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1. General.
This specification covers the minimum requirements of surface preparation and painting of
out side surface of Carbon Steel Pressure Vessels or Exchanger fabricated at workshop.
2. References.
2.1. Customer Specification
2.2. SPCC-SP10
3. Applicable Items
Air Receiver Tank.
4. Procedure
4.1. Surface Preparation.
4.1.1. Surface preparation shall be done in accordance with the Steel Structure Painting
Council Specification (SSPC-SP) 10 (near white metal blast cleaning).
4.1.2. Before abrasive blasting, all surfaces shall be dry and free from deposit of oil,
grease, or other contaminant.
4.1.3. The abrasive shall be clean and dry.
4.1.4. Blast cleaning shall not be carried out in conditions, which are caused to surface
4.1.5. All blast cleaned surface shall be primed coat before rusting.
4.1.6. Welded areas shall be blast cleaned or ground to prevent sharp rough areas. Weld
reinforcement shall not be removed. And base metal shall not be ground below the
4.2. Painting condition.
4.2.1. Surfaces that will be coated shall be free of all dust, oil, grease and other
4.2.2. Coating shall not be applied when ambient temperature, steel temperature and
coating material temperature are out of the range recommended by the paint
4.3. Painting application.
4.3.1. Paint application shall be in accordance with Paint Manufacturers recommendation.
4.3.2. Various factors such as painting interval, temperature, relative humidity, necessary
drying time, mixing, thinning ratio, and other technical matters are to be in
accordance with the Paint Manufacturers technical instruction and
recommendation. Painting shall be applied within 4 (four) hours after surface
4.3.3. Airless spray shall be applied, however un-spray portion such as corner, hole and
touch-up for damage portion are to be applied by brush.
4.3.4. Painting work shall be performed in accordance with following condition: Temperature of area minimum 10C and maximum 38C. Relative humidity of area maximum 80 %.
4.3.5. Painting work shall not be carried out under following condition:

Page 2 of 4 Raining, strong wind, and dust condition. Relative humidity is over than 80 %. Temperature below than 10C or over than 38C.
4.3.6. Painting application shall refer to attached painting schedule.

4.4. Inspection and Quality Control.

4.4.1. Before to painting, visually inspect of all surfaces are performed to ensure that the
proper surface condition necessary for painting exist.
4.4.2. Confirm that environmental requirement for blast cleaning is met. Verify surface preparation and surface profile. Verify that cleaned surface have been kept free of contamination.
4.4.3. Just before painting, again inspect surface cleanliness and profile to ensure that
moisture, other contaminants and surface imperfections are not present.
4.4.4. Verify that storage, mixing, thinning and application of primers, intermediates, and
finished surfaces are in accordance with paint manufacturers instruction.
4.4.5. Verify that surfaces not to be coated are masked off or otherwise protected prior to
painting of adjacent surfaces.
4.4.6. Verify dry film thickness of primer, intermediate, and finish coats.

4.5. Painting Summary

Table 1

Grade of surface SA 2
Area prepared and coated All of external surfaces.

Surface profile 1-2 mils

Method of surface Manual Blasting

Type of abrasive Sand Blast

Test requirement Dry film thickness check

Paint manufacture Jotun/International

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Table 2

Description Primer coat Intermediate coat Finish coat

Name of coat Resist 86 Primastic Universal Hartop As

Inorganic Zink
Type of coat Polyamide Epoxy Acrylic Polyurethane

Application Spray Spray Spray

Recoating interval As manufacture As manufacture As manufacture spec
spec spec
Touch dry after As manufacture As manufacture As manufacture spec
spec spec
Thinner As manufacture As manufacture As manufacture spec
spec spec
Volume of thinner As manufacture As manufacture As manufacture spec
spec spec
Dry film thickness 50-75 micron (min) 75-100 micron 75-100 micron (min)
Color - - -

Orifice nozzle - - -

Applicable - - -
Dry air As manufacture As manufacture As manufacture spec
temperature spec spec
Pot life As manufacture As manufacture As manufacture spec
spec spec

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