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Lesson Plan Template

Date: 31/10/2017 Student: Aisha Ahmed Yahya

Time: 8:15 School: Wesgreen International School
MST: Ms. Wendy Wei Class: Grade 3
Unit: Addition and subtraction No. Ss 24

Prior Knowledge (What knowledge are you building on?)

Students know how to add two times (from grade 2)

Students know how to add 1s, 10s and 100s (In the place value unit)
Able to count in and back from 1 to 5 and 10 (From place value unit).
Lesson Activities: (What will students do in the lesson?)

Opening: Story telling

Working in students books: Creating routes

Plenary: Learning centers

Ladder game (Individual game)
Adding several numbers (peer evaluation)
Evaluating timetable 3 (peer evaluation)

Lesson Objectives: These must be SMART objectives specific, measurable, achievable,

relevant, time bound
By the end of the lesson, students will be (better) able to:
Students will identify adding several small numbers.
Evaluation / Assessment: (How will you know your students have achieved the goal?)
(How will you evaluate the objectives that were identified? Have students practiced what you
are asking them to do for evaluation?)

Checking their books
Personal focus (related to PDP): In this lesson I am working on my

Students centered:
Providing games in the classroom so the student can explore the addition multiple time.
Math lesson ( 40 minutes)
Activity Activity Tim Inter Teachers words & actions Childrens words Resources
Name objective/ e Action and actions
Introduce the 1 Teacher Writing and reading for the The Student will Classroom
Opening lesson+ make min with students the lesson title, LO listen to the board+ Markers
them clear about student (Learning objective) and the opening. (To write LO,
the lesson date. date and the
content. title of the
To engage the 5 Students I will start by giving problem- Students will listen Classroom
Story time students in the min and solving in the story. to the story. board+ Marker
beginning+ Teacher After each food item, I will (To write the
Students love say which food group it Each student will operation)Layla
listening to belongs to it. say which food as a prop (To
stories+ integrate group this food tell the story)
science with math. Starting the story: belongs to a food
Layla went to the shopping group. (in total 4
market she bought egg for students)
2 dirhams bread for 4
dirhams I will ask for the One student will say
total. Then I will complete the the total and how
story apple for 1 dirham he/she got it.
and chocolate for 3

Post story:
I will write the operation with
saying what is the total?
After writing the operation, I
will pick a student to me give
the total with gives the
reason of why is this total.

Explaining Help the students 2 Teacher I will say to them We can 1 student will say Classroom
number bound to add the min with use number bound to add 3+2. Board+ Marker
strategy numbers students the numbers The other student
especially with Depend on the operation that will say 1+4
adding several we did before, All students will say
time. I will ask the students twice: the total which is
Which two numbers give us 10.
All of you should answer it
correctly 5+5=?

Be clear about 2 Teacher I will say Open page 47 Students will open Dice (Model the
Giving each student role min with write the small date on the page 47 by writing game)+Classro
instruction students top the short date. om and board
After students finish writing Then they will listen (to write the
the date I will explain the to the instruction. operation and
activity Each table will have One student will do groups jobs.
a dice You will work as a with me an example.
team, each student will throw
the dice then the whole team
will add the numbers that the
dice show them
I will give example with
writing it on the board. I will
complete explaining the
procedure Then the
member will pass it to the
next person
I will write each group job:
White table: Create 6 routes.
Green and red table: Create
5 routes.
Black table: create 4 routes.
By yourself, you will add the
number to find the total.
To assess 20 Group I will give each group a dice Each student in the Students text
Working on students min work with monitoring how they group will throw the book+ dice (It
their text book understanding (creating teamed up and if they are dice Students will will create their
the passing the dice throw the dice by calculations).
number) appropriately. passing it to the next
Individual person.
work The most importantly, Then they will write
(solving monitor how they add and the operation in their
the get their total books.
problem) I will say to them the
instruction The first table, Individually, they will
you will add the numbers as solve the problem.
the dice show you The first HA: Create 6 routes.
student reaches to the end MA: Create 5
will win routes.
LA: create 4 routes.
After you finish, go to the
next table, on your small
boards write any addition of
several small numbers to
see how far your friend know
how to add several

The third group When you

finish In your place, you will
say any small number, the
person who is next to you
will find the missing number
that equal to 10 For example
3+ what equal to 10?
Fun game to 10 Student I will say to them the Students will play For the first
Learning revise the lesson. min with instruction The first table, ladder and snake activity: Ladder
centers student you will add the numbers as game. and snake
Peer evaluation (peer the dice show you The first game+ dice.
(Ensure their evaluation) student reaches to the end Students will write For the second
understanding+ will win addition operation activity: Small
developing their with a small number boards.
critical (How far After you finish, go to the of asking their
we understood the next table, on your small colleagues about
lesson)-To be boards write any addition of the total.
aware about several small numbers to
themselves see how far your friend know One student will say
mistakes or their how to add several the missing number
colleagues) numbers. when the teacher
Practicing number gives the instruction.
The third group When you Practicing number
finish In your place, you will bound: One student
say any small number, the will say a number
person who is next to you and the other
will find the missing number student will say the
that equal to 10 For example missing number
3+ what equal to 10? which equals to 10.

Layla in the supermarket:

Layla went to shopping market to create a healthy meal for her dinner. She went to the egg section to take an egg for 2
dirhams, What food group an egg belong to? She went to the bakery to get a bread for 4 dirhams What food group a
bread belong to? and finally she want a small treat so she passed to the chocolate section to have a chocolate bar for 3
dirhams What food group chocolate belong to? After collecting all kinds of food, she walked to the cashier for payment
but what is the total of 2+3+4?