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VOL 02

VOL 02


Vol. 2

03 Foreword

05 Interviews
Three prominent figures that continuously drives
Jakartas lifestyle trend by developing great concepts
into commercial success.

13 Process
The hands, the people, and materials that makes our
beloved furniture

21 The Hot list

A collection of new products ranging from chairs, 35 Product Highlights
tables to accessories that are designed not just to be Two prominent chairs leads this years collection.
functionally beautiful but also exhibits the flair of Amarta is a dining chair that speaks humble aristoc-
what modern Indonesia can offer. racy, inspired by the classical Windsor chair injected
with a contemporary stroke with its curved rattan
23 Outdoor Items
poles. Salaa is a sleek outdoor lounge chair with gen-
Out goes the mundane woven plastic outdoor chairs
erous proportion furnishing that gives extra space to
and in are high back chairs and over sized benches
pamper yourself in during a warm afternoon in the
that adds the word chic into your outdoor-life.
garden or by the beach.

55 Profile
A passion fuelled idealist that has been transforming
ideas and sketches into a contemporary furniture
brand and there are more things to come.

59 Projects
Works ranging from restaurants and cafes to a sani-
tary collection. alvinT Studio is a design firm led by
Alvin Tjitrowirjo that continuously strives to develop
authentic engaging environments in hospitality, resi-
dential, retail and commercial sector.
27 Collection Ambience
93 Product index
A composition of natural materials such as rattan,
teak, complimented by subdued colors expresses
the visual balance of tropical textures with a hint of
Scandinavian simplicity.

The New Face

of Indonesia

Welcome to Indonesia, the land of a thousand smiles, stifling humidity, intense traffic
and countless creative possibilities. Known for centuries across the Western world as
The Jewel of Asia, the Indonesia of today is currently reveling in the astounding upward
trajectory it is experiencing with regards to its economy, culture and innovation. This
fact has inevitably resulted in the local creative industry experiencing a level of growth
it has never previously experienced.
Yet despite the increase in optimism and possibilities, this underdeveloped
industry is still largely preoccupied in finding its own voice or should we say spirit
in a cluttered market dominated by international brands and aesthetics that has
resulted in Indonesians drawing less artistic inspiration from their own centuries-old
rich heritage and more from the latest imported trends filtering down from Tokyo,
Paris, London or New York. This is where we are determined to make a visible and
viable difference. Taking inspiration from the countrys wealth in artisanal beauty
and traditional culture that continues to provide creative minds with ample food for
thought, we aim to design and create modern, beautiful, high quality, functional and
original everyday furniture that not only reflect the nations centuries-old identi-
ty, but also products with an international and modern appeal that are able to gratify
in the break-neck world of contemporary international design.
On top of that, alvinT strives to present Indonesians with furniture they can
be proud of. By doing this we hope to provide a glimpse into the rich creative
Indonesia of tomorrow.


On Modern
Indonesian Design

AlvinT strives to do more than just produce furniture.

Our tagline, Designed by an Indonesian, made in Indonesia
for Indonesia and the rest of the world, reflects our struggle
to be distinctive yet relevant. While we aim to carve a truly
modern Indonesian sensibility, we try to always look at the
bigger picture. How would we represent Indonesia in a larger,
more global context? This is not a task that we can undertake
on our own. This must be a collective effort. Hence, we look
to our counterparts in various creative fields, whose success
stories inspire and motivate us to further our cause.

04 05
Interviews | The goods Dept

The Goods Dept techniques with current designs. However, when it comes Could you share a little about your recent project that locations in Jakarta and an online store.
Independent retailer championing local brands to government support there so much emphasis put on the amassed a large social impact?
How has the public responded to your ideas/ projects/
Chris Kerrigan and Cynthia Wirjono preservation of traditional culture and very little support Just over 5 years ago we started Brightspot Market. Its a
for new positive cultural development. 4-day pop-up market that takes place a couple times per
What are your thoughts on modern Indonesian culture? Prior to starting Brightspot, there were very few outlets for
year with the goal of promoting Independent Indonesian
Modern Indonesian culture is a mash-up of heritage, What do you think of the Made in Indonesia brand image? these creatives to sell their goods. We had a hard time con-
fashion and product designers. We curate a selection of
globalization, lack of structure and fast-paced progress. How is it now and how is it supposed to be? vincing people of what we were trying to achieve, including
these designers and invite them to set up a booth show-
We think the opportunity ahead of Indonesian creatives Its something we could be proud of and something that some of the brand owners themselves. Many people con-
casing their products. The purpose of the event was to be
is huge. With the lack of structure and support were could be worked on. Artisanal craftsmanship is part of tinued to think that Indonesian design was supposed to be
a platform for these young entrepreneurs to develop their
almost forced to create a system from scratch in order to our heritage, and without a doubt, one of our strengths. traditional or that the quality was sub-standard and less
business. At the same time, we wanted to show the con-
make things happen. It becomes part of the design process Integration of technology and technological innovation desirable than international products. After the first event
sumers that these brands existed. Essentially we wanted
and every step from R&D all the way to the end user has is something that Indonesia as a whole should really be however, people caught on very quickly. So quickly, in fact,
connect the designers that were making really interesting
many problems to solve. In many ways, this is a benefit in working towards. Whats exciting, though, is the shift in that we were quite surprised.
products with the consumers who would appreciate them,
the sense that people are pushed to be more creative and how Indonesians see the Made in Indonesia label. When
and also to have a party while doing it. Any optimistic or pessimistic feeling towards where
resourceful to make things happen. we moved to Jakarta in 2006, the general feeling from
The first Brightspot Market took place in early 2009. Indonesia is going?
Indonesian consumers was that Indonesian ready-to-
In your opinion, what sorts of challenges are standing in the We found 23 vendors to participate, and ended up with The cultural growth of Indonesia over the last 5 years has
wear products had little or no value. Through the efforts
way of the development of Indonesian design? a crowd of 5000 visitors. Since then, the growth of the been amazing, and were so happy to be playing a part in
of movements like Brightspot and Jakarta Fashion Week,
Indonesia has an unbelievably rich and vast cultural community has been incredible. In our latest event in it. With each step the creative industry takes now, we help
local consumers are now more aware, seeking out local
heritage that is still a part of daily life. Its a blessing to have November 2013, we had over 130 participating brands to build the infrastructure and pave the path for the next
brands and wearing them with pride. Of course there are
such an intense and unique background, but it comes with (with a waiting list of twice that) and a visitor turnout of group. As this creativity and forward thinking develops, we
many more steps to be taken to convince the international
challenges. It seems that Indonesia biggest struggle (cul- nearly 80,000 people. hope that it will spread to other industries and politics to
market, but as the community grows, so will the interest in
turally speaking) is how to adapt to contemporary global In 2010, we also opened The Goods Dept, a perma- help encourage change at a higher level. Were very excited
it. Were working on that ;-)
culture while still maintaining its own identity. This is nent retail space and cafe. Our Goal for the store was the about what the future holds.
often addressed individually by contemporary design- same; to promote local brands and help them develop their
ers in ways such as referencing traditional materials or business further. Since then, weve now expanded to three

