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Guidelines in Stating the Research Problem (Calderon, 1993)

1. Generally, the title is formulated at the start of the research

2. The title must contain the subject matter of the study, the locale, population/sample
involved and the period when the data were gathered or will be gathered (SMART)
3. Must be broad enough to include all aspects of the subject matter studied or to be studied
4. If the title contains more than one line, it must be written like an inverted pyramid, all
words in capital letters
5. It must serve the following purposes:
a. Should draw, in summary form, the content of the entire investigation
b. Serves as a frame of reference for the whole thesis
c. Enables the researcher to claim the title as her/his own
d. Helps other researchers to refer to the work for possible survey of the theory

There are two things that should be avoided in a good thesis statement:

Vague language, e.g. issues, it seems;

The first person, e.g. in my opinion, I suppose.

Some examples of acceptable Titles

The Effect of values-oriented program on the aggressive behavior of grade school pupils exposed
to TV (Baluca, Eden Grace E., 2006)

Computer literacy program : its effects on the self concept of the disabled students in the
University of the East, Caloocan City. (Go, Rebecca V. Purpura.Publication Info. 2000.)

Heavy Metal Music and Gender Effects on Levels of Aggression among Selected College

The Effects of Time Indicator on the Task Performance of First year College Students of PNU
SY 1999-2000

TV viewers' attitudes and responses to 10-seconder ads of ABS-CBN during programming.

(Torres, Carolina B. Manila 2007.)

The Influence of creditcards on the spending pattern of the employees of selected companies
under the United Coconut Planters Bank Group (Llenos, Francisco S. Jr., 2004.)

Attitudes and concerns of Filipino Physicians about mass media advertising of prescription drugs
(1986.Malang, Virgilio L.)
Personality, adjustment, coping styles, and perceived parental alcoholism of selected
adolescentsof alcoholics : a basis for an intervention program. (Gonzaga, Jemabel W., 2008.)

An Analytical study of the law and jurisprudence on sexual harassment with illustrative cases
decided by Philippine and American Courts / Alvin BlancaverCuada.Publication Info.Manila :
UST Graduate School, 2005

An assessment of the solid waste management of selected Shakey's stores in Luzon area
(Philippines) ( Jerome P. Senora.Manila, 2009.)

Exercise 1

Given the situation below, write down at least 3 possible research problems that could be
What would be the possible statistical tools required to arrive at a conclusion to the problems
Choose one of these research problems. State an alternative and a null hypothesis related to this.
Construct a sample questionnaire from any 1 of the identified problems. Provide a cover letter.


The town of Dugong is situated in the far north of Butanding Islands and has a population of
2400 residents, with numerous established families that have been living in the area for many
years. Dugong is located at the of a peninsula and is approximately five kilometers from the
more established residential areas of Maalat, Maalon and Mabuhangin Bay. These areas have
been developed in more recent years as residents from the south have migrated to the area of a
more peaceful coastal lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of the larger regional centre:

The towns major income centresaround the commercial and recreational fishing industries, with
many families owning small fishing licenses. The coastline and reef are highly valued by local
residents, who actively participate in a number of community and environmental groups. There
is a strong sense of community among residents in the area.

14344 Developments is a development firm specializing in the development of residential and

tourism areas. They are proposing to establish a residential resort development on the Dugong
Peninsula, spanning 3 kilometers of the coastline to the south. They said it is being done in order
to improve the pace of life of the residents of the south and to meet the growing needs of the
residents in the south.
You are a member of a research firm tasked to do a community consultation in order to find out
a. Knowledge and awareness of the proposal of the community
b. Existing beliefs about the potential benefits and disadvantages of the proposal to
develop the area
c. Support to the proposal
d. Establish social and demographic characteristics of the respondents