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Standard Element Source of Evidence Evidence that demonstrates the

3.1 Demonstrating knowledge of Reflective Conversation *Teacher discusses learning
subject matter academic content objective and relates to standards
standards Classroom Observation for lesson
*Teacher examines learning goal
Level: Exploring Lesson Plan and determines the knowledge and
skills needed to reach that goal
October 2017 *Teacher appropriately covers
separate learning goals that are pre
requisites to acquiring the new
learning objective
*Students participate in guided
discovery and experiment their
own kinesthetic movement in
relation to the learning goal
*Teacher incorporates academic
language that relates to the
learning objectives
*Teacher provides students with
different equipment and
differentiated instruction to fit
each students individual needs
3.2 Applying knowledge of student Lesson Plan *Teacher provides appropriate
development and proficiencies to activities for students determined
ensure student understanding of Pre-Assessment by assessment of previous lessons
subject matter *Students fill out a pre-assessment
Reflective Conversation in order to determine students
Level: Emerging previous knowledge with learning
October 2017 *Teacher discusses with whole
class the importance of
sportsmanship and character
during our activities and
encourages students to encourage
other classmates
*Teacher has students share at end
of class a student who they saw
doing a great job to help build a
positive classroom environment
3.3 Organizing curriculum to Lesson Plan *Teacher connects information
facilitate student understanding of from previous lessons to help
subject matter Pre-Assessment facilitate acquisition of new
learning goal
Level: Exploring Scaffolding *Teacher implements new learning
goal in an appropriate timeframe
October 2017 Classroom observation to help students gain information
at a faster pace
*Teacher implements multiple
instructional strategies to facilitate
student acquisition of academic
language and their relation with
different sports/activities
*Students pre-assess themselves
and set goals
*Students build upon previous
skills and how they relate to the
new learning goal
*Students explore kinesthetic
movement forms during the lesson
*Teacher walks around during the
lesson activity providing specific
instructional feedback to students
while assessing students
demonstration of learning goals
3.4 Utilizing instructional strategies Lesson Plan *Teacher incorporates different
that are appropriate to the subject instructional strategies and aids to
matter Reflective Conversation reach all modalities- auditory,
visual, kinesthetic
Level: Exploring Visual Aids *Students participate in small
group discussion while comparing
October 2017 and contrasting
*Students are actively engaged in
the lesson activity while teacher
walks around assessing and
providing positive corrective

3.5 Using and adapting resources,

technologies, and standards-
aligned instructional materials
including adopted materials, to
make subject matter accessible to
all students

Level: Exploring

October 2017
3.6 Addressing the needs of English
learners and student with special
needs to provide equitable access
to the content

Level: Emerging

October 2017
3.6 Addressing the needs of English
learners and student with special
needs to provide equitable access
to the content

Level: Emerging
October 2017