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Good Morning

On this occasion, I want to present my opinion about how to eliminate


Here are five ways that citizens and governments can make progress in the fight
against corruption.

1. Paying civil servants well

Whether civil servants are appropriately compensated of grossly

underpaid will clearly affect motivation and incentives. If public sector
wages are too low, employees may find themselves under pressure to
supplement their incomes in unofficial ways

2. Creating transparency in government spending

Subsidies, tax exemptions, public procurement at goods and services, soft

credits, extra-budgetary funds under the control of politiciansall are
elements of the various ways in which governments manage public

3. Cutting Red Tapes

The high correlation between the incidence of corruption and the extent
of bureaucratic red tape as captured, for instance, by the doing business
indicators suggest the desirability of eliminating as many needless
regulations while safeguarding the essential regulatory functions of the

4. Close internasional loopholes

Without access to the international financial system, corrupt public

officials throughout the world would not be able to launder and hide the
proceeds at looted states assets. Major financial centres urgently need to
put in place ways to stop their banks and cooperating offshore financial
centres from absorbing illicit flows of money

5. Empower citizens

Strengthening citizens demand for anti-corruption and empowering them

to hold government accountable is a suistanable approach that helps to
build mutual trust between citizens and government

Thats all for me, I realize that I cant avoid the mistakes, so I apologize to you all. Thank
you for your attention

Good Morning