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1. What did you do yesterday? 16. Who is your best friend?

What did
Yesterday I went to university to your best friend do yesterday?
classes 17. Where did you go on vacation last
2. What is the opposite of weak and year? What did you do?
ugly? 18. Did you travel last year? Where did
the opposite of weak is strong and you go?
the opposite of ugly is nice. 19. What do you have to do if you are
3. What is the opposite of calm and sick?
worst? 20. What are you doing now?
the opposite of calm is fuss and the
opposite of worse is better
4. What is the oposite of terrible and
the opposite of terrible is pleasant 1. Qu hiciste ayer?
and the opposite of slow is fast Ayer fui a la universidad a
5. What is the opposite of beautiful clases
and quick? 2. Qu es lo opuesto a dbil y
the opposite of beautiful is terrible feo?
and the opposite of fast is slow lo opuesto de debil es fuerte y
6. Can you describe your city? lo opuesto a feo es bonito
3. Qu es lo opuesto de la calma
7. What can you do in a family picnic? y el peor?
The first thing you should know is lo opuesto de calma es
that comfort is key, so carrying alboroto y lo opuesto de peor
many things is not convenient. es mejor
4. Qu es lo opuesto a terrible y
Luggage should be carried with
things that are useful and easy to
lo opuesto de terrible es
handle and what is necessary. agradable y lo opuesto de
lento es rpido
8. Can you describe your family? 5. Qu es lo opuesto a lo bello y
In my family I am 4, my parents my rpido?
brother and I, my father is called lo opuesto de bello es terrible
Reinaldo and he is a builder. My y lo opuesto de rapido es lento
mother is called Lusbella and she is 6. Puedes describir tu ciudad?
a housewife and my brother is 7. Qu puedes hacer en un
named Henry and he studies just picnic familiar?
like me. Lo primero que debes saber es
que la comodidad es clave, por
9. Can you describe a family reunin lo que llevar muchas cosas no
that you usually have? resulta conveniente. Se debe
10. What can you do? What cant you llevar un equipaje con cosas
do? que sean tiles y de fcil
11. Teachers dont earn much money, manejo y lo necesario.
do they? 8. Puedes describir a tu familia?
12. You buy a lot of clothes, dont you? en mi familia somo 4, mis
13. Can you play a musical instrument? papas mi hermano y yo, mi
14. Tell me 5 things we can find in an papa se llama reinaldo y es
office. constructor mi mama se llama
15. Did you cook yesterday? Why? lusbella y es ama de casa y mi
Why not? hermano se llama henry y
estudia al igual que yo.
28. Can you describe yourself?
29. What is the past tense of the
following verbs: swim, break, bring,
eat and have?
30. What is the past tense of the
following verbs: enjoy, live, invite,
wait and repair?
31. What do you do in the summer?
32. Can you describe a bad day that
you had last month?
33. Whats your favorite TV program?
Whats your opinin about it?

21. What is your favorite city in Peru?

Can you describe it?
22. Can you recommend a diet for a
person that wants to lose weight?
23. Do you eat fast food? Why? Why
24. What do you study? .. What does
a/an do at work? (Describe
your job)
25. Did you study English yesterday?
Why? Why not?
26. Who is your favorite singer?
Describe him/her
27. Describe your best friend and tell
why you like him/her?