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1. Securities and Corporate Services

IPO Administration and Issuer Services:

NBAD is the leading bank providing a full service for Initial Public Offering (IPO),
Rights Issue, Capital Call, Mandatory Convertible Bonds and any other mode of
securities offering to the public or to the existing shareholders in the local market for
equity capital raising. NBADs services extend from managing the offering, allotment
of shares, refunding to the investors and assisting the issuer with listing on ADX and
DFM. NBAD has a long track record in the UAE for acting as lead receiving bank in
support of our clients local market capital raising activities. NBAD was awarded the
most active registrar for IPOs from DFM on their 10th anniversary.

Share Registrar Services

NBAD is the pioneer and leading bank in offering Share Registrar Services (SRS) to
the Public Joint Stock Companies (Listed in the local stock market) and Private Joint
Stock Companies (unlisted companies) for whom NBAD maintains the Share Book in

These services include:

Dividend Distribution
Organising General Assembly Meetings
Managing the companys share register
Issuing Bonus shares
Dedicated Call centre to Attend to the shareholders enquires/ requests
Offer services through NBAD network of branches across U.A.E to facilitate the
shareholders and avoid going to a central location.

Fund Registrar Services

NBAD offers Fund Registrar services for UAE-based fund managers. This
service facilitates the Fund Managers to effectively manage their Fund
Registrar Services and execution of subscriptions, redemptions, maintenance
of registrar for the investors and execution of corporate actions and issuing
confirmations to the investors.

These services include:

1. Fund Collection and Distribution

2. Unit issuance
3. Unit registration and redemption
4. Corporate actions
5. Nominee to the third party funds
6. Transfer and Paying Agent
7. Offer services through NBAD network of branches across U.A.E to facilitate the
investors and avoid going to a central location.

a. Segregated Mandates Service :

Segregated Mandates Service is designed for clients who want active and
professional management of their investments assets. They provide a wide range of
portfolio options, allowing the flexibility to apply conventional or Shari 'a
compliant mandates across asset classes, geographies and investment mandates.
Team of experienced investment specialists manages customer's portfolio within a
predetermined risk profile and investment preference. they also have access to a
wide range of external and internal research that allows us to constantly watch the
markets and take immediate advantage of the investment opportunities.


NBAD Securities provides Institutional clients with exceptional brokerage services

across the UAE and main MENA markets. They deliver tailor-made solutions and
best execution standards, supported by exclusive technical and fundamental research
reports. The institutional desk caters to the full spectrum of local, regional and
international clients, and consistently ranks among the top 3 brokers in the UAE.

Range of institutional services include:

Access to regional equities, fixed income, and IPOs

Experienced sales trading team providing real time market colour and news
First rate execution capabilities
Trade idea suggestions
Block trading and facilitating
Dedicated middle office function
Margin trading

c. Custodian Services:

NBAD is a banker to the Abu Dhabi Government, and the sole Cash Clearing Bank of the
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX). Their strong relationships with markets and
regulators, and expert team members support the growing and diversified client base of local,
regional, institutional, and global intermediaries. NBAD's staff can help in identifying
specific needs and structure transaction solutions.
NBAD Custody offers fully fledged core, and value added post-trading solutions for the UAE
markets and beyond. They provide a gateway to domestic, regional and global securities
markets through a single entry point.

with a dedicated relationship management team who are able to offer integrated wealth
management solutions, addressing pre-trading, trading and post-trading requirements through
asset management, brokerage and custody service.

Key offering includes:

Settlement & Clearing of Securities and Cash

Safekeeping of Securities and Associated Cash


Asset Servicing
Cash Management

3. Account Services:

Business Basic Account:

Multi-Currency Options for Small and Medium Enterprise companies

Banking Services at preferred rates

Minimum average monthly balance of AED 1,000

Business Advantage Account :

Multi-Currency Options for Small and Medium Enterprise companies

Banking Services at preferred rates

Minimum average monthly balance of AED 10,000

Business Preferred Account :

Multi-Currency Options for Small and Medium Enterprise companies

Banking Services at preferred rates

Minimum average monthly balance of AED 25,000

Business Call Account :

With competitive local and foreign currency call accounts, customers will have the
benefit and convenience of having an interest bearing account on their balances. Both UAE
residents and non-residents are eligible to apply.

Competitive tariff and fee structure

Minimum balance of AED 1,000 or foreign currency equivalent

Multi-currency for non-residents SME, Mid-market and Multinational


Fixed Deposit :

Maximise returns on your balances with our local and foreign currency term deposit
accounts. We offer flexible preferential rates for deposits and roll-over facilities upon

Tenor of 1 week to 10 years

Minimum balance of AED 50,000 or foreign currency equivalent

Multi-currency for SMEs, Mid-market and Multinational companies


Merchant Banking Division offers comprehensive and innovative financial advisory and
capital-raising services to corporations, organisations, governments and financial institutions,
family offices and conglomerates.

The Merchant Banking team provides thought leadership on corporate finance matters and
helps develop and structure products for our clients. The team includes professionals with
various areas of sector and product expertise serve clients on a broad array of topics. NBAD
was awarded Best Investment Bank, United Arab Emirates in the Global Finance Worlds
Best Investment Bank Awards 2014.

Three Areas Covered :

Corporate finance
Mergers And Acquisitions
Project Finance Advisory

5. Islamic Banking:
From pure and simple trade through to refined project finance and specialised innovative
products, NBAD has extensive qualifications, knowledge and understanding of the Islamic
financing landscape.

Contracts for work and forward lease (Istisna and Ijara): for construction of real estate
LME Murabaha: a Sharia-compliant personal finance product
Purchase and lease: a Sharia compliant product for purchasing real estate assets from
the developer and leasing it to the client
Purchase and lease-back: a Sharia compliant product for purchasing real estate assets
from clients and leasing it back to the client

NBAD is committed to providing:

Sustainable, transparent and reliable Shari'a-compliant Islamic products

Knowledgeable relationship managers who are able to provide guidance and
information, helping our clients to make strategic decisions about their finances

Other Services include:

Multiplecurrency trading offered through NBAD Islamic Banking

Murabaha is an unconditional agreement under which the bank purchases
commodities on behalf of clients and resells the purchased goods to them for a
predetermined mark-up that represents the profit
Wakala Investment Deposits for Shari'a compliant deposits in various
The minimum amounts for Wakala Investment Deposits are:
Corporate customers: AED 3 million or equivalent
Financial institutions: AED 5 million or equivalent

6. E-banking and internet banking: