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ul :rljlliai:l!;li;!i:i; -::tiia'1l:&

A noun is o word thot refers to o person, qn onimol, o ploce or o thing,

i-'teit*/r . dt+rr. itsr EnEtrH! iE "
ouni, doctor, pupil, mon
cock, tiger, shork, grosshopper
town, cinemo, pork. church
fork, choir, stopler, coin

There ore generolly three closses of nouns:

Aid-frkE ij FL = * ,

(o) o common noun is o common nome shored by o closs of the some kind;
grEe iA E- nffiH*trryr fi+ IEJ Ht # 63 ;

e:$: * girl, elephont, field, pineopple

(b) o proper noun is the nome of o porliculor person, onimol, ploce or thing;
EH ek-,B - + )', dr+rr. iBr'fr hEEHtrt Ztr' ;
e"S- ** Wen Zhe, Song Koncil. Mount Kinobolu, Peroduo Myvi

i j'

r_'J Notes i
. the first,letter of o 0i.opret:'n'oun k,wtitten in copiialtetler'
Ai6J.Bttr-++-&&ffiJtg; :''

(c) q collective noun refers io o group of things thot is regorded os one.

eA iA*F- Hrfr.tn*r#{,Affiryrl+ "

a :'L_

z* ry"

w 2A
s tesm of plqyers , c flock of ,bitds ,E comb.of bqnonos

Grammar 5
Underiine the common nouns and circle the proper nouns in the sentences.

1 The elephant was caught in Kuala Berang .

r':.2-, Lee Xia fell into a drain yesterday.

ri.J'' They go to church on Sundays.
'.i1,,{,r Leela pours some orange juice into a glass .

,:.5: Rafik is having fried noodles at a restaurant.

Rewrite the sentences by changing the underlined words correctly.

;2' The Orchid is a beautiful flower.

3.' That car is a Proton perdana.

4' There are many types of cacti in Cactus ya[gy

Fiil in the blanks with the correct collective nouns.

....1,: of singers t::'4},a ofbeads

:1;.,,!:, of roses )a ofbees

,,.3: ofpuppies ,,',,.fi,, 3 ofiudges

2 Crammar 5
&Jxqet 2
, ,, , :rl:111..'i.,,.'-:.:,-..', r;' . :b

&, A singulor noun stonds for one person or thing'

+i& Fl{t*-t.AdiFtr
A plurol noun stonds for more thqn one person or thing.
F,WAiAft *- t
rltt 6! /\ di F E "

Plurol nouns ore formed in severol woys:

A-X.Zi4 H Jr4$ n fr t6,rri :

(o) by odding 's' to the singulor nouns;

E+ULAtnlElil "s";
Y:W:.s *+ spoons
colendor *+ colendors
(b) by odding 'es' to nouns ending in 's', 'sh', 'ch',
triiJE "s". "sh". "ch". "x" fH "o" kii-"ltrtn
*& wotches
"Y:ff:,. wotch
pototo '+ Pototoes
(c) by chonging 'y' into 'ies';
ruiAE "y" f4FI "ies";
story *s stories
housefly *s houseflies @w
(d) by chonging 'f' or 'fe' into 'ves';
ftsiElE "f" 4 "fe" f&tfi "ves";
t..9:". knife * knives
leof leoves

(e) irregulor forms; L,r.

.Y.:S,::*u child *+ children t:
tooth ss! teeth i:"

(f) plurolform remoins unchonged.

E&frrrtR#np." l,i

-Y:S:--, sheep + sheep

deer '+ deer

Grammar 5
Underline the correct answers.

;:.1. Knife , Knives are made of steel.

s u

:,l ;.:'i Deer, Deers lfrru"i antlers , antler ]ontheiri treaa, heads ;
,,,3.: He bought a chicken i brr.g.. , burgers I from the j stalls , stall :
'.4. Kean Meng is the only * child , children * in his family.
,i5 The i butterfly , butterflies , flutter among the hedge of u bush , bushes +.

Rewrite the sentences by changing the underlined words into their plural form.

The. dancer performed well during the charity gala last night.

They bought carnation for their mother.

3.r The mouse were looking for food at the rubbish dump.

The policeman quickly seized the thigf who came out of the bank.

Wash the tomato and the orange before putting them into the refrigerator.

Grammdr 5
jjl i, ir!;,:r!'a,ir:-:al-r F,

E'tlKq Counioble nouns ore things thot con be counted.
EIifr ia E El rjlif H fi! f; tr "

"Y:S:S doys, comels shoes

Uncountoble nouns ore things thot connot be counted,
T'EIi& iA EZiEI Ui+H H! f; tr .
ffi-ffi: 6: dust, coffee, oir

A few ond mony ore used with countoble nouns,

A few +r mony ffi+Ejffiiij"
s"S- *

A liftle ond much ore used with uncountoble nouns,

A tittle fr much HTZiFI&f;i4"
e'S" es

a'litlle mil'k much money

Some con be used wiih both countoble ond uncountoble nouns,

Some E H +q W.eifl fEZiEIff * if, .
#'S- t*

sorne books somesolt
\;1 \l Ir\ j

Write 'C'for countable nouns and 'U'for uncountable nouns.

i!,1,l flour

;;.[; shri. ,!:..s biscuit ':ii'

::;#,egg |,$ accountant

.-t*r*' rice f,,[:; sand :l

;.5.; O1I
'r"fl; cupcake

;t';,G daisy :{? ink "

Fill in the blanks with 'many'or'much'.

L$ Were there people at the exhibition last week?

iiZ There isn't sugar in the jar.

1l3;, My father has to drive to the nearest petrol station because there

isn't petrol left in the tank.

i't?F How of you have been to KL Tower before?

Please put up your hands.

,i(il There isn't coffee powder 1eft in the container.

,j:jli; There are interesting wild animals in the National Zoo.


il? How money do you have left after paying for the pair of shoes?

;1i8, The tree bears mangoes because my grandmother has fertilised it well.

6 Grammar 5
t,,r t! i,lg

Underline the correct answers.

;i.[ Please give me I a little a few,; 'l pieces of paper.

r..... .r.i. ::...:.i!,r.,,:.j

.-.'.:.:i,':j'! "'

;;;2: My brother keeps : afew a little I goldfish as pets.

...!,...,t .-.r.. ''t- ..-.-..

.,,1'. Pour i alittle a few t,

oil into the pan. Fry the fish in the pan.

,,%j: Lee Yen ate : a
i little a few *I rice because she was not hungry.
_ ..:,,:.1.,.

;l'--iS, There are : a few a little : coins on the coffee table.


1qfi;, There is only r' a little ' a few ; Voeurt drink left in the bottle. .

Rewrite each sentence correctly.

l., , The boy only ate a few porridge because he was not feeling well.

,.l..} There isn't a few tea left in the pot. .i.,.:....

i*;J.:, Hui Peng folded much paper cranes last night.

','r. j Don't put too many salt. It will spoil the soup.

;i5. I know a little friends who are from Ipoh.

Grammar 5
ffirxe 4

A, on ond the ore orlicles,

! A. on ru the EEiiJ.

We use o ond on to tolk obout o singulor countoble noun, The countoble noun
con be o person, on onimol or o thing.
+i{ilE o ru on X+E+*iEIlllei;']-. q*.AiAEItyE-t \rt+nrifrffi.
S:S:p oveterinorion, o bird, o plote
on old mon. on owl. on oor

the when:
#*1} We usethe
tiillH **e':
(o) we speok of the some thing ogoin;
zHfrfEitfr': H-t*h1*:
,Y:W1.;;' My mother boked o cheese coke, The coke wos tosty,
(b) we ore cleor obout lhe person or thing thot we ore tolking obout;
,Y:S:-*u We bought the storybook on the toble losi night.
(c) there is only one such thing,
I*,-fr,- k'1F.W.

"9:S.:_* The sun sets in the west.

Articles ore nol used:

& rlr h!,lE)trT, fi iir4H EiE,
(o) when we ore tolking obout on uncountoble noun in generol;
-fiqttH!4EI *frhrf,2ffi;
-Y:W:.+ Mrs Foong likes (-) coffee,
(b) before the nome of o gome;
,ffit4jaArE trZffi;
&rffi:.t; The girls ploy (-) netboll in the evening,
(c) before the nome of q meol;
"Y:S:_* I hod fried rice for (-) dinner,
(d) before proper nouns,
EHZ1E1Zil "
w.ffi" '?- (-) Forouk won the first prize,

Crammar 5

Fill in the blanks with 'a' or'an'.

