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1) My house is the bank and the school. c.feel d.fell
a.between b.among
c.behind d.in front of 11) Which word is pronounced differently? It is

2) Bob in the badminton tournament a.briefed b.needed
yesterday. c.talked d.stopped
a.will lose b.lost
c.lose d.losing 12) Which word is pronounced ed at the end.
It is
3 )Hurry up! The train . a.wanted b.robbed
a.comes b.came c.kissed d.watched
c.is coming d.come
13) has the same vowel sound as
4) Please hurry, Tom. We late. speak.
a.will b.will come a.Cake b.Bake
c.are d.will be c.Break d.Peak

5) Did your father those flowers? 14)At the market we can .

a.water b.waters a.buy some food b.watch a film
c.watered d.watering c.fly in an aeroplane d.play tennis

6) Next holiday, Im going to go camping in the 15) You can drink coffee from a .
. a.jar b.glass
a.ocean b.beach c.cup d.pot
c.river d.mountain
16) Do you go to your uncles house everyday?
7) We say Close your eyes and make a wish a.No, you dont. b.Yes, I do.
before you . c.Yes, you do. d.Yes, I am
a.get married .
b.go out on Halloween 17) You put your letter in it.
c.blow out your birthday candles a.basket b.box
d.go out on a date c.mailbox d.trash can

8) They speak English. They are people. 18) It tells you to stop or go.
a.speaking English b.spoken English a.police officer b.traffic lights
c.English speaking d.English c.bus stop d.bridge

9) Thai people hope that the trouble with Thai 19) Teacher: Are you doing your homework,
Moslem in the south . Susan?
a.will close b.will be ended Susan: Yes.
c.is coming to an end d.ended a.I can b.I am
c.I do d.I have
10)He down the tree last week.
a.fall b.felt
: .1
20) c.I get up at six oclock.
A : Was he disappointed? d.I get home at six oclock.
B : Yes, he found the movie .
a.boring b.bored 28) A : How old are you? B : .
c.bore d.bores a.Im fine.
b.Im twelve years old.
21) The tourist: Excuse me, Im a here. c.Im old.
What does that sign over there? d.Im a student.
a.foreigner, speaks
b.foreigner, speak 29) A : When do you do your homework?
c.stranger, says B : .
d.stranger, say a.My homework is in my schoolbag.
b.No, I dont.
22) A: Where are you from? c.I do it everyday.
B: from Thailand. d.I do my homework after dinner.
a.Im b.We are
c.They are d.You are 30) A : Can you clean the car, please?
B : .
23) A: would you like to drink? a.Yes, certainly. b.I dont mind.
B: A coke, please. c.Thats good idea. d.No, thank you.
a.Where b.What
c.How much d.How often 31) A : How do you go to school?
B : .
24) A : is that book? a.No, I dont.
B : Two hundred baht. b.It takes twenty five minutes.
a.How much b.How many c.I take the school bus.
c.What d.Where d.I dont go to school.

25) A : Are you a student? 32) A : What are you doing on Wednesday
B : No, . morning?
a.I am not b.you arent B : .
c.I dont d.I wont a.Yes, I do.
b.No, I dont.
26) A : What do you do? c.Im busy.
B : . d.I am having a piano lesson.
a.Im fine.
b.Im doing my homework. 33) A : Whats your favourite food?
c.I do my homework. B : .
d.Im a student. a.My favourite food is pizza.
b.I dont like pizza.
27) A : What time do you get up? c.I eat pizza.
B : . d.I hate pizza.
a.I do not get up late.
b.I get up in the morning.
: .1
34) A : Do you like chocolate? B : .
a.Yes, I am. b.Yes, I will.
c.Yes, I do. d.Why not.

35) A : some orange juice?

B : No, thank you. May I have some fruit?
a.Would you like b.What would you like
c.Would she like d.What would she like

36) When we wish someone to be happy on his

birthday, we often say,
a.Happy Birthday b.Happy New Year
c.Happy Valentines day d.Merry Christmas

37) There a school meeting yesterday.

a.is b.are
c.were d.was

38 )She to Phuket last week.

a.goes b.has gone
c.went d.will go

39) They to school every morning when

they young.
a.walks, are b.walked, were
c.were walking, are d.walk, are

40) Suda always to school.

a.walk b.walks
c.is walking d.walked