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December 1, 2017

Dear Parent or Guardian,

The reason I am writing you today is to seek permission for your children to use a
website that I believe will be beneficial to understanding the core historical concepts and
perspectives introduced in this course. The website is www.edsitement.neh.gov which is curated
by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Specifically, the students will be accessing the
Student Resources section, which incorporates history lessons for a specific age group to
engage in. Such activities included in this section include but are not limited to discussion-based
Launchpad activities that typically begin focused around a figure of historical significance,
interactive maps, timelines, and historical video sources and accounts from throughout the
history of the United States.

This website provides thorough and comprehensive insight into many historical events
and persons that are discussed in secondary education. Not only does it allow for intuitive
learning via interaction with the website, it is fully cited and curated by the National Endowment
for the Humanities. This fully ensures that the students are receiving historically accurate
contextual information, and is far less likely to be subject to historical inaccuracy that is more
susceptible when using other encyclopedic web sources. These web lessons are designed to
provide a more hands-on approach for student learning, and allow for students to explore
different areas of the subject matter that interests them, while providing appropriate search
limitations that other web sources or search engines may not.

As stated beforehand, this website is designed for the use of students of all ages (the
students will be using material specified for the 9-12 grade group) and provides no outside
source or links to material that would be considered inappropriate for the classroom. There will
also be no way for any students personal information to be accessed through the use of this
website. I encourage you to take some time to view the website and get familiar with its content.
If you could, please indicate whether or not your child will be allowed access to this website
below, detach it from the bottom, and have them bring it to me prior to the beginning to class. If
you choose not to allow them to use this website, an alternative assignment will be provided to

Thank you again for your time.

Zachary Mills

I ____ Allow ____Do Not Allow _________________________________ to access this website

for Mr. Mills American History class.

Signature:_________________________________ Date:___________________________