06 07
Interviews | ISMAYA GROUP

ISMAYA GROUP They have foundations or departments that support and Food & Beverage industry. It was underappreciated. Most F&B industry in Indonesia is actually extremely vibrant,
F&B Innovators push forward thinkers. We lack that support. There have of the other players only cared about profit but once you not to mention as good as the rest of the world. Its just un-
Christian Rijanto been a few but none has proven successful so far. Ive seen introduce change, once people become more appreciative derappreciated by international media.
changes though. Previously, the youth wanted nothing of good design, the trail continues.
What are your thoughts on modern Indonesian culture? Any optimistic or pessimistic feeling towards where
to do with the government but now more and more of them
The creative industry has certainly evolved over the past Could you share a little about your recent project that Indonesia is going?
want to be involved so hopefully things will improve in the
couple of years. The creative process has become more amassed a large social impact? Im an entrepreneur so Im always optimistic. We hope for
near future.
advanced. Were seeing the adoption of foreign influenc- One of our goals has always been to push Indonesian- a stable government who wants to make the country better.
Another challenge were currently facing is the lack
es---Australian, Japanese, and Scandinavianinto local made brands overseas. Djakarta Warehouse Project, is a We hope for more stable business policies. We hope there
of technical skills. People may have ideas but as long
contexts, resulting in unique ideas. You cant just import good example. People were skeptical when we first pro- will be more support for youth entrepreneurship. We think
as they are not invested in learning about the technical
an idea and expect it to work the same magic. Besides, you posed the idea. They would think of Singapores ZoukOut that middle class will continue to grow, which is better for
details, theyre limited in terms of what they can do and
wont be able to create a strong identity for your brand that and immediately assume that Indonesia would never pull everybody. Ive been quite pleased with what the private
they cant achieve the quality. Of course part of it is also
way. Thanks to the Internet, people can now easily access it off but we proved them wrong. Indonesia can definitely sector has achieved but to grow bigger, our government
due to our lack of infrastructure. The key to success is the
information. Social media in particular has played a pivotal do better if you put passion into it. Djakarta Warehouse needs to be more involved.
ability to evolve, and produce quality goods in an efficient
role. People are able to gather inspiration and ideas from Project has grown beyond our expectations. It drew over
and sustainable manner.
different parts of the world. Theyre seeing things theyve 35,000 people in one day; 15,000 were from outside Java
never seen before, and the youth, they always want to make What do you think of the Made in Indonesia brand image? and 8000 came from overseas.
a difference. They want to create something new. One way How is it now and how is it supposed to be? Ismaya is also expanding globally. We have franchis-
to do is to mix-and-match to make something your own. Of In my opinion, the Made in Indonesia brand can be any- es in the UAE and Thailand to name a few. Were quite
course you can champion batik but even now weve seen thing as long as it is initiated by an Indonesian mind and ca- proud to see our concepts do well overseas.
batik being interpreted differently. tered primarily toward the Indonesian market. The design
How has the public responded to your ideas / projects /
industry is still young. Were still exploring our identity.
In your opinion, what sorts of challenges are standing in the products?
Ismaya for example, is an Indonesian-made brand.
way of the development of Indonesian culture? Thankfully, we have loyal supporters who continue to
We may mix influences but we were the first to instill the
I always get jealous whenever I hear of my regional support our new concepts. So far weve never not do well.
importance of good design to the Indonesian market.
counterparts getting support from their governments. I have to thank my team and my customers for that. The
When we started, no one cared about good design in the
08 09
Interviews | Whiteboard Journal

