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Najat demonstrated professionalism in all aspects of her training as a teacher. During her time at Ajman
Academy she interacted very well with both students and colleagues. She voluntarily attended most of
our team collaborative planning meetings and contributed in most discussions. Najat was ready to dig
deep and read about different ways to help her improve her teaching method and was very open for
constructive feedback.

Planning for Learning

Najat developed her planning pedagogy greatly during her time at Ajman Academy. She was able at
most time to identify objectives for students learning and creatively prepared activities to support the
She has mainly focused on planning for learning steps and creating a realistic timeline for her lesson.

Implementing & Managing Learning

Najat learned that students should be given ownership of their own learning not to be confined by
teachers choice of ability groups. She mastered preparing differentiated activities to support the same.
Najat modeled lessons that required her to manage the flow of students movement in class. She
developed her personal teacher-evaluation and re-evaluation skills of individual learning capabilities.
Najat mainly demonstrated good classroom management skills and reflected positively on our
feedback sessions.

Monitoring, Assessment & Evaluation

When Najat started training in my classroom her main assessment method was by providing direct
teacher-to-student feedback. She has developed this greatly overtime and started to incorporate
different assessment strategies in her lessons such as Peer-assessment and self-evaluation. She has
also learned to use students digital portfolio Seesaw to inform her own assessment.

Critical Reflection
Najat was very open to all my suggested areas of development. She sometimes described the
reason behind her choices in her lessons . She explored the reasons behind the success or the
failure of any of her activities and most importantly used all the provided feedback to enhance her
next lessons.
Overall comments
What I personally liked about Najat was her passions and determination to become an
excellent teacher. She has gained a lot from this experience and allowed herself to be engaged
with students and teachers-colleagues on different occasions. She thought of every experience
as an opportunity to learn more.
She has demonstrated very good progress and was not afraid to challenge herself and
incorporate new ideas into her own learning.

MST Name:____Farah Mahmoud_________________________________________________

Student Teacher:__Najat Matar______________________________________________