,"'-i:' table Itllr uniform

:;12: fi0.r igloo

3 astrologist r'ffi' shirt

i1l2;.1 basketball


coconut {,& daughter \sr l:-M1

EuroPean ,.t] .*
::,8' hour ffi: xylophone u*
- - '-. -. -. -", .". Ja

- -
- -

Fill in the blanks with 'a','an' or'the'.

,.1,, Hecarried bundle of sticks on his shoulder.

,,..2. My cousin is actor.

":'3,, axe.has handle.

',.4, The headmaster told us news just now.

5: Show me
'.,: handbag which you bought yesterday .',., ''
- : '.':' '

:,,6, There are twelve months in year. l

Complete the passage with the correct articles.

Selina has ,t- pair of pet hamsters. She

keeps them in ',:,.t cage. She feeds them with seeds

once ,:;$ day. 4 hamsters are very

playful. They like 10 run on '5 hamster w'heel.

Crammar 5
Gircle the correct answers.
.:'I Where is storybook that I it*fi'"You are such honest girl!"
borrowed yesterday? exclaimed man who got back his
Aan C wallet.
Ba D the A an, the -
B a, the
C -)a
,1i"23 Put letter back into D the, a
envelope after you've finished reading
A a,an - ffi, This is not bagthat I want.
B the, an Aa C the
C the, the D
D a, the lan
l..t train to Seremban left
hour ago.
wood. A A,a.
A- CA B A,an
BAn D The C The, a
D The, an
'4, Ther:e is lizard on
ceiling. iff: I enjoy tea but my sister prefers
A an,a C a,the coffee.
B a)- - D -,a A -,- c z,a
B the, a- D the, the

iffi. They like to have nasi lemak

at Indian restaurant near their ,1fi: moon is always round on the
flats. night of Mooncake Festival.
A -, the C a, the AAn C The
B - ,d D a, aft -

iiffi fhe Petronas Twin Towers is ,flt new girl in our class is from
tallest twin towers in world. Raub, old town in Pahang.
A the, - A A,-
B the, the - B The. an
C -, the - C A,an
D a, the D The, the

10 Grammar 5
:.+r!:jai:i! tl tr | : 14ati*ti$i:i&

Gender lells us whether o person or on onimol is o mole or o femole.

,ttElj E z. +h F-.H,E / aE'Editt+ / UE,tt.
The mqles ore of the mosculine gender,
\6. \}, The femoles ore of the feminine gender.

boy girl


fother mother
king tr,,4 queen
heodmoster heodmistress

rt hen

bull COW




Grammar 5

Gomplete the table below.

l1*----:--:--'***--*---\1"* .:._, r- .-.-, .:tl - ". ,l*::::1:::::T*-l-1:-:::":-1 "''**:--' :'rr::r::*

i Masculine, $ S.emirine i i,r,r,, , , ,llla;c*lire ., $ '', ', ,Femfurirl

ruece goose

tabby cat prince

nanny goat

father aunt

fox wife

Rewrite these sentences by changing the underlined words to the opposite


r I"r The bride is a waitress at the restaurant.

;r.2,, The widow has two sons.

:11i.:r Pak Rahman has four bulls on his farm.

i'4., The emperor is talking to the prince.

r:9": This is my nephew.


,:,,i* That gul is my brother's classmate.

12 Grammar 5

,' *' Words which toke the ploce of nouns ore colled personol pronouns.
,, #* * 8Try,ftidh!FJrqfiiltfftiiJ.
il: e' 1) There ore two tYPes of Pronouns:
,li (o) subject pronouns (he, she, l, you, it. we, they);
il tiE^ffiftiEj (he' she. l. vou. il. we. thev);

ll is sleeping in its kennel,

They ore wotching television.

(b) object pronouns (him, her, me, you, ii, us, them). i:

EiElf,Sftiil (him. her. me. you. it' us. them). ir:

.f:$:.* ,


She is hungry. Give her o piece of coke, i:



I connot open this door. Con you pleose help me?


e s I ond me tell obout

eqb. oneself.
lTn me ffi++EElts. i,,r

He ond him ore used for the mole gender,
-s He fi him ffi++EE,lt.
- \s She ond her ore used for the femole
ffi, ],I

she fn her ffiTlBt,tt. t.l

.. gq,-
"'B lt is used for on onimol or o thing,
, fi ffi++ad+rta;6tr"

Grammar 5
Underline the correct answers.

i{,[:t Li Xia is my friend. i I , Stre ; is a member of the school's netball team.

u They , It u is wet and dirty.

::.;);r 15. puppy fell into the drain just now.

;' !, This is Velu. u She , He . is my cousin from Johor Bahru.

.,'4.. The kittens are sleeping now. Please don't disturb i they them :
;,{51 t<ai Ling and I went to the cinema yesterday. * She , We , went there by bus.
i:i:61 My little brother was hungry. I made I her , him * a glass of cereal drink just now.

Rewrite the sentences by changing the underlined words correctly.


$i} Nathan introduced I to his cousin yesterday.

.!r' ,

: r Her drives the blue car to work every day.


:i.3! Those dogs are fierce. Do not go near thgJ.

,'fl.4:' These are the CDs that me borrowed fromthe library last week

She cannot wear the dress because thelz is too tight.

14 Grammar 5
&$m$* 7
,,--- F
::: /
#q. Possessive odiectives show possession.

-q FfiHffifril6-if,.E_tH'+I.

K\S. Possessive odjeclives ore ploced before nouns, T

il 9: \iL '{i 1:

.i ffiHt&YtdtdE+iiJEfr. i:i

:l My, your, his, her, its, our ond their ore possessive odjectives. I
I,i My. your. his. her. its. ourfE their ftFftHt#Ma-f4" !;,

&-S- uu il


You ond your sister look very much olike' l1

Ihe boy showed us his collection of stomps. le

We hove o new cor, It is our new cor, t:

-.1i,_ .-f

Underline the correct possessive adjectives'

1; f., You must hand in . our your 1 test paper now

,ri,2, 1y. are waiting for , their ' our parents at the bus stop.

,t.3, Mr Tan has lost.r her his r wallet.

..-' '::
,',4: The dog is jumping at : its nrs master.

:::l.5'Thescoutsbui1tthecampfirenear.their his r tent.

- 1:: :i'i ':
' 1.11';

:t.6;, Mother baked me a chocolate cake for ;..I my I I ;eleventhbirthday.

Grammar 5
Match the sentence parts correctly. Write the complete sentences in the space

Puan Anita serves

':: i
our uncle and aunt at Putrajaya next
, weekend

The children arlnlaVingwith

i ii
its newborn kittens gently.

The cat licks hel euests wlth ketuplt and lemang
we 't mr famlfv condominium.
thall lrll "rl T ITotu"u

Have you finished :'

, ii"fa r"*.
ir," *ro;"ik; l i thetr toy cars now.
I live with : j yo.r. homework, Sharon?
"1 ,
Meng Chong and I
t tris dog at the park every evening.

t{ ,



l., r:$t:l


:, t
Circle the correct answers.

ii:f: the peacock is showing off # ttre elephant lifted the 1og with
plumage. trunk.
A his A his e its
B her B her D our
C their
D its iffi we ke6p books in the
irt I lent Lillian dictionary just A his
now. B her
A her cmy C its
B his D its D our

ii} Wei Wei's parents refused to let ffi Ben and I made a kite. kite is
go on the camping trip. flying high in the sky.
A them A His
B their BMv
C her C Our
D our D Their

',i# Pei Sharr and I take off shoes ffi Teck Seong looks very much like
before entering the temPle. father.
A their C her A his C him
B our Dmy- Bmy Dher

;'ii$. Peggy, where are now? {Bffi The teacher punished them because they
I have made them some lemonade. forgot to do homework.
A your A them
Byou -friends B they
C his Che -
D her D their

rffi:' M, neighbour painted gate # ft is drrzzling now so I wear

black last year. raincoat before going out.
A its A me.
B their - BI
C our cmy
U his Dhe
Grammar 5
, .,,,'s
, 6\ This, thoi, these ond those ore demonstrotive pronouns,
- Y) Ihis. thot. these those fs E+Hzr,{tiFJ"

i Wq, This is used to denote one thing neor us,

L - Y This ffiTtHtrN#t-++hl+"

. " .,..,.. ,, . -., - --.,r.., . ii",'

: This is my robbit.

