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Warm Up Quiz 12.

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Question 1

In the Odyssey, Odysseus men attack the Ciconians and behave like:

You Answered good hosts

Correct Answer pirates

good guests

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Question 2

In the Odyssey, when Odysseus defeats Polyphemos and is saliing away, he

thanks Polyphemos for his hospitality

Correct! boasts

waves good bye

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Question 3

Circe tells Odysseus that his next stop will be Hades so that:
he can learn how to defeat Poseidon

he can be punished for the death of his men

Correct! he can learn if and how he will return home

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Question 4

When Odysseus returns home, he is

wishing he could go back to Troy

Correct! disguised as a beggar

rejected by Athena

in possession of all his men and ships

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Question 5

When Odysseus returns to his house disguised as a beggar, the suitors:

Correct! mistreat him

recognize him

are hospitable and generous towards him

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Question 6
The dialogue about the bed of Odysseus and Penelope at the end of The
Odyssey is really:

a fight over who gets to sleep in the spare room.

Correct! a two way test

a trick by Athena

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Question 7

In classical literature, weaving symbolizes:

Correct! controlling fate

the pastime of women


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Question 8

In The Odyssey, it can be said that Achilles and Agamemnon represent the
old Greece while _____________ represents the new Greece

Correct! Odysseus


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Question 9

In The Odyssey, who stops the final battle between Odysseus and the
families of the suitors?

Correct! Athena




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Question 10

The Odyssey is REALLY about

Correct! the maturing of Greek culture

a woman waiting for her husband

a man stealing someone's wife

an angry man killing another man

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