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InPower V7.0 ReadMe.txt
Copyright(C) 1994-2008 Cummins Power Generation
All rights reserved.

Welcome to InPower V7.0

This file contains important information, which supplements the InPower

Instruction guide, InPower User Guide and InPower On-line Help.

The following topics are covered in this file:

1. Installation Notes
2. New features
3. Known Issues

1. Installation Notes

Note: It is highly recommended that User's should not downgrade from the latest
to a previous version. This may cause unexpected behavior of the tool and its
Sentinel (dongle) drivers.

1.1 InPower V7.0 supports only Windows XP.

1.2 InPower V7.0 installation is "auto-run" from CD. This means that the
starts automatically when the installation CD is inserted.

1.3 A Non-Administrator (Standard/Power User) user shall be able to install InPower

Lite and InPower Pro. However, for installing the Sentinel Driver (which is
required for the dongle) administrator user login is necessary. Non-Administator
users having very limited access rights e.g. users of the type Guests or Users,
be able to install the tool.

1.4 Acrobat Reader V5.0 or greater is required for viewing InPower installation and
user guides.

1.5 For further details on the InPower installation please refer to the InPower
Installation Instructions in the installation CD.

1.6 Message "Missing Important components..." appears sometimes while installing

InPower. This is due to the Hardware (dongle) lock issue.

In this case, log off from the machine and log in with the end user's name. Go to
Start/Control panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager/Ports, right click on
Communications Port (COM1) and disable it. Similarly disable the printer port
Close the Device Manager and launch it again.
Enable both the ports which were disabled. Close the Device manager and log off
from the machine. Log in as the Administrator and then proceed ahead with the
installation of the tool.

1.7 If any program such as Palm Pilot, or any other application that communicates
via COM 1 Port (like HotSynch Manager, Nokia Connection software etc) has been
installed, this can take over COM 1 Port and lock it, preventing InPower to run.
These programs are required to be disabled prior to starting the installation and
before running InPower subsequent to successful installation. It is recommended
that any program that automatically launches on Start up be disabled and launched
only when required to be used.

1.8 If the user who has not installed the tool tries to uninstall it may corrupt
installation or the uninstallation may not be completed properly.

It is recommended hence to log in with the user name who has installed the tool and
then uninstall the tool.

1.9 During installation on Win XP it may display Windows Security Alert message for
POET 6.0 Object Server.

This is related to security restriction for the machine. Please select Unblock
option of
this warning message for completing the installation.

1.10 An empty PGA directory structure is created during installation. The structure
created on the root drive on which InPower is being installed. The PGA folder will
like a placeholder for the Web InCal CD.

1.11 If InLine 5 adapter driver is uninstalled and InLine 4 driver is installed on

machine then, while adding a Core II ECS site with InLine 5 adapter option, USB
port is not shown in the COM port options of the Create Site dialog.

The solution to this is to reinstall the InLine 5 driver and then add the site.

1.12 The Bravo Setup's user list is not retained, if while upgrading tool, the
location is changed.

The solution in this case is to manually add all the users which were present in
the old version.

2. New Features

2.1 Support for NIM

2.2 Support for HMI114

2.3 Support for HMI113

2.4 Support for HJBAA

2.5 Support for HMI320

2.6 Support for PCC3300

2.7 Support for Generic INV4KW

2.8 Support for Generic Commercial Mobile

2.9 Support for FIS for Consumer Devices, PCC2300 and PCC3300

2.10 Support for Display Devices like DKHAx, GSAAx, HJBAAx, MDKBH-MDKBS MDDCx &

2.11 Support for Read-Only Devices like HDKBx, HDKAx, HGJAA, HGJAB & HGJAC, HGJAA,

3. Known Issues

3.1 Unable to connect to already existing PCC2300 and HMI320 sites created with

Solution: Remove the existing PCC2300 and HMI320 sites using Bravo setup.
Create new sites for PCC2300 and HMI320 with V7.0 and connect to the device.

3.2 Issue with Sentinel driver installation, if user installs InPower Pro V6.0
after using InPower Pro V7.0,
the dongle is not detected or error messge related to the dongle is seen.
Note: Sentinel Drivers need administrative rights to install.

Solution: Manually uninstall all Sentinel Protection Server programs from the
and reboot the system and install the Drivers again by running the required

3.3 Changes made to a data table from InPower are not saved to the ECM.

Solution: No solution exists at present.

3.4 If InPower has been installed on a location other than "C" drive and if the
reinstalls the tool at the same location after formatting the "C" drive and
the OS, the user is not able to run the tool.

Solution: It is recommended to uninstall all the tools first, in case it is

required to
format the C drive and reinstall OS.

3.5 Changes made to the parameters from the Monitor window are not saved to the

Solution: Change and save the changes to the parameters from the device explorer
3.6 The tool installed on Win NT fails to connect to devices on MONNet.

Solution: No solution exists at present.

3.7 If the Lonworks network interface adapter gets physically disconnected from the
network, the tool fails to recognize the loss of the network and keeps on
the last updated values as if the device is still connected on the network.
the tool recognizes the network loss and disconnects the site if the cable between
PC and the network adapter is disconnected.

Solution: No solution exists at present.

3.8 After performing Save Adjustments on PCC3201 the device connection

sometimes gets disconnected.

Solution: No solution exists at present.

3.9 Trying to add site for the consumer devices like HDKAJ, Marine, Marquis
Raven Commercial - from the Add Site menu gives error related to protocol and the
site is not added.

Solution: The work around to this is to add the site from the Bravo setup.

3.10 If dongle gets disconnected during update calibration, it gives dongle error
but the
device is not disconnected. Still it shows last screen of the calibration wizard
and if the
user clicks on Finish button the tool hangs up. It is needed to close the tool from
task manager.

Similar problem is observed for Update Features also.

Solution: No solution exists at present.