culture, and these in- a stranger. Dont walk alone after out knowing someone who has actions before sharing an article
Amber Rock and Anne Gregory how he had made me feel dis- ternalized ideas permeated my dark. Call security if you feel un- been affected by sexual assault. to keep a persona intact. Leaving
gusted with my own body. How thoughts. It felt like it would be safe. They didnt prepare me for After nearly two years, I am com- this comment was the first time
On December 5, 2015, I was I was nervous to walk down my my fault if he lost social capital the threat in my own dorm. I felt ing forward with my story. Social I took agency over my assault. It
sexually assaulted. own hallway. He was immedi- if I told. I carried the burden for like there had to be something media usage has changed the way was a small, personal act of defi-
I stayed in to study for an ately defensive. He reminded both of us while he took no ac- that I could have done to prevent we interact with and consume ance against his dominance over
exam. He had gone out. He stag- me that he was drunk and didnt countability for his actions. my assault. Maybe if I wasnt so information. Although it seemed my life. Although the article was
gered through the hall, a little remember. He dismissed me and As a society, we often shift maternal and helped him. Maybe as if women and their allegations about acknowledging the voice
queasy and smelling of liquor. I that was the end of the exchange. the blame from the perpetrator if I hadnt been wearing pajamas. against heinous acts were finally of assaulted women, he imme-
gave him a trash can and a glass I hated how much power he to the survivor. What were they Maybe if I wasnt so tired. Maybe being taken seriously, the same diately deflected and said I was
of water. He cornered me, press- had over me. I hated how he be- wearing? How much did they if he hadnt been such a selfish hashtag that has given women belittling him and any potential
ing himself against me, holding littled our relationship by reduc- drink? Why werent they more and manipulative abuser. a sense of agency and solidarity discourse on the matter. He has
up a condom. He went to bed ing me to a sexual object. I hated careful? This language blames the The way the media consumes has also provided a platform to since deleted the post, unfortu-
forgetting. I couldnt. how I had to endure his smiling victim and supports the notion the assault narrative is perplex- perform their allyship. nately squandering the excellent
The next morning, I told one face immortalized on the wall that women arent to be trusted at ing. With high profile rape cases Earlier this week my assailant discussion he wanted to promote,
person and made them swear to in Smith. I hated how passive I face value. The patriarchy paints and a constant influx of new shared an article from the New and while this is just speculation,
secrecy. I was so wary to disclose. was in abiding the side hugs and women as untrustworthy, while, assault allegations, its nearly York Times on Facebook about it was probably in an attempt at
I didnt want to force others to polite conversation with him. I in reality, the FBI reports that impossible to escape coverage, the Unexamined Brutality of the preserving his online image. If he
choose between him or me. I hated how much I protected him. false sexual assault claims only regardless of how problematic Male Libido and how important hadnt produced these layers and
wanted a semblance of normal- While he inundated my make up 2 percent of all reported the coverage can be. Its easy to it is to recognize womens pain. layers of misguided nonsense,
cy. I didnt want a reason for my thoughts, he was able to live cases, on par with all other felo- dismiss this as an industry prob- Lets take a moment to relish in I honestly may have repressed
mother across the country to unfazed. Yet, I didnt report the nies. This statistic, of course, does lem. It feels safer to think that the tragic, yet delicious irony. what he did and the pain he
worry about me. assault to anyone. I didnt want not factor in unreported instanc- assault is confined to the hills of In a moment of unbridled rage caused me indefinitely. So, thank
After a week, I had mustered to ruin his life. I didnt want to es, like my own. Hollywood, but sexual assault is spiraled by his gall and the sheer you for finally giving me the
the courage to talk to him about be seen as over-reacting. I didnt Rape culture made me feel at disgustingly permeated and nor- hypocrisy, I did the wildest thing courage to speak out against you.