These is used to denote more thon one thing neor us,

These E T +E EII - + t\ LffJ+tr l+
e.&. *-


: These ore my robbits,

Thot is used to denote one thing owoy from us.

Ihot ,H ++EtrrlHt- ++rr1+.
.r3 A
Ihol is o kite. @n.\
v/ \
h=rrL-{==rta- \

Ihose is used to denote more thon one thing owoy from us.
Those ,H ++EiErt- +rJL#Jrynfi "

Ihose ore kites

Crammar 5
Underline the correct answers.
.i;$ - This , These , marbles are bought from the shop'
2'' . These , This * socks are comfortable to wear.

3. * That , Those * car is climbing up the stairs.

; That , Those n children playing under the tree are my couslns.
l'.,.$ ; This , These * picture was taken last Christmas.

Based on the pictures, fill in the blanks with the correct demonstrative pronouns.

antique clock is still working.

clothes in chest
of drawers.

birds in the lake are flamingos. They are

boots belong to my father.

books are mine. on the

table are yours.
.. ::::::it:l:l:i:liei:4!rf ri:i a:,:r:b
6fu. Words which tell us something obout nouns ore colled odjectives,
rl Yl H*18ffi ArdH!i"l E4 iil#r6iA.

Adjectives iell us obout the colour, shope, size or condition of nouns,

firBia +Hd \atr)ffi. firfi ' t4td1t#.

.?:S:-'** o red rose, o rectongulor clock, o lorge room, o fierce tiger,

In o sentence, we ploce on odjective:
rl Etr)+E, 4\lill1%diaEf :
(o) before o noun;
*:ff-.+ The girl hos long hoir.

::i (b) ofter o verb 'lo be' (is, ore, wos, were).
4)iil "to be" (is. ore. wos. were) Z,tr.
e*S".ry' The pudding is delicious,

We use:
(o) the positive degree to compore two equol things or people;
r*w.*bu,wwf tE s ffi f; tr 4,\ ;

"t:9*."* Simon is os toll os Meng Son,

(b) the comporotive degree to compore two unequolthings or people;
bYW.W.*bYWffi t 7F,fH + H! f; tr *.1. ;

.9:S:-+ Hofiz is toller thon Simon,

(c) lhe superlotive degree lo compore three or more unequol things or people,
&.a tef-rbld..= + 4 U t T +H + H! /.' * E ffi "
a*#-.'* Foizol is the tollest omong them,

Some odjectives form comporotives ond superlotives with more ond most.
H t-z fli d fd [,] m o re f s m o sl +6 li Ll, 3i rfr. fiE & H 28. "
,,.,.Y. "E

more interesting most interesting

more dongerous most dongerous

Grammar 5
Fill in the blanks with suitable adjectives.

i old sharp healy furry round colourful delicious intelligent

,$s*1:j]::ii]l.l]!.,]i,:1]]]].i.]ii:.ii1l,]j&9e!illiffi{trffi ffi M'ss*}edd

boy ":.
f,' & stone

penknife iiffi a bird

clock it? a cake

cat '8.: an hut

Gornplete the sentences with suitable adjectives.

i nolsy illegible blunt triangular green sweet j *s'

',!ffirtrffid#ffi rjgsre:Ml*M!W!]i@l#:ll,.i1l:il]1.lj!ffiffi6$B$le#Pi!jrij:1:ffie!1S:!9q

t/ I
i* knife' *--:!\4:./
i}. I cannot cut anything with this .y'

Roses give off$" $ scent.

The doctor's handwriting is Only his

nurse can read it.

i:i:.. Wei Ching saw a$ ff snake in the garden just


':..5. {i when it - -lrn
The air conditioner is very 'l is
*^ ,,, . Jr'
operating at high speed.

itfi This $
$ tatrte fits snugly into the comer.

Crammar 5
Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the adjectives given.

li.t Swee Mun is . Swee Teng, her sister, is as

:i'1,' My brother can draw

,i3:i Cheng Yee the girl in our class. She was bom on 29th


titlk I can eat

;l{a Manja is the among all my pet cats. .; '; ',,;fa{' .

Xi:. Uu* Antarctica is the place on earth. 1$ ;1i;;*ffi!r*i: I

Circle the correct answers.

ifl:, The auditorium was beautifully * After hours of tasting, the judges finally
decorated with flowers. decided to crown Chef Kamarul as the
A fresh C alive Chef of the Year.
B strong D healthy A Good C Best
- B Better D Finest

tlt: Olivia's hair is than mine.

i{$ It is to travel by road than by
A long
railway. However, the way is
B as long
C longer - by aeroplane.
- fastest
D longest
A fast, C faster, faster
B faster, fastest D- fastest, fast

$i:ff; A box of chocolates is than a

they won the contest. packet of sweets.
A angry A expensive
B merry B as expensive -
C weary C more expensive
D funny D most expensive
22 Grammar 5
t!!'.1:::!:dli;i: :jiail.+li+Y3sY.*6
qE ".4, An odverb is o word which describes o verb, on odjective or onother odverb.
EU iil E ffi X'{E ffi Alk- . Yt*tilld.E-+ EU
i'l fi! ia "
The girls donce grocefully on the stoge'

L con be Ploced:
(o) before o verb;
dJlnJZHtl i

,&r$". W He quietly left the room,

(b) otter o verb;

Y:$:"* The old mon wolked slowly io the bus stop'
(c) of the end of the sentence.
e.S- u The moid dropped the gloss occidentolly'

qn oction or event occurs' Most

'y) +
Adverbs of monner ore used io describe lhe woy
odverbs of monner ore formed by odding to on odiective;
"lv" +6FI'
tlI,{,ttriH!EtltilYr+-+-dlfffrS'l+it?Ttr':frt. t*I]AE+H!EIJi4Hffz6iflfi
,Y:W:.* The girl writes neotly in her book'

Adverbs of frequency ore used to describe how otlen on oction or eveni
t zr fE B f! EU iFJ -E r. H A'{f &4 i+Wt1 fr1 ffiE'

w &.:'"''."

Fill in the blanks with the correct adverbs.

regularly loudly carefully confidently quickly

My mother always drives when she is on the road.

The players practise to prepare for the game.

They ran for shelter at the bus stop when it rained.

Silvia answered the questions

Please speak so that everyone can hear you.

Gircle the correct answers.

:':; J,. The Oscar Award is held to :,;1 The hen clucks after it lays an
give recognition to professionals in the e00
film industry. A quietly
A daily - B huniedly
B weekly C noisily
C monthly
D yearly
I think you should go to the optician's '..5 The sun shines today.
as you cannot see . A darkly
A straightly B brightly
B clearly C lightly
C healthily D loudly
D correctly

a'I"3j, The worker placed the antique vase ifi], The tour guide can speak Japanese
on the floor. language
A carelessly A fluently
B neatly B tidily
C heavily C gracefully
D carefully D gladly
24 Grammar 5
Choose the best answers to complete the sentences.
','"i,. Please put more salt into the i8 man with black tre rs

soup. It is not flavourful enough. Mr Teng, our headmaster.

A many C plenty A A,Z
B a little - D much -B A, the
C The, an
D The, a
? Rachel, have you been doing
A where C why
B when D what

'3. Please walk carefully as the floor is

A clean C dirty
B slippery D dry
Kai Long.
A This C That
4. The penguin is a bird it cannot
B Those D These
Aor C because
Bso D but 10,.r There is a post office Melissa's

