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Policy Of Integration The

Down's Syndrome.
(2017). Retrieved from friendship circle:
According to Gulf News In 2016,
The Abu Dhabi curriculum estab- Down-Syndrome-624x320.jpg
lish decision to combine especial-
ly downs Syndrome special
needs educator (SEN) mandatory
Syndrome, D. ( 2011, June 9). Down syn-
with whole schools in UAE. drome. Retrieved from http://
(Zaman, 2014). www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-

For example: home/ovc-20337339
UAE Down Syndrome Children meet
Some schools in Abu Dhabi Mercedes F1 driver at Yas Mari-
Education Council provides to na. (2017). Retrieved from
children unique chairs to the http://www.gargash.ae/articles/
special needs educator. uae-down-syndrome-children-
Also, allocation of resources
to those children so they can Zakaria, S. ( 2017, March 18). What do
parents of special needs children (UAE Down Syndrome Children
give them an opportunity with
in UAE need? Retrieved from meet Mercedes F1 driver at Yas
social interaction with regular https://www.khaleejtimes.com/ Marina, 2017)
class and normal children news/general/what-do-parents-
of-special-needs-children-in-uae- Students Name: Suad Taleb,-
However, some school makes a need
working in Maryam Juma..
Zaman, N. A. (2014, October 12). Schools
urged to enrol children with Teacher names: Antoinette
with parents
to communi-
Downs Syndrome. Retrieved Wiseman.
from http://gulfnews.com/news/
cate how .
children in-
uae/education/schools-urged-to- Course name: Teaching
enrol-children-with-down-s- learner with Special Needs.
teract in syndrome-1.1397619


(Zakaria, 2017)
What Is Characteristics of
Down syndrome
Flattened face

Small head (friendship

CAUSES OF circle, 2017)
Short neck DOWN
Down syndrome is the
Protruding tongue
most common genetic
Unusually shaped or small
*1 Trisomy 21- the person has
disorder that happens when three copies of chromosome 21,
the person has three instead of the usual two copies .
Poor muscle tone
chromosomes instead of a
Broad, short hands with a 2-Mosaic Down syndrome.
regular person who has 2 single crease in the palm In this rare form of Down
in each pair, the response Relatively short fingers and syndrome, a person has only
small hands and feet some cells with an extra copy
of it is abnormal cell
(syndrome, 2011). of chromosome 21 caused by
division that contributes a abnormal cell division after
physical feature of down fertilization.
syndrome. (syndrome, 2011). 3-Translocation Down
syndrome. can also occur when a
portion of chromosome 21
becomes attached to another
chromosome, before or at

conception. (syndrome, 2011).

( My palms are the only ones I've ever seen with only one
line going straight across. Everyone else has two diverg-
ing lines, as far as I know., 2017)