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Educational Technology I
Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing
or speaking.
Use knowledge of language and its conventions when writing, speaking, reading, or listening.
ISTE Standards for Teachers
2a. Design or adapt relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and resources to
promote student learning and creativity.
1c. Students use technology to seek feedback that informs and improves their practice and to
demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.
Lesson Objective(s):
Students will be able to review the parts of speech.
Students will be able to identify nouns and verbs within sentences.
Students will be able to communicate using nouns and verbs to create a complete sentence.
Students will be able to identify verbs by using a visual image.
Students will be able to use online grammar games to identify nouns and verbs.
Students will be able to use Google Docs to create their own sentences using nouns and verbs.
Introduce the Learning Activity:
I will communicate the lesson objective with students by introducing a bell ringer.
Bell Ringer:
Students will be able to generate a list of verbs from a photo. At the conclusion of the exercise,
students will be able to communicate 10 nouns on their lists sharing 2-3 with the class.
I will get students interested in this lesson by intriguing students. Prior to the bell ringer I will
ask students to stand and do a movement associate with their names. People usually feel more
relaxed and comfortable in discussions or other activities with people they know. Implementing
activities to enhance positive peer relationships increases the likelihood that a wider range of

peers will be accepted and supported decreases the likelihood of bullying, intimidation, and
isolation will be experienced by students. It is important to provide follow-up for this activity.
For example, several days following the activity, I may attempt to go around the class listing
each students name or ask for a volunteer to do so. This creates a positive classroom
environment when students create positive peer relationships.

Provide Information:
The websites that I will use are as follows:

I will provide definitions, explanations, descriptions, procedures, and examples by including

definitions of verbs and nouns. On the board I will have the definition of nouns and verbs for
students to refer to. In addition, I will create a sentence using a verb and a noun. I will underline
the verb and noun in the sentences. For example: My Uncle laughs at my silly jokes. I will
explain that it is a verb because, verbs are words that tell you what something or someone is
doing or being. The Uncle is laughing therefore, laugh is the verb. Then, I will create a sentence
underling the noun. For example: We play hopscotch on the sidewalk in front of our house. I will
explain to students sidewalk is the noun because, nouns are a person, place, or thing. The
sidewalk is the place they are playing hopscotch.
Provide Practice:
I will be able to give students an opportunity to practice the objectives by I Do, We Do, You do
method. I do: I will create a sentence on the board that includes a noun. I will create a sentence
that includes a verb. I will underline the verb and noun in the sentence. We do: The Bell Ringer.
Students will be able to communicate with each other and list verbs spotted in the image. You do:
Students will be able to individually identify verbs and nouns playing the game Parts of Speech
Asteroids and Grammar Gorillas. Also, students will be able to use nouns and verbs in complete
sentences individually (Google Doc).

Provide Knowledge of Results:

Verbal Feedback
I will provide verbal feedback to students on their practice efforts by walking around the
classroom and asking students if they need help as theyre playing the games individually. If
the student is doing well I will use positive reinforcement and facial expressions to encourage
students to continue practicing their skills. If the student is having a hard time I will help the

student better understand the material. I will ask the students questions such as, How can I
better assist you?

Written Feedback:
I will provide students with written feedback by asking students to print their sentences
created. I will grade each students sentences to assess their ability to create sentences using
nouns and verbs. The next day in class I will return students sentences graded, with
Review the Activity:
I will have students summarize the important points in this lesson by assessing students ability
to use the course material. I will also summarize the important points in the lesson by assuring
students that if they have any concerns with the material learned in todays class, students can
email me or visit me after school for extra help. Assessing students will help me determine if
students are able to clearly understand the course material. I can assess the students needs,
performance, and knowledge on the course material. Students will then be able to use the
assessment as a bench mark to improve and self-evaluate their understanding of the course
material. For instance, students may ask themselves, Now that I know how I am doing, how can
I do better?

Method of Assessment:
I will assess whether or not the students learned the skills outlined in the learning objective
by reviewing the students sentences created and checking in on students as theyre playing
the computer games (How is it going?). Students that do not do so well I will arrange
individual meetings to create a future plan to help students improve. By monitoring the
students progression I will be able to better assist the student with the course material.