Navigating through the fog with Concussion Recovery

symptoms like lethargy, partic- group is that we are able to talk to time but also our identities were has become important for both makes me happy.
by Kunica Kuy ularly within several hours of each other about the emotional stripped from us, said Trenton. Trenton and Williams. Co-sponsored by the Counsel-
Orient Staff
waking up in the morning. For aspect of it, said Trenton. Thats One of the hardest things for me Slowing down gave me the ing Service, the group has fund-
On the night before the 2015 each individual, the symptoms not something people around is learning how to not be identified chance to really think about how ing to bring in professionals, such
NESCAC Volleyball tournament, vary. Some common symptoms you can notice or understand. For as an athlete on campus because much I was doing and how much I as natural medicine doctors, yoga
Dana Williams 18 didnt under- include headaches, dizziness, instance, your friends can notice that is something I identified with was always on the run. And always instructors and acupuncture spe-
stand why she was crying during nausea and confusion. that youre off but they might not for my entire life. going from thing to thing, I never cialists. Next semester, Trenton
the team huddle. Her team was Sarah Trenton 18, another know why. Thats not their fault. So far, the group, comprised of really thought about if I actually and Williams hope to take ad-
happy and ready to take home former member of the volleyball While the Polar Brain Alliance, approximately five people, has met enjoyed it at all, Trenton said. vantage of this funding, as well as
a shiny trophy at the end of the team, sustained a concussion another student-run group, pri- twice. In addition to check-ins and Now, I consciously choose what spread awareness about the group
tournament. during the same week as Wil- marily works to aid students at discussions, the group spends an I want to do and how I want to through posters, emails and word
I thought to myselfthere is liams after a missed-serve hit her the onset of their symptoms, the hour meditating, a practice that spend each day is something that of mouth.
something wrong with me, Wil- in the head. Concussion Recovery Group fo-
liams said. I cant get my heart rate up too cuses on helping students handle
Though she didnt know it yet, high, so I cant be involved in any the long-term emotional effects of
Williams had sustained a concus- physically straining activities. I chronic injuries.
sion during practice. would get intense headaches and None of the medical care I
I got hit in the head with be in a mental fog during classes, sought really helped with the
the ball. It came out of no- Trenton said. emotional aspect of a concus-
where, she said. Because of their concus- sion, Williams said. We want
The next day, although she was sion experiences, Williams and to create a space for validation
convinced that she had not sus- Trenton created the Concussion of the emotional difficulties that
tained a concussion, her advisor Recovery Group this year. They come with having a concussion.
made her go home and emailed wanted a space for concussion Because a lot of times, youre left
her coach, her dean and the sufferersand others suffering feeling like no one understands.
Health Center. from chronic painto openly And so, validating that experience
Its been two years since discuss their injuries and contin- is a challenge, and sharing it with
her concussion, and Williams ual recovery process. other people is empowering.
is still experiencing ongoing The amazing thing about this Not only are we in pain all the
8 FEATURES Friday, December 1, 2017

Talk of the Quad

of H-L, long weeks of feeling
A YEAR OF GRIEF AT like I could not call home and
BOWDOIN the piling up of assignments
There are three fish that live because of my own inability
in a tank in the waiting room to even open a book. It felt
of the Counseling Center on like speaking an unknown
College Street and every week I languageforcing myself to
get to spend a few minutes just try to explain to a dean why I
staring at them. One is fat and thought I needed to pass/fail a
large; it swims slowly and only class and having to hear that
turns just as it reaches the glass my grief was probably not a
wall. One is mid-sized and compelling enough reason to
floats along the bottom, brush- petition the committee and
ing the fluorescent green and figuring out how to talk about
blue pebbles with its fins and and trust love again.
whiskers. The last one is small I learned to meditate ev-
and darts throughout the tank, ery night before bed and take
with seemingly no mind to di- walks alone, to pass my week-
rection but a purpose in its fins. ends without alcohol and my
I first met these fish last weekdays without every min-
January, almost two months ute pre-scheduled, to focus on
after I found out during the the memories of the snuggles
final weeks of my time abroad and canoe trips and smiles and
that I lost one of my oldest, big city adventures and laughs.
most loved friends to depres- I attended Grief Group and
sion. The grief consumed me individual counseling sessions
in waves, washing away any as I began to force myself to re-
pillars of stability and the con- turn to the outward-processor
trol of emotion that I thought I that I had once been. I know
had built in my life. I expected that without these resources at Bowdoin KODIE GARZA
these waves to subside before and without my friends who with the grief. slowly and sometimes I am the
my return but by the time I love me so much, I would have And yet, mourning about love and happiness midsize fish hiding at the bot-
came back to Bowdoin, it felt been at even greater a loss at the death of a friend in a com- I was so far away sometimes. and the everyday decision of tom, searching for something
like I could barely keep my own trying to find myself again munity which did not share Even now, I am still learning living. What I do know, how- along the way. Most of the
head afloat. on this campus. The love was this grief was exhausting, how to respond when some- ever, is that every week I am time now, though, I am that
Grief consumed me differ- shown to me on walks when I all-consuming and, at worst, one asks me about my time privileged enough to be able small fish, swimming with
ently as the year went on, just needed to process, knocks on painfully isolating. It took abroad or my junior spring. to walk into the Counseling energy and appreciation for all
as it affects other people in the door when my sobs could me months to begin to talk to There is a lot that I still do Center and spend a few min- the space and time I have left
completely different ways. For be heard throughout our apart- my parents again, to write for not know about this grief and utes considering the three to grow.
me, it felt like muffled cries ment and continued patience myself and to tell professors perhaps even more terrify- fish within that tank. Some- Lillian Eckstein is a member
in the 3rd floor study rooms as I figured out how to live and bosses why it seemed like ingly, a lot that I do not know times I am the big fish moving of the Class of 2018.