Ain C near
I saw a birds flying over the Bon D between
mango tree this mor-ning.
A flock C pack
B herd-of D swarrn {1 keep the coins in coln
A I,me c My, I
6, Mr Kok is Lorelei to get the cat -B My, me -
D I,my
down from the tree now.
A help C helping ;I-2: Our monitor announces the message
B helps D helped so that everyone can hear it.
A softly
7 Do not lean the dirty wall. B loudly
A against Cat C gracefully
Bon D above D sadly
- Test, p1
Crammar 5
{.J.: She only ate ----------- noodles because {i.t When the teacher walked into the
she had a toothache. class, all the pupils stopped
A much C many talking.
B a little D some A quiet C peaceful
B noisy D lively
iT4.'Would you like to have porridge
fried rice? The children never been to the
A and Cso National Science Centre before.
B because Dor A has C does
B have - Ddo
t,Sr Muslims during the month of ,:{3; We are going to the cinema. Would
like to join
A fast C fasting
A they, we
B fasts - D fasted
B you, them
C you, us -?
1_6: One kilogramme of stone is D they, me
one thousand grammes of cotton.
A heavier than ; The cactus thorns all over its
B the heaviest - stem.
C hear.y A has Cis
D as hear,1, as B have D are
,,N1.t Only people attended the Leela badminton with her
meeting yesterday. neighbour every day when she was
A alittle C afew living in Taman Angkasa.
B many D much A play
B played
C plays
[,8:' do I go to Blossom Florist's?
A How C When
D playing
B Where D Why
- ?6; Sheila and her brother bought a
of carnations for their mother.
{9.; We our homework when there A stalk C piece
was a blackout. B bundle D bouquet
A are doing C , do
B were doing D did fl,; the cat jumped the table and
stole the lish the plate.
r?0i There was accident at A up. in
T-junction --
last night. B up. near
A the, an C an, the -
C down, under
B lfl,- D a, the D down, in front of
Test, p2 Crammar 5
:{&} rnt hole punch belongs to It ffir Water always from a higher
is not yours. ground to a lower ground.
Awe C his A flowing
B she D him-. B flowed
C flow
29 Kok Keong his homework D flows
when Aaron
A is doing, come
B are doing, coming
C was doing, came
D were doing, came
,$,U"i Jaclyn Victor sang at the
concert last night,
|{7;; is my brother's computer.
A gracefully C clearlY A This
B roughly D sweetlY B That
-C These
$"t! The young of a frog =-- called a
D Those
Ais C was 38. .- dress is better, the red one or
B are D were the blue one?
A What C Which
.12i He could not canlr the box it B When D Why
was heavy.
Aor C because 39; The looks beautiful in her
Bso D and- wedding gown.
A bride
3,3j; After hour, we reached Port B bridegroorn
Dickson. C men
Aan Ca D women
Bthe D
:4ft The waiter added coffee the
3-4:' Catty has the longest hair _- her cup just now.
friends. A from Cto
A between C inside Bup -
D into
B among D in
4} Yvonne decided to buy this pair of shoes
$5;, They the plants later. as it is than the other pair.
A water A comfortable
B watered B as comfortable
C will water C more comfortable
D are watering D most comfortable
Test, p3
Crammar 5
;t!'. Hafiz likes spaghetti but his Ghange the sentence into a negative
brother prefers burgers. statement.
A d,d ,r47,' We have passed up our projects.
B -, the -
'A We have not passed up our projects.
C the, - B We did not pass up our projects.
D! C We had not passed up our projects.
D We will not pass up our projects.

t43.: Lee Yen tied ribbons on the bookmarks

before she gave to her friends.
Ait Choose the sentences with the correct
B her punctuation.
C them ,4S: A Hello! May I speak to Mei Xin,
Dus please.
B Hello, may I speak to Mei Xin,
,44: The parrots for the audience at
C Hello. May I speak to Mei Xin,
the zoo now. please?
A are performing D Hello may I speak to Mei Xin,
B is performed please?
C performed
D perf,orms

d9..' I "Well done!" exclaimed Mrs Luo to

her daughter!
"45' Did Samantha go to your party last
B "Well done." Exclaimed Mrs Luo to
her daughter.
Yes, she
C "Well done!" exclaimed Mrs Luo to
A does
her daughter.
B will
D "Well done!" Exclaimed Mrs Luo to
her daughter.
D did

,150:l,'A Elephants, Zebras, Tigers and Lions

Change the sentence into a positive are Mammals.
statement. B Elephants, zebras. tigers and lions
:46: They do not live in Taman Seputeh. are mammals,
A They lived in Taman Seputeh. C Elephants, zebras, tigers, and lions
B They live in Taman Seputeh. are mammals.
C They are living in Taman Seputeh. D Elephants zebras tigers and lions are
D They were living in Taman Seputeh. mammals.

Test, p4 Grammar 5

r'' 6q prepositions of position show the locotion of o person, o ploce or on object,

' v #?r{nEhi7}i-'lEz.-tzt' lbf,*f;trBi'{nE.

\5 t\qi Exomples of
e&*" prepositions of position ore in, on, under, ol, neor, beside, nexl to,
behind, belween, ogoinst, etc.
t-&EHl/r}iaE in. on. under. ot. neor. beside, nexl to. behind' between.
ogoinsl S.
s"ffi" ,

There is o poir of slippers under the bed.

prepositions of direciion show the direction the subject is coming from or going to'
& {.rt
f,.zta H trJ lfi-il -E - + iE* **
H! r- lE

Exomples of prepositions of direction ore from, ocross, through, olong, up, do-r'vn,
over, etc.
#.rtrnttHlf iA' from. ocross. through. olong. up' down. over S
e"s. *

The dog jumps over the fence,






,,. i..,
Gahiiiii]fi'1,5: .,,.11::
Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions.

I across er
under at up behind between
L *rHs*s!H*#:lm*@!lgrlffit*'*'*J

Meng San is walking the stairs.

The children are waiting for their bus the

bus stop.

The cat is sleeping the chair.

She is hiding the cupboard.

Nailis sat her sisters.

The boatman rowed hts sampan the


Grammar 5
Underline the correct prepositions.
;;;:ri:r:ir*'ir;lr:1"'llini.irlnliri ltii::...

t;$ The ants are busy moving the biscuit :' down I towards'i theirnest.
js':'::;':':'*'r!::;:'n;i:!:::!,t!:'rir:i4i:'ii -1.-
. f .i-ii
, 1r,.,
l;:2 thethiefclimbedin: through , over _


:|}' My mother parked her car j on

;{t, The bird flew: ot over ', the house just now.

' ' i: :, . .: ..r ::::'::i;,r-.,:ii -i.'!- ,

':!,"!!i ,

lt,$ Grandpa is sleeping :

in into 'l his bedroom now.

6 The frog is jumPing onto into

,; '1 the pond.

iiT Ramiah is standing : in front of ' against the gate.

,,il There is a grocery shop opposite inside the florist's.

Look at the picture. Gircle the best answers.

M iss Tran 15 Tasty Bakery. She rs

holding atray her hand. She picks a bun and
puts it the tray. There is a salesgirl standing
the cashier counter. She is wearing a cap
her head.

i;i} A neat :*A 1n t'c" A near 'S*4; A next to ;'ft A over

B behind B under B onto B over Bon
Cat C between C into C behind C below
Don D down D above D beside Din
Crammar 5
;: iil::-:: : ra.
: I i: :: n;: #'ji+\t:ii:ri;1ii..P

ore used to link words. phroses or sentences.

' a Conjunctions
iiatm*rtria. iEiE46Jr.
&k And links potollel words or sentences,
''& And Efx#rrJE!iasiqf "

I They hove buns for breokfost, They hove eggs for breokfost.


ffqq\ Or links sentences where choices ore given.

-e or iEt+-E z-ittFh\tr)+
Do you wont coffee?
Do you wont teo?
** Do you wont coffee or teo?

#B^ But links controsting sentences,

( But i]*iHrtfrA+ "

I MV grondmother con cycle, My grondmother connot
-e. M )1- s 1o 1 Qm 9lh e 1c"9,1 9Y9! 9 bgli l1,e- .99n ry l.s w i l!.:.

#B- Becouse shows reoson for on oction or situotion,

-E Becouse Ez.+orlfdi)i ,Lfi!1Htr.

; The mon lives in o hut, The mon is poor.

I + tfre mon lives in o hut becouse he is poor,
So shows the result of o couse.
t\{ So Szr H'f4+FF El E fi! rHR.
t af*
*.s. tu*
-l, ;;rd -

; I wos thirsty, I dronk two glosses of woter,
T tl:"_o
?-,1!, .' .* : lt:::' ::] l*:..n]"::'_':' :*:*.,.,..".",.,,.,,,,*,,

2B Grammar 5
Underline the correct conjunctions.

,:il-.r Lee Shya i but , and ]her mother went to the market this morning.

ii;2"i Ir thatafrogi or , but ;atoad?

:i.3.1 He ate three slices of bread I .o , because Ih. *u. hungry.
,i,4,, An ostrich has wings i or , but u it cannot fly.
:,'.:'i5:' She leaned against the dirty wall i because , and u stained her clothes.
i:;fri My grandmother was tired i so , but * she went to bed early'
;i,7r Shall we play chess . but , or * snakes and ladders?
ii-8: She could not make a call using her handphone * so , because * it was out of battery.

