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Formerly, City College of Manila

Cecilia Muoz-Palma St., cor. A.Villegas St.
Mehan Gardens, Ermita, Manila

Project Proposal
Capstone Project
BIT 423
MTH | 3:30 6:00 PM
Engr. Mona Earl P. Bayono

I. Project Title
Turn Signal Biking Jacket
II. Abstract
The purpose of this study is to build an awesome turn signal biking jacket. Bicycles dont have
signal light like motorcycles that can warning the other vehicles behind them. The bicyclist can
use it every travel they want, it is powered by triple AAA battery to recharge the device to
provide more power. It has a different color to specify the purpose of the light, red will be the
one that signal the break and the white will be the signal to turn left or to turn right.
III. Problem
The other bicyclist forgets to press the warning signal.

General Problem
The device was stolen by others who interested

Specific Problem

IV. Objective of the Study
To improve their daily travel with a warning signal.
To have a comfortable road trip with their jacket.
To improve the warning signal for the bicyclist.
To maximize the light to avoid an accident.

Prepared by: Approved by:

Abrera, Jericha Jane

Clamor, Lance Amos
Conchas, Laurianne Joy
Dee, Marc Marvin Engr. Mona Earl P. Bayono