we were moving to America. feel like my heart was hidden the grid, completely shut off to Maine Street, when a group of color of my skin and the tex-
Goodbye, Europe and its nar- here before I was born, and the world, listening to the ev- white men yelled something so ture of my hair, I am making
row streets, trips to the Kent something has always been er-comforting song of the early vulgar to me that two teenaged a political statement just by
I am quite fond of my life in countryside, skiing Cham- drawing me out here to find rising chickadee. Mormon missionary boys, so existing. When really, I am just
Brunswick, but the weeks be- onix, family members on it. The academics are stress- And yetmy certainty about disturbed by what they heard, myself. When really, I breathe
tween fall break and Thanks- every corner, squabbling uni- ful, the extracurriculars are this place is always colored by decided to flank me protec- the same crisp Maine air and
giving break are enough to formed schoolchildrenand never ending, and the threat the reality of my race. Approx- tively all the way to my desti- walk through the same Maine
drive anybody bananas and, my father. Hello, my aunts of adulthood looms. But my imately 94.4 percent of Maine nation. Like the time I went woods. When the view from the
coupled with the overloaded one-bedroom apartment in life here is beautifully uncom- is white, and I am reminded of to Little Dog Coffee Shop on a top of a Maine mountain still
semester I had created for New York Citya townhouse plicated, blissfully quiet and my Otherness every day. Each day when I was already feeling fills my heart in a way I cannot
myself, I was ready to leave in Long Islandand finally, at last stable. Dirigo, Maines time, I feel my heart sink with insecure about my Otherness, name. Each time I leave, I ache
or so I thought. my home for the past 11 years, motto, means I directand fear and a desire to disappear. and a white man looked at me to return. Each time I return, I
As I rode the bus to Port- a house in Middle Island. here, at last, I can direct my Like the time I was walking with a bizarre mix of shock and can breathe freely again. Each
land, I listened to the driver As someone who has moved life, free from my parents. across the Quad with music delight, saying But theres no time I slip and call it home, I
and a passenger realize with a lot, I understand the tremen- When I stood alone in the blasting in my ear, spotted the black people in Maine! realize just how much it is so.
delight they were long-lost dous power in place and what shallows of Indian Pond on a shadow of a woman closely But there are black people The few people who try to
childhood friends who had it can mean for you. All that re- chilly morning in August, lis- approaching me from behind, in Maine. I am one of them, make me feel like I do not be-
spent summers together in locating took its toll on me be- tening to the water lapping at and turned around swiftly to and I have found my home long here will not change that.
Phippsburg and their fam- cause now, when Im on Long the rocks around my legs, feel- see her hand outstretched, here, against all odds. And yet, Its sea envelopes me, its stars
ilies had known each other Island, I miss London. ing the sediment between my inches from my hair, a sheep- I dont feel like I am fighting shine down on meand each
growing up. Hearing this, When Im in London, toes and thinking about how ish but fascinated look on her odds, nor do I feel like I should time, Bowdoins pines welcome
and watching Brunswick and I miss the States bit- I needed to wake up my face. Like the time I was on the have to. In Maine, in rural me home.
Freeport and Yarmouth pass terly. But when Im orientation trip co-leader plane from Portland, and an Long Island, as a British-born Aisha Rickford is
by through the windows, I in Maine? I dread and our first years soon, elderly white man attempted to English and Sierra Leonean a member of the
found myself increasingly the moment that I I had never felt more grab my long twists, muttering, woman in America, I have al- Class of 2020.
reluctant to part with this have to leave. certain about my I wanna grab em, theyre just ways been made to feel that by
place even for a few days. I Its because place in Maine: off so pretty. Like the time I was the difference inherent in the
love Maine, with its wind- Maine is the late for a date at Gelato Fiasco,
ing back roads, skyscraping first place I rapidly riding my bike
pines, rocky gray coastline, chose for in a skirt down
foggy beaches, rushing rivers myself. I
and pebbly lakebeds. I love
the way it is unrelentingly
wild, with shelves of stone
jutting out over the two-lane
highways. I love how you can
climb a mountain and look
out and see nothing but green
for miles.
Born to parents who sepa-
rated when I was nine months
old, I moved an unbearable
amount of times as a child.
Even when my mother final-
ly secured a home for us, my
father was still moving con-
stantly, and each court-man-
dated every other weekend my
brother and I spent with him MOLLY KENNEDY
felt like another adventure in
a new part of Greater London.
Then, as I approached my
seventh birthday, my mother
informed my brother and me
Friday, December 1, 2017 9