Based on the pictures, fill in the blanks with the correct conjunctions.

i'r.;}, It was raining heavily El we had to cancel
our picnic. --**.-.

"z il You all mustbehave yourselves., * the teacher

+! {ffieOp
will punish you.

,.i3": The girl fell down i 'L',,--*-*',"*-J

i' she tripped over a

';"4,: The egg rolled down the table $ $ smashed on


i1,,,!,'i Somebody put a present on my bed i p the

person did not leave me a message.

Grammar 5
There is a mistake in each sentence. Correct it and rewrite the sentence.

I Hui Lee went to the mall and she did not buy anything'

;li2i Shall we play badminton so basketball this evening?

"$i3': I can't see clearly but it was dark'

.;{41 He walked to the window or closed it,

{{*, It was very hot because Eva switched on the fan.

i?::6: My grandfather enjoys coffee and I seldom drink it.

Circle the correct answers.

{,{I3 Would you like a piece of cake f{:} He didn't go to the PartY he

a bun? went to Ipoh to visit his grandparents.

A and A because --
Bor B and
Cso Cor
D because Dso

iit Mei Ling studied hard she did {f:4i They tried to move the cuPboard
well in the exams. it was too hear,Y.

Aor C because A and C but

B but Dso B because Dor
Crammar 5
Uxtrt 13

#q, 'Wh-' question words ore used to osk questions,

* i' "Wh-" Efrr'lfilHiilHTAlE.

& Whoi is used for things, onimols ond people'

-B whotHTEtr..dr+ilffi)\"
,9:S;;* Whot colour is your new bicycle?
Whot do you wont to be when you grow up?

*\r. is used for PeoPle.

' 'i] Who
Who ffiT,,(,"
.S:S:-" Who is the outhor of this book?
Who come io Your house lost night?

6fu Where is used for Ploees,

.S:S:"P Where is Tomon Sentoso?

Where do You live?

&qa When is used for time,

'1) When,HTr.JtEl

* When will you go to the librory?
' When is Your birthdoY?
Why is used to osk for o reoson.
Why ETi6i;],Ftr
,Y:W:-* Why were you obsent yesterdoy?
Why did You leove the door oPen?

SPa How is used to osk obout the woy something is done or the condilion of someone,
How H T iE l'l'{&H + fi r-*4 H,t fi fi )n' .
.,Y:$;,.w How do you moke mongo pudding?
How ore you feeling todoY?

tr&. Which is used to imPlY selection.

Which ffiTEz.ts#"
Y:W:.* Which is Notosho's bog?
Which wotch do You like?

Grammar 5
I is your class monitor?

: does Nuraini live?

;:i3: i
', dress do you like, the pink one or the white one?

:;i,", is the baby crying?


.. :],
,k 'w
; will the train leave?
:w e#

ii,6i : many sisters do you have?

Circle the correct answers.

ril,t - is Mrs Kong doing in the lt.5i: have been to the Langkawi
garden? Underwater World?
A Who C What AWho C What
B Why D Where BWhy D How

:', bag belongs to Leela, the red ii;re' are you crying?
one or the black one? A What C Why
A Who C Which B Which D What
B When D What -
t# will the school reopen?
:t is the nearest bus stop?

A When C How A Who C Why

B Where D What
B Where D What
- -
it:.4: old is your grandmother? t$ do you make a bookmark?
A What C Who A Who C Why
B How D Why B What D How
- -
Crammar 5
Using the'Whr question words given, write questions for the answers'

;.i '

Azim is standing under the tree.


The monkey is in the cage.


M;ir;i; n..*lri". come to school by bus.


They practise dancing on SundaYs.

My mother waters the plants in the evening-


He wears a hat because it is a sunny day.

That bird in the cage is acalnLary.

i;: :,

That red dress belongs to me.


Alicia is standing between Kok Keong andAni.

; ..'

^-*.,-. - '*- eqexexsree* *
ii-;-b;.,dt;-l/rs+g' u

I am eleven years old.

Grammar 5
The simple present tense is used to show:
1'ff+I[6Ej ilHTEz-:
(o) on oction done ol the preseni lime;

The boby cries for milk

(b) something thot is o foct or the truth;


A tortoise crowls slowly,

(c) q hqbituoloction.
;,El'sHi4.{f .

I usuolly get up of 6 o'clock

,: tgt-ui "j
. A singulor subiect (he, she, o boV, etc,) tokes c singulor verb (cooks, vlsits, e1c')
H&Ijiq (he. she. S) ffiBeAiFJ (cooks. visiis $) ieE "
q boy
. A plurol subject (they, we, you, the boys, eic.) tokes o plurol verb (wolk, ptqy,
E*t+i# (rrey' we. you. the ooys S) ffiH..Wdlif, (wolk. plsy S) &.ffi "
. The pronoun 'l' tokes o plurol verb.
/rflilfti,ij '1" ,fl EWdti,lEru.

)a Grammar 5
L,):i \!. ) blt

Fiil in the blanks with the simple present tense of the verbs given.

{-'li Dr Tan in Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. $ it$'i il

t The children at the playground every evening. $ $fffifrffiffi ff

'*,i.} My mother to the market every morniirg. l* t*#l',ffi*:," tl

i:i; We usually to school. i ,;;iffi';r,:r i

;- 5; The hawker noodles at the hawker centre every evening. I :+;'i'Sdt{':'.uf, ff

iili} Uncle Wong always the chicken in the morning. .* ffiffitffi.] f

if:ru The maid clothes every moming. $

ii$ The pupils in the classroom every day. {

1', The farmer the vegetables once every three months. ig. f
., d "q.x:: :." '::'j;"x':' ;:
,i[it": Both my brother and I cycllng. i :i:rK.r['c,.#::je:: $

Circle the correct answers.

;'aL The plumber the taP with a i'.#,The sun in the east and
spanner. in the west.
A repair C repairing A rising, setting C rise, set
B repairs D repaired B rose, set D rises, sets

r{! The monkeys from tree to tree ;iJ.l Merchants on camels in the
in the jungle. desert.
A swing C swung A travelled C travels
B swings D swinging B travel D travelling
;;1,$ It frequently during the rainy
season. t*-16i The clock every second.
A raining C rains A tick C ticking
. B rained D rain B ticks D ticked
Grammar 5
The simple post iense is used for octions which took ploce of o given time in lhe
pqst (yesterdoy, lost night, lost week. just now, etc,).
ffi+it*r'jrtETEii*friHtr.jr'El (yesterdoy. lost night. lost week. just now +) fr|tl

rb Actions thot denote the post con be in the regulor form or irregulor form,
'Yi EIi\ME fl Zii4[tJ ffi.f+ .
-ffi z- ts * Ejfr h! E, iq
e.8" ..,

smile *& smiled throw *s threw

roll *+ rolled cotch *& coughl
open "s opened sleep -e slept
wosh *& woshed give *& gove

The simple post tense of regulor verbs con be formed in severol woys:
iL Fl 4tr iEl f,! ffi + E * E i fr E tR 1E ty, T /t f{ n ;t t6 rri,
(o) by odding 'ed' to the verbs;
&8)io=]trtrn "ed",
9:S:,* iump ** *&
help helped
(b) by odding 'd' to verbs thot end with on 'e';
4I:l. "e" hF*-F-WAm1Etrn "d";
"Y:S:S boke ** boked
close closed

(c) if the verb ends with o 'y' ond o consonont precedes the 'y', chonge the 'y' to
ErX-tffiE?Efn "Y" h+,*E.trtrdr1l1:,-' +EiflE "Y" +frlt "ied".
,Y;S;-+* cry
*& cried
fry *s fried
il .
irq Some verbs remoin unchonged.
HW^tiaH!fi'2fr'f*ffiTtr "

"9":$:-" cut "qe cut


6rammar 5
Write the simple past tense of the following verbs.

i answer ffi i.9,' wm s{*-

;l;} are i{CI; swim ffiB

:'';3! speak !{I; decorate ffi :,i:,;;;;{._:*:"*-',:::::e#,

* A:- r
,'', draw lz" quarret ,&HF , dH&*a

5r mlx tJ. ooen


;rffi pluck t4 hit ffi

,i,Tl catch {5'' blow SW .

,i'l r donate

Underline the correct answers.

r:[} It { rained ; rain } heavily last night.
t q - -,
2 W. - help . helped * the old lady to cross the road just now.