The Whiteboard Journal a few hours to travel from Jakarta to say, Bandung. Once Could you share a little about your recent project that
Independent Digital Media we have better access to the artisans in remote parts, it will amassed a large social impact?
Max Suriaganda become much easier and more economical for us to devel- Weve had the Head of the Department of Design from
op our national treasures. a university invite us to share our views to members
What are your thoughts on modern Indonesian culture?
of their department. The fact that they felt there was
I think that what is happening in Indonesia is nothing short What do you think of the Made in Indonesia brand image?
something they could learn from us is rewarding.
of amazing. Were seeing immense productivity in the cre- How is it now and how is it supposed to be?
This means that they recognize our relevance as the
ative sector. Obviously, the youth is behind this movement. The Made in Indonesia brand needs to be developed on a
mouthpiece of our generation.
We are still adapting foreign influences, contextualizing much larger scale. The government needs to be involved.
them within local contexts but thats how anything begins. Australia, Japan and the United States for example have How has the public responded to your ideas/ projects/
Gradually, a new consciousness will emerge because what developed a very strong brand identity. The United States products?
we have here in our own backyard is equally inspiring. for example, has their Crafted with Pride in U.S.A slogan. Within the first two years, we received a lot of response
But first, we must have volume to beget quality. It is The This identity needs to be promoted, marketed and com- from Indonesians living overseas. Theyre typically nation-
Whiteboard Journals aim to document all this. Our jour- municated. Indonesia is known for our beautiful furniture. alistic but they dont know much about their own country.
nalists are also creative individuals who feel strongly about Theres history behind it. We also have our traditional tex- They found in us a bridge that links them back, as if some-
the pieces they produce. That is how we maintain our rele- tiles, the history of which goes even deeper. That needs to one was speaking on their behalf. Many of them responded
vance. It is important for a generation to have a local media be brought to the surface. positively and even offered to contribute.
representation that views things from a native perspective. Of course, we cannot compare Indonesia with other
Any optimistic or pessimistic feeling towards where
countries. Japan for example, is easily recognized for its in-
In your opinion, what sorts of challenges are standing in the Indonesia is going?
novative technology. Indonesia is an archipelago, made of
way of the development of Indonesian culture? Im optimistic about the latent potential within our small-
thousands of islands, each with its own distinct culture. It
Accessibility is certainly an issue. Indonesia is a vast and er towns. There are plenty of resources that are infinitely
may be more difficult for us to synthesize a singular identi-
diverse country. People used to always look to the cities. more interesting. They should be considered a destination
ty but thats because were a culturally rich nation. We just
Now, the trend is changing. Urban life has become so dis- because theres more to explore in Indonesia beyond the
have not managed to package our culture within an inter-
tracting. More and more creative people are finding inspi- capital city.
esting narrative.
ration in smaller towns. For example, now it only takes us

10 11


Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.

Johannes Brahms

Design might form the central element of our work, yet the integral role that craftsman-
ship plays cannot be ignored. To fully understand the intricate work that goes into the
making of alvinT products, it is imperative to fully appreciate the high level of crafts-
manship that goes behind it.
Realizing the importance of properly utilizing Indonesias strength in its abun-
dance of skilled and talented craftsmen, alvinT makes a point of working together with
local manufacturers and appropriates local products in producing high-grade hand
crafted furniture that are painstakingly yet caringly assembled by the skilled hands of
our craftsmen, thus reflecting Indonesias artisanal heritage. Even though this method
of manufacturing may be more time-consuming in the long run, we feel that it is crucial
in order to maintain the local identity as well as preserve that special hand made feel
that provides added value as well as increasing the overall appreciation of our work.
While alvinT strives to uphold this traditional method of manufacturing where
each product goes through a long yet rewarding process, we still have our eyes fixed on
the present day through our use of contemporary designs that are firmly placed in the
here and now. Imperfections, something that invariably occurs when using this process-
also lends its own characteristic element that adds depth to the original design, setting
these products apart from mass-produced goods. In essence, we are passionate to up-
grade and refine the image of local furniture design industry.

Process | Perfectly Imperfect

01 03

01 Lola dining chair in its final

sanding process.
02 Stock of natural rattan core mostly
from Borneo and Sumatra.
03 Each rattan core is manually
bent by hand.
04 Mr. Enggan head of product
development at the factory.

02 04
16 17
06 | Perfectly Imperfect

06 08

05 Malya oversize in welding process.

06 Rolling rattan on the jig.
07 Burning the rattan slightly provides
flexibility to form.
07 08 An unfinishied Amarta chair. 09
18 09 Welcome to the future of rattan. 19

The Hot List

New Items

Weve always had a penchant for producing The products are produced in small quan-
simple, beautiful and functional products that tities and individually handmade through an
would fit snugly into any modern abode, yet intensive production process.
this season were taking things a step further.
While our previous collection displays more
stand alone products, our new collection The alvinT line forms the backbone of the
displays a stronger humane side and en- brands collection. The designs featured in
dorses practicality. Still strongly infused with the line display a sense of playfulness through
alvinTs fundamental idealism of utilizing its organic shapes, and is visually striking
local materials and craftsmanship, weve also while simultaneously retaining its functional-
employed high importance on function and ity as everyday furniture.
The year 2014 also brings forth a new
Every day by AlvinT
batch of items that have been produced and The Everyday by alvinT line acts as the entry
developed through years of devotion that is level to alvinT furniture products.
categorized into three lines. The line is aimed at individuals yearning for
a modern, well designed and superbly crafted
AlvinT Editions furniture set at a an accessible price.
The alvinT Editions feature stand-alone
pieces that are the epitome of alvinTs ideal-
ism, representing the breath of what modern
contemporary Indonesian design should be.