HIGHLIGHT Mens hockey gears up to face rival Colby
REEL by Kate Lusignan
Were five games in and everyone
is still positive and were doing
Orient Staff
some good things.
Squashing the Camels: The The mens hockey team (2-3-0, Out of the five games, the team
mens and womens squash 1-1 NESCAC) will face long-time has played two league games so
teams came back from losses rival, Colby College (2-2, 1-1 far. They began the season with a
against Bates to beat Con- NESCAC) in a two-game series 3-4 loss against Williams followed
this weekend. The team will play by a 2-0 win against Middlebury.
necticut College 8-1 and 5-4
its 209th game against the Mules We just came off of a five-
respectively on Sunday. All on Friday night at Colby, followed game stretch in eight days against
players in the top five posi- by the 210th face-off between the five different opponents so its
tions on the mens team gave two teams at Sidney Watson Are- a little bit of a grind, but we got
Bowdoin points, contributing na on Saturday. through it with some great learn-
to Bowdoins ranking of 27th Bowdoin students look for- ing moments and moments we
in the nation. The womens ward to the rivalry games be- certainly need to improve on,
team also did extremely well, tween the two schools. All of Head Coach Jamie Dumont said.
with Lindsey Bindra 20 the 650 reserved student tickets While a positive attitude is
for the home game on Saturday crucial to the teams success, the
securing the win in the No. 1
were distributed by Wednesday, teams consistency throughout the
spot. The team is ranked 24th November 29, according to the whole game is an ongoing focus.
in the nation. Bowdoin Athletics website. 515 Its just a matter of making
student tickets were distributed sure we [make good plays] for a LOUIS MENDEZ, THE BOWDOIN ORIENT
on Monday and the remaining full game. Thats what we need to ALL RILED UP: Students cheer on the Polar Bears at last years Bowdoin-Colby hockey game, which Bowdoin lost 2-1.
135 tickets were distributed in 30 make sure we do to have success
minutes on Tuesday. going forward, McMullan said. also depend on the momentum still hear everyone in the stands, While the energy can be daunt-
Receiving honors: Seventy-six Theres something about Much of the teams success go- the team has throughout the we definitely build off of it and it ing, the main objective of the play-
fall athletes were recog- coming out of the tunnel going ing into the Bowdoin-Colby Series entirety of the game. This will gives us momentum. ers is to focus on their game while
nized in All-Sportsmanship onto the ice, you hear it. Its so will be focused on solid execution. be even more crucial in such an The historic rivalry between also enjoying the moment.
and All-Academic honors loud you feel it when youre skat- Making sure were having evenly matched game. Bowdoin and Colby energizes Its fun for our players. We tell
by NESCAC. Mens cross ing around, said captain Daniel lapses in tight games, in rivalry [The team] has to stay disci- both fans and players. our players to go out and enjoy it
country runner Naphtali McMullan 18. People will sing games its going to be one bounce plined because these games have Its one of the best rivalries and just play hockey. Dont get too
the national anthem even louder of the puck, one player, whatev- such huge momentum swings, in college sports. One of the wrapped up in it, said Dumont.
Moulton 19, womens cross
than the guys actually singing it. er, you want to make sure youre we want to be able to maintain longest rivalries, its the biggest The biggest compliment as a
country runner Martha Bo-
Stuff like that is just unique. Its on the right side of that. So just these momentum swings and atmosphere Ive ever been a part player you can get is when people
ben 19, football player Tyler something you dont experience stringing together a full game is not let the game get away from of, said Lison. Everyone on come watch you play, and for us
MacNeil 18, and womens every week in sports. going to be big, said McMullan. us, said Dumont. campus loves to get out there for we just want to put a good effort
soccer player Emily Pawlak The team is coming off an 8th Precision and attention are es- The teams attitude and the the game. Its an all-around expe- forward and just put a good prod-
19 were recognized with place standing in the NESCAC pecially crucial in this series due way they play during the game rience for everyone. uct on the ice and come out with
both honors. In order to be league for the 2016-2017 season. to the similarities in the schools often reflects the excitement of While the team is aware of the a win.
recognized as an All-Sports- However, the team is using last programs and abilities. the fans. energy surrounding the game, The puck will drop at 7 p.m.
manship honoree, athletes years performance as motivation. It will probably come down [The crowds excitement] playing well and advancing its Saturday night at Watson Arena.
We kind of had a rough sea- to a couple of plays or a couple is huge for us. When were out league standing are also priorities. While all student tickets have
have to demonstrate a com-
son last year, but everyone came of shifts, or a five-minute stretch there and we hear the fans, it Its just another hockey game. been distributed for the game,
mitment to sportsmanship,
in with a fresh attitude and fresh here or there that is going to be gives us a little bit of energy, said Its a league game, were trying a limited number of returned
while to receive All-Aca- start. said captain Matthew the difference McMullan said. Lison. Whenever were tired in to win, were trying to get these tickets will be available at the
demic honors, athletes have Lison 18. Everyones excited. The success of the team will the third period, whenever we points, said McMullan. door at 6 p.m.
to maintain a 3.40 GPA.