''3 Thepolicemani arrested, arrest rthethieflastnight.
4. She I a.int , drank , a glass of milk this morning.

.':5 My father I $
t*. , took ] us lishing last week.
e S d s-
,ti"6: It i is , *as u
already eleven thirty when we u reach , reached , home last.night.
. 6 t ., - $

;:iJ, The eagle i swooped , swoops , down and i caught , catch , the hare just now.
:!,$ Sook Man i bake , baked ; an orange cake an hour ago.
9 I; forget , forgot * to lock the door last night.

{,0.: The gardener i chop , chopped } ao*" the tree yesterday.
..., I

Grammar 5
Fill in the blanks with the simple past tense of the verbs given.

{f,.r Pua n Siti $ , i $' the good news just now.

#} My sister $ $lffiffi ff the books neatly on the shelf last night.

t!,33 The mechanics T *Iiffiffi $imy father's car yesterday.

ffi* We fr some seashells on the beach last week.

'rr5,' My brother * tl*i$ffi*ff$$fr1 ff the string with a pair of scissors just now.

lfffi Mr Lingam $ i#ffiftffi ffi to bring his keys today.

Rewrite the sentences by changing the underlined verbs into the simple past

t j


-l j

-.:.-1:'r""..-' ...;-;.:'.:1 : ::: : ::::.

Pei Yee attends the parry in her favor

.,_t t



Grammar 5
-,i tlil,;:[111s;*-i'r;r+l*i*ir:r*s

& is formed by odding 'ing' to the verb:

o E) The continuous tense
-r +\1iliff.il,Atrtrn "ing,, . t){t6,riitrfiEjfr,
il ttesent Continuous Tense Iis/ore/om] + [verb + ing]
Post Continuous Tense Iwos/were] + [verb + ing]

The presenl continuous iense is used to show o continuous oclion thot is still going
on ot ihe time of speoking,
IT,E i*{i FJ=T H T E Z- E EiT{i Hi HHEA,{f .

l1 sleeping on o mot now,

We ore

The post continuous tense is used to show o continuous oction lhot wos going on in
ihe post.
it * it ffi r'j rt H T E - E iJ * Fi H r.i E ffi 11 trt ++ #'Wilr rE "

wos l

eoting when Suzie entered the kiichen.
We were

Grammar 5
Underline the correct answers.

;il1 The dog i is barkin g , arebarking ]at the boys now.

i;;',.'2\ The goats i is grazing , are grazing ion the field.

;',,.. ,, She i is singing , were singing * on the stage now.

;,lt'4; Mei Lin I is drawing , are drawing I a picrure now.

rl" The carpenter i is making , was making , a chair now.
.:li6:: The children "sr was playing , are playing s on the slide.

,::3: The ducks I is swimming . are swimming I in ttre pond now. L/<.{
_rr-\--\ *Q

:.:,8: The aeroplane

, is taking , were
taking o off--from the lane.
-."t 2
,';$l My friends * is coming , are coming ; to my house for tea now.
--\:x""=*ll ll
:iCI: Puan Mona i is watering , are watering u the
plants in the garden.

Rewrite the sentences by changing the underlined verbs into the past continuous

;,:,I.:' He read when the lights suddenly went out.

".-), We swim in the sea while our parents read on the beach.

:lr.3. She sleep when the postman came.

: 4, He fish at the pond when it started to rain.

l:.': : They watch television when their mother came home.

i{i-& Lilian takes a bath when the phone rang.

Grammar 5
unit 17

&\b A sentence consists of o subject ond o verb,


Ihe verb must ogree with its subject,


A singulor subject tokes o singulor verb.

+&EiEru+fiAiEli6ffi .

He rs

It hos
My sister does

@,wq # He ls o polite boy.

She vvos my fovourite singer,
My mother enjoys boking,

A plurol subiecl tokes o plurol verb.

E*f.iiEt1a&aidEE .

They ore
We were
You hove
Jone ond Joel do

@-S- x We ore ploying hide-ond-seek in the gorden.

My sister ond her bobY were here iust now,
You hove won the firsi prize!

An uncounloble noun tokes o singulor verb,

T.'qweiatr+&aiaiH "

"Y:$-:"u* Air is very importont to olt living things,

The sqnd on the beoch ls very fine.


Grammar 5
Underline the correct answers.

fi,:'t,. The monkeys ' steal steals : the merchant's hats when he aTe 1S

sleeping under the tree.

ri:i),: \Vs always , have has our lunch at the stall after our football practice.

;l'} Kyla and her farnily visits visit , her grandparents in Johor Bahru once a
rl.i.f :iri :,,

li:;.4; The moon . shines shine brightly at night.

:i:,5' The birthday girl blows blow ; off the candles on the cake happily.

',:.. ...1 ''"'.

I r like likes

::l'.6,: l Dogs Do : you like durians? Yes, : them very much.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given.

ii:.[: This i, ',',bg:i':: ,:. not my storybook. Someone :;ffdsr; al

taken my book by mistake.

ii:? The bottles of oil '1..:&r,:,l', ;, arranged neatly on the shelves.

.;ii3,: Mei Yee pogt :', 1 a letter to her p.enfriend every month.

r::,-{:: 14, and Mrs Lim iii i:: 1:two children.

:i.5: I usually i my bath before dinner.

ll.6i Stars ,.,tw.inklQ,,, i, in the sky at night.

Grammar 5
Circle the correct answers

ffi* Air everywhere around us.

elder brother one. Ais Cwas
A does, has B are D were
B does, have
C do, has - ry.i&'Yen Zhen to swim every
D do, have Sunday.
A leam
riZ:i The cat sleeping in the basket B learns
now. C learning
Ais C was D learned
B are - D were
l$l We cannot answer the questions because
tiJ:r Lee San always her revision at they too difficult.
the library after school. A were
Ado C doing B was
B does D did C are-
r 4. My father to the news every
night. 4[r The baby in his cot.
A listen A sleep
B listens B sleeps
C listened C slept -
D listening D sleeping

:{5: The carpenter making a chair :f.} The elephant when the
when the storm broke. zookeeper it abanana.
Ais A trumpets, gave
B ate B trumpets, gives
C was C trumpet, gives
D were D trumpet, give

6, The coffee bitter. Please add '{}' Christians Christmas Day
s0me sugar. the 25th of December every year.
A taste A celebrate
B tasted B celebrates -
C tasting C celebrated
D tastes D celebrating

Grammar 5
un3t I8
: ;tI l':';'i+f ldl:::i{i&
,i;' / t
A positive stotemeni does not hove the word 'no' or 'not',

H'EfilE)iH "no" 4 "not""
,Y;S:-u* I hove two brothers. t
i I
The children ore sleeping in their rooms, I

A negotive stqlement is formed by odding 'no' or 'not' to o positive stotement,

r1 t;
.l: +nilEHE6lEtrn "no" 4 "not". l\+Bli6.EF1," lr:
1: I do not hove o brother. ii
"Y:S:-* F

Complete the table below.



. , were

,tl": ' has' l

'r'..:..5l: have ":

;i" do

;:i;],i does


;:';9; must

ffi:; can

44 Grammar 5
Ghange the positive statements below into negative statements.

*Ii ft was raining last night

tt?i They are swimming in the pool.

ffi My aunt is a nurse at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.

r{4: the dog is chasirig after the cat.

ffi; These books are flor sale.

Change the negative statements below into positive statements.

::{S The boys are not climbing over the fence.

lE,}} the pupils could not answer the question.

ills: Bee Yee has not taken her lunch.

:ql& Ms Leong does not.know how to drive.

"j, i We are not going to the cinema tonight.

;ii.6i The children did not play at the park yesterday.

Crammar 5
-r #a
'{\ \},
A question is o sentence thot osks for informotion,
.li w"s"..*. When is your fother coming home?
v' ho is thot mon?

A response is the onswer given to o question. lt con be in the positive (yes) or

" negolive (no) form,
E trE++xf - + ffiH A FE h fr5*8. E El,X EE Efi (yes) di6E=t (no) .

".$;S:p Con you swim? l::
Yes, I con.
!* No, lcon't. ].'.


Give short answers to these.questions.

'e-g! Did you piactise your piano yesterday? Are we going out for,dinner?
. , ::i:

(a) Yes, I -4.1-4,

(a) Yes, . .... ..-:,.,.,. ."-
(b) No, I didn't. (b) No,

Does she exercise regularly?

(a) Yes,

(b) No,

r6 Did they come for class today?

