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tem-evo system and mwm2032 2


please any one have data about tem-evo system and mwm2032 , i hope to help me

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What do you want to know? Is this an existing unit, or one that will be supplied later?

The MWM TEM-EVO is an engine-generator electronic management system, and is not a plc (programmable logic computer)
as it is not programmable (by the user).

It is a modular system and is configured for each project from standard options.

I am willing to give general advice, but as each system is configured for each project, and there are many options, I consider
that it would be best if you addressed your requirements to MWM in Germany, or to their agent in your country or area. (I
assume that you are not in Germany!)

The MWM TCG2032 is a high efficiency spark ignition gas engine; the TEM EVO is supplied with the engine, as loose items to
be mounted near the engine, with the Screen and connection unit to be mounted in a control panel.

The TEM-EVO is designed to be controlled by a "higher level controller" which is to provide start stop and load control
MWM are now a division of Caterpillar, who also sell this engine as a Caterpillar CG260-16

So you could contact your local CAT dealer to see if they can help you.

thank you eng Hoxton

i have 3 gas engine type mwm2032 in my power station,and tem _evo system control there engines and i now that tem
system run by Jview software system but i think that tem modules are configuration and program by anther software (not like
jview it is java software)
do you have data about this software for configuration and program module (i think it from AVAT company ) i hope to help
thank you

AVAT are the manufacturer and software writer for the TEM systems I understand. They are a supplier to MWM and in my
experience, users have to work through MWM, and are not allowed to contact AVAT.

It is like dealing with the engine management system in a car. If it is a Ford, you have to deal with Ford. You cannot deal
with the supplier, even if you can find them!

The reason is the same. Once you are into the system you can alter parameters that could affect the warranty and the safety
of the system.

For example, you could increase the maximum power available from the genset, some of the temperature and pressure
settings could be changed. Access to make these changes is restricted.

As I remember, there are several levels of access in the TEM. For local acces you require a USB stick. I think these are
Operator, Service Engineer and Factory.

Operator allows you to changer the time and other minor details.

Service allows you to commission the set by imputing certain parameters.

Factory allows you to change other, deeper settings.

Inserting the USB stick produces a log record in the history, so your changes can be monitored! Your name is recorded!

Use of someone else's USB stick is a serious issue, and can result in removal of your access privilege.

So access by you as power station staff is not possible.

You can access the data from the serial port on the TEM, it is a Siemens protocol and all data points are defined in the
Operator Manual

Which country are you in?

Does this answer your questions?

thank you Eng hoxton

i am very pleased for your help , i am from Egypt

i don't want to change any parameter , but i want to understand how engine can control some device like governor,waste
gate valve, mixer, and power at manual and remote mode , and there are some parameter have number i want to now what
this number mean
you say that i can used Siemens protocol to access to tem how i can do that by simatic manager


First go to www.mwm.net
Look for downloads, and download "Layout of Power Plant"
Chapter 3 shows the location of the engine sensors
Chapter 6 shows basic p&id
Chapter 7 (fig 7.2) shows the flow diagram of the basic contro, with throttle and mixer. Fig 7.6 shows gas mixer operation.
Chapter 14 refers to electrical systems, including TEM

If yo go to your operators manual, there will be project specific P&ID, there will also be a list of data points in a separate

There are several control loops. For example the cooling water inlet to the engine is monitored by a temperature sensor
TICA+207. The radiator and heating system valves operate to keep this water at a constant temperature.

For power control, The combustion temperature is monitored by thermocouples in the tcylinder heads. Power is controlled by
the throttle position. The mixer operates to maintain the correct combustion temperature corresponding to the actual power.

So it is not easy to give a quick reply here telling how the system works. You really need to talk to MWM, as they do not
seem to have a local representative in Egypt.

thank you

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