Puck off: The womens hockey

team kicked off its season
Ball is life: Caputi and Gordon reflect on friendship
in Brunswick and having a shared They overlapped for 10 years thing more. The two now once starts to their seasons. Both teams
with the Colby series on by Owen Silitch deep love for sports are what in the classroom and outside of again live right next to each oth- are on five-game winning streaks
Orient Staff
Nov. 17 and 18, resulting brought them together initially. school, played on the same base- er, in different parts of the same and are ranked in the D3hoops.
in a 3-2 win and a 3-3 tie. Many athletes at Bowdoin be- We hung out a weird amount. ball team together and had one- duplex off campus, and are both com national polls, which has not
In both games, Bowdoin come close with their teammates In elementary school, for whatev- on-one pickup sessions every day seniors on the mens and wom- happened since February 2014.
edged Colby in shots on goal. and other athletes, but for basket- er reason, my family gave Blake a at Bowdoin where Caputis dad ens basketball teams. Despite the successful records,
ball players Lydia Caputi 18 and ride to school every single day, worked as football coach. In fifth We both just had this compet- the womens team is still looking to
Maureen Greason 18 was
Blake Gordon 18, their friend- Caputi said. I dont think it was grade, they even told their parents itive nature when we were young- improve each game. Caputi is con-
named NESCAC Womens
ship began far before Bowdoin. because Blake couldnt take the that they were going to go to col- er, and that bond grew up as we fident in the Polar Bears ability to
Hockey Player of the Week Gordon and Caputi have bus or couldnt get a ride himself. lege together. were maturing and going through perform well during their season.
after scoring three goals over been next door neighbors since It was just more fun. Over the years, their friend- puberty. Like middle school, high We just have a little bit more
the course of the weekend, the time they were four and five We wanted to get to school ship has grown to be less focused school, and then we really solid- swagger when we step on the
including the game-tying years old, respectively. Growing at the same time to play football on sports and their love of bas- ified our friendship, and it grew court. We dont walk into a game
goal on Saturday. up living right next to each other before class started, said Gordon. ketball and turned into some- beyond sports into much bigger ever thinking that were going to
things, said Gordon. lose, she said. Call it cockiness,
Now, if I have a bad day or if call it confidence, I think its good.
something really cool happened We prepare ourselves; we know
Ill go say whats up to Blake, Ca- what were going into.
Best of the northeast: Multiple puti added. The order of things is According to Gordon, the
Polar Bears were named First like, I tell my family and then I tell mens team is also taking the
Team All-Region honorees Blake basically. season game-by-game with the
for fall athletics: mens soccer As a result of Caputi and Gor- ultimate goal being the NES-
players Stevie Van Siclen 18, dons close friendship, the mens CAC Champion.
Riley Bubb 18 and Moctar and womens basketball programs You know finishing top in
Niang 19; womens soccer at Bowdoin have also grown our conference is always a goal
much closer together as teams. that we all have. Were all hungry
players Nikki Wilson 18 and
If you throw a high five to to win a NESCAC championship
Julia Patterson 19; and field
one person on the womens this year, he said. We havent
hockey players Kara Finnerty team or one person on the mens done it in our program, and were
20, Elizabeth Bennewitz team, suddenly youre high fiv- a competitive enough team to do
19 and Juliana Fiore 18 all ing 10 of those guys or the entire it this year, and its a matter of ex-
received recognition. They team because youre like Ok, I ecuting and getting our mindset
will now be in competition dont just want you to do well, right, treating every game like its
for All-American honors. I want your whole team to do our last.
well, Caputi said. Both the mens and womens
The two teams have much to teams play Colby on Saturday.
congratulate each other about as The mens team travels to meet the
CAROLINE FLAHARTY, THE BOWDOIN ORIENT both the mens and womens bas- Mules at 3 p.m., while the women
ONE-ON-ONE: Basketball players Blake Gordon 18 and Lydia Caputi 18 grew up in Brunswick and both came to Bowdoin. ketball teams have had fantastic face off at home at 2 p.m.
10 Friday, December 1, 2017