(a) Yes, (a) Yes,

(b) No, (b) No, ."

i Haveyoubrougttyour fle? : :l 7 Will Rokiah go to the market today?

(a) Yes,
(b) No, ----^-=
Crammar 5
Write a question for each response

Yes, my sisters know how to bake cookies.


Yes, this is Pei Ling's Pet hamster.


No, I don't like to eat western food.


Yes, he will be going to Kota Kinabalu for a holiday'

;.; n:,i

No, Ivan does not have a brother.


Yes, they have finished their homework.

Based'on the pictures, give short answers.

Is the baby boy sleeping in his cot?

Can Sheila ride a bicycle?

Were the children playing at the playground just now?

Crammar 5
,:ir{:,:.,:,:,r.ri: ::.ii ;' r'-

":. ./
A simple sentence consists of o subjecl ond o verb
ll !l


r:i 6'{;K:) A subject con be o noun or pronoun. :

' EiEEUEiillli/lf,!ftiil ]l

6.X#o *-


'.:,) Jessico, giroffe, floor, conteen

he, she, you, l, we, they


A verb is on oction corried out by the noun or pronoun.

d iA E fr i, AiEl !t ,,\ f,i ft iA Ffr fri1 ilr lE .

"Y:S:.,q+ wolk, listen, sleep, colour

A simple senlence hos only one moin ideo

+61F, -teH.
9-S:. Encik Azizi works in Petoling Joyo,
They ployed chess.

A compound sentence hos more lhon one moin ideo, lt consists of Jwo or more
simple sentences joined by o conjunction.
EA H - + t\-r Ht E H, E H ffi f 4 U, r Ht +61, U iS i"1'5 f* mFI .
"Y:S.:"+u Encik Azizi works in Petoling Joyo but he lives in
Shoh Alom
They ployed chess ond congkok yesterdoy. t.

We con olso use o relotive pronoun to join sentences,

"9:$' ,, I know the boy He took your bicycle,

I know the boy who took your bicycle,
He bought the kite, lt hos o colour:ful toil.
He bought the kite which hos o colourfultoil.
We helped the girl, Her money wos stolen,
We helped the girl whose money wos stolen,


Grammar 5
Write compound sentences using 'and', 'or,, ,but,, ,becauser or,so,.
I Ted had pizza for lunch just now.
Jerry had pizza for lunch just now.

l),,, Kelly went to the dentist.

She had a toothache.

l3., T/c,,canplay badminton.

We' ean play basketball.

;:4 I soaked the shoes.

I forgot to wash them-

\,1 Soon Hui was tired.,

He went to bod early.

FiI in the blanks with 'who', 'which' or'whose'.

,.,:'i:. Pluan Azian has a bag is made of leather.

,r.t/: I'm looking for the person is in charge of the football match.

:i.3. That is the boy sister won the singing contest.

Isabel has an uncle works as a pilot.

He bought an expensive pen is imported from Japan.

Crammar 5
Un it 23"
r:.'1:lll:i.'ll llal, :tr-' ' '.i' . -i '',ifi, :r:i b

- J: A copitol letler is used:
to begin o senience;
,Y:S,::* The movie is very interesting,
(b) for lhe first letter of proper nouns;
.Y:S:;* Sweety Bokery is on Jolon Lok Yuk,
(c) forthepronoun'l'.
.Afifi'fti-.1 "1" "

.f3ff;,,i;: My friend ond I ore going fishing.

't A full stop is used of lhe end of o senfence,
S:S":,* This is my wotch, My grondporents gove it fo me on my birihdoy.
A queslion mork is used of lhe end of o question,
,9.:S:.*, Who is thot boy stonding oi the door?
A commo is used:
.:EiE ET.
)e, 'a 111 J
(o) to seporoie wor{s in o list;
i|[E-6IU H!i-.]iE ;

,Y:S:..u, They hod buns, eggs ond milk for breokfost,

(b) ofter o 'yes' or 'no' response,
"yes" 4 "no" EJUZtr.
Y:W:.S, Yes, I would like o cup of coffee.
An exclomotion mork is used to express strong emotions.
prE ffi +ttsErrlH!,H#.

"9-W:;*, Helpl The house is on fire,

An oposlrophe is used:
ffiEEf '
(o) lo show possession;
f zrlH'&.;
-*"ff*_:ie Thot is Jone's bog,
(b) in o short form.
ffi.ffi" i* Simon hosn't finished his homework.
".i::r..r ',i+it::la:.:"t;aj;iirr:;.t:r-irj.ir .. ,
': *'--
: :r.:,, :1, .t:),,, j:)::
,tjt: ;:rrl I r.;,.rii :,. ,.../

Crammar 5
Rewrite the sentences using the correct punctuation marks.

ri.Xi' michelles father is going to hong kong next monday --. ---'' -".'.--'.' - -:


rt the post office is situated on jalan maharajalela


.l,;} how muclr is this pair of black trousers


,:''![, be careful the floor is slippery

,t encik rahimi bought a storybook a dictionary and an eraser for his son --^----'--.-^----!\

jf' when is hari raya puasa razif

,;,'7-: look out there is a motorcycle coming this way

,i.S' harry didnt switch off the lights before he left last night


Grammar 5

Gircle the correct answers.
A Seremban is the Capital of negeri ii,S.1 A I'm sonlz, sir. The flight to kota
sembilan. kinabalu has been delayed.
B Seremban is the capital of Negeri B I'm
sonlr, sir. The flight to Kota
Sembilan! Kinabalu has been delayed.
C Seremban is the capital of Negeri C Im sorryr, sir! The flight to Kota
Sembilan. Kinabalu has been delayed.
D Seremban is the capital of negeri D I'm sorry, sir, The flight to, Kota
sembilan. Kinabalu has been delayed.

7;, A Hello, Mrs Chu. Is Su Lyn at home? A Where is the National Science
B Hello. Mrs Chu. Is Su Lyn at home? Centre?
C Hello, Mrs Chu, Is Su Lyn at home? B Where is the national science
D Hello, Mrs Chu. Is su lyn at home? centre?
C Where is the National Science
3tA Kiwis, Grapes and Oranges are D Where is the national Science
imported fruits. Centre!
B Kiwis, grapes and oranges are
imported fruits.
C Kiwis, grapes. and oranges are A "Hooray the train is here!" shouted
imported fruits. the children.
D Kiwis grapes and oranges are B "Hooray the train is here," shouted
imported fruits. the children.
C "Hooray! The train is here." shouted
the children.
;;.Q',, I Janice, lives in Temerloh, Pahang. D "Hooray. The train is here!" shouted
B Janice lives in temerloh, Pahang. the children.
C Janice lives in Temerloh, Pahang.
D Janice lives in Temerloh Pahang.
1:9.r A Look. that is Kuala Lumpur Tower.
B Look! That is Kuala Lumpur Tower.
i,:.5,,, A We managed to catch the last bus at C Look that is kuala lumpur tower.
11 o'clock. D Look, that is Kuala Lumpur Tower!
B We managed. to catch the last bus. at
11 o'clock.
C We managed to catch the last bus, at
.tI: a Wake up, we're late!
I I o'clock? B Wake up? We're late.
D We managed to catch the last bus, at C Wake up! we're late
11 oclock. D Wake up! We're late.
52 Crammar 5

Exercise 4
'. , .....'-.$ pg 1
I The boy only ate a little porridge because he was not
9rercise I /=---Bgg9 leeling well.
1 The elephant was caught in (Uqtu 2 There isn't much tea left in the pot'
z @f.11 into a drain yesterdaY. 3 Hui Peng folded many paper cranes last night'
s r-il-.y go to church o"@. 4 Don't put too much salt. It will spoil the soup'
+ @ports some oranse iuice into a glass' 5 I know a few friends who are from Ipoh.
s @is having fried noodles at a restaurant'

1 He lives in Taman Selamat with his parents' ffi Pg8
2 The orchid is a beautiful flower.
rercise I
3 That car is a Proton Perdana.
la 2 an- 3 an 4 a
4 There are many types of cacti in Cactus Valley'
5an 6a 7 a 8 an