Outdoor Items

Wants In

One thing that Indonesia offers in abundance is the year-round experience of natural
beauty in the form of the great outdoors. The tropics natural surroundings offer sights,
smells and sounds that prove to be an inspiration to anyone from any walk of life, let
alone designers. The breath of fresh air, the glint and warmth of the morning sun and
the acoustic pleasures of the varied flora and fauna provides ample joys that cannot be
found within the confined spaces of indoor living. Taking advantage of these outdoor
surroundings is what we all should aspire to, be it for improving our quality of life in
general or by taking inspiration from what nature offers us to create our own art.
Our surrounding environment has heavily inspired us throughout the design pro-
cess. Organic and floral like shape illustrates the delightful sense of being outdoors,
pleasing warm climate inspire us to draw slim proportion and breathable textures to
maximize air circulation while modern proportion and size caters to the contemporary
lifestyle and comfort. All products is made using high quality outdoor materials that
fits for both residential and commercial environments. Ultimately we aim to create a
special and rather unorthodox encounter from your typical outdoor experience with a
character and style that is unique.

Outdoor Items | Outdoor Wants In


01 Details of Malya high back.

02 The outdoor family, Sala lounge chair,
Malya oversize bench, Lala Sofa, and
Malya highback.

Collection Ambience


Inspired by the tropical ambience, our collection takes smooth and refined tones and
textures to reveal a modernized interpretation of traditional Indonesian design where
de-saturated colours compliment the contrasting elaborate designs.
Treading the fine line between disparate colours, monochromatic tones and clean
& simple design, this sense of balance between the cool Nordic outlook and tropical
Indonesian sensation hints at an intricate balance of moods between equatorial and
Scandinavian that forms the essence of our new collection.
A journey of rediscovering the tropical charm, savoring its hay day in the 60s and
70s, rattan and teak has been close to the hearts of the eastern culture. Now redefined
with fresh sleek lines and stark shape proves that a wood dominant interior doesnt have
to be boring. Through a collection of chairs, table and storage, theres resurgence of the
nostalgic warmth and charisma of these once fashionable natural materials.

Collection Ambience | Tropical Charm

28 29
Collection Ambience | Tropical Charm

30 31
Collection Ambience | Tropical Charm

32 33
Product Highlights | Amarta

The humble origins of the Windsor chair might lay closer to the English
Channel than the Straits of Malacca, but nonetheless were taking liberties in
drawing inspiration from its timeless sense of class. The Amarta features an el-
egant chair influenced by this classic piece of furniture. This reinterpretation
takes the basic cues of the iconic Windsor chair while utilizing durable local
material, rattan. Rattans flexibility accommodates the curvature of the prod-
uct, which in turn lends an air of playfulness to the chair, making it a perfect
fit for modern tastes. We aim to elevate the classic image of the rattan from
a material used solely for traditional crafts to one that is easily integrated into
modern contemporary designs.
Product Highlights | Amarta
Product Highlights | SAlAA

A day spent off duty enjoying movies alone seems like a momentary escape ev-
eryone can enjoy. Sneak out from the busy week, get lost in an adventure of dra-
matic scenes accompanied with a warm blanket and air filled by the fragrance
of caramelized popcorn. Stretched out and submerged into one comfortable
chair, its sleek design and clean finish lends a relaxing ambience perfect for
those tranquil times spent alone.

About Alvin

Indonesian-born product designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo has built a solid and respectable
career over the last couple of years. He has distinguished himself from the rest by re-
maining truthful to the place from whence he came. His choice of materials and his in-
volvement in the preservation of local heritage reflect his love and respect toward the
Indonesian tradition. Beyond that, his breadth of work shows that design is more than
mere ornamentation; that it can be an integral, interactive part of peoples lives.
Graduated from RMIT University in Australia, Alvin has always had a penchant
for art and design, stretching back to his primary school years. Upon returning from
Australia, his Bell Chair was selected and exhibited at Salone Satelitte in Milan (2005).
After relocating back to Indonesia in 2006, Alvin soon garnered respect from local
design audience, by staging collaborations with local & international brands as well as
Indonesian leading design figures. Alvin then continued his studies at the IED Instituto
Europeo di Design, Madrid with a masters degree in Product Design. Soon after his
time in Europe, which included a stint at celebrated Dutch designer Marcel Wanders in
Amsterdam, Alvin established his brand alvinT in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2010 and 2011
Alvins products were exhibited in Harrods, London supported by the Indonesian min-
istry of trade. Placing a strong importance on creating a distinct brand of Indonesian
design that draws from the countrys centuries old love of art and by utilizing local
artisans and craftsmen, Alvin has since continued to spread his influence on the local
design scene. Alvin is now firmly based in Jakarta, continuously building and expanding
his furniture brand alvinT and leading his design firm alvinT Studio that now focuses
creating authentic environment in hospitality, residential, and commercial sector.

Profile | About Alvin

The Showroom

AlvinTs brand new showroom opened its as well as being a stones throw away from the
doors to the public in the summer of 2014, Central Business District. The showroom dis-
coinciding with the launch of the brands plays the brands ever-growing product col-
2014/2015 collection. The showroom is lection along with collaborative products with
located on the second floor of the Goodrich other brands and artists.
Building in the Senopati thoroughfare, a styl-
ish neighborhood in south Jakarta, filled with
a plethora of exciting restaurants and cafes,

Alvin T Showroom
Jl. Suryo no. 11a, 2nd Floor
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12810
T. +62 21 711 48551
F. +62 21 769 4371
The Team www.alvin-t.com

The alvinT team consists of skilled, talented,

unique and creative characters who constant-
ly push the brand into exciting new territories.
The teams love for this industry, combined
with the freedom granted to explore his or
her individual creativity, has driven these ex-
citing individuals to learn and grow together
to create a solid foundation for the alvinT
brand as well as to modernize the face of
Indonesian design with a fresh, original and
refined version.