Call Collins on tax bill

Tax policy is not sexy. Seemingly the exclusive concern of policymakers and political
Bowdoin football: your
time is running out
junkies, changes to the federal tax code seem distant from the everyday concerns of
college students like us, some of whom have never seen a tax return. But as the House
and Senate consider major revisions to our countrys tax policy, we must care about this
otherwise niche issue. In reality, Congress action on tax reform holds weighty conse-
quences for our own lives and educations, and our engagement with the issue should
reflect the gravity of these consequences.
As conscientious and responsible citizens, we should oppose the tax bills on a num- were a combined 3-15 this year, with ball quagmire. First, the presidents
ber of grounds, not least of which is the fact that the Senate bill would add nearly one by Daniel Covell two of the three victories over the could collaborate to create an envi-
Op-Ed Contributor
trillion dollars to the federal budget deficit within the next decade, while offering gen- Polar Bears)will likely be worse. ronment in which perennially poor
erous tax cuts for Americas wealthiest citizens and most lucrative corporations and In 1889, Bowdoin students took Youth football participation rates performing programs might benefit
increasing taxes on some middle-class families. part in the Colleges first intercolle- are down across the country and are from restrictions such as limited
But as students, we must oppose the bill on two more specific grounds. The graduate
giate football game, losing to Tufts decidedly lower in the regions and at recruiting of prospects by stronger
programs many of us aspire to attend after we graduate from Bowdoin will become 8-4. Since that time, the program has secondary schools from which Bow- programs. A similar collaboration
much more expensive if the House enacts its proposal to tax graduate tuition waivers.had a few periods of modest success doin recruits prospects. Increasingly, occurred in the late 1990s, which
Presently, many universities waive the cost of a graduate students tuition if they also
but has mostly endured prolonged private secondary schools are shut- was described to me by former Bow-
conduct research or teach courses. Under the existing tax code, these waivers are notperiods of futility. In 126 years of tering their football programs due to doin president Bob Edwards at the
considered as taxable income, so that graduate students, who often subsist on meager football, no Bowdoin team has ever this decline, and those struggling to time. When elephants fight, the
stipends, do not pay exorbitantly high taxes. logged an undefeated, untied season. maintain programs are doing so with grass gets trampled, was how Ed-
The House bill would overturn this exemption, allowing the waivers to be consid- The 2017 squad was the first to lose greatly reduced rosters. One can de- wards portrayed this situation then,
ered taxable income. In doing so, the House bill would drastically increase the tax bur-
nine games in a single campaign and bate the reasons for this decline (fear with Bowdoin playing the role of the
den of graduate students, in many instances placing graduate education completely outdidnt register a lead in a game until of concussions being primary) and grass. Sounds familiar.
of financial reach for qualified students. Even more egregiously, this tax would dispro-
the 7:55 mark of the second quarter whether they are reasonable, but the This will be a tough sell, espe-
portionately prevent students from demographics that are already underrepresented in its fifth game of the season, a 28-7 numbers dont lie. cially at Amherst, where president
in higher-edparticularly students of color and low-income studentsfrom entering home loss to Hamilton. Additionally, more colleges in the Biddy Martin has just emerged from
academia, thus further homogenizing graduate programs. While it might be convenient to region have added football to attract a bruising nickname change process,
Secondly, we should oppose the provisions in both the House and Senate bills to tax
conclude that this past season was male students. This means more earning her the enmity of many
university endowments at a rate of 1.4 percent. Although the endowments of private Bowdoins worst ever, one would schools vying for fewer qualified alums who have responded with
institutions like Bowdoin are indisputably enormous compared with the endowments first need to examine the eight other prospects, which has also forced Ivy reduced annual fund giving. If she
of public institutions, these endowments allow American colleges and universities to Bowdoin squads that also suffered League programs to entice prospects were to deemphasize football next,
create and serve socioeconomically, racially and geographically diverse student bodies.
through winless campaigns (most formerly targeted only by Bowdoin that could well end her tenure. Out-
Education is meant to be our countrys great equalizer, and although private institutions
recently in 2016), or the 14 that and its NESCAC rivals. One school landish, you say, to posit that a NES-
of higher education in the United States still have a long way to go before they can fulfill
won only a single game. The current that has recently added football is CAC president would be fired over
this mission, this tax would invariably signify a step away from this goal. all-time record for Bowdoin teams Endicott College, from whence cur- athletic issues? There is precedent,
With the House already having passed its bill and the Senate planning to vote on its
stands at 394-525-44, and only three rent Bowdoin head coach JB Wells given what happened at Williams
version as early as today, the timeframe for action is shrinking. Maines Senator Susan
teams have had winning records came. Wells, a Trinity grad, built a in 1998 when then-president Hank
Collins, who is currently undecided on the Senate bill, holds one of the deciding votes
since a 5-3 mark in 1985, my senior strong program at Endicott. I wit- Payne denied his womens lacrosse
if (or, more likely, when) the Senate votes on the final bill. Call her. Email her. Send her
season. I played center and was a nessed the evolution of that program team the chance to go to the NCAA
carrier pigeons. two-year letter winner. in my capacity as the football PA tournament because the schedule
When Senator Collins spoke at Bowdoin last fall, she said that Liberal arts colleges
But this is not going to be one of announcer at Western New England conflicted with exams. Parents,
are well suited to lead the way in [a] renewal of American community: a sense that wethose back in my day screeds from University, where I teach. When coaches and trustees were outraged,
care for one another, a sense of tolerance, empathy, personal responsibility, individual
a grumpy old alum. I have spent the Wells was hired, I thought it was an and a year later he was gone.
freedomthose are core American values. Faced with an intolerant, harsh and irre- better part of my professional and inspired choice. Im pretty sure Wells The second option is for the pres-
sponsible tax bill, lets prove her right. academic career involved with and hasnt forgotten his football knowl- idents of Bowdoin, Bates, Colby and
in the study of issues pertaining to edge since he arrived in Brunswick. likely Hamilton (whose three wins
This editorial represents the majority view of the Bowdoin Orients editorial board, intercollegiate athletics, and Bow- So what does that mean? Would it this season came over, yes, the CBB
which is comprised of Rachael Allen, Anjulee Bhalla, Harry DiPrinzio, Sarah doin athletics in particular, and I take hiring Nick Saban to guarantee schools) to craft a joint statement
Drumm, Ian Ward and Allison Wei. can say without reservation that the wins at Bowdoin? Bill Belichick, an announcing the creation of a sepa-
future of Bowdoin football is very Andover and Wesleyan alum? rate football conference and to make
much in doubt. While Bowdoins As NESCAC athletic policies are, overtures to other programs to join
football past is largely grim, the fu- for better or worse, controlled by them. Macalester College, which
turelike that of many other simi- school presidents, there are three once lost 50 straight games, made
larly profiled rivals (Bates and Colby possible solutions to Bowdoins foot- a similar move from Minnesota In-
tercollegiate Athletic Conference
ESTABLISHED 1871 football play in 2014. Given the ex-
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Sarah Drumm Harry DiPrinzio The third option is to drop foot-
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should be asked if losing 36 out of the
last 41 games, as his schools football
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doubt, and Rose and his colleagues need
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Kate Lusignan
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Uriel Lopez-Serrano Edward Korando Page Two Editor to the end, but here it is: the presidents
Faria Nasruddin Ned Wang Samuel Rosario cant afford to punt here, because there
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Friday, December 1, 2017 OPINION 11

