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Lesson Plan Template

Date: 12th Nov. 2017 Student: Zainab Ahmad

Time: 9:35 School: Wesgreen International school
MST: Ms. Judy Glen Class: Grade 2
Unit: English verb tenses No. Ss 25

Prior Knowledge (What knowledge are you building on?)

Students already know what does noun and adjective mean.
They learnt about the meaning of action verbs

Lesson Activities: (What will students do in the lesson?)

- Opening: Predict a verb
- Main activity: find verbs in a paragraph then . If it past tense or present tense (High). Find verbs in
sentences then . If it past tense or present tense (Middle). Color the verbs, past tense in blue and
present tense in green (low)
- Extend: Write sentences using present tense and past tense.
- Plenary: Whole class Game

Lesson Objectives: These must be SMART objectives specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time
By the end of the lesson, students will be (better) able to:

1. Distinguish between past tense and present tense verbs

2. writing sentences using past tense and present tense verbs

Evaluation / Assessment: (How will you know your students have achieved the goal?)
(How will you evaluate the objectives that were identified? Have students practiced what you are asking
them to do for evaluation?)
Observing them during the main activity
Playing the game that will show their understanding

Personal focus (related to PDP): In this lesson I am working on my

Improve students participation
Circle Time (7 min)

Activity Name Activity objective/ Time Inter Teachers words & actions Childrens words and Resource
purpose action actions
Greetings Children will feel 1 Teacher T greets class by saying Good morning S sit cross- legged with None
welcomed -student students with a smile hands on their laps.

S answer Good
morning, Miss

Predict the To make student 4 Teacher Yesterday, I . Up at 6:00 am. This S raise their hand to Small
missing verb in predict the correct -student incomplete sentence will be written on the answer boards
the sentence verb that fit the board
sentence S will give reason for
T asks students to help her complete her choosing the word
sentence (2 Ss will hold boards wake and (woke)
Because it happened
T pick a student to answer yesterday

T asks why S chose this answer

T introduce the meaning of Present tense

and past tense (mention future tense

Get each group To be ready for the 2 Teacher T calls English groups names to sit in S go to their places None
to their table main activity -student their places group by group (bears, frogs, quietly
turtles, and foxes)
T whispers and ask them to move quietly.
Main Activity (20 mins)

Organization of groups: students will sit in groups according to their levels.

Teachers actions/ focus: observe students, check their working and look for the time
Name Objective Instructions Students actions Resources
Identify Apply their Each group will have activity according to the Find the verbs - Flashcards (on the
verbs tense knowledge of ability Color each verb tense with board)
present and past different color (blue and - Papers with
tenses HA: each student in the group will have a piece green) Paragraphs,
of paper that has a short paragraph. They will sentences, and
have to read it carefully, find all the verbs, and S raise their hand if they words
then color the present tense in green and past have any question - Colored pencils
tense in blue.
Use small boards to write
MA: each student in the group will have a paper sentences using present
that includes 10 sentences. They will find a verb tense and past tense.
in each sentence then color it in green if its
present or blue if its past.

LA: each student will have a piece of paper that

has 15 different verbs, they will color the past
tense verbs in blue and present tense in green.

If S have any question they will raise their hand

and wait for the T.
If they finish
Plenary (10 mins)

Activity Time Interaction Teachers words & actions Students words and actions Resources
Whole class game 10 T-S Teacher will has different words and Each group will have a turn to Two Cups
(between groups) sentences in a cup answer (say the verb and it (words/sentences)
T will ask students to stand up tense)
The questions will be about the lesson as a Small boards
way to assess their understanding.

The teacher will do one example first: take

one word from the cup, read it loudly then
say if it present or past tense.

Then T do the same with sentences (read

the sentence, then say the verb and it

Then ask each group to use a small board

and write a sentence using past tense verb
then present tense

Last 3 minutes for students to tide up their tables and be ready for lunch time.