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Ras AlKhaimah Womens College

Cover letter

Shamma Mohammed ALHaisoom

Shamma AlShehhi
ALMataf Street
(07)2234777 (050)9791771

September, 6, 2017

AL Najah Education
AL Albanny St
United Arab Emirates , Dubai

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my great opportunity that I am reporting to the head teacher in the
Dubai school.
I recently saw on your school website that you need Mathematics teachers in AL
Najah Education .
I have graduate degree in Education primary with Bachelors in English, Mathematics
and Science. I have four years of teaching experience.
As the resume will highlight, My studies focused on teaching primary
students from grade
( one until six)for both genders .I have using new various methods of teaching by
including technology in the classroom .
I had recent experiences in teaching for many reasons such as in my major I
did several teaching practices through four years in private and government schools.
These opportunities have enabled me to develop strong relationship with my MST
and students, created some activities depended on the students levels low, middle
and high, classroom management, planning , provide group or individual targets , use
range of teaching methods and resources and organized the classroom resources.
I aspire to promote a school education, as well as teamwork and cooperation .
Please review my attached resume for additional details beside on my experiences
and achievement .I will follow up the request as appointments to discuss how my
experience and background meets your needs.
Thank you for your time and efforts.


Shamma Alshehhi
Anonymous,( August 8,2017 ).Mathematics Teacher:Al Najah Education. Retrieved
in 6th of September 2017 from