Reconciling the reputations of men whom we admire

destruction of these mens rep- Save for those who would Dylan Farrow accused accused men likely com- the cultural products we
@mycolumn utations leaves us with the com- rather elect an alleged sex of- him of sexual abuse, but mitted. It is admittedly like to consume. Symboli-
by Kinaya Hassane plicated task of dealing with the fender to office than a Dem- today Allens career difficult to boycott all cally removing every movie
work they leave behind, which ocrat, reasonable people likely in film remains in- Weinstein produc- produced by the Weinstein
is oftentimes unavoidable and agree that Moores reputation tact. Many argued tions or to deny the Company from the cinematic
Since the initial allegations even beloved by many. is dead in the water and his at the time that validity of the pol- canon would be an onerous
of sexual abuse against Harvey It is easy, for instance, to lifes work leaves virtually Allens iconic work itics for which men task, but we can at least use
Weinstein broke, many more eviscerate Roy Moore, a Re- nothing for us to celebrate. We could be separated like Franken or dis- this moment to start recog-
high-profile men from differ- publican candidate for Senate are suddenly, however, posed from the terrible graced Congressman nizing and encouraging work
ent sectors have been accused who was accused of sexually with a moral quandary when things of which hes John Conyers stood. by female directors, produc-
of similar transgressions. At assaulting or pursuing relation- a critically acclaimed film or been accused. But sep- But the inevitability ers and actresses. And rather
such a historic point in time, ships with several women when TV series starts with a title arating the cultural or of these mens work, than seeing the inevitable
Americans have been forced they were teenagers. Moore card announcing that Harvey political contributions or the likeability of the fall of men like Franken and
to reckon with the reality that was an ultraconservative judge Weinstein produced it. And of male offenders only men themselves, is not Conyers as a painful political
many of the men whose work on the Alabama Supreme we are especially vexed when sends a message that an adequate excuse for loss, we should shift our fo-
we enjoy are in fact vile, rep- Court, best known for his pos- shown indisputable evidence we are willing to tol- the continued normal- cus to electing more women
rehensible people. turing as a morally righteous of wrongdoing by liberal poli- erate violent behavior ization of sexual vio- into office. By deemphasiz-
What makes this particular man so virulently dedicated ticians like Al Franken. for the sake of main- lence. ing the sense of collective
cultural moment unique is the to family values that he was The paradox posed by taining some sense Instead, let this be loss we feel when a man we
ubiquity of the accusations. It willing to lose his jobwhich seemingly good men doing of order. a moment at which admire is accused of vio-
seems that every week brings he did, twice. His downfall is horrible things opens up a Today, it is we reconsider the lence against women, we can
a new round of actors, politi- therefore far more clean cut for place for society to learn imperative that demographics of open up space for women to
cians and other public figures liberals who will miss neither from this difficult cultural we do not over- those who fill advocate for themselves and
whose reputations are ruined his abhorrent behavior nor his moment. Three years ago, look the gravity our legislatures very clearly demonstrate that
by testimony of their abuse. The ridiculous politics. Woody Allens daughter of the acts that and who produce abuse is never justified.

Criticizing fuckboy/softboy misses the point

tem of gender inequality by the word fuckboy, specifical- ceived binary prevents men mistrusting women on this If this so-called binary
by Elena Gleed either condemning all men ly its black origins and white on this campus from find- campus is an erroneous un- makes you question your
Op-Ed Contributor
as bad or by permitting co-option, is so important. ing tangible ways to prove derstanding of misogyny. actions towards women, let
An article titled, The unin- men to ascribe to such cari- I reject the claim that Bow- theyre allies to women. I completely agree that the that be a good thing. Notice
tended impact of the fuckboy catures misunderstands why doin women are responsible We are all responsible for current discourse on oppo- the imbalance in power. Ru-
and softboy published in the women on this campus feel for creating a system in which perpetuating, or changing, site sex relations at Bowdoin minate in the trepidation you
last issue of the Orient, argues unsafe. The power men have Bowdoin men are labeled any system that perpetuates may need great reconsider- feel in interactions with your
that the terms the Bowdoin in sexual relations is one of as either a fuckboy or a inequality. To excuse yourself ation but villainizing the female peers.
community uses to describe the most obvious examples of softboy. More importantly, from the patriarchal system discourse and the women who Elena Gleed is a member of
opposite-sex relations creates gender inequalitybut this is I reject the idea that this per- by deflecting blame to the use it is a misguided attempt. the Class of 2018.
an unfair binary for the good a symptom of the patriarchy,
guys. In an attempted plea for not the cause.
empathy, the author claims Male domination extends
that while not all men care far beyond the reaches of col-
about ending rape culture, lege house basements. Harvey
he does, but he feels ostra- Weinstein, Roy Moore, Louis
cized and at a loss for how to C.K., Al Franken, Matt Lauer
show commendable allyship. and Garrison Keillor force us
However, criticizing women to confront the reality of the
for accusing men of benev- patriarchal power dynamics
olent sexism at the expense embedded in sexual rela-
of alienating all of the good tions. Their actions speak to
guys is insidious, misogynis- a patriarchal system in which
tic victim-blaming. womens bodies are routine-
The author of this piece ly abused and disrespected.
writes that his time in college Sexual assault is about power
has been plagued by times and inequality. Confronting
when women have miscon- rape culture, which the au-
strued his acts of kindness thor expresses a desire to do,
like holding the door open, requires going beyond these
or complimenting women labels and mitigating this
on their appearance, for acts system of power.
of perpetuating the patriar- A conversation about mi-
chy. Even if these acts were sogyny and sexism on our
well-intentioned, they were campus in which Bowdoin
not perceived as such. Benev- men seek tangible ways to
olent sexism, whether a symp- prove theyre allies to women
tom of miscommunication or is necessary and commend-
simply of being uninformed, able. But an article that uses
is still sexism. Microagres- terms like tactical error to
sions function in the same describe personal frustration
way. Any and every sexist act, after interactions with peers
whether intentional or not, of the opposite sex misses the
serves to perpetuate inequal- mark. Language matters.
ity between men and women. The description of an an-
The author writes that ecdotal conversation between
it is almost impossible for men and women as tactical
women to comfortably trust suggests implicit inherent
mena reality he thinks is inequality between men and
perpetuated by the unquali- women: men speaking about
fied name-calling of Bow- interactions with women the
doin men by their girl[s] same way we speak about
of interest. I do not trust military maneuvers evokes
Bowdoin men. And Im sor- an undisclosed motivethat
ry if anyone on this campus male interactions with wom-
feels damned by that im- en need to be plotted and that
position. But my mistrust women are to be conquered,
is not a consequence of the and controlled.
pre-packaged narratives The words we use to talk
female millennials use to about other people and their
describe college hookup cul- experiences are representative
ture. To suggest that the use of our politics. It is for this
of the terms fuckboy and reason that the authors in- JENNY IBSEN
softboy perpetuate a sys- clusion of the racial history of
12 Friday, December 1, 2017

