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Big Pharma

Game versions supported by the trainer

1.03.00 (Steam), 1.03.00 (GOG), 1.03.00, 1.04.00, 1.04.03, 1.04.04, 1.06.01, 1.06.03,
1.06.06, 1.06.07, 1.06.08, 1.06.10, 1.06.11, 1.06.12, 1.07.00, 1.07.01, 1.07.02, 1.07.03,
1.07.04, 1.07.10, 1.07.11
Common MegaTrainer hints

This Big Pharma trainer was created with and for the SinglePlayer of the
German/European original version.
Which Big Pharma cheats are available for which gameversion, is shown in the details of
each cheat. Sometimes are not all cheats available for all game-versions!
So called Premium-Cheats (marked with a hint that you need a special membership
instead of the key combination) are only available if you own the necessary membership
for these cheats.

If the cheats of our Big Pharma trainer won't work for you in SinglePlayer, please visit our
FAQs or use our support-forum.
Big Pharma versions in brackets are currently only supported in Premium-Trainers which
are exclusively available for premium-members.

Special hints for the Big Pharma cheats

Big Pharma is a full dynamical game which creates game functions at runtime if needed.
For this reason cheats of the Big Pharma trainer can only be activated after the game
already used these functions at least one time. In addition the first activation of each
cheats may need a few seconds. Please read and follow our cheat-descriptions to
correctly use our trainer!
Key combination Cheat Details
Alt + X Disable cheats Description: 3
+500,000 Money Description: 1990
Alt + F1 Prepare for money Description: 2020
Alt + F2 +10,000 Money Description: 2020
Infinite ingredient upgrade Description: 2022
Infinite research upgrade Description: 2023
Fast exploration Description: 2021
Fast research Description: 2021
Description: 3
Disables all cheats.

Description: 1990
Increases your money/credits according to the displayed value!

Description: 2020
First you have to activate the prepare, then you may cheat as much money as you wish!

Description: 2021
These two codes do not only accelerate the discovery of active ingredients but also the research of the

Description: 2022
By upgrading the ingredients you may increase the level of efficiency and even decrease more side

Description: 2023
Improves the production of your research facilities!