56 57

Our Projects

At alvinT Studio we believe that fresh ideas encased with a strong visual character is
an indispensable investment Whether its a restaurant, hotel, furniture or a collection
of sanitary ware. Good design creates the right atmosphere for customers. It communi-
cates and consolidates the right brand identity. It also sets one apart from the rest and
helps promote leadership.
We carefully study the needs of our clients. Our team evaluates their brand position-
ing and target customers, the services and products offered as well as the environment
where they will compete. We strive to push design boundaries with the aim of producing
original work while still keeping an eye on the economics and functionality of the space.
We had just completed a Modern Sushi restaurant owned by Food and Beverage
Mogul ISMAYA Group. At present time our team is working on a complete Interior for a
boutique Hotel in Bali, a restaurant off in an island south east of Singapore, a house for a
young couple in Central Java while continuously expanding the alvinT as a commercial
brand. Over the following pages you will see various numbers of projects that outline
our character and style.
To date we are still looking forward on working on design Hotels, Retail outlets,
public transportation from interior of trains to aircraft cabin as well as to collaborate
with manufacturers of various products and materials.



Located in the heart of South Jakarta, this

lovely medium sized house displays the work
of alvinT Studio. Filled with a palette of teak,
concrete, white and teal, the house lends the
sense of calmness, comfort and spaciousness.
AlvinT tapped the sensibilities of elegant res-
idential interior design with a Spartan feel
while mixing modern Indonesian furniture
with a touch of traditional dcor, giving an
intriguing mix of ethnic chic served on a
modern dish that is both humble and original.


02 03 04

01 The Spartan dining room and

living room.
02 Tessa sideboard.
03 Bespoke bench created especially
for this project.
04 Jeremy Fry and Tessa Fry, with their
beloved dogs.
05 Laser engraved front door.
06 Spacious bathroom connects
to the open wardrobe.

05 06
Projects | Le Caf Gourmand

Le Caf Gourmand

We are very proud at our esteemed relation-

ship with Le Cafe Gourmand, a stylish and up
market cafe serving pastries, homemade ice
cream and pedigree coffee, ideally located on
the ever-increasingly popular culinary mile
Jalan Gunawarman in South Jakarta. alvinT
Studio were given the task to accentuate the
design elements of the cafe, taking inspira-
tion from the colours and textures of Le Caf
Gourmands exquisite cakes and pastries and
reinterpreting them as furniture and interior
design. This resulted in colourful, playful and
refined furniture, made from visually pleas-
ing materials and finishing, such as marble,
wood and copper. This project was also made
possible by a few notable artists who created
artwork for the interior of Le Caf Gourmand.

02 | Our Projects

02 03

01 Dramatic mural creates an intriguing

02 Kirana pendants and Tello stool in
the setting.
03 Central coffee bar accompanied
Khalana chairs.
04 Anta Barstools.
05 Khalana Chair.
06 Private room furnished with Malya
chairs and bespoke pendants.

04 06

66 67
Projects | Sushi Groove Market

Sushi Groove Market

Collaborated with the Indonesian success-

ful conceptual food and beverage company,
Ismaya. AlvinT Studio designed the newly
rebranded Sushi Groove Market Located
at Kota Kasablanka Shopping Mall, South
Jakarta. AlvinT Studio delivered a unique
contemporary reinterpretation of a Japanese
fish market ambience. The idea was to bring
a mixture of Japanese fish market atmosphere
amalgamated with modern visual graphics
inspired by traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e.
AlvinT Studio created distinctive environ-
ment that highlighted a great deal of details,
which is apparent in its furniture, facade, tiles,
and the wall decor. Emphasizing the details
while preserving the Japanese ambience of
the restaurant, alvinT Studio took Fish quite
literally as the main feature of the space, ex-
ploring and translating it into the bar - kitch-
en, and a room divider for a dining area. With
strong details and play of scale, the space cre-
ated a characteristic experience towards the

Projects | Sushi Groove Market

02 03

01 Mural painting on brick wall.

02 Oversize fish body as private dining area.
03 Sushigroove market in Kota Kasablanka.
04 Bespoke dining chairs especially
designed for Sushigroove market.
05 Sake drums as prominent decorative


70 71
Projects | Dapoer & 100 Bar

Dapoer & 100 Bar

Dapoer & 100 Bars concept is constructed

around the mystical and flavourful history
of Indonesian culture and cuisine, not only
the local varieties and specialties but also
the social rituals and hospitality surrounding
food in Indonesia.
The interior showcases rich diversity
and cultural heritage through a mixture of
texture, colors and materials that are typical
Indonesian, re-interpreted through a contem-
porary approach that results is an exciting and
vibrant modern version of Indonesia. The
restaurant and bar consists of a main dining
area and 4 private rooms that were individ-
ually designed to reflect different moods. A
great deal of effort was put into designing
the details of this restaurant; from the pat-
terns of the flooring, the faade of the bar,
to the patterned ceiling on the main dining
area and to the suspended terracotta potted
The 100 BAR, is a stylish terrace-bar in
a newly built annex of the existing building.
The 100 Bar displays an open-plan dining
area with high ceilings. The wooden deck
combined with outdoor furniture creates a
mixed atmosphere of bringing the outdoor

02 | Our Projects

01 100 Bar terrace.