Writing and Social Justice Reading
Nate Marshall, the author of Wild Hundreds and an editor
of The BreakBeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age
of Hip-Hop, will read and discuss his poetry in the context of
social justice.
Beam Classroom, Visual Arts Center. 12:30 p.m.

Screening of Visual AIDS, Worlds Aids
Day 2017
The Visual AIDS programming for World AIDS Day will
feature a selection of short videos by HIV+ artists.
Beam Classroom, Visual Arts Center. 4 p.m.


This two-person musical will explore euphoria and heartache BRUNSWICK SETS INTO WINTER: The days grow shorter as campus approaches the end of the semester, finals and winter break. With a week
of classes left, students take to the Quad to enjoy a sunset on the shortest day yet.
in relationships. The musical is produced by Curtain Callers
and is directed by Jae-Yeon Yoo 18.
Jack Magees Pub and Grill, David Saul Smith Union.

8 p.m.

Public Service in Times Like These Bowdoin Orchestra
Senator George Mitchell 54, H83 will discuss public service The Bowdoin College Orchestra will perform the Nutcracker
in a conversation moderated by President Clayton Rose. Suite by Tchaikovsky, Scherzo alla Marcia by Vaughan
LECTURE Mitchell will address how his experience as a US Senator, Williams and excerpts from Dvoraks Serenade for Strings.
Global Economic, Market, and Geopo- investigator and peacemaker influenced his view on public Studzinski Recital Hall, Kanbar Auditorium. 7:30 p.m.
litical Outlook: Things That Keep Me service. The event is free of charge, but registration is
Awake at Night required. PERFORMANCE
John Doughty 88, vice president and director of research at Bowdoin Night Live
R.M. Davis will offer his views on the global economic market Bowdoin Sketch Comedy will perform its last show of
and geopolitical outlook. the semester.

Beam Classroom, Visual Arts Center. 4 p.m. Kresge Auditorium, Visual Arts Center. 8 p.m.


Deray McKesson Keynote Presentation
Deray McKesson 07, American civil rights activist, and one of
the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, will give the
No Hate November keynote speech. LECTURE
Clothes Swap Morrell Lounge, David Saul Smith Union. 7 p.m. The Cold War Between the Medium
Sustainable Bowdoin will host a clothing swap for students. and the Message: Avant-Garde vs.
All clothes are donated by students and are free. EVENT Socialist Realism
David Saul Smith Union. 1 p.m. Dogs in the Library Global Distinguished Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies
There will be therapy dogs in the library for students to pet, at New York University, Bors Groys, will discuss his research
EVENT cuddle and relieve stress. on Soviet-era art and literature.
Write Now, Write Here, Write-In! Chandler Room, Hawthorne Longfellow Library. 7 p.m. Kresge Auditorium, Visual Arts Center. 7:30 p.m.
To help students write their final papers, the Center for
Learning and Teaching, writing assistants and reference li- PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE
brarians will be available for consultation during the write-in. Jazz Night Improvabilities Holiday Show
Refreshments will be available. Registration online required. Numerous jazz ensembles, coached by Titus Abbott, will Improvabilities will perform a holiday-themed show, its last of
The Center for Learning and Teaching, Kanbar Hall. perform. the semester.
2 p.m. Studzinski Recital Hall, Kanbar Auditorium. 7:30 p.m. Quinby House. 8 p.m.


Desserts in Music at the

Purity Pact Show Museum with
George Lopez