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Sean Stewart

Exercise #2 on page 365

Q: Given the findings of your investigation of a major employer in your field, list the characteristics of
this employers ideal job candidate. What would be the ideal job candidates education and experience?
What would be his her or her special skills, dispositions, and achievements? How are you similar to this
ideal job candidate? How do you differ?

A: Apple is considered a major employee within the cybersecurity field and is constantly battling against
privacy and security implications of encryption on their software platform iOS. Many district attorneys
are encouraging apple to return to an older operating system that allowed law enforcement to extract
data from it, to help track down cyber thefts. Apple itself is hiring a higher volume of cyber professionals
to protect user data and prevent attacks against their iOS.

The ideal candidate for this position needs to be well equipped with pragmatic security technologies as
well operating systems. The candidate needs to know many different programs to help test and
penetrate their own system to prevent thefts from breaking it. Some of these programs, or languages,
are, C, C++, Python and Java. The ideal candidate will need to be experienced in these languages.
Expertise with operating system security and cryptography are the key factors for an ideal candidate.
Along with strong teamworking skills and capability of understanding Apples OS (operating system).

A bachelor degree in Computer Science and two-years experience or exposure to the security
background is ideal for this position. Other experience that is preferred by Apple would be exposure to
their products such as iPhone OS and Mac OS X. Basically knowing their administrator developer tools
and options.

Special skills that would stand out for this position would be the amount of languages you have
mastered with certifications on each. As I stated, C, C++, Java and Python are great languages to have
mastered and be equipped with to enter this position. Apple specifically works around the Kernel
program, so exposure to that language will help stand out.

I am similar to this ideal job candidate due to my experience I have with these languages. I have a
strong background in each language and am continuing with classes to further develop my skills. I also
am taking the most up-to-date classes on the languages as every so often they change, and new
methods are formed that help make coding simpler.

I differ from this job due to my lack of having a Bachelors degree or real job experience in my field. As
Im only into my Associates with little job experience itself, I need my degree and some experience
within internships to get the ball going and hit the requirements that Apple would be looking for.