9a L0 an t2 a
Gxercise 3 11

1 choir 2 bouquet 3 litter 13a 14a 15 at 16 a

4 string 5 swarm 6 Panel

Exercise 2
I a' 2an
3 $n;a 4 ,the
..- . . ... .;*; P8 3 5 the 6a
Exercise I Exercise 3
I Knives 2 Deer; antlers: heads
la 2a 3a 4The 5 tne
3 burger; stall 4 child
5 butterflies; bushes gxercise 4
1D 2 C 3D 4C 5A 6B
Exercise 2 7A 8 C 9D 10A 11 C 12B
1 The dancers performed well during the charity gala
last night.
2 They bought camations for their mother.
3 The mice were looking for food at the rubbish dump' uPB1l
4 The policemen quickly seized the thieves who came
out ofthe bank.
Wash the tomatoes and the oranges before putting
them into the refrigerator.

i$ P85

Bxercise I
1U 2 C 3 C" 4U 5U 6C
7U' 8 C, 9 C. 10 U 11 C izu
Bxercise 2
1 man)a 2 muoh 3 much 4 marry
5 muph 6 many 7 much 8 many
Exercise 3
I afew 2 afew 3 a little
4 a little 5 afew 6 a little

Jwp l
Grammar 5
The bridegroom is a waiter at the restaurant.
The widower has two daughters.
Bxercise I
"q PB

3 Pak Rahman has four cows on his farm. 1 intelligent 2 sharp

4 The empress is talking to the princess. 3 round 4 furry
5 I nls rs my nrece. 5 heavy 6 colourful
6 That boy is my sister's classmate. 7 delicious 8 old
Erarcise 2
I blunt 2 sweet 3
Bxercise I
.....*pc13 4green

lShe 2It 3He 1 tall; tall 2 better 3 youngest
4 them 5 We 6 him 4 more 5 fattest 6 coldest

Gxercise 2 Exercise 4
1 Nathan introduced me to his cousin yesterday. 1A 2C 3B 4C 5B 6C
2 She drives the blue car to work every day.
' 3 Those dogs. are fierce. Do not go near them.
4 These are the CDs that I borrowed from the library last
week. " '-- ':H pg 23
5 She cannot wear the dress because it is too tight. xercise I
1 carefully 2 regularly
3 quickly 4 confidently

Exercise I
x PB
.15 5 loudlv
Exercise 2
1 your 2 our 3 his 1D 2B 3D 4C 5B 6A
4 its 5 their 6 my
1 Puan Anita serves her guests with ketupat and ffi## *P825
lemang. 9xercise I
2 Thechildrenareplayingwiththeirtoycarsnow. I up 2 at 3 under
3 The cat licks its newborn kittens gently. 4 behind 5 between 6 across
4 We sha1l visit our uncle and aunt at Putrajaya next
weekend.. Exercise 2
5 Have you finished your homework, Sharon? I towards 2 through
6 The man walks his dog at the park every evening. 3 by 4 over
7 I live with my family in Impiana Condominium. 5 in 6 into
8 Meng Chong and his friends are playing football on 7 in front of 8 opposite
the field now'
Exercise 3
Bgercise 3 1.C 2A 3B 4C 5B
1D 2C 3C 4B 5A 6D
7C 8D 9C lOA 11D 12C
W ..,,.". .,.* pB 28

Exercise I
9xercise I
1 and
3 because
4 but
I These 2 These 3 That 5 and 6so
4 Those 5 This 7or 8 because
Exercise2 Erercise 2
1 This 2 these; that 3 Those 1 so 2 or 3 because
4 Those 5 These; Those 4 and 5 but
Jwp 2 Crammar 5
9 won l0 swam
9xercise 3 12 quarrelled
11 decorated
I Hui Lee went to the mall but she did not buy
14 hit
13 opened
15 blew 16 put
2 Shall we play badminton or basketball this evening?
3 I can't see clearly because it was dark.
4 He walked to the window and closed it.
5 It was very hot so Eva switched on the fan.
1 rained helped
3 arrested 4 drank
6 My grandfather enjoys coffee but I seldom drink it.
5 took was; reached

4 7 swooped; caught 8 baked

4C 9 forgot 10 chopped
1B 2D 34.
Exerclse o
1 announced 2 ananged
wPg31 3 repaired 4 collected

Exercisa I 5 cut 6 forgot

1 Who 2 Where 3 Which

4 Why 5 When 6 How Bxercise 4
1 The squirrel came dor,qn from the tree to eat the nuts
just now.
Exercise 2
lC 2C 3A 4B 2 She screamed when she saw a cockroach last night.

5A 6C 7B 8D 3 I slept at 10 o'clock last night because I felt tired.

4 Pei Yee attended the party in her favourite pink dress

Exercise 3 last week.

1 Who is standing under the tree?

5 He found a wallet at the canteen an hour ago.

2 Where is the monkeY?

3 How do Melanie and her sister come to school?
When do they practise dancing?
What does your mother do in the evening?
ffi#6, mP839

6 Why does he wear a hat?

9xercise I
7 What bird is that in the cage?
1 is barking 2 are grazing

8 Which dress belongs. to You?

3 is singing 4 is drawing

9 Where is Alicia standing?

5 is making 6 are playing

t0 How old are you?

7 are swimming 8 is taking
9 are coming l0 is watering

Exercise 2
*e PB 34 I He waS reading when the lights suddenly went out.
Bxercise I 2 We were swimming in the sea while our parents were
1 works 2 play reading on the beach.
3 goes 4 walk 3 She was sleeping when the postman came.

5 se1ls 6 feeds 4 He was fishirig at the pond when it started to rain.

7 washes .
8 study 5 They were watching television when their mother
9 manures 10 enjoy came home.
6 Lilian was taking a bath when the phone rang.
Bxercise 2
18 2A 3C 4D 5B 6B
He Pg 41

9xercise I
qe PB 36 1 steal; is 2 have 3 visit
Exercise I 4 shines 5 blows 6 Do; like
1 answered 2 were
3 spoke 4 drew Exercise2
5 mixed 6 plucked I is; has 2 are 3 posts
7 caught 8 donated 4 have 5 take 6 twinkle

Crammar 5 Jwp 3
Exarcise 3 3 Will he be going to Kota Kinabalu for d holiday?
lC 2 A 3B 4B 5C 6D 4 Does Ivan have a brother?

7A 8 B 9C 108 11 B t2A 5 Have they finished their homework?

Exercise 3
Exercise I
'..'. ,+* PB 44
Yes, he is.
No, she can't.
Yes. they were.

{gfffiffiffi et PB 48
was not
Exercise I
3 1 Ted and lerry had pizza for lunch just now.
2 Kelly went to the dentist because she had a toothache.
3 We can play badminton or basketball.
5 4 I soaked the shoes btit I forgot to wash them.
5 Soon Hui was tired so he went to bed early.

7 Erercise 2
1 which 2 who
3 whose 4 who
9 5 which

Erercise2 '. ,:* PB 5o

1 .It was not raining last night. 9xercise t

2 They are not swimming in the pool. I Michelle's father 'is going to Hong Kong next
3 My aunt is not a nurse at Kuala Lumpur General Monday.
Hospital. 2 The post office is situated on Jalan Maharajalela.
4 The dog is not chasing after the cat. 3 How much is this pair of black trousers?
5 These books are nol lor sale. 4 Be carefull The lloor is slippery.
5 Encik Rahimi bought a storybook, a.dictionary and an
Exercise 3 eraser for his son.
1 The boys are climbing overthe fence. 6 When is Hari Raya Puasa,Razifl
2 The pupils could answer the question. 7 Look out! There is a motorcycle coming this way.
3 BeeYeehastakenherlunch,.i i: . ;,, .ri 8 Harry didn't switch off the lights before he left last
4 Ms Leong knows how to drive. night.
5 We are going to the cinema tonight.
6 The children played at the park yesterday. Gxercise 2
1C 2A 3B 4C 5A
6B 7A 8C 98 IOD
,s* p8 46

Exercise I
I Tcan;Tcanit
2 she is; she isn't 1B 2D 3B 4D 5 A
3 Ihave;Ihaven't 6C 7A 8D 9B 10 C
4 we arq we aren't 11 D l2B 138 14D 15 A
5 she does; she doesn't 16D 17C 18A 19B 20 C
6 they did; they didn't 21 B 228 23C 244 25 B
7 she willl she won't 26D 274 28D 29C 30 D
31 A 32C 33A 348 35 C
Exercise 2 36D 374 38C 39A 40 D
1 Is this Pei Ling's pet hamster? 4tc 42D 43C 444 45 D
2 Do you like to eat westem food? 468 474 488 49C 50 B

Jwp 4 Grammar 5