02 Awu Buthek wallpaper compliments
the dining area.
03 Long table caters for large groups.
02 04 Private dining area. 03
05 Main dining area with patterned ceiling.

04 05
Projects | Cening Kids Club

Cening Kids Club

Located in Grand Aston hotel Tanjung Benoa

in Bali Cening is a kids club that facilitates
as a play and rest center as well as day care
for visitors of the hotel. Cening means chil-
dren derived from Balinese Language dis-
plays a rather unorthodox visual appearance
of a typical kidsclub. AlvinT Studio created a
stand-alone structure using lightweight metal
construction, covered in glass and layered
with woven rattan held together with pat-
terned metal frame. As sunlight easily comes
in, there is always an intriguing shadow
play for the kids and parents to enjoy. Two-
oversized cocoon was specially designed for
children to lounge as which in fact it was often
also enjoyed by the parents.

02 | Our Projects

02 03

01 Two outdoor lounge cocoons.

02 Childrens play corner.
03 Malya pendants in sky blue color.
04 Geometric pattern inspired by
traditional Balinese woven textile.
05 Bespoke design outdoor cocoon.

04 05
78 79
Projects | Toto Toja Series


TOTO TOJA is an exclusive sanitary collec-

tion designed by alvinT Studio. For too long
the toilet bowl has assumed the same amor-
phous shape, alvinT Studio wanted to try cre-
ating something fresh and out of the ordinary.
After ample research, alvinT worked closely
with TOTOs engineering team in order to
better understand the design limitations as
well as technical specifications behind what
goes into making a handsome yet functional
toilet unit.
AlvinT Studio started with the chamfer
box shape, which was later tapered to give it
a sleek, modern and dynamic outlook. This
element is repeated throughout the whole
seriesfrom the toilet, the faucet, washba-
sin/sink, and showerhead. AlvinT Studio also
designed the display to represent the whole
concept of a modern bathroom, to showcase
that a modern toilet unit is no longer seen as
something unsanitary, but a work of art that
homeowners will proudly show off and dis-
play in their homes.

02 | Our Projects

01 Concept bathroom for

Toja Sanitary Collection.
02 Single lever lavatory faucet TX 115 LT.
03 Single lever bath TX 471 ST.
02 04 Counter Lavatory. 03
05 Shower head.

04 05
Projects | Chrysalis


The notion of a new design character always

develops with time from its infancy towards
maturity. This art installation is a represen-
tation of a stage of transformation between
infancy and maturity within the contempo-
rary Indonesian design world. There has been
a surge of modernism penetrating our daily
lifestyles and Influences have come from all
parts of the world, which indirectly shape
the visually what modern design is within
the local society. Chrysalis is a development
of understanding towards modernism within
Indonesia. Its shape conceived from a frozen
movement of an organism blossoming to-
wards a direction yet to be known.
Made out of Rattan, a material that is
common to the local eyes but hasnt secured
its proper respect, the installation is mounted
on top of a stage to be represented as work-
in-process and also a milestone for this devel-
opment of understanding what what contem-
porary Indonesian design can be in the near

02 | Our Projects


01 Interior view of the art installation.

02 Chrysalis on display at Jakartas
National Gallery.
03 Handmade frame in natural
Manau Rattan.

Projects | Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

At alvinT Studio, we are always enthusiastic

in exploring different types of projects. We
explore the clients potential from the space
and interior point of view to the products and
decor creating a unique identity and addition-
al added value.
Currently we are working on a new bou-
tique hotel brand in Bali where we are respon-
sible for the complete interior and furniture
design. We are also working on the second
outlet of successful cake shop Colette & Lola
in a popular shopping mall that has a daring
yet playful design concept but still perpetu-
ates its brand identity, a restaurant in a high
end private residential tower and a faade of a
boutique shopping center in west Java.

Projects | Ongoing Projects

02 03

04 05 08

06 07

01 Restaurant in South Jakarta

02 Hotel restaurant
03 Hotel bathroom
04 Hotel room
05 Hotel lobby
06 Colette & Lola at Mall Kelapa Gading
07 Colette & Lola interior view
08 Boutique shopping center in west Java

90 91
Product Index

Our Collections

At AlvinT our inspiration is led by our love of materials and

traditional craftsmanship. We shape our products based on the
character of the material we use, providing it a distinctive and
honest personality that we always love.
We are always inspired with natural texture, weaving tech-
niques, and natural tones and colors. For the past short 5 years
we constantly develop our ever-growing product collection
maximizing the usage of local materials, exploring traditional
beauty and reinterpret them into everyday modern furniture.
Ultimately we desire to create products that tell a story, for
them to create a warm joyful livable surrounding that many
people can revel in.
PRODUCT INDEX | SEATING W=White B=Black G=Grey DG=Dark Grey NV=Navy O=Olive OB=Oxblood
TN=Teak Natural N=Natural M=Mustard R=Red T=Teal DB=Dark Brown BG=Beige

Amarta Anta Bar Stool Anta Dining Chair Linger Small Linger Medium Linger Large

A modern Indonesian interpretation of the A utilitarian counter stool made out of solid A utilitarian dining chair made out of solid A small version of Linger bench made A medium version of Linger bench made A large version of Linger bench made
classic Windsor chair. Made out of solid wood, with woven rattan backrest. wood, with woven rattan backrest. entirely out of natural rattan entirely out of natural rattan entirely out of natural rattan
mahogany and rattan.
D i m ensions D i m ensions D i m ensions D i m ensions D i m ensions
D i m ensions 500 x 1025 x 505 mm 430 x 805 x 500 mm 2580 x 560 x 850 mm 2000 x 535 x 1475 mm 3600 x 750 x 1150 mm
630 x 1037 x 570 mm
C olors C olors C olors C olors C olors
C olors

Gedhe Khalana Lala Series Loft Bench Loft Dining Chair Lola

A modern approach of the classical A dining chair that combines natural A range of outdoor sofa with three colours A simple bench made out of solid wood. A dining chair made out of solid wood A dinning chair with unique details on its
Javanese lounge chair. Made out of solid material with a classic touch. Made out of woven pattern, made out of alumunium composed of detailed profiles combined rounded lines. Made out of bended rattan.
wood, with woven rattan backrest. natural rattan bound with paper loom and frame with synthetic rattan and outdoor D i m ensions
metal frame. fabric. 1400 x 405 x 400 mm D i m ensions
D i m ensions D i m ensions 550 x 885 x 460 mm
730 x 800 x 665 mm C olors
D i m ensions D i m ensions 606 x 704 x 610 mm
C olors
610 x 850 x 550 mm Daybed 1585 x 655 x 780 mm TN
C olors C olors
One Seater 870 x 830 x 780 mm B N
B ody C olors
TN Two Seater 1630 x 830 x 780 mm B TN
C olors

Metal C olors B M


94 95
Lyan Mingle Petal Salaa Sanna Sila

A dining chair that beautifully balanced An outdoor sculptural bench for three A lounge chair that depicts the form of An outdoor lounge chair with generous A relaxing armchair with ottoman that A dining chair with criss-cross frame.
by three distinctive materials, the leather people made out of wrought iron frame segments of corolla of a flower made proportion and sleek outline. Made out of calls to mind the modernist understated Made out of solid teak.
binds a rattan core as its backrest with with synthetic rattan. entirely out of natural rattan bound with outdoor textile and an aluminum frame. luxury view of a tropical home. Made out of
D i m ensions
solid wooden legs. leather. slender solid teak.
D i m ensions D i m ensions 460 x 800 x 547 mm
D i m ensions 1600 x 380 mm D i m ensions 858 x 820 x 705 mm D i m ensions
C olors
535 x 770 x 585 mm 870 x 1100 x 800 mm Seat 687 x 845 x 880 mm
C olors B ody C olors Footrest 520 x 390 x 520 mm TN
backrest C olors C olors
C olors
Metal C olors DB
c h air base & leg C olors

Malya Dining Chair Malya Highback Malya Oversized Snug Tello Tello with Cushion

A dining chair that gently curves its corolla An outdoor lounge chair with high back A oversized outdoor bench that generously A retro modern chair that can fit in different A triangular three-legged stool made out of A cushioned version of Tello, made out of
to act as an armrest. Made out of natural made out of alumunium frame bound with seats three people. Made out of alumunium environments. Made out of fiberglass and solid teak made into a plectrum-like shape. solid wood.
rattan. synthetic rattan. frame bound with synthetic rattan. super premium Italian leather. Made out of solid wood.
D i m ensions
D i m ensions D i m ensions D i m ensions D i m ensions D i m ensions 400 x 435 mm
780 x 850 x 590 mm 850 x 1600 x 800 mm 1720 x 1960 x 1560 mm 1500 x 1400 x 470 mm 400 x 435 mm
C olors
C olors C olors C olors C olors C olors

96 97


Parlay Series Estenewa Kawong Coffee Table Loft Table

1 4

A modern-day sofa: welcoming, casual yet 3 5 A dining table that is an expression of local A coffee table unit that laser cut with batik A dining table composed of detailed
sophisticated. A modular system made out culture from East Borneo. Made out of solid pattern. Made out of laser cut mild steel/ profiles combined seamlessly. Made out of
of solid wood and fabric upholstery marble inlaid with different types of marble aluminum with powdercoat finish. reclaimed wood and it is individually hand
and Granite. carved.
D i m ensions D i m ensions
Module 1 900 x 850 mm D i m ensions 1200 x 330 x 800 mm D i m ensions
Module 2 1600 x 850 mm 2400 x 700 x 1200 mm Round 900 x 680 mm
C olors
Module 5 2100 x 850 mm Medium 2000 x 900 x 750 mm
Module 4 2850 x 2100 mm W Large 2400 x 1200 x 750 mm
Module 5 2850 x 2000 mm
C olors
Two Seater 1760 x 880 mm
C olors


Salira Table Saji Sena

All in table with an innovative storage tray A straight forward three legs all-around A set of simple table without any
compartment solutions. Made out of solid table. Made out of solid wood. complicated details.
natural or stained sungkai wood. Made out of solid wood.
D i m ensions
D i m ensions 485 x 500 mm D i m ensions
Small 1500 x 745 x 720 mm Medium 450 x 300 mm
C olors
Large 2400 x 745 x 1200 mm Large 600 x 350 mm
C olors C olors


98 99

Andra Kirana Lampu Janur Biasa Tak Biasa Cemara Jemari

A floor lamp that diffuses warm light and A set of pendants, which was developed A pendant inspired by the shape of janur, Something generic combined with A functional standing mirror with a built in A practical clothes stand, which hooks
gives comforting ambience. Made out of out of traditional spinning-tops, called a traditional decorative handicraft that something unique. A modular shelfing tray and hook. Made out of solid teak. resemble fingers. Made out of solid teak.
solid wood. gasing. Made out of turned solid teak. is normally used to decorate traditional system made out of solid teak and
D i m ensions D i m ensions
ceremonies. Made out of plywood. plywood.
D i m ensions D i m ensions 580 x 1687 x 430 mm 275 x 1600 mm
500 x 1500 mm 100 x 145 mm D i m ensions D i m ensions
C olors C olors
115 x 145 mm 813mm x 466mm Module 1 (base) 1250 x 130 x 400 mm
B ody C olors 100 x 145 mm Module 2 250 x 350 x 400 mm TN TN
C olors Module 3 300 x 350 x 500 mm
W B TN 120 x 145 mm
C olors C olors
Metal C olors

Raina Rananta Rananta Large Kawong Shelves Lelaine Tessa

A table lamp that gives both light and A 21st century representation of the disco A larger version of Rananta. Made out of Modular shelf unit that laser cut with batik Series of candle holders for all types of A sideboard composed of different sizes of
character on your table. Made out of lamp. Made out of steel. steel. pattern. Made out of laser cut mild steel/ candles. Each candleholder is beautifully compartments, covered with varying kinds
wrought iro frame and wooden base. aluminum with powdercoat finish. handcrafted in solid teak with wax finish. of solid wooden doors.
D i m ensions D i m ensions
D i m ensions 520 x 263 mm 700 x 275 mm D i m ensions D i m ensions D i m ensions
200 x 310 mm 500 x 400 x 300 mm (each module) Small 70 x 160 mm Small 845 x 630 x 870 mm
C olors C olors Medium 70 x 220 mm Medium 1545 x 630 x 870 mm
C olors C olors
W B W B Large 2400 x 630 x 870 mm
C olors

100 101

Gapura Isuk Gapura Awan Gunungan Abang Puspa Seta Puspa Wuluh Wangsa Ireng

Printed on special textured paper. Printed on special textured paper. Printed on special textured paper. Printed on special textured paper. Printed on special textured paper. Printed on special textured paper.
Shown as 500 x 500 mm Shown as 500 x 500 mm Shown as 500 x 500 mm Shown as 500 x 500 mm Shown as 500 x 500 mm Shown as 500 x 500 mm

Module D i m ensions Module D i m ensions Module D i m ensions Module D i m ensions Module D i m ensions Module D i m ensions
150 x 70 mm 150 x 70 mm 150 x 150 mm 85 x 75 mm 85 x 75 mm 150 x 150 mm

C olors C olors C olors C olors C olors C olors

C67 M45 Y87 K39 C8 M7 Y56 K0 C7 M1 Y56 K0 C14 M10 Y13 K0 C7 M1 Y32 K0 C75 M68 Y67 K90
C33 M13
C21 Y100 K0 C53 M91
C14 Y100 K4 C56 M97
C26 Y100 K25 C29 M61
C66 Y61 K49 C56 M34
C11 Y93 K0 C3 M2 Y2 K0
M55 Y100 K18 M66 Y81 K65 M66 Y78 K69 M23 Y25 K0 M31 Y71 K9

Gunungan Banyu Endrawila Mahitala Wangsa Muda Dropadi Trate

Printed on special textured paper. Printed on special textured paper. Printed on special textured paper. Printed on special textured paper. Printed on special textured paper. Printed on special textured paper.
Shown as 500 x 500 mm Shown as 500 x 500 mm Shown as 500 x 500 mm Shown as 500 x 500 mm Shown as 500 x 500 mm Shown as 500 x 500 mm

Module D i m ensions Module D i m ensions Module D i m ensions Module D i m ensions Module D i m ensions Module D i m ensions
150 x 150 mm 165 x 170 mm 100 x 65 mm 150 x 150 mm 165 x 165 mm 165 x 165 mm

C olors C olors C olors C olors C olors C olors

C7 M1 Y56 K0 C12 M8 Y22 K0 C16 M12 Y13 K0 C12 M9 Y9 K0 C10 M8 Y28 K0 C54 M54 Y70 K36
C26 M97 Y100 K25 C86 M71 Y43 K33 C39 M62 Y100 K33 C17 M13 Y13 K0 C23 M25 Y98 K1 C73 M47 Y95 K49
C68 M61 Y57 K43 C50 M49 Y100 K30 C65 M57 Y56 K35 C28 M56 Y100 K12 C49 M51 Y100 K32 M36 Y87 K22

102 103
Baris Ireng Baris Lemah Anyam Akasa

Printed on special textured paper. Printed on special textured paper. Printed on special textured paper.
Shown as 500 x 500 mm Shown as 500 x 500 mm Shown as 500 x 500 mm

Module D i m ensions Module D i m ensions Module D i m ensions

150 x 70 mm 150 x 70 mm 150 x 150 mm

C olors C olors C olors

C75 M68 Y67 K90 C31 M58 Y100 K16 C72 M63 Y51 K38
M57 Y100 K29
C41 C18 M59
C35 Y100 K23 C12 M38
C34 Y66 K5
M19 Y35 K0 M9 Y10 K0

Anyam Wata

Printed on special textured paper.

Shown as 500 x 500 mm

Module D i m ensions
150 x 150 mm

C olors

C68 M40 Y38 K6

C70 M43 Y40 K9

104 105

Drews Chandra
Alvin Tjitrowirjo
Jo Elaine

Design & Art Direction

Artnivora www.artnivora.net

Hilarius Jason
Martin westlake

Special thanks
Carpet & wallcovering produced by:
Goodrich www.goodrichglobal.com

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